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How to Make People Do What You Say No Matter What!

There was a fellow who walked into a martial arts dojo, and he was not nice. He was proud, arrogant, and, truth, had come to put forth a challenge.

Watching a class, the fellow suddenly stood up and said, “You get these guys to do what you want because they respect you. But how can you get a fellow who doesn’t respect you to go along with all you’re saying?

The Sensei sized up the arrogant fellow quickly. He responded with, “I could show you, but you’d have to come out on the mat and stand here.”

The bully swaggered out on the mat and stood on the designated spot.

“Actually, this is not a good spot. I think I could show you better if you were to sit in that chair over there.”

“Oh yeah?” sneered the bully. And he swaggered over to the chair and sat down in it and folded his arms insolently.

“First I made you come out on the mat. Then I made you go sit in a chair. And now you have seen how I get people who don’t respect me to do what I want them to. Please excuse me now, I’ve got a class to teach.”

Thus, the bully was left with an open mouth, and never realized that the instructor had used the greatest strategy to defeat him: politeness.

I politely thank you, and humbly request your presence at Monster Martial Arts.

And have a great New Year!


He Came into My Martial Arts Dojo to Mug Somebody!

One time I was sitting inside my dojo, yakking with my head instructor, when a fellow came in. There was something about his attitude, and I motioned to Mike, my head instructor to go talk to the guy. I went with him, but stayed a step behind and angled to the side of the guy.

Mike offered his hand, the guy shook, and I could see him shifting for the punch.

Here was an idiot, right off the street, who wanted to see if the martial arts worked.

So when he shifted, I shifted.

He was so intent on Mike that he didn’t look at me, but his rhythm was screwed up.

Mike continued talking, having conversation, and the guy tried to set up his punch again.

I stepped closer to him.

He frowned, and was split.

And I was having a great time.

I knew that before he could clock Mike I was going to hit him harder than I had ever hit somebody in my life. I could feel it coming.

The problem was…he could feel it too. So he backed off. Mumbled a lot, and went out the door.

So here is the lesson. Bullies only want to fight if they can win. They aren’t willing to risk anything, and that makes them cowards.

I mean, that guy was scum!

But the good guys won, and we even laughed about it.

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Talk to you later.