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Martial Artists Win with Their Hotel Robber Take Down Technique!

Okay, here’s the scenario, guy sees a hotel doing a good business, making money, and he decides he is entitled to that money. You got it, your basic, bozo robber.
So the robber walks into the hotel, walks behind the counter, pulls out a loaded 9mm, and says, martial arts experts‘Gimme the dough!’ Or something to that effect.
The clerk, not having much choice, opens the register and hands over the money, and the bozo robber turns to make his escape…and here is where it gets good.
The elevator door opens and the clerk yells help. Two fellows from Oregon are getting off the elevator, and they hear the cry for help, see the gun, and swing into action. And, man, I mean action!
You see, these two Oregonian heroes are in town for a martial arts convention.
Which really puts the laugh on the wanna be hotel robber, ’cause who in their right mind is going to hold up a martial arts convention? Eh?
So the Oregonian martial arts experets grab the gun arm and pin it out of action. “Let go,” they ask, putting on the pressure. The robber, having a choice of letting go of the gun or having his arm ripped out by the socket, complies, and he is then thrown on the ground, trapped and locked, and everybody settles in for a cozy wait for the police.
Isn’t that nice? Our hard working police go to pick up the pieces after a robbery, and they find the robber all tied up and ready for delivery. Not only that, they have the whole thing recorded on video.
When the bozo, wanna be robber, whose name is given out as 31 year old Luis Rosales, makes it to the Big House, Bubba and the boys will get a real chuckle out of that bit of comedy.
Hats off to Oregon Martial Arts black belts.
And, Luis…get a life. Hah!

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