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Why Books are the Real Gold When It Comes to the Martial Arts

Newsletter 961

The Value of Martial Arts Books

One of the first Martial Arts books to hit the US…
Super Karate made Easy by Moja Rone.
It is pretty outlandish,
the descriptions are worth the book alone.
‘Give him a Sunday punch and he’ll wake up on Tuesday.’
It’s part of my free books package
when you sign up for the Monster Martial Arts newsletter.

One of the first martial arts authors was Bruce Tegner.
He wrote a score of books.
Bad form, simple ideas,
a public that didn’t know better.
Yet his ideas are worthwhile;
they make you think.

Then there are the classics:
Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere,
an amazingly artful work,
that actually passes on the spirit of Aikido.
Karate Do Kyohan,
a thorough look at Karate by Gichin Funakoshi.
Tai Chi Touchstones…
Shotokan’s Secret…
and so on.

of course,
‘The Biggest Martial Arts Lesson of All’
10 volumes of smarts and anecdotes and histories and so on.

Why is ‘The Biggest Martial Arts Lesson of All’ important?
Think back to the beginning of the internet.
The web was new,
all sorts of stuff was out there,
floating up and smacking you in the face.
Great times,
the wild west of martial arts information.
Then it changed.
Google was the big villain.
Google has almost single handedly brought the age of information to a close.
Go on,
do a search on martial arts,
you will find:
wikipedia, ads for schools in the area, and that’s about it.
Google is a ‘telephone book.
That’s all it is.
How does a telephone book make money?
It shows ads.
So Google isn’t even a good telephone book.
It is a paid telephone book.
Sort of like paid politics.
You only get what advertisers want to give you.
You only get the same old politician.
No real and useful information.

you can find information,
but only if you know exactly what you are looking for.
But why would you look for what you already know?

I miss the wild west of the internet.
I miss finding out wild things,
meeting bizarre people,
searching my way through the maze of mystery
that was the martial arts nobody had ever known about.
Think about it,
the martial arts magazines are mostly gone.
TV only has MMA,
Books are…BOOKS!
And that’s why I wrote
‘The Biggest Martial Arts Lesson of All.’
I replaced the internet.
I give back what we’ve lost.
Obscure bits of history,
odd items of humor,
profound examples of martial arts,
styles of karate,
brands of kung fu,
arts you’ve never heard of and won’t ever again
because Google destroyed the window into
what you really want to know…
the things that you didn’t know.

I’ve written over 50 books on the martial arts,
I’ve written more books,
more words,
on the martial arts than anyone in history.
If you count my novels,
well over two million words.
And why?

Because books stick around.
People still discuss Bruce Tegner,
they pore over Bruce Lee’s books,
and books about Bruce Lee.
They are still fascinated by Moja Rone,
even though nobody knows who he is.
A fake name with a following!

So when you go to the dojo
and you hear some fellow expound on
why this art developed into that art,
the secret of Chi,
mysterious arts that nobody ever heard of,
you’ll grin.
And you’ll know the truth because you’ve taken…
‘The Biggest Martial Arts Lesson of All.’

You see,
my art will fade with time,
I’ll die.
But the books will be there.
In a thousand years people will be discussing (and doing) Matrixing quite avidly,
and they will still be enthralled
by the ten book collection of wit and wisdom,
the discussion of what Chi is,
the incredible abilities of those who truly dedicated themselves to the martial arts,
the histories and anecdotes,
the priceless gift of learning things
that they didn’t know.

My advice,
don’t bother with the Kindle versions.
They’ll be gone the next time your computer crashes.
Get the ten books themselves in real form.
Be able to thumb through real pages,
and not know what gem you will come across.
Look up at your bookshelves,
see the block of ten spines
that represent a real look at the real martial arts,
and have some real fun.

Use Google,
get back at the biggest villain,
and find the complete ten volumes of…
‘The Biggest Martial Arts Lesson of All’


(And don’t forget to drop me a letter if you like a book or course, and to give me good ratings on Amazon. It helps, believe me, it helps.

Master AL
Just a email to let you know I’m really enjoying the two new books of The Biggest Martial Arts Lesson. I got both from amazon and I look forward to getting the whole set. I’ve gotten all your books and they have changed my Martial Arts Practice and Study for the better …Your books and courses have given me the ideal way to teach and practice martial arts … I would like to give you all the thanks for showing me the True Way. Looking forward to the remaining books of The Biggest Martial Arts Lesson of All.
Sensei Danny M

‘Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.’
Bruce Lee

New Martial Arts Book Publications

Three New Martial Arts Books!

