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Bonehead Martial Arts on Youtube!

Newsletter 861

Where to Find Real Martial Arts Knowledge

Happy spring work out!
It is so beautiful today…PERFECT for a work out!

I once said,
I don’t know if anybody recalls this,
that if you want information
there is a definite sequence of material to consider.

A newspaper provides a headline
a few facts that might or might not have anything to do with anything.
Because a newspaper sells tragedy by screaming it out.

If you want more information,
a magazine works well.
People buy magazines because
the articles are more in depth.

If you want to learn a lot,
read a book.

This is actually pretty obvious stuff.

BUT…have you converted it to the internet?
That sort of media?

Most people watch the TV to get mad.
They listen to the news and walk away pissed off.
The news is just bad gossip,
no real information,
just inflame you
so you’ll tune in tomorrow.

Then there’s the internet.
Blogs and newsletters, oh my.

But the internet is written by boneheads,
for the most part.
People who want to get rich,
or who are easily titillated.

There are a few good sites,
mine foremost,
but…lots of crap out there.

But, it is a good way to find out about…videos.
You can order videos,
the equivalent of a book,
and if a picture is worth a thousand words,
a video is worth a million.

That said,
let me pick on one bad guy on the internet,
the one bad guy that we all (me included) latch on to.


Here’s the problem with youtube.
People end up not looking for information,
they don’t want to learn,
they want titillation.
They want entertainment.

Here’s the comparison.
When there was no internet,
and people commonly read magazines,
we would pour over those mags.
We would borrow them from friends,
read every word in them,
including the ads,
and even the publication notices on the front page.

It was our only source of information!
We were starved for information!

Now, with the glut of everybody and their cat
showing off their poorly imagined kata,
and techniques that could get you killed,
the replacement for magazines does more harm than good.

People don’t look for information,
they click from vid to vid,
looking for…the latest knock out.
The guy getting hit by the car.
The two girls catfighting.

People, entertained by the net,
have become seduced by the salacious.
They don’t want to learn.

I can’t tell you how many times I have people
who think they know karate,
but really are only enraptured
by the joy of combat.
They fight,
without thought of learning.
They spend too much time on the net,
bruising their brains with people who don’t know anything,
bloody headlines,
and gimmicks.

why do I tell you about this?
Merely so you’ll think about it.
I don’t suppose to change the world,
only a few people who get it.

That’s just the way it is.

So the next time you start searching
for the latest nose-flattening,
eyeball bleeding,
kidney squashing knockout…

remember to finish up the night by coming to a site
like MonsterMartialArts.com.
Think about getting videos that are a couple of hours in content,
with accompanying books,
filled with illustrations,
and the exact method of how to do the martial arts.

You’ll be glad you did.

Real knowledge will make you feel a lot better
than salacious, titillating knock outs.
It will make you a better person,
and last your whole life.

Here’s a link to make you think:


It is the big record of matrix research,
it will tell you how I came up with the science of matrixing.

have a FANTASTIC work out!





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American Indians and Pa Kua Chang

Newsletter 833 ~ subscribe now!

Pa Kua Chang and Indian Stealth Skills!
part one

Good evening!
I just finished teaching,
2 1/2 hours of bliss,
and I am in heaven.
Let me share a little of that heaven with you.
Here’s one of the things I was thinking about,
which relates to the martial arts.
how Pa Kua Chang relates to the stealth skills
of the native American Indians.

The most important Martial Arts book ever written.

The most important Martial Arts book ever written.

I am going to write five articles on this subject,
so if you want all five,
subscribe to the newsletter.
The other four articles will be coming out over the next month.

The American Indians were arguably
the greatest light infantry in the world.
They could outrun horses,
they had thoroughly mastered such weapons as
bows and arrows, knives, hand to hand, and so on.
And, they were masters of stealth.

Think about this:
to put food on their table
they had to be able to sneak up on wild animals.
This meant they walked with no noise,
don’t rustle a leaf,
or step on a twig.
Do it so well that a deer won’t hear you.
Have you ever seen how big a deer’s ears are?

