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Martial Arts Fight…to the Win!

Newsletter 972

A Great Martial Arts Win

Here is an awesome little account of a fight that was a win…

Master Al,

I hope you accept the appellation I have given you,  I know no other way to address you.  Although we have never met, you have given me so much.

I have sent you a couple of ‘wins’ in the past, but in your Master Instructor course, you say to simply send a win, and ask.  To this day, I never have.  Oh, I’ve had wins,  taught unruly children, helped class members to their Black belt, taught some excellent self defense (and more importantly – in my opinion – taught people to walk away from situations.

However, tonight I write this email as I await my second X-Ray in accident and Emergency  (I think the US equivalent is probably ER?)

My middle finger on my right hand is pretty jacked up.  Ninety degree angle to the rest of my hand.  Reason?  I threw a terrible punch.  The worst I’ve ever thrown I think.  Yes, I have a thousand excuses, none of them change the fact that my hand doesn’t look like a hand currently.  It was a ‘live target,’ a human head… they aren’t soft like pads, aren’t flat like pads, and don’t stay still like pads.  But all that is my fault… it was a bad punch.  I broke my ‘good’ hand.

Let’s backtrack a little though.  I was punching another human in the face, to cut a long story short, because I was walking home and heard shouts.  Upon approaching the wooded area, I found a lady in her twenties being assaulted by a man, maybe thirty.  He had torn her dress and was doing his best at the undergarments when I arrived.  He rushed me and I threw a punch he’d never come back from.  Except it was awful.  Shocked and surprised him.  Did me too.  He wasn’t expecting to get hit, I wasn’t expecting him to still be vertical.  Awful punch.  Moving,  awkward target… but a terrible punch.

That is the worst win you’ve ever heard.  But hold on…

In that moment, I knew I’d screwed up, felt my finger snap.  But I didn’t feel the pain.  Time slowed and crystallized.  Like a scene from a movie.   My stance shifted to a left stance as I moved my ‘weak’ hand into play.  Only it’s not that weak any more, because I’ve matrixed.  I can do the same both sides and cbm comes into play… it might be my weak side,  but it’s trained more than his best side, this much was evident.  It was like I had all the time in the world, all the options laid out before me to choose from. Left outside, left inside, left upward, left down?  From my breaking my finger to my having him incapacitated was probably a second, at most, in real time, felt like an hour with the cheat code activated.

As I sit here awaiting repair, the lady is at home where she belongs, upset, and had a rubbish night, but is home and safe.  He is behind bars where he deserves to be, and I’m awaiting somebody to reconnect this joint.

Maybe not the best win you’ll ever hear… but for me a triumph.  When the chips were down, zero hesitation.  From a detached location outside my body I not only assessed the damage and selected the next best option.  I did so without thought.  But again that isn’t my win, my win is that I’ve been teaching others for months in this mindset (albeit within another system) there are another dozen people out there because of me (and in turn, you) who would have stepped in and done the same.  And of that, I am truly proud.

Perhaps in your eyes that doesn’t constitute a win.  However, I feel I won’t be writing out anything that I find more worthy, so it shall have to stand.  I haven’t before, but I shall now ask (as per your manuscript’s askance to simply offer you a win) may I step up and become a master instructor of your Matrix system?

Thank you for your consideration, and for the system/s you have created.  I truly believe that because of them at least one lady (although she has been through a hell of an ordeal) sleeps a little easier tonight knowing that sometimes the good guys win in real life… even if they have to swing by the hospital after instead of the bat cave!


Ps.  If I didn’t make it clear, it is my honest belief that through me, you saved someone’s life tonight.

Well done, Master Instructor Adam Daniel.
And, just so all you people understand,
it is not the fight that promotes him,
but the fact that he has been teaching others
using the data off the Master Instructor Course.

The interesting thing here is that when the material is logical
the human being experiences profound change.
Adam experienced being out of his body,
intuition in spades and in spite of being injured.
of course,
compassion and protection for another human being.
to be honest,
I may have contributed my matrixing,
but it is Adam who contributed the hard work and understanding.
He is the fellow who stepped into the breech
and put down the forces of evil.
Well done…
Master Instructor Adam Daniel.

