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Four Points of Insanity in the Martial Arts

Martial Arts Insanity

1) Most people want to be right and the same.

2) People who are insane want to be wrong and different.

3) Criminals want to be wrong and the same.

4) Geniuses want to be right and different.

Most martial arts classes are more interested in behavior modification, in making everybody the same. This is the same old same old of point one above, and has driven society for a zillion years.

A true martial arts class doesn’t care about behavior modification; they understand that to be right is to be different. This is in accordance with point four above.

The point here is to make the same old same old martial arts classes change into classes of true martial arts.

To change the same old same old martial arts classes one need do one thing: teach what works without judgment.

This means you don’t tell people they must behave, protect society, be good citizens, say the pledge of allegiance, promote one country, and so on; one must teach the art only so that it works, AND TRUST THAT ART TO EFFECT THE STUDENT!

If the art doesn’t effect the student, then it either wasn’t true, or the teacher offered judgement upon his students, or, at the very least promoted opinion over workability.

I have taught insane people. It resulted in a high degree of frustration for the insane, because I teach a true art which resulted in an effect on the student. This effect is described in the following paragraph.

The insane student, under my instruction, did not become sane, but found himself/herself face to face with themselves; they began to understand the difference between right and wrong, and between being the same and being different. And now their struggles began.

They did become less dangerous to others.

While wholly insane they couldn’t see choice, and were willing to do wrong because they were right.

Once they reached the point of seeing the difference between sanity and insanity, which is to say once they found themselves having choice, they were in a constant struggle between right and wrong, and between being the same and different.

A person who teaches behavior modification only teaches how to be right and the same.

the true martial arts teacher, by relying on the art to teach, and not offering opinion nor judgment, let’s the student find his choices, and it is this path that results in the journey to point four above.

If you really want to understand what all this means, and not just from the viewpoint of a martial artist, but as a martial arts instructor, you have to delve into a study of neutronics.

Neutronics is available at ChurchofMartialArts.com. It is suggested one starts out with the simple book ‘Prologue.’ It will answer all your questions, and open your mind for more.

All of this won’t much sense, or have impact, unless you study martial arts, and the martial arts should be matrixed. Matrixing is available at MonsterMartialArts.com.

Martial Arts School Shut Down for Being too Good!

Martial Arts School Owner Thinking of Shutting Down Before He Starts Up!

The Martial Arts School Problem

learn martial arts

Learning Martial Arts is Actually Easy!

A Martial Arts School can be fun, profitable, a tax write off, a way to help kids, and dozens of other things. The odd thing is that many people don’t want to start up a martial arts school because they are worried that they might not be ‘official’ enough.

They might know several arts, be so incredibly skilled, and yet, this credential thing is a bugaboo.
The state hasn’t certified me, all the other martial arts schools/associations/whatever are going to question me.
Now, to be clear, I sell martial arts CDs and DVDs on the net, and you would be shocked at how many people have this consideration.
They don’t think of the fact that in the beginning there was no school, no organization, and nobody to certify anybody, and that the first schools to open were all ‘unofficial.’
First off, the state doesn’t certify anybody, and even if they did, that is no guarantee a martial art is worth anything. Society is built from the bottom up, not the top down, and one unarguable fact of life is that the state seems to always get it wrong.
Second, most organizations are VERY political in nature. There is the usual backbiting, gossip, and bushwah that accompanies any organization.
Third, the most important thing isn’t your certificate, it is whether you are competent. Do you know how to teach? Do you have something to teach? THEN WTF IS STOPPING YOU?
Society needs people who makes strong bodies and sharp minds.
The above all stated, let me offer you an answer I posed to one fellow who wrote me with this consideration of ‘what will I do when the guy who runs the school down the street asks me if i am ‘official?’

The Martial Arts School Answer

If you opened a hardware store and were selling hammers, would the guy who owned the hardware store on the next street come in and say, “You can’t sell hammers! They are inferior to mine!” (Or, grin, they are superior to mine). And if he did, what would you say? Would you say, ‘Oh, I guess you’re right. My hammers aren’t as good ( aren’t as bad, grin) and I know my prices are a little better than yours, so I’ll stop selling hammers and saws and everything, I’ll go back to digging ditches because, even though I never met you and don’t know who you are, somebody said you’re important…’
So, I know some people will say this analogy isn’t fair, the martial arts are more than hammers, and they might be right, but…the bottom line is that competence should be the issue here. And, if the other guy doesn’t like what you’re doing, then he’s got a problem, not you. Your only problem is whether what you are doing works.
So think on that, and think on this…do you think the fellow who runs the hammer store on the next street ever took the time to read the AIKIDO ARTICLE? Did he think about his art? Did he ever use the data to rethink what he is doing and come up with solutions?
Or is he just monkey see monkey do like everybody else in the history of the martial arts?
And I do know that this analogy is a bit unfair, there are incredible martial artists out there, but the point is…are they improving themselves? Looking for new ways? Because that is what is important.
A fellow name of Bill Wallace earned his black belt in some six months, and then went on to win just about every tournament in the United States. Yes, he was unique, but why can’t we all be that unique?
martial arts school

