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Monster Martial Arts Goes Instant Download!

Monster Martial Arts has begun offering several of their courses as instant downloads.

Monster, as most people know, offers the Matrixing courses of Al Case. Matrixing is the first actual science of martial arts, and is literally sweeping the globe. Monster reports sales throughout Europe, across the mideast, and even Asia. That Asia, the home of kung fu, recognizes the world’s first martial science, speaks highly of Matrixing.

There are several pros and cons concerning instant downloads.

On the pro side, one doesn’t have to wait. Literally one minute after making an order, a customer can be reading the manuals and viewing the videos.

Also, for the ecologically conscious, trees are being saved (no paper), as are oil wells (no disks).

While the Monster products are copyrighted, all customers are given permission to place one copy of any course they order on their computer, and to make a disk copy of the videos, and a paper copy of the instruction manuals.

So far, the first four courses, Matrix Karate, Matric Kung Fu, Matrix Aikido, and the Master instructor course, are available for instant download. Other courses will be made available in the coming weeks.

On the con side, the price of a disk copy is going up. Of course, since the government is taxing higher and postal fees are going up, and the general inflation of currency, this had to happen. But going digital has enabled the company to keep low prices, and even to offer (for the next few weeks) a five dollar discount on the digital products. Monster has stated that if there is enough business, the discounts could continue.

Al Case, discoverer of Matrixing and the author of the Matrix Martial Arts instructional series, is a prolific author. A former writer for such magazines as Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, and others, he has written over 2,000,000 words on the martial arts. This includes over 90 individual works, including novels, books of poetry, instructional manuals, and more.

People interested in learning a scientific and logical martial art should go to MonsterMartialArts.com and peruse. Guaranteed, in a world gone violent, these quick and efficient courses are the best way to learn effective martial arts in the world.

Chance to Get Matrix Karate Virtually Free!

Master instructor

Zen Martial Arts!

Here’s a copy of my newsletter. I’m going away from paper and towards disks and downloads, and in converting one product (Matrixing: The Master Text) I am giving a real deal, almost free. Check it out, and here’s the newsletter and the offer.

Monster Newsletter #409~Here’s a Deal You Won’t Believe!

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in the interest of saving the last tree
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I’m converting to less and less paper.
More instant downloads,
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but most important,
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here’s the deal.
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180 pages,
if you know your book sizes,
makes it probably over 400 regular size pages thick.
It has the overview of Matrixing.
It has the original research I did to create Matrixing,
that’s forty years of forms and graphs and charts and writing
and articles and applications and…and…

I mean,
this is the mother lode of Matrixing!

I sell this beast for $40 bucks.
Forty dollars for a single book,
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it costs me a pretty penny
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Of course forty years of original research,
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since I am slowly converting
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Order that book,
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A CD with the Matrix Karate book on it
A DVD with the complete Matrix Karate system
A bonus DVD with the Power Kicks Course
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I don’t know how you want to look at this,
getting a whole course
an entire system,
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Again, if you’re not on my newsletter you’re going to have to write and remind me. Aganzul@gmail.com

That’s 20 hours of video,
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Matrixing: The Master Text
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If you don’t have the Matrix Karate Course,
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If you already have the Matrix Karate Course,
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“The time to strike is when the opportunity presents itself.”
— 6th Code of Isshinryu Karatedo

Matrixing and the Order of Study in the Martial Arts

Study the Martial Arts!

A Globeful of Martial Arts Studies!

When you study the Martial Arts there should be an order to it all. But, there being so many arts, an order is near impossible to see.

And, before I even say what I’m going to say, people should study what interests them. They simply aren’t going to stick with it unless they are studying what drew them in.

However, there comes a time when a fellow has studied enough, and he knows he really is a martial artist–he knows that he is going to study the martial arts for the rest of his life, and that is the time he should take a look at studying the fighting disciplines in order, or at least filling in the pieces and arranging his data in order.

First is Matrix Karate. The reason is simple: it is a simple art, easy to learn, and it provides the basic template with which to put order into all arts.

A guy studies Tai Chi–a most intricate and serpentine study, that–and he will find that if he aligns tai chi to the data in Matrix Karate, everything suddenly makes sense. All the mysteries and riddles evaporate, and he is suddenly feeling a little bright and charged up and ready to go.

All the funny little things he didn’t understand were holding him back, you see, and suddenly, there is nothing to hold him back. One would not think that would happen to Tai Chi from a study of Karate, but there are steps in Karate that are missed in Tai Chi, and this goes for all the arts.

The next art should actually be Shaolin Butterfly.

I know, on the front page of the Monster Martial Arts site it says Matrix Kung Fu, then Matrix Aikido.

Those courses, and Matrix Karate and the Master Instructor Course, which all make up the Core Package, provide an overview, they matrix virtually all the martial arts. Somebody wants to learn Matrixing, those four courses are the bone in the steak. They are the skeletal structure.

