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Surviving Ten Seconds and Beyond

Surviving Worse than Zombies with Martial Arts!

Want to know one of the best books in the world
for home defense?
For basic strategizing?
For opening up the mind to combat possibilities,
for handling everything from mobs to global conflicts?

The Zombie Survival Guide.

New book about Bruce Lee!

martial arts

Be silent, my friend, and hear yourself think…

It’s true.
The guy who wrote it
is actually responsible for
‘World War Z’
So you know he’s telling the truth,

the book goes into how to zombie proof your home,
which is good for forestalling mobs,
personal tactics (take off the head)
and generally preparing yourself
for when the world falls apart.

The book is very similar to
The Boy Scout Manual,
or the Army Ranger Handbook.

Got lots of things in it.

The thing that made me think about this
is that a fellow emailed me,
asked my opinion on various things,
such as the end of the world.

The end of the world is an interesting topic.
EMP attack?
California falling into the ocean.
(Not a bad thing)
and so on.

But here’s something I realized,
the world can end at any time,
for anyone,
on a personal level.
you don’t have to wait for the government to sell us out,
the dollar to go bad,
the Chinese to buy McDonalds…
it can end tomorrow with a mugging,
a fender bender that escalates,
a cop on the wrong side of bed.

And that’s when that fifteen years of training
turns into 10 seconds of survival.

most of the guys reading this,
they are active in the martial arts,
but there are a few who aren’t…
and who should be.

You make sure your car is running smooth,
the engine isn’t pinging,
the tires aren’t bald,
because those things can interrupt your life.
martial arts training can save your life.

And even if you don’t use them,
you will use the health benefits,
the calm of mind benefits,
you will live longer,
just like Mom.

check out the Zombie Survival Guide.
while you’re at it,
go here…


This is how to make anything a weapon,
how to translate weapons to empty hands to throws,
how to be the one alive
when somebody as stupid as a zombie
decides he should live and you shouldn’t.

Have yourself a great work out!




A Martial Arts Matrixing Win Plus Annoncements

Three Important Martial Arts Announcements!

All right!
Three work outs tomorrow.
Not long,
but have to be done.
And really throw yourself into them
so that you aren’t doing them
to get them out of the way,
but are just focusing on what you want to get out of them.
Perfect balance.
proper breathing,

three things today,
and first things first,
Every year people say season’s greetings.
They don’t want to say Merry Christmas,
or Happy Hanukah,
or something else
that is specific
and therefore politically incorrect.
my feeling is that if somebody doesn’t like a well wishing,
the heck with him.

So what if I say Merry Christmas to a Jew,
or Happy Hanukah to an Arab,
or whatever.
It’s the happy thought that counts,
but you have IDIOTS going around
saying happy tim, or season’s well wishes,
or whatever,
and they are afraid to offend somebody.

my motto is…
offend everybody
and let God sort ‘em out.

So Hanakwanmass stands for
Happy Hanukah, Kwanza, and Merry Christmas.
I figure at best,
i get to offend two out of three,

Hanakwanmass to you,
and if you don’t like it,
let’s freestyle,

that bit of pleasantness aside,
second thing…
let me share a win.
This is from Will,
who is on the Black Belt course,
I coulnd’t see his video on youtube and said yikes,
and he said…

hi sensei Al
I laugh my head off. when I read yikes, I thought wow, is my technique that bad??? lol oops, I thought like hmm, I am I that far off? I mentally pictured you throwing up  over the screen…screaming in agony, blinded by the experience… stumbling out of the starbucks…nearly hit by a bus, cursing my name…lol.
well, I did repeat down/upward block  after I thought I wasn’t breathing and leaned into the strike rather than transition. I could have reshot it, but I thought what the heck, least you see me correcting myself for whats worth it. I donated 2$ to monkeyland only to discover to my horror, you played santa claus and I found many gifts under the tree. wow, thank you, that was one heck of a pleasant surprise. videos over videos, book after book, I am a kid in the candy store. speaking of over delivering, you have what is called at Darden Business school operational excellence. I was able to matrix now everything I do in martial arts, even managed to start to matrix a complete escrima system out of the basics of blinding steel. you were right, it is a totally different understanding of matrixing, once you mastered/understand matrix karate. the matrix blocks gave me a lot better insight into wing chun as well. mainly from the mini matrix. that was one heck of a revelation. I hit 3 flies in one go. I understand karate, wing chun and escrima now a lot better and was able to extract that out of the material. thank you very much. I really enjoy the way to the goal now.
whatever happens, I am extremely grateful and indebted to you, sensei Al.