The way they walked was very specific.
They did not walk heel to toe,
they did not place their heel down first,
the placed the front of their foot down first,
so they could feel a twig,
or any other surface that was going to cause noise
sufficient to alert an animal.
So they placed the front of the foot down first,
then rolled to the heel,
and they were aware,
feeling with their feet,
sensitive to whatever they were walking on.
And they walked fast enough to close on an animal
before the animal went elsewhere to feed,
and without alarming the animal.
That takes incredible skill.

this method of walking is very similar to the way
students of Pa Kua Chang walk.
The precise way of walking in Pa Kua Chang
is to place the whole foot down,
sensing the ground through the feet.
This eliminates slippage on icy, grassy, wet whatever surfaces.
it breeds silence.
it enables the student to grip the ground.

This method of walking
is commonly called ‘Mud Walking.’
Walk so you won’t slip in mud.
Walk silently,
with no wasted (as in audible) energy.

There are differences here,
but here is the point:
both methods are used to build awareness.

It is awareness that makes a better martial artist,
not muscles,
not speed,
not anything else.
It is awareness,
of environment,
of the opponent,
of whatever is going on around you.

It’s funny,
when I hear people refer to Indians as savages
I have to suppress laughter.
They adapted to their environment,
they built a technology
that made them possibly the finest warriors in the world.

If you just study them,
if you consider how you might use their methods,
how you might improve your awareness,
you will find that they were geniuses of combat.

let’s be honest,
I haven’t studied Indian combat methods in depth,
but I have studied methods that closely align.
Here’s the link to Pa Kua Chang.


Think about what I’ve said here,
and then bury yourself in some Pa Kua,
it will be well worth the journey.

Stay tuned for four more articles
concerning the martial arts
and the stealth abilities of the American Indian.

and have a great work out!




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Release of New Martial Arts Book on Matrixing!

Newsletter 781
Release of New Martial Arts Book

Happy Halloween!
And happy work out to you!

Okay dokay!
The new book on the martial arts is done,
should be on amazon.
It is called
‘How to Matrix The Martial Arts…
and the universe and life and everything.’

matrix martial arts coverThere are seven sections in it.
The first section deals with the theory of matrixing.

The second section shows the actual mathematics
(geometries) used in matrixing.

The third section deals with the structure of the body and energy.

The fourth section gives the exact methods I used
when I matrixed the various arts.

The fifth section has to do with the effects of Matrixing,
how it slops over into real life and changes everything.

The sixth section has to do with how matrixing brings about neutronics.

The seventh section is ‘Beyond Hands,’
in which is the overview and arrangement
of the entire martial arts.

The reason I wrote this book is because I wanted
an overview of the entire matrixing process.
I want people to be able to understand,
in a thumbnail sketch,
what all the courses are structured around.
I want people to understand the overall scheme,
and be able to put all the courses and books together,
to make sense out of the whole thing.

if you have been a long time matrixer,
then you may have seen some of this material in various form.
Hopefully the arrangement I present here,
will enhance your understanding,
and give you a leg up.

and this may be a bit arrogant of me,
I wanted to write an answer to
The Book of Five Rings
by Miamoto Musashi.
That is what the first six sections of the book are about.
The seventh section of the book,
Beyond Hands,
is an answer to The Tao,
by Lao Tze.

So that is what the book is.

you may have to google the thing,
or search for it on Amazon,
but it should be released by now.

So there it is,
‘How to Matrix the Martial Arts…
and the universe and life and everything’

Hope you enjoy it,
and I’ll put up another newsletter with the link next newsletter.

Have a great work out!



Martial Arts EffortlessEnergy Through Neutronics

How to Attain Effortless Martial Arts Technique through Neutronics

How to strike with no effort, how to throw without using muscles, these are hallmarks of the highest level of art, but how does one do them?

Back about 1974, when I was undergoing some rather profound realizations, one of the things I realized was that the universe is backwards.

karate kung fu pa kua chang martial arts book

Incredible new Martial Arts Book! Click on the Cover!

I was involved in building power. Raw, crackling, tan tien exploding, face smacking power. With a capital P.

Then I watched my instructor, who was the most powerful person I have known.

No raw surge of energy from him.

No tan tien exposion.

No muscular exertion.

