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Newsletter 1039

Self Awareness in the Martial Arts

I am speaking of the classical martial arts.

some types of Karate,

some types of kung fu


tai chi…

that sort of thing.

I am not speaking of MMA

and the various arts 

that fall under that umbrella.


there is sport

and there is art.

Sports are when you try to beat somebody

Art is when you try to discipline yourself.

Huge difference there.

Trying to beat somebody doesn’t make you wise

Disciplining yourself makes you wise.


I’ll be in your face with this,

if you don’t understand the difference,

why this is so,

then you’re just going to be pissed off at me if you’re into the sports

And you’ll be a parrot supporting your art if you are classical.


here it is…

what is the difference?

This universe consists of motion.

Objects fly through space.

Go on,

think about it.

cosmic forces impinge on a planet,

a planet forms.

Gravity and such causes compression,

rocks heat up,

heat rises to the surface

a volcano blows up

people run for their lives.

Living in this world

is like living on a game board.


on this game board we call earth

there are humans

and humans have choices

and can even affect the game board.

They can move away from the volcano.

They can dodge meteorites.

They can step out of the way of cars.

Or they can get into the cars and drive through crowds.

All there is in life

is the analyses of the flow of objects


So how do you analyze the flow of objects?

In boxing you hit the bag

and there are drills for bobbing and weaving.

But the point isn’t to analyze the flow of objects.

The intent is to make the body strong

and to create knee jerk reactions.


this is good,

but it does not build the awareness

that will turn into wisdom.

You won’t get wise by being punched,

otherwise we could make Mozarts with clubs.

You won’t get wise unless you pursue awareness.


we come to the martial arts,

and the point I am trying to make here.

Some martial arts,

many martial arts

have gone the way of boxing.

Boxing works, 

after all.

Even though it doesn’t breed wisdom,

or elevate one’s awareness and self awareness.

In the classical martial arts,

the real ones that haven’t fallen to knee jerk training methods,

there is a pursuit of awareness.

There are drills that cause one to become more aware

and more self aware.

Smarter and wiser.


boxing works,

and it can be used to beat people up pretty ruthlessly,

but what good is the ability to beat people up

if you keep walking into the traffic?


let’s delve into this subject of awareness in the martial arts.

There are four methods for enlightenment.




martial arts

One can study scripture

and eventually figure out wisdom.

Very intelligent approach,

but not useful for self defense,

but…enough wisdom and one can see a fight coming

and avoid it.

One can study yoga,

which exercises the body

and holds on still long enough

that he might see the motion within his body

and that tends to bleed over to seeing the motion

outside one’s body.

and hopefully the yoga will see the fight coming

and avoid it.

One can deny the existence of the universe

as a fakir does

until he sees himself

and becomes aware of himself.

Sort of a crazy method,

but it works.

But it is difficult to get punched in the face

and say it didn’t happen.

And then there are the martial arts,

which I will describe in a second,

after I have made a brief summation

of the other three methods for pursuing enlightenment.

A scripturalist

learns ABOUT the motion of the universe

until he becomes aware of potential consequences,

and in this method he is enlightened,

which is to say

he is made self aware.

A yoga

looks at the universe inside his body

until he can see the similarities of motion

between the universe of his body

and the game board universe in which he lives.

A fakir says nothing exists 

denying the universe

until he figures out that he is all that exists.

A martial artist

studies the flow of fists

until he understands that the universe 

is nothing but the flow of objects.

He becomes aware that he cannot see the flow of objects

unless he looks at them,

and he can’t look at them,

unless he looks at himself.

Self awareness.

Of the four methods

the martial arts are the best and the surest.

This is because

reality impinges if he doesn’t look.

How many times have you heard something like this…

‘He tagged you,

better open your eyes.’

Yet most martial arts

have put aside the drills that open the eyes,

and gone the way of such as boxing

with their emphasis on knee jerk reactions.

A knee jerk reaction is a jerk of the body to a threat.

It is not self awareness.

And you have instructors touting muscle memory,

instead of teaching people to ‘open their eye,’

or attain self-awarenes.

And there is just enough truth in muscle memory,

that people think there is more.