For every one,
there is gold on The Master Instructor course,
these wins have been coming in since 2007,
when I first released it.
It worked then and it works now.
No exceptions.
Have a tremendous work out!


Mr. Case,
I have received the Master Instructor Course, read it multiple times and have wondered…where has this information been and why is this not required for all instructors that have the care of their students entrusted in them? I was amazed that the principles of Matrixing and how they can take any martial art and develop it into one practicum. ~ Garren L

“Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man.
But sooner or later the man who wins,
is the man who thinks he can.”
– Bruce Lee

Don’t Take a Gun to a Martial Arts Fight!

Gunfighters Take Second Place to Martial Arts Fighter!

I get all sorts of emags, having to do with martial arts, of course, and prepping, and that includes a lot of knife and gun mags.

Hey, guns ARE (regardless of what I am about to say) Martial Arts weapons.

But, the point I read in the latest emag I received was that most people, during frantic panic, will miss the target if that target is over 10 or 12 feet away.

gunfighters and martial artistsNow, jump up and run across the room as fast as you can. That’s the distance you have to worry about in a gunfight, and you covered it in a second and a half, and now the weapon is somewhat negated and you are into the down and dirty, close combat, kill with your bare hands before he kills you!

Now, don’t go crazy on me, I know there are all sorts of what ifs right here, but this scenario does have enough truth to it that it should be considered. And, considered, I come up with one definite truth: a person, regardless of all factors, needs fast reactions, strength, and a mad ‘alpha’ dog attitude towards life and fighting.

Here’s the sad truth, most guys who preach guns do not spend time on the mat, do not hone their reflexes and reactions so they are razor sharp, are not in the best shape of their lives.

They will lose hand to hand.

But, they believe in guns.

And, before anybody goes mad ‘alpha’ dog on me, my compliments to you if you have seen to your physical shape and shoot guns.

But I see too many fellows at the gun shows who have large bellies and start wheezing if they have to do more than turn a wrench.

So, there is a basic unfairness here, it seems like I am attacking gunsters, and just because I love martial arts, but the truth is that I just believe that if you are going to hold a hunk of metal that is going to pop out a life ending punch with the twitch of a trigger finger, you should also make sure that you have your muscles lean and mean.

So ease up on the beer and pretzels, head down to the Karate dojo or the Taekwondo dojang.

Get a course on the internet for tai chi chuan, if you are in really bad shape. Or just start doing some squats and push ups, even if you need to hold on to something or do them from your knees. Heck, go take a darned Yoga class if you have to!

The point here is that guns are great, but you need fast reactions, if you are going to use them efficiently, and you need to be in good shape for that.

This has been an article about what would happen if you took a gun to a martial arts fight.

It has been presented by MonsterMartialArts.com, where you can split the difference between martial arts and guns by ordering the BEST knife fighting course on the planet.

What Music Do You Kung Fu Fight to?

Everybody Loves Kung Fu Fighting…

During another conversation I asked Jamal, if he had to drive over somebody in self defense, what music would he have on the radio, and he said ‘Kung Fu Fighting.’ 

The other conversation was about the value of a kiai, and my question actually was born from the idea of a car doing a kiai.

Some years ago I was learning Indonesian weapons, and I found the best music, since I didn’t have any Indonesian twanging to go along with my studies, was Bob Marley.

For months I listened to his reggae, had the words fair memorized, and the moves I was practicing were slowly impinged upon my bones.

It was really delightful, and it really helped the learning experience.

At one point, I had a lot of Chinese music while I was learning Tai Chi Chuan. Really put me in the mood.

And I have always had music playing when I worked out. Sometimes, depending on what I was doing, I turned it up. Sometimes..off. All depended upon the frame of mind I was cultivating.

I know that other people like a little music with their martial arts, and I know that some want deathly silence.

Heck, when the UFC fighters stroll down to the octagon they always have some jangly, in your face music belting out. The better to stomp your opponent with, you know?

So that brings us to now…and the question: What kind of music do you like when you do martial arts?