Good morning to you!
Did you know ‘good morning’
was originally
‘May God give you a good amorning.’
as I recall, it was sort of…
‘Have a God morning.’
Or something like that.
interesting, eh?

God being awareness,
May you have an exceptionally aware morning,
and that through dedicated martial arts practice.

that message being duly relayed,
let’s talk about THREE new martial arts publications.

I finished the Matrixing Kenpo series.
Third book is out there,
which includes a totally new take
on how to structure kenpo,
how to rearrange the techniques,
including a monstrous WHY you would want to.

took the lid off Kenpo with this series.
Check it out on Amazon.
It might be in Kindle,
but the paperback is best.
Kindle really screws up the formatting.
Can’t handle pictures.
So paperback is best.

the second and third publications
are Neutronics.

I put four neutronics books into paperback form.
Two in each book.

Volume one has
Prologue and Neutronics.

Volume two has
The Neutronic Viewpoint and 24 Neutronic Principles.
This is like the bible of Neutronics.

I really want all the Neutronic writings in one volume,
The complete science behind matrixing and the martial arts
all in one.
That would be cool!

let me tell you something about Neutronics,
so you understand what it is
and why it is important.

A Neutron doesn’t do anything.
In Neutronics,
the neutron stands for awareness.
When you do martial arts,
and I am talking about the real martial arts now,
you try to achieve more by doing less.

in terms of motion,
you practice motion
until you find the neutron,
the awareness of you behind it all,
which is motionless.

Weird, eh?

Consider this line from The Tao,
‘Do nothing
until nothing is left undone.’
until you understand Neutronics.
Then it becomes an amazingly powerful datum
that rocks your martial arts world,
and enables you to change the universe
quickly and easily.

Consider this:
God is that which can’t be pronounced,
smelled, touched, tasted, etc.
God is not anything in the universe.
So what is the oNLY thing in the universe
that can’t be touched,
tasted, seen, heard, and so on?


the neutronic being
which has a body…
so that it CAN touch, taste, etc.

Consider this one datum,
and ALL other philosophies align and finally make sense.
the various philosophies
become merely one piece of the larger pie,
which is the astounding existence of you.

if you’ve been doing your matrixing,
then you may recall me saying the same thing about Matrixing.
It makes the individual arts
pieces of the larger and whole art.

So you practice matrixing
to understand the whole martial arts,
and you study neutronics
to understand everything.

The discipline of the martial arts
focuses awareness,
the neutron,
so that it becomes more powerful as an awareness,
and so that it can understand everything.

Why you live.
Why you die.
Why governments slaughter their citizens.
Why people kill for belief systems.
Why the universe exists.
Why life goes on.

if you don’t have the discipline of the martial arts,
then the words of neutronics are just meaningless gibberish.
You must have discipline to understand
and therefore to increase awareness.

You must have discipline,
and you must matrix that discipline,
you must focus yourself as an awareness,
lest you spend your life in a stupor,
dreaming that you are awake.

Now you know what neutronics is.
you know why it is important.

three books.

Mtrixing Kenpo Part Three,
which will really revitalize the whole art of Kenpo.

And four Neutronics books in two volumes.

They should be on Amazon,
probably late today,
maybe tomorrow,
but you might have to do some searching.

keep in tune with the Monster
and i’ll have ads and announcements as time goes on.

So let’s finish off with win today…

Just a thanks for helping me figure out karate. Ive been studying for years now and a lot of stuff in the different styles never made sense. Once I accepted that I was taught the wrong reasons for the part of the technique I was doing, it opened my eyes. … Your writings have helped me to think outside the box. Please keep it up.

Damian M

Thanks Damian,
and thanks to EVERYBODY
Without you,
without the dedicated martial artist,
this planet would be a boring old FEMA camp.
So take care,
and have a great work out!


Here’s a link to my Karate site…


See you there!

Martial Arts Reality in Novels

The Reality of Martial Arts in Movies and Novels

The first example of martial arts in this country (the USA) was probably the James Cagney film, Blood on the Sun in 1945. Man, it was a rock ’em sock ’em movie, with a judo match in the end that was gr-r-r-eat!

