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Karate Kicking Drills for Amazing Power!

Karate Kicking Drills for REAL Power!

Kicks are one of the best and most powerful martial arts weapons you can ever develop. Not only are kicks extremely good for the cardio, giving an instant sweat during a work out, but they are one of the most powerful weapons you can have if you are ever in a fight. After all, most people in the world don’t don’t have the faintest idea as to how to use their legs, and if you do have an idea…you’ve got an instant advantage.

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Of course, kicks take a little extra hard work if they are going to develop into something you can be proud of. But if you take your time, train properly and regularly, and do learn the types of kicks in a certain pattern…you can have power busting kicks of the most magnificent order. That said, let’s go over the proper order of how to develop these kicks.

The first drill is to merely stand in one place and do the kick. You don’t have to have a stance, you can do them at a moderate and easy on the body speed, and you can even put your hand on the wall. The idea here is to look at your body andlearn how to make it move to generate efficient and effective and totally destructive kicks.

The second drill is going to be done from stationary stances. Take a kick like a simple front snap kick, low level to begin, higher as you get better, and learn how to apply it from the rear leg while standing in a front stance. Go through all the stances you know, one by one, kicking with the foot you are not standing on.

The third drill is to use the leg which holds the most weight in your stance. This means you kick with the leg supporting the most weight. Again, go through your stances, do them one at a time, but this time figure out how to hop so that the leg you are standing on executes the kick, and the leg you do not have weight on replaces the leg you are standing on.

The fourth drill is to go through and analyze the various directions you can kick in. This is going to require some quick weight shifts and turns of the body, and the ability to think of your body as very light. Simply do the third kick, as described in the last paragraph, but this time execute the kick first to the south, then go back to your stance and do the kick to the east, then the west, then the north.

Now, there are a few things you should remember as you develop your kicks through these four stages. Don’t be one of these people who do a few kicks per side and then quit. Do a couple of hundred kicks, three hundred, maybe even five hundred kicks per kick per leg.

The idea is to develop your legs so that they are as light and easy to use as your hands. So concentrate on learning how to relax while you do your kicks. Soon your kicks will be second nature, light and easy, marvelous little things of quick flick, and yet able to instantly end any fight.

Go on, Karate kicks, Taekwondo kicks, Kung Fu or even Aikido or Tai Chi or whatever, do what i told you on this page and watch your kicking power grow and grow and GROW!

Here’s a great story of a martial arts kicking bag that knocked me on my fanny!

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Five Martial Arts Calisthenics To Make You Five Times More Stronger, Faster And Powerful!

I was talking with one of my students the other day, and we were discussing condensing body calisthenics into maybe a half dozen simple motions. Think about it, five martial arts exercises that help you be stronger, faster and more powerful. All you need to do is these five exercises!

A Perfect Martial Arts Body!

So I thought about it, researched a bunch of things having to do with Yoga, Tibetian exercises and even American things like Matt Furey. Here’s my initial five exercises, and while I will probably work on them a bit, hone them further, I think they fit the bill. The extra bonus is that they’ll be good martial arts class warm ups, no matter whether you do Karate, kung fu, aikido, or whatever.

First, and most important, is stretching. Most body injuries result from the body being compacted, so to stretch the body, whether it be splits or just hanging from a tree or over the side of a bed, should start the blood flowing and awake the body. No set exercise for this, I just recommend reading up on a little yoga, isolating the movements you aren’t flexible in, and concentrating on them.

Next, would be an exercise I call snaking. This includes such things as worming style push ups, and covers the front bending motion of the body. There are a whole series of yoga poses, from dog looks up to plank position to rabbits pose, that could fit in this particular exercise.

Third would be bridging. This can be a whole series of stretches, but should probably be done on a gradient. Bridging from the back, the neck, the hands, over a stool, all this covers the whole back bend of the body.

You may have realized that I am trying to explore every range of motion for the body, and that is exactly what I am doing. After bending the body to the front and and then backwards, we have twisting the body. While there are many yoga poses that twist the body, you can cover most of them by just sit cross legged and looking over your shoulder, then twist all the way up and then down to cross legged and looking over the shoulder on the other side.

The final exercise would be being upside down. This should reverse gravity for your internal organs, and should be very good for you. This would include frog stands, head stands (start out against the wall), and eventually handstands.

So that’s it, my quick fix for whole body health through five simple body calisthenic, martial arts exercises. These calisthenics are fairly common, and you should find them in a variety of programs. At any rate, try them out for a month or two, and watch yourself get nothing but better and strong and faster.

I do recommend a study of all body motion potentials if you want to get the most out of these exercises. Mouse over over to my Yogata page (The Yoga Kata), and get even more data on getting stronger, faster and more powerful through the martial arts.