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Your Martial Art Sucks Because Mine is Better!

On Sucky Martial Arts!

I like getting comments on the martial arts articles and blogs I write. I like to know what people are thinking. Recently, however, I received a notice that somebody had commented on one of my blogs. I clicked over to the blog and examined the comment.

It was something to the effect of, ‘Yeah, your art sucks, it’s the kind of art that was losing back in the UFC 1 – 5.’

lop sau image

Take this, trash mouth!

I grinned.

This was what I call the Beavis and butthead martial artist. Now, I am going to say a couple of mean things, so don’t take them out of context, or blow them up.

These fellows have little control over language, usually using ‘dude’ or ‘bro’ freely.

These fellows think whether a man is a man is decided in the ring, and no where else, and any of that zen crap is just that…crap.

And, these fellows usually have read all about Bruce Lee, and they are free thinkers (study everything) but don’t have the discipline to make anything work…they lack the incredibly discipline that Bruce Lee had.

And, these fellows talk trash. A lot of trash.

Now, I love MMA. I love to watch it, I love to watch the training methods, and I have opinions on who is going to win a fight or not.

But I don’t speak ill of MMA. Heck, there’s too much to learn, and it is too darned fun.

And, the really MMA fighters don’t usually speak ill of classical martial arts. Many of them have studied classical martial arts, and they know there is a dividing line here. That go to more reality is a decision of the person.

Of course, there are exceptions. You will have the trash talk before a match. You will have people that actually don’t like each other. But I ignore that. It’s about the art, you see? And I would like to think that, underneath it all it is about exploing and finding superior training methods.

Not just a human cockfight, but a deeper purpose. A point wherein the human being stops trying to beat people up, and starts looking for the truth of himself.

Now, does my art suck because it didn’t win at UFC 3 or whatever?

Nope. It just means that Beavis and Butthead are grinding axes with what goes for brains.

This has been a page about Mixed Martial Arts and sometimes unfortunate attitudes of the mentally challenged.

Go to Monster Martial Arts if you want to see some martial arts that result in increased intelligence.

zen martial arts

Matrix Martial Arts Animals

The Matrix Animals!

Top of the morning to you…
and a tip top work out to you!
To stretch, to warm up, to work out…
to be glowing all day long!
That’s what a work out is all about!
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there ain’t no second,
let’s get into it!
Matrixing is based on geometry.
I always heard people say geometry is worthless,
but I found it pretty valuable.
The basic geometry is
force with force
force with flow
flow with force
flow with flow
if you just realized
that you have seen the sum total of the martial arts
described in a basic face to face confrontation
that results in geometry,
It breaks down like this…
force against force
force against flow
flow with force
flow with flow
this is the theory,
and if you want the actual breakdown of technique
the resulting geometries,
the strategies that become manifest,
just take a look at Create Your Own Art.
This will give you an analysis
that will open your mind.
I wouldn’t advise it.
It would be far better
to do the other matrixing courses first.
You see
Karate is force against force
Kung fu is force with flow
tai chi is flow with force
aikido is flow with flow
the problem is that
as I have listed the arts here,
they doesn’t exactly fit together.
It’s close,
but it isn’t perfect.
it doesn’t take into account a lot of other arts
or even styles of arts.
if you do the courses
you will see how to smooth out the edges,
make the arts fit together seamlessly.
The problem,
you see,
is that the arts weren’t created with the whole picture in mind.
They weren’t created to be part of one geometrical whole.
we can fix that.
Matrixing will unslant the art,
unbias the concepts and make them pure,
and then the concepts,
and the whole martial arts,
will fit together,
and make one nice
easy to make work picture.
it is still tough,
your mind is going to have to tweak and adjust,
but you can do it.
You just have to throw yourself into matrixing,
overcome the influences that tweak the arts out of true,
and make it happen.
Lot of work.
as you know with the martial arts
this just means a lot of fun.
I started studying in 1967,
and every single art I have studied
has been nothing but fun.
this brings us to the question
of the title of this newsletter.
What are the matrixing animals?
The tiger represents karate
the crane and the snake represent tai chi
the butterfly represents kung fu
the dragon represents tai chi chuan
Those are the five animals of matrixing.
I do have certain animal symbols I like and use.
there is a certain trade off with the five original kung fu animals,
and I do use the Monkey,
especially with weapons and takedowns and such.
the trick is this…
animals represent emotions
and modes of motion,
and matrixing is not about animals,
and emotions
(though we use emotions when appropriate)
but about analyzing motion.
So the animals are a convenience,
a method for enhancing and embracing certain geometrical strategies.
They are not a mythology.
whether you wish to view matrixing
from an animalistic viewpoint
or a geometrical viewpoint,
or a logical or philosophical or even religious viewpoint
doesn’t matter.
All that matters is that you throw yourself into it.
It is a field of study,
a science,
and while you could enter it
from the viewpoint of any art,
you can’t just study a piece of it
and think that is all there is,
or that you know it all,
or something like that.
You need to eat the whole thing.
Just like the snake eats the yin yang in my monster symbol,
or the tiger pounces on the yin yang
or the instructor holds the yin yang…
you have to look for the whole picture of all the arts,
and break it down into matrixing concepts.
let me give you a real heads up on this thing
of studying ALL of matrixing.
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from ANY art you know.
The Master Instructor Course.
The course that reveals the actual secrets of the martial arts,
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That’s eight DVDs
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I know there are fellows out there
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But they haven’t,
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one last thing…
if you already have one or more of the four courses,
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Onkey donkey,
bout done.
I will be out of town this weekend,
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I’m sure you’ll forgive,
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I think that’s it.
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Monster Martial Arts Releases 500 Martial Arts Articles!