Before that movie the only other instance of martial arts in the US was that Teddy Roosevelt supposedly took Judo lessons while in the White House.

martial arts novel

The Wudan Assassin and REAL martial arts! Click on the cover!

After Blood on the Sun was ‘Bad Day in Black Rock,’ where a one armed Spencer Tracey used Judo to dispatch some very nasty two armed villains. Quite good stuff.

Somewhere in the late fifties and early sixties people started hearing about Karate. It was cocktail humor, and people joked about karate chopping somebody to death. On chop and cowier…bad guy gone.

And martial arts began making its way into cheap movies. Matt Helm featured a young Ed Parker, a hippie did Tai Chi Chuan in Billy Jack.

But, truth to tell, this was all pretty shlocky. Nobody knew how to film this new beast, and it really wouldn’t open up untilBruce Lee came along about 1967.

Which brings us to novels.

I remember reading ‘Six Days of the Condor,’ before it became a movie called ‘Three Days of the Condor,’ and the villain was so deadly because he had a(gasp) brown belt in Karate.

A brown belt.

The writer obviously didn’t know proper research.

And, to this day, there is little research, and writers are not too knowledgeable about the martial arts.

There have been a few good writers, Eric Lustbader is supposed to have done Aikido, but how much is not known, and then there is the question of whether he was a good enough writer to translate the art to the written page in a realistic manner.

Just a couple of years ago I read a book by Laurell Hamilton in which her heroine knows martial arts, but it is obvious that the author took a few lessons, painted Kenpo as the deadliest martial art around, and then slithered through any real fighting sequences without knowing what she was talking about.

All of the above, of course, is great for me. I’m a writer, and a martial artist of nesar fifty years. I know the techniques, I know the reality of the martial arts, and I can translate it to the written page.

Not to say that I don’t embellish for the sake of the novel. After all, you have to have a scorcher plot, and you have to build things up larger than life.

But, when I detail a Martial Arts technique as it would be used in the reality of a fight, it is fact based. THAT is what would happen if you stuck your finger in an eyeball. THIS is what happens when you lever an arm so that the bone snaps. THAT is the effect of trying to block a samurai sword.

But the thing is not to just have dynamite techniques, but to have a sub theme of martial arts.

In ‘The Haunting of House’ there is a girl who teaches martial arts, and she knows martial arts, and when she uses martial arts, it is with a sword and a hefty helping of the B chromosome. And it feeds the plot, it is important that she know martial arts, it shapes her, and it shapes the plot.

In ‘Machina’ Martial Arts is pivotal. The good guys all know martial arts, and they can link the arts together to create…something else.

But probably the best of these books deals with the Wudan Assassin. Three books, all filled with martial arts mayhem, all pivoting around the abilities of personal combat, and in a way that modern people, even people who haven’t studied the martial arts, can come to enjoy and empathize.

The first book, ‘Hero,’ has a guy down on his luck, a violent sort, whose only redeeming quality is the fact that he practiced martial arts in prison, that he survived prison through the martial arts. This opens the door to an engagement with a religious order protected by…the Wudan Asassin.

In the second book, ‘Assassin,’ the Wudan Assassin makes his appearance, and you finally meet somebody who IS the martial arts. Who can feel things behind him, can sense what others are thinking. It is the highest level of martial arts possible, and it is all translatable to the written page.

In the third book, ‘Avatar,’ The Hero and the Assassin come together. There is a threat to the world that is so great that the Assassin actually needs help!

And all these books have rock ’em sock ’em REAL martial arts.

No posing or posturing, no bad information, just real martial arts.

Heck, there are even training routines that the reader can do himself and learn from!

So, they are all available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble on line, Createspace, and other places. Though you might have to ask the clerk to order it for you.

Here’s the list of books.

The Haunting of House





You might have to sort through the links if you wish paperback or Kindle, but these novels are in both platforms.

Enjoy, and have fun with the real reality of Martial Arts.

Al Case Martial Arts Books Hit Kindle!

Martial Arts Books Extravaganza!

Al Case, the most prolific Martial Arts writer in history, has begun loading his books and novels onto Amazon/Kindle.

Titles include:

martial arts books

Click on the cover!

Pan Gai Noon (Kung Fu system which resulted in Karate)
Kang Duk Won (unique version of Karate from before Funakoshi)
Perfect Karate
The Neutronic Motors of Pa Kua Chang (a neutronic look at how Pa Kua Chang really works)
The Bodyguard Training Manual (one of the few careers in which a martial artist can use his talents legitimately)
3rd Level 6th Sense Sword fighting (getting to the heart of real weapons training)
and more.