Martial Arts Classes and Surviving a Mob!

Interestingly enough, it was during my martial arts classes that I learned how to survive mobs.
I went to a dirty, dingy school in San Jose. Karate hadn’t gone big time yet, and we still learned in hole in the walls. No big mirrors, now windows, no designer water breaks in the middle of class.
The room was maybe twenty feet long, maybe 15 feet wide. And you had to be careful of the chairs at one end, and the boxes of sand at the other. On one side there were planks lining the walk back to the dressing room, and the other side…ah, a wall. Just a wall.
Anyway, we would get twenty or thirty guys in that space. Big guys. And some of these guys were rough. I would have a Gypsy Joker on the right, a Hells Angel on the left, and when we went through forms as a group, let me tell you I watched where I put my big clodhoppers. Can you imagine the gore and splatter if I tripped over one of those big, hairy, beefed up SOBs?
Oddly, I was surprised to find out, one day during a conversation in the dressing room, that they were trying to be careful where they were putting their big feet!
So we would run through the basic forms, then start the classic Pinans (Heian) forms. The guys in the back row were beginners, and they were safe with their Pinan One routine. The guys in the front, however, were doing twists and jumps, flying through the air, and…maybe it wasn’t that safe after all in the back.
But we learned, and we learned well. If there was a trip, it was rare, and an accepted accident. Nobody got pissed, nobody cared, we all just kept going, feeding the room with energy, building ourselves up as a group as well as individuals.
Still, those were hard karate classes…yet I know that if I am caught by a mob running down the street, overturning cars and smashing buildings, I won’t step on anyone’s feet.
monster martial arts

Save Money in your Martial Arts Classes

I am constantly amazed by how much money you can save in your martial arts classes once you start matrixing.

Let’s say you spend 50 bucks a month, study for four years, and end up paying $2400.

With Matrix Martial Arts you can cut that time down to a year, and spend only $600.  That’s three years saved. $1800 saved. You become a quality martial artist now, instead of waiting.

That’s of course, if your instructor is open to the idea o you learning as  fast as you want, and not according to some arbitrary time line he has set up.

And the times are arbitrary. They have to be that way because the arts are arbitrary. They are put together checkerboards without scientific reason.

The point is that you can learn faster, save money, get to where you want to go quicker, become your own boss, drive a cadillac, and…well, maybe you won’t drive a cadillac. but you might…grin.

Hey, check out the Monster Martial Arts website, and see if what I am saying is right. What’s the worst you can lose…a couple of thousand bucks for martial arts classes? that’s a good thing. Think about it.


Win #18–It’s Not Work When You Start a Martial Arts School

I mean it when I say a Martial Arts School is not work, and that’s because the work turns into play. Working for yourself is just so different than working for somebody else. I mean, you have to work for somebody else in the beginning, you have to put in the time and educate yourself, but the goal of teaching your own karate class is where it’s at. At one time I even wrote an instruction manual on how to start your own school. Here’s a win from one of my students, and he’s the guy in the pic at the top of this page…doing what he loves to do.

After completing the ‘Start Your Own School Course’ all I could feel was joy and regret at the same time! I felt regret because had I read this book before opening my own martial arts school, I would have avoided several years of organizing errors and extremely costly mistakes. Literally EVERY SENTENCE of this book covers something that every martial arts instructor should know about opening a school – no matter what his/her martial art is.
Harry Hsu
Founder of Harry Hsu’s Martial Arts Academy.

Harry has been teaching people for over a decade now, and life just keeps getting better and better for him. The funny thing is that I don’t sell this book separately. I bundled it into a package of ten books, ‘The Master Books,’ I call them, and you get books on sword fighting, body guarding, teaching, breaking down techniques, and on and on.
Ten bucks. I gotta be crazy.
Nah. I just like to help people.

Here’s the URL for How to Start a Martial Arts School.