500 Martial Arts Articles in One Volume!

Monster Martial Arts has announced the release of a single volume containing 500 martial arts articles.

The volume is a massive undertaking which took years to write. Consider that it has over 600 pages, and nearly 250,000 words, and one quickly realizes that it is one of the largest martial arts books ever written. It is even larger than many dictionaries.

The instant download is nearly 6 MB alone!

The 500 articles were written by Al Case over the last six years, and were intended to bring attention to his Monster Martial Arts website. That they succeeded is obvious, as that site has become extremely popular, as have the martial arts instructional courses on the site.

The courses cover a broad range of eastern disciplines, including karate, aikido, kung fu, pa kua chang, tai chi chuan, weapons, and more. The courses are designed to instruct one how to matrix the martial arts. Matrixing is a new form of logic which makes the martial arts easier and faster to learn.

The 500 articles also cover a broad range of interests. Consider the following list of titles.

4 Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li: Who‘s the Better Martial Artist?

60 How to Fight in the Dark

82 How to Tell if a Martial Art Instructor is Any Good!

124 Kung Fu Master…and the Secret of Light Kung Fu!

179 The Greatest Training Device in the Martial Arts Isn’t So Great!

209 The Fastest, Hardest Kick In The Martial Arts

250 I Beat Eight Ninjas in a Barfight Using Spetsnaz Karate Techniques!

276 Flux Theory and the Secret of Negative Tai Chi Chuan Chi

297 Martial Arts Breaking Techniques: Boards with a Single Finger

346 Five Martial Arts Exercises Make You Five Times More Stronger, Faster And Powerful!

369 Tony Jaa Threatens to Kill Himself, then Becomes a Monk!

402 Karate Kick Harder with These Seven Simple Tips

418 Take a Punch and Walk Away Smiling with One Simple Exercise

447 Karate Freestyle and the First Few Seconds of a Street Fight

488 Is This the Most Powerful Punch in the Whole World?

The release of the 500 articles coincides with the upcoming ‘Great Matrixing Tour.’ The purpose of the tour is to bring Matrixing to the Martial Artists across the United States.

People who buy the book will be contributing directly to the tour.

Again, the book is an instant download on the net, and a complete viewpoint of the martial arts, including history, techniques, personalities, and even the new sciences of Matrixing and Neutronics. People interested in purchasing the 500 Martial Arts articles should go to:



New Martial Arts Website is Growing!