Some of the books are available through the author’s websites, some have been out of print, or bundled and not available separately.

Of particular interest are his novels, which show a wide range of interests.

The block buster ‘The Day the President Killed the United States.’
A tale of race war in America, ‘Monkeyland.’
The secret history of planet Earth, ‘The Bomber’s Story.’
Probably the best novel ever written… ‘Machina.’

Many of these novels have not been available, or were previously only available in perfect bound copies.

Many of the novels have Martial Arts themes or sub themes.

Martial Artists would be especially interested in the Wudan Assassin series.

The Wudan Assassin series are three volumes: Hero, Assassin, and Avatar.

The Assassin is the army of the Wudan, the world’s oldest religion. He cannot get sick, he cannot die, and he is the sole protector of hope on planet earth. He did, however, have to pay a price for his unique abilities: he has no soul.

Readers wishing to avail themselves of this unique collection of Al Case Martial Arts Books and Novels can simply click on over to Kindle/Amazon.

Bak Mei Will Kill You, Dog!

Five Volume Technical History of Karate!

Funny thing, I was putting Martial Arts books up on Kindle, and I realized that I had a history going on. Here is the way the history works.

  1. Vol one Pan Gai Noon
  2. Vol two Kang Duk Won
  3. Vol three Kwon Bup
  4. Vol four Outlaw Karate
  5. Vol five Buddha Crane Karate
ruin karate

Do you know this Okinawan Karate Master?

Now, the first volume deals with martial arts in China that went to Okinawa. This is where the Bak Mei of the title of this blog comes in. He was supposed to be a renegade priest from the Shaolin Temple. Started his own style, and even killed a bunch of Shaolin priests. Supposedly. Anyway, he is big in fiction, go look at Kill Bill part two and Gordon Lui plays the nefarious Bak Mei. Or White Eyebrow, as the name translates. Anyway, this volume is not about Bak Mei, but about Pan Gai Noon, which may have come from Bak Mei.

The second volume deals with the Kang Duk Won. This is Karate as it was taught before it left for Japan. This is the style as it was taught to Funakoshi before he took it too Japan. Very interesting to see the differences, and, i have to say, this is where the internal power comes in. If I had studied Shotokan, or one of the Japanese styles that have been altered for tournaments and such I would not be able to put out a candle from a foot or so away with a punch.

The third volume deals with Kwon Bup. Kwon Bup is Karate after it came from Japan to the US. Specifically, it is the art developed by the only man in America to have ever mastered the one finger trick. The one finger trick is when you thrust your finger into a board and don’t break it, but, rather, leave a hole. True.

karate pic

Did he help Karate? Or hurt it?

The fourth volume, Outlaw Karate, is my attempt to separate the two arts of Kang Duk Won and Kwon Bup, which were taught to me at the same time, and to recombine them into a more powerful and smoother art. It is the first time I ever taught a black belt in one year, and it led me to a tremendous bunch of realizations, all of which brought me to Matrixing.

The fifth volume is called Buddha Crane Karate. It was actually bundled in with my Create Your Own Art course, as it is a perfect example of how to create your own martial art.

Now, that is the history, and a sampling of the arts it took to come up with Matrixing. I say sampling because before I came up with Matrixing I learned every form and technique from Shotokan, Isshin Ryu, Shito Ryu, Goju Ryu, and Uechi Ryu. And, I learned a lot of other forms from other styles of Karate. And I studied Aikido and Wing Chun. And  northern and southern shaolin. And many styles of tai chi chuan and pa kua chang. And I studied weapons, usually from Japan or Indonesia. And so on.

So, I did my homework, for those who think I am a dabbler, a get rich quick schemer, or some other nefarious sludge.

And, I left written records so that people could understand things about what I studied, how I studied, how I was effected, and how I actually managed to come up with some of the martial arts courses I offer.

Look, to be honest, mine is probably the largest and most comprehensive study of martial arts in history. And I say this because I was able to avail myself of things the ancients didn’t have. Magazines, books, VHS and other video formats, and, of course, computers.

Now, I have no doubt that others will be able to study more, the internet is growing after all, but I lived in unique times, when the information blossomed, but was still caught in something called ‘Closed Combat Systems,’ which means that the information of the martial arts systems hadn’t been muddied and confused by other systems, but was still in a relatively pure state.

