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Four Steps to Winning a Karate Fight

Four Simple Martial Arts Fighting Steps

To be victorious in a fight it is necessary to make the decision to win the fight. Without that decision, simply, there is no way you are going to win. Thus, you have to practice making the decision, and then implement a plan so that the decision becomes reality.

kenpo fighting bookThere are five decisions you must make to back up the decision to win a fight. This combat strategy is found in every fight. This is the strategy you must understand and master if you are going to be able to deliver the original decision.

The first decision, and the most important, is that there is going to be a fight. Interestingly, you don’t have to get in a fight if you refuse to make the decision to be in a fight. Even if the other person has made a decision, unless you agree with his decision, you don’t have to fight.

The second decision involves distances involved in the fight. You should understand , at this point, that a fight is going to collapse in distance. And, you must understand that if you can control this distance, and even change collapsation into expansion at will, you can control and win a fight.

The third decision has to do with which side of the bodies the fight is going to occur on. One out of eight people being left handed, a fight will usually occur with right hand, and the bodies will turn to fit the hands, and the fight will be on that side. If you can control that decision, as to which side the fight will be on, then you are going to win that fight.

The fourth decision is going to be whether you are on the inside or the outside. What this means is that if he punches with a right hand, you must block/push/whatever so that his right hand misses you on the outside, and you see the inside of his wrist. And, if he punches with the right, you must block/push/whatever so that his right hand misses you on the inside, and you see the outside of his wrist.

There are other decisions in a fight, there can be millions of decisions, literally. Do you wish the fight to be conducted at a specific distance, such as foot, or fist, or elbow, or whatever. Or, do you wish to control the decisions so that the fight collapses or expands in distance as you wish, from foot to elbow to knee to throw to fist to foot to whatever, your choice, and so on.

The point, however, is that to control all the other decisions, you must control the first four decisions. If you can understand and create drills to back up these decisions, then you can win any fight. Of course, as I said in the beginning, the first decision, that you are going to win that fight, is the most important.

The Author has nearly a half century of Martial Arts Fighting Experience. Here is a page on How to Fight Using Kumite, Chi Sau, Pushing Hands, and other martial methods.

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How to Go Beyond Fighting in the Martial Arts

The Point of Martial Arts Fighting

The number one reason people get into the martial arts is fighting. Everybody has had that bully in their background. Everybody would like to feel bigger, stronger, free from the threat of violence.

karate bully

karate kata traditional

About the first and only science of the martial arts…matrixing.

Now, to be truthful, if you just want to fight, I recommend going to a boxing club for a few months. You’ll get in shape, you’ll learn what it feels like to get hit, and you’ll learn how to hit back.

If you think there is something more than fighting, however, then you must look to the martial arts. You must believe that the world isn’t just a struggle for survival, but that there is a point to it all. You must believe in yourself as a human being, and that you can actually ascend to higher levels of awareness.

First you must build a structure for containing the knowledge in the martial arts. This is why you do forms; this is something that boxing does not have. This is the mechanism which will elevate you.

Second, you must achieve discipline. I don’t mean the discipline where you get a belt on the bottom as punishment. I mean the discipline of doing something every day because you love doing it, and for no other reason.

Third, you must study a system that has logic. The reason for this is one of expedience. You don’t want to spend decades sorting through the bushwah. You want to get there while you are still young.

Fourth, you must not stop. Drill those basics patiently, open your eyes and look. You must not just work out, you must invest awareness into your art.

The Martial arts, you see, are a manifestation of the spirit. It is your awareness filtered through your own logic and spread across the heavens. Life is heaven, you know, but only if you can isolate the art of your soul and show it to the universe.

You can learn the truth about Martial Arts fighting.

Here’s an article about people who can’t confront martial arts violence.

The Right Way To Learn Martial Arts Freestyle

My favorite part of the martial arts is Karate Fighting. Sadly, nobody knows the best way to do martial arts freestyle. They keep insisting on teaching the stuff that ends up in pain and bruises and body injury.
Check out the video, then I’ll tell you more.

I know, the reason for Karate, or Kenpo or Taekwondo, and martial arts in general, is to hurt somebody, correct? Sorry, it isn’t. If you think that, then you’ve got it wrong…totally and dead wrong.

The real reason is to control an attacker, and modern martial arts freestyle methods do not teach you how to control, only to hurt. Interestingly, I was there when the freestyle scene went bad. Further, there are methods which teach one how to freestyle easily and without the pain within a couple of hours.

In my first lesson in kumite my kenpo sensei beating the stuffings out of me. The theory was that martial arts were a rite of passage, you had to go through pain, that was the only way to get better. While I survived the lesson, and even thrived on it, other students quit, and now you know why so many people quit the martial arts.

Towards the end of my kenpo training the school owner began making us wear (buy) protective gear. Instead of offering protection, however, it just encouraged us to strike each other harder, and we actually suffered more injuries. I quickly realized it was just a way to increase dollars for the dojo.

