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Martial Arts Exercise Cures Spine Problems

Martial Arts Exercise Fixes Spine!

One of the exercises I do
that has the most effect
and keeps me in tip top condition
is a swimming type of exercise.
I have used it to fix sciatica
(pain down the rear of the leg)
and several other things that happen to a body
as it gets older.
martial arts exercise

There are lots of great Martial Arts Exercises!


this is one of those Neutronic healing exercises
that I should have put in the book,
but forgot.
The exercise goes like this.
Stand with your feet just beyond shoulder width apart.
Clasp your hands together above your head,
pointing towards the sky.
lean to the left as you turn the body to the left.
Let the body bend slightly as you do this.
Then lean to the right as you turn the body to the right,
and repeat, repeat, repeat.
It is a swimming motion.
The reason I started doing this
was because I had a spot on my spine that hurt.
Chiropractor used to hit it with a little ‘thumper gun’
He would pull the trigger on this little gizmo,
and a small rod would hit my spine.
What it did was impact upon the nerve,
the nerve would curl reflexively,
pull the muscle,
and the bones would align.
The trick is to exercise enough
and in the right way
so that the bones don’t go out in the first place.
Hard thing in the martial arts,
we have so much flex and impact
that bones sometimes go out.
So instead of paying to have the chiro thump me,
I figured out this exercise.
I matrixed the potential motions of the spine,
then figured it out.
When I first started doing this exercise
I heard a lot ‘crack!’
I felt the spot on my back that hurt
and there was no pain.
The bone had easily and simply re-aligned.
So I stand and ‘swim straight up’
a lot.
in the beginning,
let the body be loose and flexible,
feel the swimming motion
travel from the knees through the hips and up the back.
After a few minutes,
hold the hips still.
Do the swimming motion just from the low back up.
after a few minutes,
hold the lower back still,
and just swim the upper back.
Then hold the whole back still
and swim with the shoulder.
just swim the head.
what you are doing is
rotating and turning each bone of the spine
in all three dimensions.
This works all the muscles surrounding or adhering to the bone.
And the spine says, ‘Ahhhh!’
the spine is the major tree trunk
from which the body grows outward.
To have a healthy body
one needs to exercise the trunk.
Not just the punch and the kick
of fist and foot,
but the meaty and weighty trunk
behind it all.
Take a look at some of the more esoteric martial arts,
tai chi and pa kua specifically,
and you will see a lot of attention
on ‘snaking’ the spine the right way.
This exercise I give you here,
is a lot more efficient,
and you can do it with any martial art.
This exercise will fix
among other things,
knees, hips, spine.
The knees can often hurt
because the alignment is off
because of the spine.
The hips can hurt,
or contribute to pain
because they don’t rotate properly
because of the spine.
So things like sciatica,
sacro illiac slip,
and all sorts of other things
can be fixed by this simple exercise.
‘Swimming Straight Up.’
use it,
play with it,
be gentle.
If you have a real problem that needs help from a doctor
don’t hesitate.
get a copy of ‘Neutronic Healing.’
The funny thing is
I didn’t put a lot of exercises in the book,
just a few,
but the theory is what you want.
and a few things like what you read here,
things based on matrixing principles,
and you can make your own exercises.
if you go slow
and have the right data,
you can fix anything.
Here’s the URL for the book.
It’s an 80 page download
that will change the way you think about healing
and the human body
and life itself.
you guys and gals
have a happy and HEALTHY work out.
martial arts exercise

The Real Reason Martial Arts At Fault For Decline Of America!

That Martial Arts are the cause of America’s woes is obvious. The lack of martial art training results in a lack of personal discipline, a lack of self worth, and the decline of the individual. This, correspondingly, results in the decline of America.

learn karate onlineNow, we can carry on about the corporations, the president being a Marxist, the unions trying to get something for nothing, and while there is going to be a certain amount of truth there, the personal responsibility for change is still going to fall upon the individual. The terrible truth, you see, is that more than 1 out of every 10 Americans over the age of twelve is on prescription drugs for depression. This is not individual responsibility, this is band aids for broken legs.

These meds are doctor prescribed antidepressants like prozac, and there has been a direct link established between such drugs and suicide. How many people commit suicide because of the martial arts? Not too many.

So instead of ingesting tablets when they get depressed, Americans should be signing up for that tai chi class, or going to a self defense class, or sweating a little to learn a karate form. Instead of believing in the drug companies and following the orders of the family medical quack. Wouldn’t it be better to learn some ancient and diehard kung fu, get interested in a foreign culture, find out something out about your real self?

Heck, the family quack is trained in medicine, not mental disorders. And psychiatry isn’t really a science. And even if these facts weren’t so, a whopping 1 in 4 people are misdiagnosed with depression!

The real cure for this mental health depression stuff is actually pretty easy. The real cure has to do with improving the lifestyle, eating good foods, getting enough sleep, and learning how to deal with problems. These solutions are what a martial artist naturally gravitates to in his training, and this brings us to the magic three answers to creating real mental health.

