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Using Martial Arts to Boil Water with your Bare Hands

Chi Power and Boiling Water with your hands

I was watching the news,
murder and stabbings
crime and politics,
at risk of becoming sad,
which is,
after all,
the intent of most news programs,
I turned the tube off,
cursing myself for turning it on,
and go work out.

boiling chi with your tan tien

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

lop sau rolling fists freestyle drill

Complete scientific analysis of Kenpo Karate

Silence greets me,
I listen to the complaints and reliefs of my body,
and all becomes sacred.

Don’t you see it?
The world goes away,
and I am left with me,
and that knowledge that I am alive,
life becomes great.

here’s something you might not know,
the old classics
concerning the martial arts,
actually say some of the things
I say in Matrixing.
They just say it in words from another time,
another place,
a time and place without a science to accurately describe
what the martial artists are going through.

I get a kick out of the old classics,
read them every once in a while
and change the language into English and physics,
and it all makes sense.

Here’s one,
the tan tien boils the chi…

the body is a motor,
the legs are leads,
and the tan tien is actually an energy generator.
Shift and twist back and forth
through the stances,
make energy go up and down the legs,
and you excite the generator.

Don’t my words make more sense?
And yet they are nothing than an accurate interpretation
of ancient writing.

Writing by the uneducated who were doing their best
to describe the experiences they were going through
and what they had discovered.

to move into the future a bit,
try this exercise,

Close your eyes
stand in a horse stance,
start shifting side to side,
front stance to back,
twisting the energy up and down the legs.
After a while you become aware only of your legs,
having reached that stage, do this:
imagine the space between the top of the legs as a table top.
Place a cup on the table top,
imagine your motion as an intent
to swirl the liquid
within the cup.

Do this for a while and you can boil water with your hands.
Of course,
it depends upon how unlimited you can imagine yourself,
which means,
it depends upon the strength of your visualization,
it depends on the strength of your discipline.
Have you done your forms enough to control your form?
Unloose your imagination?
Be you?

I know a lot of people,
upon reading these instructions
will nod their heads and say,
uh huh,
and go on about their lives.

And there is the tragedy of those who set up a work out time,
practice as I have indicated,
do it for a while,
and get bored and stop.

I know a few of you are going to go somewhere with this.

I encourage you all,
and even if you don’t go all the way,
even if you just nod your head and move on,
what I have said will be good for you.

for those few who make it all the way
and boil water in their hands,
I want to say something to you…
I know that only people who can make water boil in their hands
will understand these words…

be redactive in your elementalizing

I could hear somebody a hundred years from now,
sighing in relief.
You’re welcome.

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Five Army Tai Chi Chuan!

Not only do you get a system,
you get data on how to set up drills,
the matrix theory of push hands,
and 90 minutes of hard core applications.

Form is useless without function,
and this puts the function back into Tai Chi.

Okey dokey, amigos,
now leave the TV alone,
and get back to working out.

Or maybe just boil up a little tea using my martial arts hands.



Going Beyond Physics With Martial Arts Chi Power

When it comes to Martial Arts Chi Power, there is an entirely different set of physics.
Physics is the simple act of measuring the universe. How dense is something, how fast is something, how strong is something, and so on.

Martial Arts Weapon

What Can You Really Do with Martial Arts Chi Power?

Normal physics usually hinges on a couple of set in stone guidelines. For instance, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Gravity. These kinds of physics are called Newtonian physics after Isaac Newton.
Newtonian physics hold true for the universe, but they are relative when considered in light of where in the universe you are. If you measure a pound on earth, and a pound on Mars, there is going to be different mass, or size, or whatever, to that pound.
In the martial arts you can change physics, and make them relative without leaving the planet. This ability to alter physics is the ‘second set of physics,’ the physics is beyond physics,’ of the martial arts. It should be pointed out here that this second set of physics can be noted in practices other than the martial arts. However, the martial arts tend to ‘grow’ them consistently. It does take time, however, and there are practices which can develop one’s ability in this enhanced physics outside of the martial arts.
The physics of the martial arts are inherent in the concept of chi power, or ki energy, or some such similar term.
For the first set of physics one need merely drop an object, measure the velocity, the degree of bounce, and that sort of thing.
For the martial arts, and this is measurable in karate, kung fu, kenpo, or any martial arts system that has stances, one need merely stand with the feet spread apart and have somebody push on the shoulder.
At first, the person being pushed will be uprooted. But, by the simple expedient of sinking the weight, settling the energy of the body downwards, the stance becomes immoveable, and the person can no longer be moved.
There is no physical change in the stance. One does not lower the body physically or in any measurable fashion. This feat is done with the mind, by a mere change of mental intention within the person.
There are two things that should be noted as a result of this phenomena.
One: such energy is incredibly useful, for when channeled into blocks, strikes, kicks or what have you, the energy necessary for the technique becomes less and less, and the effectiveness of the technique becomes more and more.
Two: if a phenomena cannot be measured by measuring the physical universe, then it is likely the second set of physics that you are dealing with here.
A third thing to be observed, perhaps even more significant, is that this second set of physics, this martial arts chi power, is developed most easily and with the most factual accuracy through the practice of arts such as karate, tai chi chuan, kung fu, and so on. Simply, martial arts with stances treat the body as a motor, turn on the energy, teach one to use it, and tend to make the separation from Newtonian measurements to ‘otherworld’ and more ethereal measurements much more obvious. You can learn more about this subject in the book Matrixing Chi, available at Monster Martial Arts.

Building Martial Arts Chi Power By Degrees Of Relaxation

Martial Arts Chi Power!