But, if one was to study the martial arts in total, was convinced that Matrixing is right and works, knows he is a martial artist, that his path leads through the martial arts, then there are several ways to study them.

Here’s one path, based on what I’ve told you here.

Matrix Karate

Shaolin Butterfly

Butterfly Pa Kua Chang.

Five Army Tai Chi Chuan.

And you actually use such arts as Matrix Aikido, or Pan Gai Noon, to fill in sublevels.

Or, you could opt for a more indonesian, weapons oriented study of the arts. Such as:

Blinding Steel

Matrix Kung Fu

Or, you could opt to be a totally karate oriented stylist, such as:

Matrix Karate

Evolution of an Art

Outlaw Karate

Buddha Crane Karate

and so on.

And, you could open for a grab art line up, or a hard to soft method of art, or some other method of study.

The problem, really, is that the martial arts cannot be described on a linear basis. They describe, in geometrical terms, a sphere of knowledge. Not a circle, but a globe. But our minds being linear (for those of you who haven’t matrixed) we need to just start where we start, and take our linear paths, and be assured that, eventually, we will have traversed the globe of martial knowledge sufficient to describe the whole globe, and including all the information within the globe.

Look, the point is that there are several ways to get into Matrixing, and which way you enter it depends on your background, but more importantly, whether you have reached that decision that the martial arts are your life, and that you will do them for the rest of your life.

So that’s the skinny on how to study the martial arts and really get somewhere. And, BTW, feel free to pick up the free book on Matrixing on the Monster Martial Arts website. The more you know about Matrixing, the easier your decisions will be.


Why Martial Arts Students Drop Out

Article is under the video…

I’ve written about this, specifically about how martial arts students are given long strings of random data to memorize, instead of really being given knowledge, but let me take this a step further.

A martial arts student, be it kenpo or karate or kung fu or whatever, is given data, then he is told to work on it for six montths. For some drills I totally understand. We must scratch the surface until we reach the center.  But, some schools are pretty mindless at this. They stick a  student on a ‘plateau,’ and grind him.

This was really true in the Chinese Kenpo school I was at. Six months of trying to remember the techniques, all kept alive by the excitement of the weekly kumite class.

But,plateaus are not good teaching methods.

You don’t have to have a plateau if you have a good teacher, and a good system.

A good martial arts teacher, or sensei, will see when you have the material, and he will nudge you up at exactly the right time. A good system is set up so that you don’t have too big of chunks of material. It’ll be broken down into quick bite size pieces.

Mind you, this is no excuse for a quicky McDojo approach. One must never lower martial quality in this approach, in any approach.

But, you need to seek out a method, and a teacher, who is more than growls and macho posturing. You need real information, poured into you gently and consistently, and that’s how you learn the martial arts the correct way, and, if you aren’t learning in that manner, then you will quickly come to understand, and experience, why martial arts students drop out.

Matrixing the martial arts is my method, and you can get a free book on how to learn quickly, and in bite sized pieces, that will bring you faster and to higher levels in the martial arts. Check it out at Monster Martial Arts…specifically, look for the Master Instructor page.

He Came into My Martial Arts Dojo to Mug Somebody!

One time I was sitting inside my dojo, yakking with my head instructor, when a fellow came in. There was something about his attitude, and I motioned to Mike, my head instructor to go talk to the guy. I went with him, but stayed a step behind and angled to the side of the guy.

Mike offered his hand, the guy shook, and I could see him shifting for the punch.

Here was an idiot, right off the street, who wanted to see if the martial arts worked.

So when he shifted, I shifted.

He was so intent on Mike that he didn’t look at me, but his rhythm was screwed up.

Mike continued talking, having conversation, and the guy tried to set up his punch again.

I stepped closer to him.

He frowned, and was split.

And I was having a great time.

I knew that before he could clock Mike I was going to hit him harder than I had ever hit somebody in my life. I could feel it coming.

The problem was…he could feel it too. So he backed off. Mumbled a lot, and went out the door.

So here is the lesson. Bullies only want to fight if they can win. They aren’t willing to risk anything, and that makes them cowards.

I mean, that guy was scum!

But the good guys won, and we even laughed about it.

Come on over to Monster Martial Arts. We laugh a lot, and we’ve got the best andmost unique martial arts on the planet. We’ve got a method which makes sense out of other martial arts, makes them more logical, more usable, and easier to learn.

Talk to you later.

Actual Statistics of Matrix Martial Arts

In Matrix Martial Arts the term ‘actual statistics’ refers to truth. Yes, statistics can be used to confound, but this is a lie on the part of the beholder, an obfuscation through the arrangement of the numbers involved. And don’t anybody bother to spell government. Here are the actual statistics.

One or two per cent of the traffic to the Monster Martial Arts website become customers. That is a pretty common statistic. Of course, I am competing with a plethora of marketers who are selling gimmicks, so it’s hard to know what to do with this.