And that’s the story behind my five volume technical (the books show forms and techniques, not a bunch of yak) History of Matrix Karate.

After one has done Matrix Karate, they should look into the history, examine the classical influences, and expand themselves.

Or, if one has no interest in matrixing, but is just eager and anxious to explore as many martial arts as possible, the five volume History of Matrix Karate is on Amazon on Kindle. don’t know where, exactly, but a little googling and you’ll find them.

Have a great day.

zen martial arts

Monster Martial Arts Releases 500 Martial Arts Articles!

500 Martial Arts Articles in One Volume!

Monster Martial Arts has announced the release of a single volume containing 500 martial arts articles.

The volume is a massive undertaking which took years to write. Consider that it has over 600 pages, and nearly 250,000 words, and one quickly realizes that it is one of the largest martial arts books ever written. It is even larger than many dictionaries.

The instant download is nearly 6 MB alone!

The 500 articles were written by Al Case over the last six years, and were intended to bring attention to his Monster Martial Arts website. That they succeeded is obvious, as that site has become extremely popular, as have the martial arts instructional courses on the site.

The courses cover a broad range of eastern disciplines, including karate, aikido, kung fu, pa kua chang, tai chi chuan, weapons, and more. The courses are designed to instruct one how to matrix the martial arts. Matrixing is a new form of logic which makes the martial arts easier and faster to learn.

The 500 articles also cover a broad range of interests. Consider the following list of titles.

4 Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li: Who‘s the Better Martial Artist?

60 How to Fight in the Dark

82 How to Tell if a Martial Art Instructor is Any Good!

124 Kung Fu Master…and the Secret of Light Kung Fu!

179 The Greatest Training Device in the Martial Arts Isn’t So Great!

209 The Fastest, Hardest Kick In The Martial Arts

250 I Beat Eight Ninjas in a Barfight Using Spetsnaz Karate Techniques!

276 Flux Theory and the Secret of Negative Tai Chi Chuan Chi

297 Martial Arts Breaking Techniques: Boards with a Single Finger

346 Five Martial Arts Exercises Make You Five Times More Stronger, Faster And Powerful!

369 Tony Jaa Threatens to Kill Himself, then Becomes a Monk!

402 Karate Kick Harder with These Seven Simple Tips

418 Take a Punch and Walk Away Smiling with One Simple Exercise

447 Karate Freestyle and the First Few Seconds of a Street Fight

488 Is This the Most Powerful Punch in the Whole World?

The release of the 500 articles coincides with the upcoming ‘Great Matrixing Tour.’ The purpose of the tour is to bring Matrixing to the Martial Artists across the United States.

People who buy the book will be contributing directly to the tour.

Again, the book is an instant download on the net, and a complete viewpoint of the martial arts, including history, techniques, personalities, and even the new sciences of Matrixing and Neutronics. People interested in purchasing the 500 Martial Arts articles should go to:



Martial Arts Media Changes…and the Failing Abstract of the Human Mind

horse stance method

Knowledge is Martial Arts Power

Just had an interesting thought the other day. This was because I was looking at martial arts books over the past few decades, and thinking about all the media I have had to deal with over the last forty years. HEre is the thought.
Back when society was just beginning, when people were thinking caves would make mighty fine houses and why don’t we brighten up the place with a little decoration, the medium was pictures. Simply, some creative cave artist would dab some mud, or colored water (blood?) on the waves, and zingo bingo, there’s your picture window.
Then, move forward through time, and we have the written word. Guys carving words on mud tablets, and again, zingo bingo, we have the daily news. Sort of. Of course the first words were not much more than miniaturized pictures, but there is progress, you know?
Then, fast forward some more, and we have paper, and then type, and we have words. Not just pictures, but actual symbols which take the place of pictures, add to the pictures, and then, interestingly enough, encompass more than the simple pictures. We have abstracts.
Abstract thought is interesting, not to go on an aside, but it is the difference between man and ape. Not the opposable thumb, as some would have you believe, or gorillas would be using money wrenches. I know, bad pun.
Anyway, as time goes on and technology evolves, there were less and less pictures and more and more print. Man got evolved, became more abstract, traded ideas, and life went on, beit at a more evolved mentality, if you will.
Then, introduce the computer, and pictures become easier to make. Cut and paste, drag and drop, and, suddenly, we have a whole society that is eschewing words in favor of pictures.
In other words, we are back on caveman terms when it comes to communicating through medium. TV is pictures. Book sales are dropping off, any bozo with a computer can drag and drop pictures and have a website, a newsletter, a…something that is abstract without being abstract.
Ug, look, caveman Joe shoot arrow, hit big furry thing with hump on back!
Welcome to the new age.
Of course, it ain’t that bad, grin, especially when people are learning tor ead so they can find the pictures on the internet, but it does make you wonder. Click over to Monster Martial Arts and check out some of the media I’ve worked with.