Thank you, Will.
I love wins better than anything.
It means that not only did I have a great work out,
but somebody else did,
and sharing wins means that even more people
are going to have a great work out!

You can find Blinding Steel on Monster Martial Arts under courses.


You can find The Road to Monkeyland
under ‘donations’ on Churchofmartialarts.


there is another little gem
on the donations page.
How to Fly on the Ethereal Plane.

third things third,
I am going to release a novel in a day or two,
I’ll send you a newsletter
when it happens.

This is a very significant novel,
and while it is action and adventure
with some good martial arts,
it describes things
at the top of the martial arts,
way beyond black belt,
and it will give you a new reality
on what’s at the end of the tunnel,
perhaps I should say,
at the top of the mountain.

Very advanced stuff,
but put in novel form.
It was a very interesting experience
to blend highest level martial arts,
an actual lesson
for those who have matrixed
and are going neutronic,
in novel form.

got to go.
It’s freezing up here at Monkeyland,
and we have to chase off the cows,
chip ice out of the pond,
and a thousand and one other things,
just so I have the time to do an actual work out.

what work outs they are.
Envy me.

have a great work out!


How to Take a Shotgun Away Using Martial Arts!

Take it and shove it where the sun don’t…

Let’s talk about shotguns.

Worse sound you can hear is a
the slide of a shotgun
being cocked.
if you’re burglarizing a house,
that’s about the time
when you wet your pants.
if you’re a martial artist
walking down the street
minding your own business,
that’s the sound that tells you
your technique is about to be tested.

What I am talking about is the video
that is presently going viral

Or type in the following phrase
in your youtube searchbox

‘Man turns tables on shotgun-wielding attacker’

I wrote an article on this a couple of days ago,
and it went into a forum,
and the comments went crazy.

Aside from the usual joking,
people said one of two things.

They either said the fellow taking the shotgun
studied XXX art,
or they dissected his technique.
His elbow was bent
or his stance was wrong
and so on.

the second comment,
that his technique needs improving,
that’s a laugher.
The guy walked away alive.

If he walked away dead,
you know what I mean,
then it would have been bad technique.

it’s a good thing to analyze technique,
nothing wrong with analyzing technique,
especially one from ‘the battlefield,’
but only after complimenting the guy
on keeping his cool.

And that leads us to the first comment people were offering,
which art the guy studied.

Some people said jujitsu,
other Aikido,
I offered the comment myself
that it looked a bit like the Systema
or even Krav Maga
that I had seen on the tube.
I made that remark because the fellow looked like
he was doing a sweeping high block,
and because he reversed the gun.
here’s something to think about.

In the end,
there is no technique.

You practice the martial arts to make them intuitive.
When they are intuitive
you can grab the ground without having to go into stance.

in the beginning you need to work on stances.
One of the purposes of stances
is to train yourself
how to sink the weight.
Once you learn how to sink the weight,
you don’t need to do the stances,
depending on the situation,
you might not even want to do a stance.

Consider the video.
If that fellow had struck a stance
he might have gotten shot.

The point here is not to decry stances,
but to public praise them.
Stance work teaches people all sorts of things,
and you need to do a lot of stancework,
there may well come a time
when you should put stances aside.
Even if only in a situation
like the one in the video.

The real point here,
the place where we are going to with this
is this:
at the end of technique,
there is no technique.

This is a very zen thing,
and it simply means…

You practice until your moves are natural and intuitive.
Until you don’t have to think about them.

So consider the video below,

or right here if it doesn’t load on your computer.

To tell you the truth,
I have never really seriously practiced any knife disarms.
I haven’t spent hours
dissecting techniques,
practicing until I was blue in the face.
I just figured out the concepts.

I had done so much work
in other arts
that I developed intuition.

Mushin no shin

Mind of no mind.

A very zen sort of thing.

First technique,
I don’t know what that was.
A sidestep and slap,
and a karate kick.
I was a little surprised to find myself there,
so I just kicked.
More of an,
‘oh, what am I supposed to do now?
Guess I’ll kick him.’

Second technique is classical karate,
right out of matrix karate,
but translated into monkey boxing.
I have practiced that technique until blue in the face,
but usually with a punch.
Love the durned thing.

Third technique is right out of Matrix Kung Fu.
Pure Monkey Boxing.
I have practiced that one till blue in the face,
but not usually with a weapon,
just a punch.

The fourth technique is the interesting one.
I have never done that in my life,
I almost NEVER work with a staff,
don’t know where the technique came from.
It looks like my partner dives out of the move,
but he said he was ejected,
felt the energy just spin him out.
I don’t know.