You are walking through a dark house

a tap on the shoulder

and you turn around and smack the guy.


Except the guy happened to be your granny

offering you a fresh baked cookie.

That is muscle memory.

You are walking through a dark house

a tap on the shoulder

and you turn and hug your granny,

or smack the guy with the club,

because that is not muscle memory.

That is awareness.

Looking at the flow of objects

on the game board of this universe,

Now analyze force and direction

until you are aware of force and direction

to the point at which you becomes enlightened.

Self aware



if you are still with me,

I have one more point to make.

There are degrees of self awareness,

and these degrees can be arranged in a scale.

A baby walks into walls, falls down.

He isn’t aware of his body much at all.

He/she might be fantastically aware of themselves,

but as the game board of the universe impinges on them

hits them on the nose with enough walls,

awareness of self falls to awareness of hard objects that flow.

A teenager is aware of his body

but not of himself.

He/she is usually out of control

(unless they have VERY enlightened parents)

and deliberately runs into the walls of the universe.

A fellow who has started the martial arts

has taken a step towards self control.

And this is a discipline

and a step towards self awareness.


the state of the martial arts,

the obsession with hitting people for fun

keeps them in a very low state of self awareness

A black belt…in a GOOD art,

an art that is logical and based on physics,

has a greater degree of self control.

He has awareness of himself,

but not to any great degree.

He is a baby in a new universe.

The key here is this:

while there is an art to destruction

the true art lays in control.

A fellow who has mastered a true art,

one based on physics and with the precept just mentioned

is aware of himself to a great degree.

He is somewhat enlightened.

But he is like a teenager in a new universe.

How do you become totally enlightened?

Totally self-aware?

Don’t give in to the games of the universe.

Don’t teach to dominate.

Don’t play politics.


Do study other arts,

and study fields outside the arts

with the intent of developing self awareness within those fields.

Most of all…

teach with the idea of helping others.

And here is the fun fact…

there is no end to developing self awareness,

and that is the True Art.


time for the obligatory ad.

If you do the one simple exercise in the Matrix Karate course

you will be close to, and might even attain, enlightenment.

That is because it puts the observation of the flow of the objects (fists) of the universe

to logic.

That which is logical is ten times easier to learn

ten times faster to absorb.

But here is the cruel trick.

Most people read the drill,

it is called 

‘The Matrix of Blocks,’

and they say,

‘Oh, I’ve done all those blocks.

So I don’t need to.

I understand what he’s saying,

and it’s enough that I’ve read it.’


I am close to saying a dirty word here.

That’s like saying

‘I’ve been in a car,

so I don’t need to know how it works.’


and this is a good one,

‘I’ve seen water,

so I don’t have to take a bath.’

Stupid, eh?

So you have to get the course,



Knowing about it is not enough.

Having a surface knowledge of the basics isn’t enough.

You have to experience the blocks

and how they work together

in the Matrix of Blocks.

Just a few times through,

until you can do them as easy as you count from one to ten,

and then you’ll have it.

But please…

don’t read about it and think you know it.

Don’t be a paper tiger.

Be the real thing.



my HanaKwanMass present to you,

If you order the Matrix Karate course,

you may order any other course you wish,

of comparable value.

That’s the Master Instructor course,

the Matrix Aikido course,

the Shaolin Butterfly

or whatever.

To be specific,

any course that’s $40 or less.

Just make your order,

and write me and tell me what course you would like

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email me at aganzul@gmail.com

Write me if you have questions.



And have a great work out!


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The Science of Government.

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Matrixing + Politics = Sanity

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Great Martial Arts Chi Cultivation Win!

How to Cultivate Chi Like You Mean It!

Welcome to today!
Welcome to another work out!
Welcome to a better you!

got a great win here,
but I have to explain something,
When I had the great computer crash of ’13,
I lost so-o-o much.
Not just my computer, but the external hard drive.
I lost all data concerning my promotions.
All the records about who I had promoted and when…gone.
That’s the one that makes me cry.