Yet his strikes would drop you with a touch.

Not a punch, but a mere touch.

So what was he doing?

He was creating silence, and here is the key.

The beginner, young and dumb and full of stuff, builds power.

But power is an illusion, it is temporary, it is something insecure people chase.

Real power depends on building space. Stillness within. Stillness without. A context that is the true power.

Which is there more of, suns or space?

The answer is that a candle in a coal mine is brighter than then sun at noon.

So I began going backwards, figuring out how not to make my punch stronger, but to make the silence around my punch greater.

This is a very interesting concept, and one that is TOTALLY ignored by today’s martial artists.

The obsession with tournaments, or belts, or money, and telling the student to punch harder, punch harder.

Where is the zen? Where is the ‘empty’ in Empty Hands?

So here is the point: the human body is a machine. On the beginning levels of the martial arts you overwhelm the machine by impacting upon it. On the advanced levels you merely unbalance the energy in it.

Unbalance, with a touch, to throw.

Or touch with a strike so soft that the idea of the strike, not the weight of the muscle bound arm, but the concept of being struck, goes between the two machines and ‘infects’ the target body.

This is how you get past the muscle theories currently infecting todays martial arts, and develop the true martial arts which require less and less effort, and accomplish more and more effect.

If you want to learn more about Matrixing go to Monster Martial Arts. If you want to learn about the Neutronic Theory behind such arts as Karate, Aikido, Gung Fu, and so on, go to Church of Martial Arts.

Publication of Final Volume of Matrixing Karate Series!

Releasing the Fifth Volume of Matrixing Karate: Master

This is the official announcement that ‘Matrixing Karate: Master,’ has been released.

It was actually finished a couple of weeks ago, and it has had time to get up on Amazon, and it is in the createspace bookstore, so it’s time to make it official.

karate master requirements

Click on the cover for the latest book in the Matrixing Karate series.

The first volume of this pivotal Karate series was dedicated to fixing basic movements. Volumes 2 – 4 were aimed at explaining matrixng principles, introducing matrixing graphs, and so on. Volumes 1 – 4 were based on the Matrix Karate course available at MonsterMartialArts.com.

The fifth and final volume is a bit different. It is based on a series of manuals written over the years, and upon the ‘Create Your Own Art’ video course.

The thing that makes this final book so important, and sets it apart from even the books it was based upon, is that it goes through the history and concepts of Matrixing and details exactly where each concept came from.

Thus, you are taken on a journey, from the first martial art studied by the author, Kenpo Karate, through each and every martial art he studied. This includes detailing concepts from separating two arts successfully (Kang Duk Won and Kwon Bup) and developing a third based on those two. (Outlaw Karate: The Secret of the One Year Black Belt). It goes into the exact influences that resulted in the development of matrixing, including the original matrixing lists from the 70s and 80s, and leads right into the creation of the Matrix graph.

One thing that may be surprising to students of the martial arts is that the author developed matrixing without the matrixing graph. Instead, he used lists of techniques, reworking the lists for every concept he encountered. This actually entailed, literally, thousands of lists. Thus, the development of the Matrixing Graph is a bonus to the martial arts of unparalleled value.

The book may be found on Amazon. It is paperback, and students of the martial arts are encouraged to get the earlier volumes first, that they may better understand the import and significance of this volume.

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Publication of a Crucial Matrixing Book

New Book on Matrixing Karate

here’s an interesting bit of information.
There is a brand new (almost)
Al Case Martial Arts book out!

there’s a couple,
and there awill be a couple more,
but I just want to talk about one.

karate training manualI always had a leaning for the logical.
I always wanted things to make sense.
I wanted things to work with no mystery.
That is the spur behind Matrixing.

So odd bits of data,
weird information,
was always biting at me.
How does this fit with that?
How does this work.

In that way I’m pretty much like a lot of people out there,
especially the ones who get intrigued by Matrixing
and why and how it works.

We’re just a brand of people
that want to understand things,
that want a world that makes sense.

Nothing wrong with that.

there is something very good about that.

So the United States gets ‘infected’ by martial mysticism.
and people are intrigued by these zen concepts,
tan tien and wheel kicks,
and it is all based on hard work and mysticism.

