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Understanding a Priest to become a Neutronic Being Through the Martial Arts

There are three main paths to become enlightened, and these can be considered when becoming a Neutronic Being: warrior, priest, ascetic. There are others, but these three pretty much sum up the main pathways. While they seem at odds, these paths do have certain similarities, and it is these similarities that we will examine in this article.

The priest studies scripture and passes it along, thus he helps people. The warrior studies the ways of war, ostensibly protecting people, and therein is the lie. The ascetic has studied enough, has harmed enough, and turns his back on it all.

Neutronically, these three fellows can easily be understood. Understanding comes merely from the fact of assigning motion to the persons involved, one does not even need to predict the outcome of each motion. The priest goes with, the warrior goes towards, and the ascetic goes away.

To become Neutronic one must embrace all three motions. One cannot become Neutronic without understanding all three motions. One must be able to apply the correct motion in the correct instance.

When a human comes to you for help, will you be his confessor, his murderer, or turn your back on him? All three solutions have worth and demerit, and one must understand all three sufficient to be able to select the correct motion. Indeed, if you don’t understand the pro or con of one of the three motions, that will be your weakness and your undoing.

Thus, a man comes to you and hates his fellow man. Will you counsel him to murder, will you tell him to pray, when such method will only result in bottled up rage, or will you turn your back on him? Or, can you get him to murder his rage and turn his back on his less than spiritual self?

To understand the path to Neutronicity here, and become capable of giving correct and encompassive advice, you must do two things. You must study the Matrix of the Martial Arts, and so unfold within yourself the discipline necessary to change and dedicate yourself. You must study the Neutronic Scriptures so as to be able to understand why it all is.

Only through the doing and the understanding of what you are doing will you become able to be transformed into a Neutronic Being. This is not a path of ritual and chant, nor of prayer and meditation. This is a path of education, discipline, and self actuation.

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