Do you think it a distraction? 

Does it make your practice better?

Music with kata v music while freestyling?

As light as this question is, considering that martial arts has so much to do with timing and inner sensibility and states of mind, it is actually a fairly hefty question.

So, what kind of music do you kung fu fight to, and when and why and all that other stuff.

Al Case operates MonsterMartialArts.com

How to Kung Fu Fight…Three Fighting Styles

Want to Win Your Kung Fu Fight?

I say Kung Fu fight, but this obviously refers to karate fighting, fighting in Taekwondo or Kenpo, or just about any other martial art out there. The principles of combat tend to be the same once you break them down. Here are the basic rules.

kung fu fight

Do this to your attacker's face!

The first thing one must do is ascertain what kind of a fighter one is facing. Thus, you make a move towards your opponent and see how he reacts. He will fall into one of three martial arts categories.

If he moves back he is a runner, and you’re going to have to chase him down. In this case you should plan for two quick attacks, one after another. The thing to be careful of is over committing and running into something, after all, what if he is the one doing the setting up?

If he moves into the attack, even a block and attack, then he is a fighter. This guy is looking forward to the fray, and he is going to be trying to bully you. The best thing to do is give way slightly, then angle to the side and trap him, or just take advantage of better timing.

If the guy blocks you and watches you, you are in trouble. This is a guy who has managed to find a balance between running and fighting, and he is in the moment. He is going to be hard to fool, and you might even consider making friends before you fight.

Past these three rules, there is the fight that is more than a kung fu fight. This is when somebody jumps out at you from a dark alley and you never saw him coming. No strategy here, the guy is bent on harming you, and it is not some sort of kung fu panda fight from a kung fu movie.

This type of sneak attack is usually off balancing, so you must seek to stay on your feet (return to your feet), and find some sort of advantage. The unfortunate advice many people give is just to punch and punch hard. Look, the guy has some sort of agenda, he hates you, wants your money, is likely pathological.

So you don’t just punch, you draw on your kung fu fight training and use all your blocks and all your weapons. You don’t let it be a street fight, but you change it into a martial arts fight. Kick, punch, elbow, knee, look for the throw, whirling like a buzzsaw, determined not to lose, this is how you kung fu fight when the situation is no longer on the mat, but has gone to the street.

 earn a black belt

Martial Arts Violence and the Occupy Wall Street Bunch


Martial Arts Violence, is that the answer to Occupy Wall Street Violence?


I detest Martial arts violence, but over the past few months I have seen police wailing on Occupy Wall Streeters, I have heard of Wall Streeters throwing objects (urine? Fireworks?) at the police, and I wonder what the individual solution is going to be when the Fit hits the shan.


And, if you believe what the Wall Streeters are saying, it will hit the fan. You see, a full 31% of the Occupy bunch have stated that they are willing to get violent over their beliefs. Check out this video if you don’t believe me!


31% is a revolution! And what is even more startling is that this ‘revolution’ is actually encouraged by the President of the United States! Him and the other Marxists in the White House (the red house?) have stated that the Occupy bunch are legitimate movements.


What would you do if you were caught in escalating mob violence, if people started going through your neighborhood looking to bop a few police on the head? What would your martial arts solution be?


You don’t want to fight back with fists, because they will likely not use just fists. No, you would look for something easy to swing, and yet which has enough weight to do some serious damage.


Should your weapon have an edge on it? Like a spade, or a machete? That’s tough, because the police would likely arrest you for carrying weapons, or worse, if you had to use it, for assault with deadly weapons!


My serious hope is that this all goes away. See, the Wall Streeters don’t realize that Wall Street creates more jobs than they destroy, and the white house (red house?) destroys more jobs than it creates. That’s the simple truth, as proven by many statistics.


Has the government ever managed to do anything right? That is a legitimate question!


Anyway, I recommend having a couple of spades within arm’s reach. Make sure they have sharp edges, and learn a few kung fu moves so you know how to use them effectively, and, hopefully, without having too damage a few loose nuts and bolts.


That’s my advice, but i hope we never have to resort to martial arts violence.