Work hard enough,
long enough,
and you will become intuitive in fighting.

It’s a good thing.

I wanted logic,
so I started figuring out Matrixing.

before Matrixing came along
I threw myself into the old ways,
I delved into zen and mystical abilities.
I trusted the legends and rumors.
I searched about as hard as anybody as ever searched.

at a certain point
it all made sense.
It all became matrixed.
No more mystery,
just a hard core science.
You still have to work hard,
but understanding what you were working at
sped everything up tenfold.

right when I was breaking through
I wrote a book called
Buddha Crane Karate.

I had written all the techniques on cards,
figured out Matrix Kung Fu,
was figuring out Matrix Karate,
and I wrote this book,
just as I turned the corner.

So it is a pivotal book,
written right at the turning point.

in this book you’ll see

the circle of blocks that eventually developed
into the matrix of blocks.

how I developed the buddha palm as a split timing sort of thing,
which evolved Karate from a block and counter thing.

the exact thing that mushes data together
and destroys the alphabet of the martial arts

you’ll see my first arguments
as to how and why the martial arts become corrupted.

you’ll see my first thoughts
solving internal energy
which will develop into the book on ‘The Punch.’

you’ll see mention of various arts
and how they contribute to matrixing.

you’ll see my first conclusions regarding
matrixing all the directions of reality.

you’ll see the data concerning how I developed
thousands of techniques from the logical arrangement
of just a few techniques.

You’ll see a lot of things that developed directly into matrixing,
or showed how I did it.

you’ll see how I created and arranged
concepts and motions
to make an entire art.

Ground up,
right from the start,
and in a way so you’ll understand
that I was not throwing away the classical,
but trying to right it.

here’s the thing.
I never offered this book for sale.
I bundled it in with the Create Your Own Art course,
and that because of the way I was using matrixing
to create a new art out of the old.

unless you ordered Create Your Own Art,
you likely haven’t seen this book.

when I bundled it in with the
Create Your Own Art course,
it was digital.
A PDF file on disk.

there’s this thing called ‘createspace,’
and they help you make books.
Real paper books
that are printed on demand.
PODs they are called.

Mind you,
I could never publish it on kindle
because kindle software
just has a tough time translating images.

But Createspace
takes that book
and reproduces everything
exactly as it is written,
no problem.

So I finally get a book published
that I was unable to publish
because of cost
or inadequate technology,
and it is a fair important book.

Here is what one student said about it
several years ago…

Hi Al,
Just writing to tell you how much I liked your Buddha Crane Karate, I would have paid 3x the price just for that one book. ~ Stephen

so the book is available on Createspace.
Here is their address…


It will shortly become available on Amazon,
and you will be able to order it through bookstores
but it will be a week or two before that happens.

Right now,
Createspace is the way to go.


the only other thing I want to say about this is this…

I drew the pictures with an old software program called Appleworks.
The pics are actually lines and arcs,
zillions of them,
and they taught me a lot about art,
about the energy of a body,
about constructing a body from certain viewpoints,
and so on.

I hope that proves of value to you.

let me say it plain,
Happy New Year,
and I hope you want to invest in
Buddha Crane Karate,
and put it in your library.
It is one of the most important matrixing books ever written,
as it does show the actual progression of logic I was going through
at the exact time I was going through it.

Have a great work out!



Al Case Martial Arts Books Hit Kindle!

Martial Arts Books Extravaganza!

Al Case, the most prolific Martial Arts writer in history, has begun loading his books and novels onto Amazon/Kindle.

Titles include:

martial arts books

Click on the cover!

Pan Gai Noon (Kung Fu system which resulted in Karate)
Kang Duk Won (unique version of Karate from before Funakoshi)
Perfect Karate
The Neutronic Motors of Pa Kua Chang (a neutronic look at how Pa Kua Chang really works)
The Bodyguard Training Manual (one of the few careers in which a martial artist can use his talents legitimately)
3rd Level 6th Sense Sword fighting (getting to the heart of real weapons training)
and more.

Some of the books are available through the author’s websites, some have been out of print, or bundled and not available separately.

Of particular interest are his novels, which show a wide range of interests.