But, the second statistic, 60% of the people who order order again. Holy criminey jeepers bats**t! Nobody gets that statistic! Nobody! If somebody actually got 10% return orders they would praise God and fall on their knees to the miracle of it all.

I get 60%.
Now how could I get a number like that?
Because there is worth in my art.
People like the truth.

I’m not saying everybody else lies, but they occupy themselves with selling gimcracks, and not with opening doors to the art, letting the light in, putting forth illuminating instructions that lead to competence, self worth, and an honest approach to life.

Let me finish with a quote from one of my Master Instructors…

“We create and perpetuate our own suffering from the false ideas and ways of framing our instruction of the martial traditions we inherit, and are responsible for passing on, by not – ourselves – learning and then applying the truth of the martial arts, which is now available to all in the many works of Al Case.”

Yeah, I know, it sounds self serving. But I am really just hoping that you become one of the one or two percent who shrug their shoulders, mutter ‘Why not,’ and give me a try. If it doesn’twork, it’s money back guaranteed. But if Matrix Martial Arts does work…holy criminey jeepers bats**t…you’re going to have some kind of fun!

Feel free to drop by Monster Martial Arts and get the free ebook that tells about Matrixing.

Win #52

5 Reasons Why a Martial Arts Training DVD is the Best Way to Learn Self Defense

Martial Arts Training DVDs are the the absolute best when it comes to learning to defend yourself, and there are several reasons why. I will go into these reasons one at a time, and, at the end of the article, let you know a couple of things you should definitely be wary of when looking for martial arts courses. Here’s the initial list.

1) Help you pick and choose the right art for you.
2) Know what is going on before you start.
3) Know what is going on without being confused.
4) Remembering what the instructor says.
5) Be able to go over the lessons as many times as you want.

Maybe you’ve been bullied, maybe it’s your son that is being picked on, maybe you just live in a rough section of town, but the fact remains that it is time to learn some serious self defense. The first thing to do is pick an art to study. But there are so many arts to choose from…how do you know what art is right for you?

Martial arts training videos are an inexpensive way to search for the art that is right for you.
First, look around on the internet, get an idea of what the various arts are, then simply order courses in the arts that interest you. You will find that prices are low right now, and you can sample through the arts and get some real in depth instruction before you even step into a martial arts dojo.

Eventually, you are going to want to work with an experienced instructor and make sure that what you are learning on video works for real. So once you have studied martial arts videos you will have an idea of how the various arts work and why, and you can walk into martial arts school and know what you should be looking for, and what questions you should be asking. Whether it is a karate dojo, a taekwondo training dojang, or a kenpo training hall, you’re going to walk in with a degree of confidence and surprise the instructor with some intelligent questions.

As you start lessons you are going to find another blessing–you know what is going on in class.
How many times have you walked into a class and been confused, unsure of yourself. Having studied martial arts prior to even starting a class will eliminate confusions and enable you to get the most out of your training right from the get go.

Knowing what is going on right from the start will enable you to learn faster and retain information better. While others are trying to figure out a front kick, you’ll be in the stance and pumping them out like a champ, and know exactly what you are doing!

And, if there is something you don’t understand, likely you will find it on the instructional DVD. You can go home, pop the martial arts courses into the DVD player and go over your lessons time and again. There will be literally nothing you don’t understand or can’t figure out when you can go over the lessons in this manner.

The most important thing to be aware of is not to fall for gimmicks. Even though the courses on the net don’t cost much, be careful of the guy who offers you something like ‘Ten Killer Techniques that will enable you to beat up anybody on the street!’
Look, even if the guy has something that works there is still nothing better than learning a whole art. An the sad truth is that these gimmicks don’t work, you need to dedicate yourself to some training if you are going to really improve your reaction time and make self defense moves second nature.
Learning a few tricks is like eating dessert, it tastes sweet, but it won’t get you to the next meal.
Simply, you want something that is going to not just going to put you good condition, but change your body on deep levels.
You don’t want a ‘beat ‘em up’ quick course, you want a long term commitment that is going to change the way you think.
You want the real thing.
You want something that is going to last a lifetime.

That said, I always recommend that you get a course with a good and comprehensive martial arts training manual that is written by somebody with credentials…maybe somebody who has written for the magazines.
It’s easy to pop in front of a video camera, you see, and rattle off a bunch of techniques, but if the guy has written an actual martial arts book then you can be sure he has not just set up a camera and gone to town, but has actually thought about what he is going to teach you, and has the actually ability to teach, and it is a proven fact that writers make good teachers.

That’s about it. Consider the points I have listed in this article and you should be able to learn martial arts online by finding a good martial arts training DVD.

Al Case has over forty years experience. He offers a wide variety of Martial Arts DVDs and books at Monster Martial Arts.