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Incredible Karate Power Discovered

Karate Power is a Reality!

I teach Alex H once a week in my home, a course of instruction ranging from Karate, through Shaolin Kung Fu and Pa Kua Chang, into Tai Chi Chuan. I will explain more about this sequence of arts later in the article.

Last week he told me that something incredible was happening with him. After he explained it, I asked him to write a win, and describe it for others.

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Martial Arts Power doesn’t need to be a Mystery!

Read his win, and then I’ll tell you more about how he discovered this incredible Karate Power.

Well I’ve been doing matrix karate since I was 15, advanced through the ranks got my black belt and even instructed for a while. Last week while in class punching on the bag, things felt different, for the first time I fully understood cbm (Coordinated Body Motion), that when you cbm correctly with grounding and relaxing, an immense amount of force is generated and transferred through your body. I felt like I could transfer power through my body without using muscles. The instructor even commented that it appeared I was hitting softly, and while it felt like I was moving softly, I could feel an explosion inside the body that was holding the bag, with every punch I could feel the force pass right through and explode the liquid in the other students torso. The sensation was of great power flowing through my body as a conductor, and the weight of the world transferring into my punch. For the first time in my entire martial arts career, I understood the secret that I had heard explained to me a thousand times!

Alex H.

Thanks Alex, and for the reader, let me offer a couple of things to clarify what you have just read.

CBM (Coordinated Body Motion) is when all parts of the body support intention. While there have been accounts of people tapping into this vast and mystical power, the purpose of Matrixing is to explain the phenomena in terms of physics, and the enable the student to attain that phenomena (ability) within the shortest possible time.

Matrixing is a logic applied to the art. It arranges the arts in logical order so that there are no blank spots or gaps in the student’s understanding, and so that he is actually guided by the system and not, as happens in non-logical martial arts systems, distracted and led off the path by the randomness and illogic of the system.

Matrixing starts with Karate, and travels through such arts as Shaolin and Pa Kua Chang and Tai Chi Chuan. It arranges the concepts in logical fashion, tosses out all added and unneeded movements/techniques/drills/etc.

When one CBMs that is actually the start. A string of new abilities starts to manifest in the student. It is actually difficult to catalog these new abilities, and even to describe sometimes, as they are different from individual to individual, but they are massive.

Now, the secret that Alex was told was this: Begin movement of all body parts at the same time, end movement of all body parts at the same time. Take into account and align such factors as size and shape of limbs, mass and musculature, and so on.

There is more to CBMing, but this is the basic instruction. When one takes the Matrixing courses they are led through the maze of martial arts on a relative straight line. They get the abilities that are written about in legend. They turn on the power that is within.

This (CBMing) is something that martial arts schools of the world do not do. The mazelike organization of art, the lack of experience and understanding concerning CBMing and how to make it happen, the fighting and the politics and general bushwah, they tend to limit the art, stifle the art, and end hope for turning on the massive power within.

If you wish to tap into this power, merely start your study of Matrix Karate. See if you like it, see if it makes sense, see if it is something you would like to take the second step in.

If you would like to tap into this power, but wish to make it happen through your own martial art, study matrixing and learn how to apply it to your own martial art.

Simply check out Matrix Karate on this blog, or head over to MonsterMartialArts.com and sample it there. Stop punching air and talking tough, and begin the journey. Learn about Matrixing…and CBM your body…and learn the truth about such things as Karate Power and all the other Martial Arts abilities you can have.

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