The block buster ‘The Day the President Killed the United States.’
A tale of race war in America, ‘Monkeyland.’
The secret history of planet Earth, ‘The Bomber’s Story.’
Probably the best novel ever written… ‘Machina.’

Many of these novels have not been available, or were previously only available in perfect bound copies.

Many of the novels have Martial Arts themes or sub themes.

Martial Artists would be especially interested in the Wudan Assassin series.

The Wudan Assassin series are three volumes: Hero, Assassin, and Avatar.

The Assassin is the army of the Wudan, the world’s oldest religion. He cannot get sick, he cannot die, and he is the sole protector of hope on planet earth. He did, however, have to pay a price for his unique abilities: he has no soul.

Readers wishing to avail themselves of this unique collection of Al Case Martial Arts Books and Novels can simply click on over to Kindle/Amazon.

Bubishi Martial Arts Book and a Million Dollars!

Let’s go to the root of the martial arts this newsletter.
Let’s go where the gold and glory guys
fear to tread.
karate book

For something to be true the opposite must also be true

I don’t know how many of you have heard of the Bubishi,

but it is supposed to be the ultimate
when it comes to martial arts books.
The real bible,
or Koran or Tao or whatever.
there were actually two bubishis.
One was the Chinese Wubei Zhi,
which means
Account of Military Arts and Science.
240 chapters in five parts,
probably beats out Von Clausewitz.
The second Bubishi is what we care about.
This is the one that was popular in Okinawa
(and then Japan)
for the last few hundred years.
It has to do with White Crane and Monk Fist boxing.
Has everything
from poetry to anatomical diagrams,
covering all points,
it is probably a collection of writing,
put together by some fellow or fellows
who lived in the Fukien province,
which is where the type of Shaolin was practiced
which became Naha-te,
which became Karate.
here is the bible of Karate.
When I first read it,
I wasn’t too impressed.
Time had to work its wonders on me,
now I’m pretty impressed.
I would like to think
that I have grown enough in understanding
to perceive the glory.
to put it another way,
I ain’t so stupid anymore.
One can hope,
the book being rather extensive and profound,
I only want to deal with one part,
the Kempo Hakku.
Kempo Hakku are the eight lines that inspired Goju Ryu,
are somewhat connected with Uechi Ryu,
Kempo Hakku translates rather loosely as
‘The Eight Laws of the Fist.’
So let’s go through these eight Laws.
But with a Matrixed viewpoint.
‘The mind is one with heaven and earth.’
One recognizes that there is Spirit and Matter.
‘The circulatory rhythm of the body is similar to the cycle of the sun and the moon.’
The body is a machine.
‘The way of inhaling and exhaling is both hard and soft.’
Breath out when the body expands,
breath in when the body contracts.
‘Act in accordance with time and change.’
Adapt to the changes of the universe by changing.
‘Techniques will occur in the absence of conscious thought.’
Train until you are intuitive.
‘The feet must advance and retreat, separate and meet.’
Control distance and you control the fight (can create harmony).
‘The eyes do not miss even the slightest change.’
Don’t blink your awareness.
‘The ears listen well in all directions.’
Don’t rely on physical senses alone.
There are,
of course,
many ways to take this Kempo Hakku.
even using Matrixing as a lens,
there are many interpretations.
we are dealing with interpretations of interpretations,
when you get right down to it.
But the point is this,
the world actually isn’t a confusing mish mash of politics and idiocy.
The whole universe can be condensed down to a few simple principles.
Let me give a totally matrixed viewpoint here.
Mind you,
it may appear that we are leaving the martial arts,
but we aren’t,
as you will see afterwards.
I am.
The universe is a machine.
The universe is a mirror.
The body is a machine.
The body is a mirror for the mind.
The mind is a machine.
The mind is a mirror for the spirit.
Don’t hide in the mind.
The reason we aren’t leaving the martial arts
is because martial arts inspired this
and martial arts are the only method
by which one can accomplish the fact of
not hiding in the mind.
they have worked for thousands of years.
Not to enable people to beat up people,
to enable people to find out the truth about themselves.
Make a strong body,
become aware of who you are,
discover your intuitive abilities,
make the world a better place.
Martial Artists are more honest,
they are happier,
they work harder,
they have a sense of themselves.
These things can’t be said for people who don’t study the martial arts.
I thought an actual study of what is at the heart of the art
would be a great way to welcome the new year.
I would be remiss
not to encourage you to get there faster.
To understand the martial arts faster,
to understand them completely,
one should do The Master Instructor Course.
And here is something interesting…
did you know that in the true martial arts
there are no styles,
no differences of interpretations.
Everybody has to build their stances the same way,
put their arms at exact and certain angles,
move in certain ways,
and there is no other way!
This is an absolute.
This is a science.
This is perfection of form
and perfection of technique,
and there is no other way.
Want to know why the feet should not be splayed in the goju stance?
Here’s why.
Want to know the exact and only way to use the hips?
Here’s why.
Want to know how to make any technique in the world work?
Here’s how.
This is an all embracing course,
it includes all martial arts,
fixes all martial arts,
makes all martial arts work.
Doing this course will answer every single question you might ever have
about the construction and motion of the martial arts.
I’ll give you a million dollars
if you can prove me wrong.
Of course,
I don’t have a million dollars,
but nobody can prove me wrong.
guys and gals,
you have a great year of work outs
and I’ll talk to you later.
 free martial arts book