Will Stockinger has completed the Matrix Black Belt course.
Congrats to Will!
I don’t know what number he is
I had about 75 master instructors
and some black belts in various arts,
so I think I’ll just start everything over from the number 101
So congrats to Will as promotion 101.
I am on the road for Xmas,
and I don’t have access to his win,
but he writes the greatest wins,
so let me give you another one I’ve got of his
and I‘ll share his Black Belt win on another newsletter.
Here go…

Hi sensei Al
Thank you very much. I was already worried you fell off the mountain…
Sorry, I forgot you lost your records..yes, I have done the master instructor course in may already, was my first course. My wife is taking it right now, she finished it and is going to send her win within days now. . I use it as my bible to refer to. Actually I crystalized everything I do so far from the different books and hints you gave me. Trying to get a better understanding of it all. I must say, the matrix tai chi course is par excellence, believe it or not, to string the line together took me one hour, the moves seem so logical… but…the amount of chi raised in my body was phenomenal. I never experienced such a surge of energy and joy like that. but it only worked with the right CBM. I felt a whirl in my Dan Tian and later a pole of energy in my chakras from top to bottom. It is awesome, seriously. Thank you. Pushing on….have a great workout and thank you again for everything, happy

Thanks, Will,
you really make my day.

a couple of things.
His wife is ready to send a win in on the Master Instructor Course.
if you have family members,
or somebody who is testing with you,
you can slide them right on in,
no charge.
I am appreciative that people help other people,
so it’s a good thing.

I am really impressed with Will’s experience
with energy.

everybody studies different martial arts,
everybody is going to have different experiences,
This specific win
went right into energy.

Matrixing works that way!

Matrixing aligns the body!
If you pay attention to the seven principles
in the Master Instructor course,
and just do other courses
and watch how the body is aligned,
there is no limit on what you are going to get out of it.
So Will has done the Master Instructor Course,
and he has done the Matrix Tai Chi Chuan Course,
and other courses,
and you can see the shape of his wins.

So what do you want out of the martial arts?
Do you want to go in a certain direction?
Self defense?
Chi cultivation?
Something else?

Do you just want to learn a new system
that will augment your training?

So go for it!

It’s Christmas!
It’s Hanakwanmass!
The best thing you can do is give yourself a gift
that will change you,
make your martial arts explode!

if you happen to be a significant other
and you know your hubby or wifey does martial arts,
can there be a better gift?
A gift that actually keeps giving?
Doesn’t end up in a drawer,
but is used every single work out!

Here’s the URL for courses mentioned here…
Matrix Karate
Matrix Tai Chi Chuan
Master Instructor

time to go work out.
and thanks for the great wins,
I’ll put your BB win in
as soon as I get back to my home computer.

And for everybody…
HanaKwanMass and…


I Got in Trouble for Telling People this About Martial Arts Chi Power

This is a kick, but I had a couple of people incredibly upset when I told them this little item about the Martial Arts. Sort of funny, because it’s just words on paper, right? Well, digital on screen, I guess. But, if somebody doesn’t like something I know I’m on the right track, so I just go ahead and repeat it. They’ll either get unupset, or go away. There choice. But it’s only information about how the body works.
Energy goes up and down the legs, the tan tien is an energy generator. and zingo bingo, here comes the crux of the matter, the only difference between tai chi and karate is one of converting chi power to the speeds involved.
I guess these fellows got upset because they wanted it all to be mysterious. But, look, the body is a machine. It’s a flesh, blood, biomechanical…machine.
There are ways to create energy, call it chi power if you will, without the machine, but if you use the machine, you have to have connectors to the ground and a generator.
Look, this is basic one on virtually all my courses.
And, no, the chakras are switchboards, they are not generators.
Oh, boo hoo. No mystery. Cry me a river.
Well, I’m not one for going a round thinking that something I don’t understand is glorious; I donb’t believe in running my life in search of a msytery. Much more fun to get things done. So here’s where I get things done, here is the proof. In the following video I am using the legs, generating chi, and throwing it a foot. Not mysterious. Anybody can do it. I even wrote the directions on how to do this in a book, and everybody who has read the book has been able to do it.

