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Actual Statistics of Matrix Martial Arts

In Matrix Martial Arts the term ‘actual statistics’ refers to truth. Yes, statistics can be used to confound, but this is a lie on the part of the beholder, an obfuscation through the arrangement of the numbers involved. And don’t anybody bother to spell government. Here are the actual statistics.

One or two per cent of the traffic to the Monster Martial Arts website become customers. That is a pretty common statistic. Of course, I am competing with a plethora of marketers who are selling gimmicks, so it’s hard to know what to do with this.

But, the second statistic, 60% of the people who order order again. Holy criminey jeepers bats**t! Nobody gets that statistic! Nobody! If somebody actually got 10% return orders they would praise God and fall on their knees to the miracle of it all.

I get 60%.
Now how could I get a number like that?
Because there is worth in my art.
People like the truth.

I’m not saying everybody else lies, but they occupy themselves with selling gimcracks, and not with opening doors to the art, letting the light in, putting forth illuminating instructions that lead to competence, self worth, and an honest approach to life.

Let me finish with a quote from one of my Master Instructors…

“We create and perpetuate our own suffering from the false ideas and ways of framing our instruction of the martial traditions we inherit, and are responsible for passing on, by not – ourselves – learning and then applying the truth of the martial arts, which is now available to all in the many works of Al Case.”

Yeah, I know, it sounds self serving. But I am really just hoping that you become one of the one or two percent who shrug their shoulders, mutter ‘Why not,’ and give me a try. If it doesn’twork, it’s money back guaranteed. But if Matrix Martial Arts does work…holy criminey jeepers bats**t…you’re going to have some kind of fun!

Feel free to drop by Monster Martial Arts and get the free ebook that tells about Matrixing.

Win #52

Bagua DVD Works Pretty Well

Learning from a Bagua DVD, or some other kind of martial arts is actually pretty fun, and pretty effective. I mean, you get to actually see the action. I prefer getting the books too, because I like to see the fine detail of the technique or the form. I like to be able to examine the stopping points, and then go to the DVD to fine tune the motion between the stopping points. Here’s a win
Your manuals are very good…good analysis
of the bagua and a few things that have helped
already. Thanks again and best wishes!! Scott

It makes my day when somebody actually learns. Doesn’t just robot the motions, but actually understands why something is being done. Here’s a snippet of teaching from one of my courses.

The key is if it is easy to understand. If it is easy to understand, then it is worth the money. In addition to my original studies I’ve been learning from martial arts DVDs for years. Putting out my own Bagua DVD was really a joy.

The Six Best Methods to Learn Martial Art

There will be preferences if you want to learn Martial Art, but there are also a couple of things that are fairly obvious, and that we will be able to agree on. Interestingly, I came across this data many years ago, and have used it myself. It deals with analyzing the value of media in transmitting data.

The worst method for absorption of data is the movies or TV. This is because the martial art techniques that you will see on the screen, whether it is the art of Bruce Lee, Jet Li, or whoever, has been altered for the camera. Yes, it may look good, but stuntmen and camera cuts are making it look good.

Almost as bad as movies, and it might even be considered a toss up with these two, is the internet. While there can be gems out there, the dreck is abysmal. Dial into the internet for the purpose of actually trying to learn something (as opposed to just surfing for fun) and you dial into a common brain that doesn’t know any better, pseudo experts, massive amounts of data with no real instruction or even organization of data, what’s cool, advertising that hasn’t and can’t be tested for worth, and so on.

The third weakest method would be to read magazines. Now, this is not to be discounted, it does give you an overall viewpoint of what’s happening–and not just in the traditional arts–and can afford a good education as to what is out there. Good writing and the eye of the magazine to find out what the reader is really interested in, and the tendency of the worthwhile ads to stay, makes this a viable source of finding out about different martial arts.

Fourth weakest would be martial arts DVDs. Now, I should say weakest, but third strongest, because one can dial into a specific art, delve into that art in detail, and really get some great instruction. Honestly, it’s a toss up between this and the next item on the list, almost a tie, but I settled on the order you see because there are just so many bad DVDs out there–it’s just too easy to string some fighting techniques together, slap a pseudo scientific label on it, and use internet marketing to blast it past common sense.

Second best,status, when it comes to the learning procedure goes to martial arts books. With books you might not get the visual, but if you have any instruction in a dojo, books will work. Furthermore, you can get the most detail, the best theory, the most thought out concepts in books–and if you can get a DVD to go along with it then you really have something.

The best method for learning the the combat discipline is to take a martial arts class at a good dojo, one where they teach not just the blood and guts, but the heart and soul. You’ll find friendships that mean something, systems of combat that have been proven over thousands of years, and some pretty darned good times. Add to that that you can ask a question about the most minute detail at any time, and the worth of this method is undeniable. People study according to their opportunity and means, thus, none of the methods I have mentioned can be totally discounted. And, the smart student will do a mix and match and educate himself so that there are no weaknesses in his arts.

In the end, every man is self made, and learning Martial Arts is the best method for making oneself. If you want the absolute best when it comes to learning martial arts at home, head on over to MonsterMartial Arts. Most courses are a mix of book and video, and the instruction is the absolute best in the martial arts world.