One Punch Mugger Destroys Karate Self Defense

What I am about to tell you is an actual incident, recorded and played on the TV, in which a mugger one punched a fellow, utterly destroying any hope of Self Defense training, Karate or Kung fu or Kenpo or whatever. Check out the following video, make sure my instruction makes sense, then read the article right below it.

Simply, a mugger engaged a passerby in a conversation, got him laughing and joking. Then, he turned slightly, as if he was going to talk to somebody else, but, in actuality, he was merely winding up for the pitch. He exploded, uncorked a punch that hit the passerby squarely in the face, and knocked him totally out. He was still out when an ambulance arrived and took him to the hospital.
Now, the point is this….you have a lot of people selling ‘warning systems.’ They are trained to assess threats by color coding them. A well dressed fellow in a suit is no threat, he’s a green. A bum might be a yellow, a bunch of kids with baseball bats yeling at old ladies might be an orange, and so on.
This isn’t bad, one should be aware of who is approaching them–I’m a big fan of profiling–but it misses the point. The mugger isn’t going to manifest any specific range of rising hostility, or overt behavior, he is going to explode without warning.
There will be no steps escalating to a confrontation–one second all is peaceful, the next second you’re snoozing your way to the hospital. That’s the way the mugger is, the psycho is, the home invader is, the way any fellow is who wants your property, your life, your…whatever you’ve got.
Color coding potential threats is for school kids to detect bullies–but they know who the bullies are anyway. So the truth of the matter is that color coding is a gimmick martial arts instructors use to impress parents and sell them programs for their kids.
Why do I tell you all this? So you won’t fall for the hype. When you are looking for martial arts schools, or martial arts training DVDs, for your kid or for yourself, don’t fall for color coding, psychological babble, trophies in the windows, or any of that crap.
Ask for the history of the art, check out the history to make sure it is viable, watch the Karate Self Defense sensei, make sure he can get his point across, and that his points are logical and real.
If you do that, then your training will be effective, you will be getting the benefits of a real martial arts system, and not some internet crapola.
If what I say makes sense, check out my site, see if the logic holds true. It’s Monster Martial Arts, and you can pick up a free martial arts book on the home page.

Make a Caption for Karate Humor Win Ten Free Martial Arts Books!

Got a new karate Humor pic in my free online journal. Give me the best caption and you can win Ten Free Martial Arts Books.
Just go to Monster Martial Arts, go to the menu at the top of the page and click on Monster Journal. You can read the journal online or download it, and it is absolutely free. And, if the contest is over, don’t worry, I run one usually every other issue. And, I tel you, the pic is funny. You’ll blink when you see it.
Anyway, I believe in humor, es[ecially in the marital arts. Everybody gets so darned serious, wants to train to kill, trash talk, bad mouth…what a waste. Come on over and see what the real martial arts are about. Heck, it’s chance to win Ten Free Martial Arts Books!