Now, the sad thing is that some people are going to read this and feel let down. They wanted something mysterious. But life isn’t mysterious, it’s just what it is, and you get what you want by understanding what you are doing and then applying yourself to whatever you want.
Anyway, check out my site, Monster Martial Arts, and make sure you pick up a free book while you’re there.

Putting Chi in the Nooks and Crannies!

what did I do on vacation?
I worked out at Tai Chi twice a day.
I love to throw myself into an art,
totally immerse myself,
and Tai Chi is great for this,
because it is the healing art.
It’s also the most deadly art I know,
Each work out would take an hour minimum,
and I would do the form for each work out.
I tale several seconds to go through each posture,
and I loop certain of the moves,
making sure I put chi into all the nook and crannies.

When I do Tai Chi I concentrate on
synchronizing the CBM (Coordinated Body Motion)
 and the breathing.
I can feel the energy swell through the body.
I don’t bother with following little electrical circuits,
I just swell and push.

I do put the mass of energy that I have created
into any body part that has my attention.
I once lowered my blood sugar over 150 counts
in three days,
by concentrating on the pancreas.
It was high,
it ain’t high no longer.

When you create a mass of energy,
what people usually call Chi,
it is the result of concentrated awareness.
You do the form,
create the energy,
and push it through the body
where it will do the most good,
or set it up for combat.

I wrote most of the details on how to create Chi in the Matrixing Chi book,
and used Sanchin.
It just seemed easier to jumpstart the chi
with Sanchin.
Once jumpstarted,
once you have the basic swell and push down,
I prefer the Tai Chi.
But you should prefer what works for you.
Though it is a science,
bodies are different,
awareness are different,
people start at different places,
and what works for you
works for you.

here is the weird chi exercise of the day.
I was reading Dune once,
and the hero of the story,
Paul Maud’Dib,
was learning how to fight.
One of the things he did
was learn how to control every single muscle in his body.
An exercise that truly taxes.
this is handy in martial arts,
but I never got into it.
I got into controlling muscles,
but not searching out each and every muscle,
and being able to activate it solely.
What I did get into was creating chi in the extremities.

Be aware of the right little toe.
Be aware of the left little toe.
Be aware of the right second toe.
Be aware of the left second toe.
Be aware of the right middle toe.
Be aware of the left middle toe.
And so on through all the toes.
Then I do the same thing for my fingers.

in the beginning you are just thinking of the toe,
not much there.
as you CBM,
you start to be able to look inside your toes.
You actually look through the leg and into the hollow
of the designated toe.
It’s like looking down a garden hose,
and you start to see more and more.
You are not looking with your eyes,
you are looking with your perceptions,
you are growing your awareness.

The trick is to CBM.
Coordinated Body Motion
is in a lot of my courses.
I almost always include a section on CBMing.
The rules,
generally speaking,
are very simple.
Start all body motion at the same time.
Finish all body motion at the same time.
Adjust relative to muscle size and mass and configuration,
in between start and stop.
Doing this
through all your forms,
should give you a healthy does of CBM,
and start to turn on your awareness,
and enable you to look ‘without your eyes.’

More on this later,
you should be pretty well tweaked out figuring this method out,
so let me just say,
get the Matrixing Chi book
it’s on the Monster Martial Arts
 if you want to learn more about 
the ‘swell and push’ method for controlling chi.
If you are past that,
you might want to take a look at Tai Chi,
here’s the URL.


When you visit the Monster Martial Arts website, make sure you pick up the free book on Matrixing. It’s at the top of the home page.

Pa Kua Chang, Nazis, Flying Saucers, and Vortexing Cycloid Turbulence!

What do an Austrian water wizard, UFOs and Pa kua Chang have in common?
A lot, but if you’re going to see the connection you’re going to have to understand what the title of this article means.
Vortex–a mass of fluid (?) with a circular motion that tends to form a cavity (vacuum?) in the center.
Cycloid–Tending to happen again and again in a regular pattern.

Is Pa Kua Chang Vortexing Cycloid Inturbulence?