Three Things You Need to Do to Learn from Martial Arts DVDs

Some people would have you believe otherwise, but it is quick and easy to learn good karate or kenpo, or whatever art you wish to learn, from Martial Arts DVDs. You can learn hard core self defense, fighting karate, classical gung fu combat techniques. You can learn virtually any art, there are judo dvds, taekwondo DVDs, you can even look into martial arts DVD rental!

Before you purchase that Kung Fu training DVD and start doing the Randy Couture all over the place, there are three things that you absolutely must do. It really is critical, and your success or failure will hinge upon these three things. Indeed, without doing these three items you might just as well give up your martial arts DVD training.

The first thing you need, and this is so simple that it is a no brainer, is you need a place. Even if you don’t have a personal Shotokan training hall, or a taekwondo dojang, or a Kung Fu kwoon, you must act as if you do. You have to select a spot in which to train and mock it up as a fighting dojo.

You need to clear out the clutter, not just shove it in the corners, because you are going to want to hang shiny kung fu weapons on the walls. You are going to have to check the rafters, because you are going to want to hang a kicking bag and not bring down the ceiling! You are going to want about 15 by 15 of good condition floor, because you want to be able to do Choy Lay Fut patterns or work on your shotokan karate kata DVD without running into anything or stepping on anything.

The second thing you will need is a time. I know this sounds silly, but businesses survive, people learn things in school, everything in the world runs by being in the correct place at the correct time. So you are going to need to set aside a couple of hours every couple of days, or whenever you plan to train, and you are going to never miss an appointment!

Your wife wants you to take her to the store…no! The kids are going to have to entertain themselves. And turn that darn cellphone ringer off!

Now, you have the time and the place, and one would assume you have the latest and greatest martial arts video training tape (my favorite is Matrix Karate…it was inexpensive, but the data on it was worth ten tapes), and you must not forget…your partner! You need to have somebody who is willing to do the sweat, put in the time, make the appointment, and wants to have a blast! In a way, your martial arts training partner is the most important thing of all, because without a real body to practice your kung fu techniques on it just won’t get real!

Now, you know what you have to do, and I want to say one thing: past the cost of cleaning your garage and a few Parker Kenpo videos, this is virtually free martial arts training. You go at your own pace, no one to jack you up or slow you down. And that’s my recommendation for how to learn from Martial Arts DVDs.

You can pick up the best martial arts training videos in the world at Monster Martial Arts. Pick up a free ebook while you’re at Monster MartilaArts.

Monster Newsletter #317–The Right Way to Work Out!

Howdie to all!
I hope you availed yourself of all the party you could yesterday,
cause it’s time to put that freedom to work!

Freedom to do what?
I believe was the question.
And the answer:
to work out!
what is the correct way to work out?
The answer is simple,
so simple it is hard.

a work out is intimate time with yourself.
And there is no second.

By intimate,
I mean that you concentrate in such a singular fashion,
that there is only you.

You put aside the world and worries.
You become conscious only of the procedure
of the block or the kick or the throw…
in whatever fashion you wish to explore.

how fast can you move from one position to the next?
And this turns out to be a procedure of not using the muscles.

Kung Fu:
whirl through a vortex of energy
and into the posture.

Pa Kua:
the process of taking out the corners,
all the corners,
until you achieve circular perfection.

Tai Chi:
suspended energy,
learning how not to use muscles,
but to relax no matter how rigorous the posture.

And every art has its specific concept.
When somebody has the concept down
good art is easy to see.
But if the artist doesn’t have the concept down,
or if his art conflicted with multiple concepts
good art is hard to see.

Get them all,
get all the concepts
and solve them individually
and no matter how complex
the Art is easy to see.

People can see the art because
you are aglow,
you are pure.
You are you.

That’s your freedom.
Screw the politicos,
F the rules and regulations.
There are no rules and regulations within you
love your fellow man.
Do unto others,
that sort of thing,
and that is something that you will never ever ever learn from any politician.

But you learn it in the martial arts,
you learn it from yourself
when you make yourself pure
through the martial arts.

Of course,
it certainly helps
if your martial art is pure.

I should pitch you here,
so here is the URL,

Monster Martial Arts

Go there,
and start making yourself pure.
Fix your art by matrixing it.
Make your techniques work every time
by finding the truth behind them.
A better task has no man.

a couple of quickies.
I’m going to reload the Monster this week,
might be some down time,
but not much,
Then I can work on Monkeyland.
Got some great stuff happening there.
since I shut down the Blinding Steel Site,
not sure what to do with the courses.
Maybe I should take those Blinding Steel courses
and rename them ‘Matrix Weapons.’
Let me know what you think.

that’s about it,
it’s time to work out!
Here’s the URL again…

Don’t forget to visit the monster and have some fun!

Have a great week,
and I’ll talk to you later.



Hope all is going great. Just want to say love the matrix Tai Chi. I have had it for like 2 months and still haven’t seen the last disc. Just so much info there. I have looked at many forms online compared forms applications and so forth. Learned part of the form and applications seem endless.–Louis B.

Thanks Louise, appreciate the kind words, have a great work out!

There are over a dozen courses at Monster Martial Arts, and you can learn how to matrix your art from the ground up!