I then went to a traditional karate training hall, and, with no protective padding, stopped getting all the injuries. I still got a some bruises, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, but no more broken bones. The sensei was teaching us how to control control, not to destroy.

This lesson, the benefits of control over destruction, stuck with me, and when I opened my own training hall I played with all sorts of methods to teach Kumite effectively, without the pain and trauma. And I finally understood a basic truth…people stop perceiving when you strike them. Isn’t that an interesting concept to come to grips with after years of beating people up?

Thus, I teach freestyle in stages, and I use methods which do not close the eyes of the student, but rather opens their awareness. It’s incredibly real and effective, and I guarantee my students will survive on the street better than most. Simply, they haven’t been trained to shut down their perceptions, but rather to open their awareness, and the shocker is that using my methods people can learn Martial Arts freestyle within a couple of hours.

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The True Legend of Drunken Kung Fu has Great Martial Arts Fighting!

I saw True Legend yesterday, and it is supposed the story of Drunken Fist Kung Fu, and it has some great fighting scenes! And, tell the truth, the characters are pretty cool. The plot seems to be a bit weird, it can’t make up it’s mind if it is 12th century warlords, 18th century remake of Five Venoms, or 19th century battle against the westerners. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about the movie…

Mind you, it doesn’t matter to me which time period the movie was in, but they should make up their mind!
That said, the hero, Su Qi-Er (Su) is a bad ass general who arranges for his best friend and half brother to take the post of governor. Unfortunately, the half brother is studying Five Venoms. And, the hero’s father killed the half brothers father. And, can you smell the revenge simmering?
So Five Venoms kicks ass on Su, and Su is tossed in a river to drown, but, love of family, his wife saves him…but has to leave her son behind.
So Su ends up going insane in the wilderness, and his wife goes insane, then Su goes sane, but his wife has decided to screw up the affair by rescuing their son without him. I can hear you now, what a mess!
Actually, no. This is the rich part of the movie. It is filled with training sequences and character development and it is the meaty part of the movie.
Now, there is a showdown, and it is great with a capital GRRR. But I wpn’t ruin the movie and tell you about it, suffice to say it is wicked and violent and there is a plot twist in there that…opens the door to another movie.
I suppose they were being true to the legend, uh, I guess, but what do you do when you have a great movie that should end? You go to Shanghai to beat up the westerners!
This is such an old hack that i would almost recommend walking out. Almost. The martial arts are still good, however, and that’s why you went to see the darned thing in the first place, right?
Anyway, get rid of that sop to the Chinese inferiority complex, and you have a heroic movie that presents the true grandeur, minus BS inferiority complexes.
Anyway, i loved the movie, even the second beat the westerner crap at the end, and, as the title of this piece says, the true legend of drunken Kung fu has great martial arts fighting, and it is a blast to watch!
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Three Steps to Matrixing Martial Arts Fighting

When I was first shown how to do martial arts freestyle, some forty years ago, I intuitively knew the things I am about to tell you. I thought everybody knew them. It was a couple of decades before I realized that I was in possession of something unique.

The first step to learning karate fighting techniques is to consider distance. If you control the distance, you control the fight. If you control distance, you can control whether the fight consists of strikes, manipulations, throws, or whatever.

The easiest drill to enable you to control distance is simply to face your partner at a distance you both agree on, and then, no matter where and how your partner moves, move with him to keep that exact distance. Forward or back, side to side, you keep that distance. An interesting addition to this drill is to match the footwork, if he moves his right foot towards you, you move your left foot back, and so on.

The second step to matrixing martial arts fighting moves is to divide the body top and bottom. The body consists of two triangles, one from the feet to the tan tien, and atop that, one from the tan tien to the shoulders. The arms are separate geometrical figures based off the (upside down) base of the top triangle.

To master these martial arts drills, if your partner attacks with feet, you must back up, if he attacks with hands, you must block. The reason you get out of the way of the feet is because they have more muscle and mass than the arms, and you should avoid blocking something stronger with something weaker. Obviously, as you get better and better, this will change, and you will be able to handle feet with hands quite easily.

The third step to matrixing karate fighting techniques is to divide the body in half. Simply, you must learn to perceive whether the attack is coming towards one side of your body or the other. This will enable you to open or close your attacker; to push his arms across his body (close) or to move them out from the body (open), which shuts down his weapons or opens his targets.

At first you can simply face each other and attack with either the right hand or the left hand, and build your knowledge concerning which side he will attack with. After you have built up enough experience to detect which side he will attack with before he attacks, face your partner in a matching stance (his right foot forward your right foot forward), and shuffle in with a punch to the centerline. Being able to detect which side he will attack with, and to even have choice as to whether you close or open him, will kick open the door to learning many more martial arts self defense techniques quickly and efficiently.

In closing let me say that everything is dependent upon perception. You must open your eyes and see your opponent, study him before and after, and during, every motion. This is at the heart of how you matrix martial arts fighting.

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