Pa Kua Chang, and Tai Chi and other Internal Martial Arts, could be utilizing outer space technology, the kind of technology that puts flying saucers in the air. You don’t think so? Read this article, and learn about Nazis, flying saucers, martial arts, and Vortex Cycloid Turbulence.
Turbulence–irregular motion, especially characterized by up and down currents.
So vortexing cycloid turbulence would be to create a whirlpool through energy created by cyclical movement. Sort of.
Such a term would be coined by Viktor Schauberger, who was an Austrian forester during the first half of the last century.
Mr. Schauberger observed nature for many years, and he made many discoveries concerning the nature of water. One discovery was that the flow of water has a natural manner of flowing, and that this unique flow was powerful and therapeutic in the extreme. Further, this flow illuminated a new and entirely unknown technology.
Mr. Schauberger began inventing devices and machines based upon this unknown technology. Among the devices were certain power plants, highly efficient in nature, which came to the attention of Adolph Hitler. Fortunately for the world, as you will see once we begin dissecting Schauberger’s theories, Schauberger refused to attach his inventions to the Nazi empire.

The main theory of cycloid vortices is revealed by the illustration below.

Vortex of Cycloid Enturbulence Used in Pa Kua Chang and other Martial Arts.

This diagram (looks suspiciously like a strand of DNA, doesn’t it?) reveals exactly how water flows naturally. Simply, there is a natural, call it ‘living’ tendency of water to twist, and even the minor tributaries to the flow twist, and this creates an implosive energy quite different from that which the world is based upon.
The energy of the world is based upon fire, upon explosion. Bits of the world are burned (exploded) and the force resulting from the explosion is tapped for usage by man.
That this can be wasteful cannot be disputed. The world is entering (has entered sufficiently to a point highly disturbing to a population which wishes to have a future) an ecological crisis because of the abuse of such energy creation.
Following is an example of alternate energy, ‘cold’ energy, if you will utilized by Viktor Schauberger.

The power plant had conical, twisted tubes that were wrapped around the main conical body. When the tubes were forced to rotate water was sucked in, and then sprayed out in a tremendous force that easily turned turbine vanes attached to a generator.
This type of power plant was then adapted to the atmosphere, air was sucked in and pushed out so hard that a fifty meter, disk-shaped vehicle was pushed into the roof, and resultantly destroyed.

That’s right, Viktor Schauberger, during World War Two, invented a flying saucer. (There has been much conjecture concerning a flying saucer that was developed and supposedly seen by people in Germany before the end of the war, and this story of Mr. Schauberger may be the origin of such rumors.)
While some readers may be inclined to doubt (hey, this writer would like to see this device for himself, you’re not alone!) there is no proof except in Viktor Schauberger’s writings and inventions. The ‘saucer’ was destroyed on impact, and the Russians supposedly confiscated much of Viktor’s work at the end of the war.
Of course, the Russians couldn’t have confiscated everything, right? And what about Mr. Schauberger’s brilliant mind? The Russians didn’t have that after the war, so what exactly happened to Viktor Schauberger and his inventions?
What happened is that after the war Viktor couldn’t get funding to pursue his theories and develop his technology. Eventually, he was invited to the United States where a group of Texas businessmen (oilmen?) were happy to go into business with Viktor. They had Mr. Schauberger sign a contract which effectively gave them total control, such control that Viktor wasn’t even allowed to discuss his technology with anyone else.
Viktor Schauberger, upon discovering that he had been cheated out of his life’s work, died shortly thereafter.

So, let’s get to the nitty gritty of this article. After all, you’re a martial artist, what does all this have to do with you?
Have you ever examined the actual feel of energy when you are doing the Tai Chi moves known as Ward Off, Roll Back, Press and Push?
The feel of that energy is suspiciously like that described in the above illustration. Energy comes twisting up the legs and through the body.
And what about the concept of Pa Kua, spirals upon spirals upon spirals?
That’s right, martial artists have been vortexing cycloidal turbulence for eons. And quite effectively, thank you.
But let’s look at a problem here: the theory and teaching methods of these and other arts are laden with mysticism, and now the world is taking a turn at being educated by people with no imagination, people who have been schooled by institutions which believe in and espouse only the combustion method of energy creation.
But with your reading of this article you now have the tools of technology; you now have hard core, scientific reasons for why your internal (implosive energy creating) art works.
And so what if it doesn’t jive with the sciences taught in your public school.

