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Martial Arts Makes Money During Stock Crash!

When I hear that the stock market crashed, like I did today (500 points), I have to grin. Check out the video, watch me have some fun, and then I’ll tell you more.

You see, my business increased during the last so called stock market crash.
Everybody is moaning, and I am making money.
No, I am not doing some scheme, I don’t have a gimmick, unless you call hard work a gimmick.
First, understand that the stock market is a card game. That’s all it is. The idea that people have to get broke if the card game slows down and the players start hoarding their money is foolish, to say the least.
So, I am not in the card game, and my gimmick for getting rich was very easy…I just worked harder.
Instead of moaning about how rotten the world is, I advertised more, wrote lots of martial art articles, filmed martial arts videos, and just had a great time.
The secret is this: learn how to run a business.
These people who go out of business didn’t know how to run a business in the first place, so the first wiggle in finances, and they go broke.
Heck, if you just watch your income, make sure you don’t spend too much, and do lots of advertising, and, above all, be positive, you can make money during a stock market crash.
Well, I speak, do you listen?
I’ve got the courses I was selling, and you can get them, and teach martial arts while everybody is moaning, and make money. Your choice.
My site is Monster Martial Arts. Pick up a free book when you get there, it will explain more of what I am doing that is so special and unique.