The Five Realms that are the Home of the True Martial Artist

Master instructor

Zen Martial Arts!

The following words have extreme importance for a True Martial Artist. “There are five trees in paradise and they do not change, summer nor winter, and their leaves don’t fall. Whoever knows these trees will not taste death.”

Now, you may be wondering what these words have to do with the martial arts, so let me explain. They were written by a fellow named Thomas some two thousand years ago. They stand for the five concentric circles of man’s experience of the universe, and they are follows.

Physical refers to the practice of controlling the body. Mind you, in the martial arts this is not fighting, but controlling. While there is an art to destruction, the true art is in control.

Emotional refers to controlling the emotions. Practice real martial arts for any length of time and you begin to control your emotion. Emotions, defined in Neutronics, are ‘motion inside the head.’

Mental refers to the thinking process, and learning to think logically and rationally. This is where Matrixing comes in, as it presents a method for analyzing and handling all potentials of motion, and that’s all there is in the universe. Unfortunately, anybody who doesn’t understand matrixing is not on the road to mastering the ability to think.

Spiritual deals with a person understanding that they are a mote of awareness emitting light, and that creates the universe. This Spiritual Awakening must be experienced, not talked about. This is the thrust of Neutronics.

Awareness of All deals with understanding the universe from the viewpoints of all the individual ‘I ams’ that are individual man/woman. This is the God factor, or the omnipotent power that creates and pervades the universe(s). With Matrixing this is not mysterious, but a logical step on the path begun when one first steps into a dojo.
If you haven’t, then you may be interested in the Neutronic translation of the writings of Thomas, which will be coming out on August 19,2011, and should change the world of the martial arts forever. Click over to Monster Martial Arts to get all the data. Make sure you get the free book and sign up for the newsletter, it’s the best way to stay on top of the only real breakthroughs in the martial arts in history!

There Is No Martial Arts Bible

Isn’t that interesting? There is no scripture concerning war, there is no scripture that tells you the way.
Here’s a video with some high level martial arts on it: the projection of chi beyond the body.

People just say, ‘Do you forms! Do your Kata!’ And people are suppsoed to figure it all out from just that.
Well, one in a million million will. The others will translate the martial arts as mere exercise, or combat. And the few who do make it, because they were encouraged to do, not think, will not be able to relate their experiences, or hint at a method for achieving the final goal of the martial arts. Simply, they were encouraged to remain ignorant.
So there are only a few worthwhile books, most of them are technique oriented, and none actually delve into what happens with the mind and the spirit, except in the mystical of terms. Mystical means somebody doesn’t understand, can’t organize his thought, can’t put his thoughts down in concrete form (as on paper), and his students are stuck with…whatever.
Interesting, I have been pushing Monkeyland for several years now, and there have only been a half dozen people who asked what it was, who didn’t want to remain ignorant, who decided to get to the heart of it all.No, there’s no bible, but I have provided scripture. It takes discipline, hard work, and the desire to actually know what is happening.
Thus, it is obvious that Monkeyland is for the pure of heart.
Drop by Monkeyland, or, if you’re not ready, drop by Monster Martial Arts, and start preparing yourself. A little discipline will go a long way in this sordid world. Grin.

Chance to Get Matrix Karate Virtually Free!

Master instructor

Zen Martial Arts!

Here’s a copy of my newsletter. I’m going away from paper and towards disks and downloads, and in converting one product (Matrixing: The Master Text) I am giving a real deal, almost free. Check it out, and here’s the newsletter and the offer.

Monster Newsletter #409~Here’s a Deal You Won’t Believe!

Good morning!
It’s raining and miserable,
which makes me so happy,
because I get to stay inside and work out!
go outside and work out!
Either way,
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a work out a day
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why am I so darned happy?
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do I have a deal for you!
Let me give you a bit of background first.