To be truthful, there is nothing wrong with combustive energy. The problem is when it is abused. The problem, for example, is the use of only explosive energy, to the unbalancing of people, ecosystems, and the entire planet.
The point being that if you balance the explosive with the implosive the two can work in harmony.
After all, what began the process of cycloidal vortexing? Was there some little fifty cc skateboard engine on the input end of Viktor Schauberger’s flying saucer?
And, artistically speaking, which we must do if we’re going to stay within the parameters of this magazine, there is nothing wrong with a combustive art such as karate. There is a certain amount of cycloidal vortexing in karate stances. Not as much as in Tai Chi, perhaps, but enough to lend itself to a certain efficiency within the concept of an explosive martial arts system.
And within such arts as Tai Chi and Pa Kua, is there not a bit of the explosive when the palm collides with the opponent’s body? Is there not a certain amount of combustion when the cycloidal vortexing reaches the energy generator of the human body, which we call the Tan Tien?

This all being said, let us sum: How much truth is there within the technology touched upon by Viktor Schauberger? Was there actual scientific method here, or is the story of Viktor Schauberger nothing more than the ravings of conspiracy enthusiasts? And, is there an entirely unknown branch of technology that has the potential of saving our planet and even sending us to the stars? This writer doesn’t know, but he does encourage people to assess the data within this article and do their own research. Oddly, the answer may lie within that series of esoteric body movements you practice every morning.

Want to learn more about fantastic theories that push the Martial Arts? Click to Monster Martial Arts. Make sure you pick up the free book on the home page.

Building Martial Arts Chi Power By Degrees Of Relaxation

Martial Arts Chi Power!

That you can increase your martial arts chi energy by relaxing is zenlike, but can be frustrating. Oddly, it doesn’t have to be frustrating, you just have to know the tricks. Key to understanding this is knowing what degree of relaxation is necessary for each art to make chi power.

Before we go into this by individual art, one item needs to be known. Relaxation is the key to making chi power. It would be pretty accurate to say that the body is a machine, and the mind is a radio transmitter. This means that the machine, and the transmitter, need to be free of all distractions if they are to operate at maximum efficiency.

I prefer teaching the art of Karate first, as this is a simple art that can generate massive amounts of chi. It deals with pure explosion from the tan tien, though, the sad truth, most people treat it like a calisthenic. One needs to stop doing exercises without thought and invest their awareness if they are going to create the intrinsic power of the martial arts.

Breath to the tan tien and learn to relax the body and tighten only the fist. The body might be a little tight in the beginning, as one learns how to align it correctly and connect it to the ground, but this tenseness should give way to a relaxation that can withstand the introduction of force to the structure. The fist does not have to be excessively tight, just tight enough to emphasize the space surrounding the moment of the strike.

The real key to advanced martial arts is to cycle energy through the body while the body is in motion. This can be done in Shaolin style arts easily; the more the circular movement, and the more attention to proper alignment, the easier it is. Again, breath and relax even while handling the introduction of great weight to your frame.

The highest martial arts are such as Pa Kua Chang and Tai Chi Chuan. The reason for this is that the slower you go the more you look, the more you look the more you know. This is the concept of investing awareness brought to its peak.

Myself, I have done walking the circle and the Tai Chi form to the point of one move a minute. If I stop totally, this is called pile stancing, and it is very effective. I usually do stoppage merely to take the time to assess the form and make sure everything is in the right place.

In conclusion, no martial art is better than any other, they are just different pieces of the same picture; there are no superior fighting disciplines, merely superior martial arts students. Learn to relax, even if your muscles are empty, and you will find that there is no fatigue, only a path to more energy.

Find out the truth about Martial Arts Chi. Get the free martial arts book on the home page. Head over to Monster Martial Arts.

Five Killer Books that Lead to Martial Arts Internal Power

I always talk about these books separately, but there is a distinct thread to them. The commonality is that they teach, in actual steps, how to create martial arts internal power. At the bottom of this page you’ll find a video of me projecting chi outside my body. HEre are the five books…

Yogata deals with the overall condition of the body, rehabilitates the body, creates the context for chi development, and promotes chi generation directly.