So the point is this,
the video is totally unrehearsed.
We had just shot a segment of Blinding Steel,
I believe,
and Forrest,
my attacker in the video,
asked if he could just attack me,
no plan or rhythm,
no hint nor clue,
just attack me
in any way he felt like.
And I said yes.

to be honest,
my form sucks.
Go on,
look at it.
I set,
but you don’t see any real stancing.
My elbow is probably bent wrong,
my feet are wrong,
but it was the endless practice of techniques,
with good form,
that allowed me to step outside of form,
and just do what worked,
even if I had never ever done the technique before.

I wasn’t worried about my form,
you see,
I was more concerned with
analyzing his motion in the moment,
handling his body,
not mine.

technique becomes no technique.
Time and surface thoughts disappear,
and the endless practice of techniques
has put me in a moment
where there are no techniques.

Oinky donkey,
here’s the deal…

Blinding Steel.

It is the complete analysis of weapons.
It is incredibly simple
because it deals with the concepts.
It is incredibly logical,
because it is matrixed.
And this makes it EASY to learn,
and quick to make work.

It is a complete art,
with a variety of the EXACT takedowns and disarms
that will develop
as you practice this art.

it is designed to be learned
to a point of intuition
within a couple of weeks.

Two weeks.
You do exactly what I tell you in the video,
and you will know how to deal with weapons,
how to use them,
how to take them away,
and in a completely intuitive manner.

Two weeks.
That’s all.

All right,
time to get back to the work out.
So you guys have a great weekend,
I mean,
have a really great time of it.
You deserve nothing but the best.


zen martial arts

Martial Arts and Self Defense Against Weapons

Self Defense Martial Arts

This is a piece on how to use martial arts against weapons.

Put That Gun Down or I’ll Kill You!

Don’t you just love that sort of movie dialogue? The problem is…it reminds me of a lot of things that are happening in that other fantasy land…Washington.

Right now, as we speak, there are bills about guns, magazines, triggers, registration, and so on. Heck, congress would ban David from the bible if they knew he used a sling shot! Fortunately, congress doesn’t read the bible. (Did I really just say that?)

Okay, good times aside, let’s talk about the specifics of weapons.

If you can, comply. Just give him your money. He’ll get caught. And you should go on living.

If you can’t, then you’d better learn how to fight. Some guy pulls out the duc tape, smiles at the young girl and says, ‘Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.’

BS. Fight back. Kick, scratch, claw, scream, don’t quit no matter what. He’s not interested in taking stuff, he’s interested in domination and death.

Biting is good. You don’t want to catch AIDs, but, grab some DNA the police can use in the event he wins. Yeah, I really did say that.

But, your best bet is to actually learn a martial arts weapon. Or, to learn how to use ANYTHING as a martial arts weapon.

A weapon is basically a straight line…with some curves or edges or hinges or whatever. How many things can you see in the room you are sitting in that qualify as a straight line?

A ruler, a pen, the edge of a book…and the list goes on. But remember this: a properly enraged attitude is a fine weapon.

I knew one fellow who fended off 5 guys on a stairwell with a plate. And he had no martial arts experience, didn’t know karate or kung fu or anything. He was just enraged, and the thugs couldn’t see the plate for the rage, and they reacted as if that plate was an electric sword!

Better than rage, however, is intelligence. Intelligence is your real tool, and it separates man from beast. The cool thing is that martial arts increases your intelligence.

And, even more important, it increases your awareness.

So if you study a martial art, you not only get smarter, but you become more aware. Which is to say you will become aware of a potential attack quicker, and have the intelligence to design techniques to help you survive that attack.

Do you see the vast benefit in studying martial arts? Specifically in conjunction with weapons?

Now, I recommend Blinding Steel as the ultimate weapons course. It is simple and designed to give understanding as quickly as possible. You can pick up ANYTHING and plug it into one of the Blinding Steel patterns (which can be learned in literally minutes), and be able to defend yourself.

Interestingly, I had one of the oddest and best testimonials to this course. A fellow wrote in and he said something to the effect of, ‘I like your course, but I like XYZ’s course better. I didn’t understand XYZ until I had done your course, but I like it better now.’

Do you understand how weird this is? He bought a course he didn’t understand. Then he bought my course, and he suddenly understood not just my stuff, but other stuff about weapons that he had not understood before!

Ah, out of the mouths of babes.

Anyway, check out the Blinding Steel at Monster Martial Arts. The good news is that while it is available as a martial arts DVD, it is also available as Instant Download…and it is VERY cheap!

zen martial arts

This has been a page about martial arts and self defense against weapons.