It’s Fathers Day,
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I’m trying to save the trees
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People been wacking those durned trees down,
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in the interest of saving the last tree
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I’m converting to less and less paper.
More instant downloads,
and more disks!

but most important,
my mighty mac is about to bite the dust,
it has been restarting indiscriminately,
turning off at whim,
and generally whining and moaning.
And I really can’t abide
whining and moaning,
you know?
So I need to influx the cash
upgrade the digitals
and join the next generation.

here’s the deal.
I haven’t even written a webpage on this,
and there is an awful good chance I won’t,
of course,
enough people take advantage of the deal.
That means
that only you guys,
the newsletter monsters,
can take advantage of this deal,
and whether the public gets this or not,
depends on you.

Mr. Powerful and In Charge of Everything,
here’s the deal.

On the Monkeyland site
I offer a book called
Matrixing: The Master Text.
This book is big,
It is 8 ½ by 11,
180 pages,
if you know your book sizes,
makes it probably over 400 regular size pages thick.
It has the overview of Matrixing.
It has the original research I did to create Matrixing,
that’s forty years of forms and graphs and charts and writing
and articles and applications and…and…

I mean,
this is the mother lode of Matrixing!

I sell this beast for $40 bucks.
Forty dollars for a single book,
but that book is the bible and the dictionary and
the whole darned shooting match of Matrixing.
it costs me a pretty penny
to print the pages,
to bind it
and mail it.
Of course forty years of original research,
a whole system,
is probably worth more like four hundred,
or even four thousand.
can you spell priceless?

since I am slowly converting
to downloads and disks,
here’s the deal.

Order that book,
press the paypal button on this page,
and I will send you not only
Matrixing: The Master Text (on CD),
but the whole Matrix Karate Course.

(If you’re not on my newsletter you’re going to have to write and tell me you want the deal (aganzul@gmail.com)

if you already have the Matrix Karate Course,
don’t dismay,
I’ve got another deal up my rather large and nose wiped sleeve.

if you don’t have the Matrix Karate Course,
this is the deal of the century.
You get the following
A CD with the Matrix Karate book on it
A DVD with the complete Matrix Karate system
A bonus DVD with the Power Kicks Course
a CD with Matrixing: The Master Text!

I don’t know how you want to look at this,
getting a whole course
an entire system,
for thirty dollars,
and then getting a forty dollar book thrown in
for only ten extra dollars.
Or getting a forty dollar book,
and getting a course for free,
but either way you look at it,
this is an incredible deal.

you guys who already have the Matrix Karate Course,
got to do something for you,

here’s the deal.
Order the Three Month Black Belt Course,
and I’ll toss in Matrixing: The Master Text,

Again, if you’re not on my newsletter you’re going to have to write and remind me. Aganzul@gmail.com

That’s 20 hours of video,
over 100 individual teaching segments,
all the way to Black Belt.
(The course is in Mpeg4,
it will work on computer,
but not on your TV!)

Nuff said.
Free is my favorite word,
and if it isn’t yours,
it should be.

why am I doing this?
Because it’s a holiday
and everybody should get a present.
Because I want to save the trees
(poor unlucky trees!)
most of all,
I’ve got to upgrade the computer.
you help me,
and I’ll help you.
Feed the Monster,
and the Monster feeds you.
Simple as that.

let me sum up the deal quickly.

Matrixing: The Master Text
is going to be put on CD.

If you don’t have the Matrix Karate Course,
go to
Hit the Paypay button, and then email me what you want,
and I will send you Matrixing: The Master Text (on CD)
plus the complete Matrix Karate Course.

If you already have the Matrix Karate Course,
order the Three Month Black Belt Course
and I will include Matrixing: The Master Text
FREE! Remember to email me and tell me what you want.

this is a short deal,
it’s gonna go away.
Right now
it’s only available to you,
the Newsletter reader.
That’s all.

So don’t put it off,
don’t forget about it and think you think about it later,
don’t suddenly remember this newsletter in three months.
This is a window of opportunity
that might not be open long.

Okey donkey.
I don’t have much else to say.
No tips or hints,
none of my hilarious and forever to be savored anecdotes,
just a sweet deal
that will make you
the best martial artist
you can be.

Cutting edge, baby.
That’s what the Monster is,
and that’s what I want you to be.
So you have a great week,
a funtastic work out,
and I’ll see you at the computer store.


“The time to strike is when the opportunity presents itself.”
— 6th Code of Isshinryu Karatedo