Number one, avoid modified (genetically and otherwise) foods, and, to be exact, all processed foods. Number two, do some body cleanses to get rid of the toxins already in your body. Number three, use such things as Karate or Kung Fu or Taekwondo to exercise your body into top shape, and keep it in top shape.

Heck, the bottom line is that drugs are band aids, and the real wounds fester beneath, actually causing the individual’s condition to worsen. Martial Arts, however, cause good health, create individual responsibility, and make a wholistic and healthy human being. It is lack of martial arts that is responsible for the decline of America, and that’s the honest truth!

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Martial Arts Health

Okay, Martial Arts Health, what you should eat and why.
I havent’ said much about this, and that because there is so much bushwah out there about what you should eat that I really didn’t want to join the corps of the kooks. So check out the video, I am over sixty in it, and then check out my common sense approach to eating.

Here’s the real plan, and you will find that it changes your body and supercharges your martial art. I don’t care if you practice hard arts like Karate, taekwondo, or whatever, or soft arts like Aikido or tai chi chuan or whatever, this is the straight goods.
First, you lay a base for the day. Mush. That’s right, good, old oatmeal. Read the box, there are no additives. Horses eat that stuff and they run all day. The body likes it, it sticks through to lunch (easily and beyond), and you can add what you want to it without screwing it up. I like raisins, a dab of honey, a bit of butter, but you can go for cinnamon or guava or brown sugar or whatever.
Second, lunch. Here’s something you might think about. If you stop eating bread you’ll lose 5 to 10 pounds. Quickly. And, the body has a rough time rendering anything that’s synthetic (read the packages and see what has been added. So go for light meat (protein), and vegetables. Soup is great. Play with the different kinds until you find something that works. Don’t go for the canned soup, make it yourself. Read the labels, too many additives.
Third, dinner, light meat, more vegetables. Go easy on pasta or rice or potatoes, sticky with things like carrots, peas, corn, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, and that sort of thing.
I am advocating the vegetables that your mother likely made, the things that you grew up on, that were present when you were young and your body at its healthiest.
Season with things like garlic and onion, try to avoid salt and sugar.
Now, do you need deer horn antler, ginsing, or all those other fancy things?
Probably not. They are the craze only because people don’t eat their vegetables.
Be careful of eating things that have preservatives, dyes, long chemical names, or have been genetically modified. Look, a watermelon has no seeds, so it can’t reproduce, what do you think is going to happen to you when you eat that? Hello limp dick, good by testosterone. I won’t go conspiracy here, though I should. I’ll just tell you that you aren’t what you eat, but your body does respond to poison…and it responds to healthy choices.
That’s about it, I’ll write a more detailed article some time in the near future, but this should help you out. It should give you good Martial Arts health, enable you to make it through the long work out, and I hope you’ll drop by Monster Martial Arts and find some arts that are true and pure.

Three Odd Ways to Fix a Martial Arts Injury

chi powerMartial Arts Injuries are terrible. Simply, they stop you from working out.
Obviously, before we get into a rather advanced way to handle an injury, make sure you have done first aid. If you have to go see a doc, so be it, make sure there is no bleeding, and then you might be able to use what I tell you here.
One, put awareness into your injured body part. That’s all. Don’t just feel the pain, but try to be inside the body at the point of injury looking, being aware, of that injury. What helps is to look at the other side, two. That way you can look at the good side, and think about it on the injured side. This is an odd thing of the good side curing, or at least speeding the repair of, the bad side.
Two, pulsing energy through the body helps. The pulsing shouldbe in soft waving motions, as from Tai Chi, or that sort of art. I wouldn’t do hard pulsing, as from Pan Gai Noon, until you have exhibited some degree of recovery.
Three, and this isn’t a fix it so much as an observation, it seems that what goes intot he body goes out of the body. I first noticed this on colds. I would get a cold, and then, when the cold was elaving, i would experience the same sensations, sometimes a little reverse, sometimes not, as the cold left the body. It always told me when the col was over. Eventually I gave up colds. Haven’t really had any for the last five years. Had a mild one, came and went quick, about three years ago. But, generally speaking, I didn’t want them anymore, and I felt them leaving my body. Mind you, there is extensive theory on this elsewhere, and I am speaking only from the martial artists point of view. But it holds true for injures. I feel something bruise or over stretch or whatever, I will feel that same sensation a day or two later, and then I’ll be healed, better than before.
There is one last thing, the dividing line as to whether my methods work may depend on your sense of self. If you know that you are an I am, if you have a sense of yourself as a unique spiritual being, then this is going to work like gangbusters. But if you need to work on that aspect of your life, you may, I say may, have limited success.
Really, it depends on the amount of intention you have to cure yourself.
If you do need more work on your spiritual self, you might try the old way…simply say ‘I am, I am, I am…” for a few hours. You’ll break through and the methods I outline here may become obvious, or you might discover methods unique to yourself.
I’ll write more on having a martial arts injury later, maybe take some of this stuff apart in depth, but this should help for now. Have a great day. My site is Monster Martial Arts.