horse stance method

Knowledge is Martial Arts Power

How interesting, the new martial arts website is getting almost as many visitors as my blog, and it is closing in on my website.
The reason for this is, of course (grin) fresh and unique martial arts articles.
Well, actually, hate to tell you this, but they are old articles.
But, they are so old that the net is forgetting about them. So, since nobody has looked at them in a few years, they might just as well be new.
What I do is rework them, changing titles and words and phrases, and then they are new to the web.
Now, why am I doing this? Actually, not because I need the traffic, though that is appreciated.
The reaosn I set this new martial arts website in motion is because I have over four hundred articles, and they should be out where people can get to them.
After all, I invented Matrixing, the single greatest contribution to the martial arts in history. Shouldn’t the writing surrounding that discovery be available for all?
Heck, do a search on the site, find the things I have written on CBM, various styles, Matrixing, or whatever.
Of course, the site is growing, so maybe I am a bit premature in offering this advice, but, heck, I’ll offer it again, so why not?
Anyway, I’ve written near two million words on the martial arts, and eventually I want the majority of those words in one place, where people can access the database, find the thoughts i had behind the thoughts, and maybe even follow along on this twisted, convoluted path that I am slowly straightening out.
That all said, the name of the martial arts website is FreeMartialArtsOnline.com. Gonna be the biggest site, have tons of things for people to search through, download, watch, and so on. And, while we’re talking about it, there’s a FREE BOOKS page. That’s right, you can get several books on the martial arts, old classics that are out of print and stuff on Matrixing. Just click over to the website, check out the black menu at the top and find Free Books. Go there and follow the instructions,a nd you can get several absolutely free martial arts books.
Matrixing Karate

I’ve Got Monster Martial Arts Backed into a Corner!

Good Lard what a wonderful day! Dogs are chasing cats, cats are chasing mice, and I’m the top of the food chain! Yeehaw!

I received a nice email today, made me grin. Here is a piece of it.

“I visited your website, returned several times, and went from being a skeptic to ordering your material. Believing in “due diligence”, I ran several searches looking for any hints of scamocity, but every time I thought I found someone with the goods on you, it turned out to BE you, offering another interesting, amusing, and insightful little article. I finally realized that if I enjoyed reading your articles that much, then I had better get busy and start reading & learning your big stuff.”

I often wonder at how effective all the articles I write are, nice to know they work, and, as I said, it made me grin. I’ve cornered the market on me. Ha!

You know the place…


Come by and check out what I’ve been yelling about, and pick up the free ebook while you’re there. It’s at the top left of the home page.

How to Get a Job Writing a Column for a Martial Arts Magazine

I get wins like the one you’re about to read regularly. It’s been years since I wrote for the mags, but having done so has provided me with friends, customers, and a certain degree of almost fame. Read the win, then I’ll tell you how to get a job writing for the mags.

Greetings Sir, I don’t know if you’ll remember me but I was a customer several years ago and I have most of your works. But at that time I was unable to purchase your videos and would like to know if you still have those available. I will be purchasing your latest books as well as I always believed you had the best work available and I would like those videos. Please let me know if any are still available. After thirty years of training your work is still refreshing. 
Thank You 

Now, it goes without saying that you’re going to have to know how to write. and it also goes without saying that you should know a bit about your subject. The fact that you’re reading this article already supports that, so let me get into the nuts and bolts of this thing.
I had written a dozen articles for CFW, which company put out Inside Karate, Masters and Styles, Inside Kung Fu, and so on. Out of the blue, I decided I wanted to be a columnist.
First step, I had all the issues of Inside Karate for a couple of years. So I went back and read every column written by the editor (John Soet). I then wrote a column, and tried to sound exactly like him. It turned out pretty good, so I wrote eleven more columns, and sent them to him.
That was it. I ended up writing the column Case Histories for four years for Inside Karate. I was read by millions of people (over time), and to this day I get wins like the one above.
Now, before I turn you loose, I want to share a bit of data that inspired me to this particular method, and abuse some wrong data concerning job seeking of any sort.
Back when I was in college, during a psych class, I came across an interesting datum: bosses hire people who are stupider than them.
Man, that is pretty hard core, eh? That’s a grim slice of inhumanity if there ever was one, and, if it was true, the human race would have died out some time ago.
The corrected datum is: people hire people who are similar to them.
Well, of course! To make a sale you have to make a friend, and that leads to the corrected datum. And that was the type of thought I followed when I was copycatting an editor to get a job.
Now, I don’t know if any of John Soet’s articles are still around, but you can find a healthy sampling of what I wrote for the Martial Arts magazines, inspect them to see how closely I followed the datum I have given you here, at Monster Martial Arts.
Good luck in your endeavors, and I hope to see you in the mags.

I’ve written nearly 2,000,000 martial arts related words, check out my books and courses at Monster Martial Arts.