The Punch is a virtual doctoral dissertation on how to punch, and leads, should one do all the exercises in order, to massive and usable internal power.

The Kick is a companion to The Punch, puts the theories presented in The Punch to work for the legs and kicks.

The Candle is a little gem which describes in exact and understandable terminology how to project chi outside your body. There is no mysticism, only science, and the theory can be used throughout all martial arts.

Matrixing Chi is a short tome on how to generate chi power through martial arts forms. Again, this is science. That said, I do advise that this book is a little difficult to understand. Not because it is mystical, but because I wrote it stream of consciousness, tried to make it like an actual lesson. The lesson is long, but I cover all the points, go into a lot of the what ifs, and all that sort of thing. It is, like all my works, hard core science.

Those are the five books, and they do present an actual step by step (but quick and easy) journey to martial arts internal power. You can check them out at Monster Martial Arts. Sign up for the newsletter while you’re there, because the few times I do give deals that is where you find out about them.

Monster Newsletter #351–The Secret of Enlightenment! (Second half of letter…great stuff!)

I really mean it.
I want you to turn off the cell,
tell the kiddies to go play,
give the dog a bone to chew on,
and pay attention,
I’m really going to deliver the goods today,
and I need you focused,
because when you read what I say
a lot of you are going to sit back,
go ‘waaa…?’
and be confused.
Just read it again.
It’s the truth,
and it is the path to enlightenment.
Here we go.

When you do the martial arts
you want to lose reaction time.
So here is the question…
what exactly is reaction time?

it means to act after.
It means somebody is going to hit you while you’re thinking about it.
Got it?
to lose reaction time
means to lose the ‘ability’ to think about what is happening.
It means,
stay with me here…
you have to lose your mind.

this is going to screw some people up,
when somebody throws a punch
at somebody with reaction time,
the person with reaction time
filters what is happening
through their mind.
‘Duh…what the…that fist is…!’
That’s what is going on in the mind.
get rid of the mind.
Get rid of that
which filters your ability to act now.
Get rid of that thing
which makes you act…’after.’

If you’re confused right now,
go back over that last paragraph.
It is all there,
and if you’re confused,
your ‘mind’ could just be ‘reacting’
to the data I just gave you.

Your mind is protesting the death knell
I just offered it.

for some people
it’s incredibly difficult to get rid of the mind.
Some people have read my words,
and their mind is gone.
many people are confused.
A few are even crying and beating their wives.
They don’t want to lose their minds,
you see.

if you just keep doing the martial arts,
doing those classical forms,
you’ll probably lose your mind.
and you can tell if you do
because you’ll suddenly have intuition.
But here is the key ingredient
that you need to implement.

Do only one thing at a time.
Focus on one thing at a time.
Concentrate on one thing at a time.
Do not allow distractions to get in the way of…
doing one thing at a time.

When you do one thing at a time
you are doing purely
(reading a book and not knowing that time is passing)
and that does not require the mind.

If you think about stuff you are using the mind.
If you do one thing at a time
without distraction
you are not using the mind,
the mind stops trying to be used.

It is that simple,
and that difficult.

I lost my mind
back at the Kang Duk Won
in 1974.
If it hadn’t been for that,
I might never had figured out Matrixing.
I had to lost my mind
before I could analyze and handle
the force and flow of the universe.

it’s now 2010,
why don’t you lose your mind?
It’s simple.
Just do one thing at a time.
In forms,
and in life.
Throw out distractions,
commit yourself to the moment (now)
and forget about the mind.
It’s stop bugging you,
it’ll stop slowing you down,
and life will get incredibly easy.

Okey doke,
That’s about it.
You guys have a great week.
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I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.–Groucho Marx
I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and do the martial arts.–Al Case

Crime is naught but misdirected energy.–Emma Goldman
Crime is naught but energy that hasn’t been directed into the martial arts.–Al Case

It’s choice – not chance – that determines your destiny.–Jean Nidetch
It’s martial arts – not chance – that determines your destiny.–Al Case

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