That you can increase your martial arts chi energy by relaxing is zenlike, but can be frustrating. Oddly, it doesn’t have to be frustrating, you just have to know the tricks. Key to understanding this is knowing what degree of relaxation is necessary for each art to make chi power.

Before we go into this by individual art, one item needs to be known. Relaxation is the key to making chi power. It would be pretty accurate to say that the body is a machine, and the mind is a radio transmitter. This means that the machine, and the transmitter, need to be free of all distractions if they are to operate at maximum efficiency.

I prefer teaching the art of Karate first, as this is a simple art that can generate massive amounts of chi. It deals with pure explosion from the tan tien, though, the sad truth, most people treat it like a calisthenic. One needs to stop doing exercises without thought and invest their awareness if they are going to create the intrinsic power of the martial arts.

Breath to the tan tien and learn to relax the body and tighten only the fist. The body might be a little tight in the beginning, as one learns how to align it correctly and connect it to the ground, but this tenseness should give way to a relaxation that can withstand the introduction of force to the structure. The fist does not have to be excessively tight, just tight enough to emphasize the space surrounding the moment of the strike.

The real key to advanced martial arts is to cycle energy through the body while the body is in motion. This can be done in Shaolin style arts easily; the more the circular movement, and the more attention to proper alignment, the easier it is. Again, breath and relax even while handling the introduction of great weight to your frame.

The highest martial arts are such as Pa Kua Chang and Tai Chi Chuan. The reason for this is that the slower you go the more you look, the more you look the more you know. This is the concept of investing awareness brought to its peak.

Myself, I have done walking the circle and the Tai Chi form to the point of one move a minute. If I stop totally, this is called pile stancing, and it is very effective. I usually do stoppage merely to take the time to assess the form and make sure everything is in the right place.

In conclusion, no martial art is better than any other, they are just different pieces of the same picture; there are no superior fighting disciplines, merely superior martial arts students. Learn to relax, even if your muscles are empty, and you will find that there is no fatigue, only a path to more energy.

Find out the truth about Martial Arts Chi. Get the free martial arts book on the home page. Head over to Monster Martial Arts.

The Different Chi Power Manifestations of the Martial Arts

Martial Arts Weapon

Karate Energy is an Interesting Thing!

Flux Theory is a growing thing, lot of fun, but I’ve been using it to compile a list of various chi power, or energy flows, in the martial arts. I’m just playing around here, so this list won’t be comprehensive by any means.
Karate explodes.
Kung Fu turns.
Pa Kua spirals.
Tai Chi inflows.
Aikido circles.
These are obvious ones.
There is pulsing energy, and waving energy, these are different, though waving is sometimes used to start pulsing, and there is sometimes a timing difference between the two.
Really, it’s going to break down to geometric planes, then the time crunch sets in, and that will result in the transformation to 3 dimensional, such as triangles to cones, circles to toruses, and so on. This, of course, comes from extrapolation of individual techniques, usually through time and motion, though not necessarily.
Of prime interest is the energy wave up the legs. This feeds the tan tien, and while there are three major schools of thought, the door is so obviously open for more it is downright ridiculous. The three would be:
straight up and down, as in Karate (a falseness, but you wouldhave to start somewhere.
spiral as in Pa Kua Chang, but this is a circular motion to 3d the wave form.
The wave, as in Tai Chi Chuan.
Odd that the wave wouldbe the result of slowing down the Karate straight up and down, but…there’s the rub, eh?
Anyway, this is obviously just brushing the surface, and the deeps are where we are looking. Get into something like projecting energy outside of the body and the wave pulses, which causes almost infinitesimal explosion, which can be thrown, like a baseball and with the resulting sensation of loss.
I recommend passing algebra and geometry, and even calculus, and then reading some great science fiction dealing with vortex blasters, maybe even doing a little research into theories ofpeople such as Viktor Schauberger.
It probably wouldn’t do any harm to study the Matrixing Chi theories of Al Case, either.

The Secret of How to Glow with the Martial Arts

Chi Glowing with the Martial Arts

I really shouldn’t tell you this, I should save it and write a course and sell it to you. But, call me Mister No Self control, I am impelled to speechify. Here is the simple secret on how to make yourself glow using the martial arts. WBjpNehow to develop chi power

First things first, ask yourself what is going to glow. Well, there is the body, the tan tien, which is the energy generator, which is going to start up and that is going to cause your body to glow. This will not be very noticeable, though you could make it so, and it really doesn’t matter except as an ignitor.

You see, you make the body glow, and the discipline and the techniques make you glow. What is you, you might ask at this point. Good question, and if you have the correct answer you can move to the head of the class, you probably do not need to be reading this right now.

Second things second, you aren’t going to glow if you aren’t leading a good life. If you aren’t virtuous, then you aren’t going to be able to reach ignition. A dark soul leads a dark life.

Third things third, when you are doing the martial arts, have somebody push on your frame. This is called body resisting, or resistance training, and it is key to what we are going to do here. The person pushing must push lightly and so that the force goes through the body and into the ground. As the energy courses through the body it ignites the tan tien, and, zingo bingo, we have glow.

Let me repeat, the push must be light, we aren’t doing muscle building, we are merely building peaceful, relaxed resistance. And, the body must be arranged for max resistance with least effort, which is to say the body must be aligned. Now, here is the key.

If you are efforting, then you aren’t resisting properly. You must resist by not using the muscles except in the most relaxed manner. You are going to need a partner to do this drill, and herein lies the key. You thought you were going to glow all alone, sitting in the dark and reading a book without no stinking light bulb? No, you need people, you need give and take for this method to work, you need humanity, and that is no secret. This has been a page about how to glow, through using the tan tien, in the martial arts.