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What is Neutronics in the Martial Arts

Matrixing, Neutronics, and the Martial Arts

Matrixing is a logic based on a table from Boolean Algebra. Knowing that table, applying that table, and all the vectors of motion in the martial arts opened up for me. To study that table through a variety of martial arts totally enlightens one to the potentials of motion in the martial arts.

It takes the random sequencing of techniques and breaks them down and recompiles them into one sweet method.

A method that can be understood at a glance, and which causes great intuition to begin to occur in the mind of the martial artist.

Neutronics is different. It is the physics behind the physics. It is the science behind the logic. It describes phenomena that are questioned by all, but understood by none.

For instance, did you know that there are only three motions in the universe? That’s all. Understand the three motions and you can make this universe do what you want.

Or, do you understand what the mind is? Go on, look in the dictionary, you will find a bunch of vapid definitions that don’t mean much, and you will come up with the conclusion that everyone talks about something that has never been accurately defined.

Or, one of my favorites, what is emotion? That’s a lulu! There is no exact definition for emotion, no explanation for where emotion comes from, in the entire world.

Outside of Neutronics.

So you are victim to something that everybody has, but is been undefined…has NEVER been accurately defined.

I used Matrixing to figure emotion out, and the three motions, and a LOT of other stuff.

Have you ever considered using a simple table from Boolean Algebra to figure out what God is?

I did, and I laugh all the time, and I have absolutely NO desire to talk to God.

Before, when I didn’t understand God, I wanted. Boy did I want!

But once you have matrixed, and gone Neutronic, everything changes.

And, that said, let me say something else.

I pushed Matrixing because I wanted people to reach the end of the martial arts, to see the next step, to need the next step.

I didn’t push Neutronics because people can’t understand it unless they have sufficient discipline of awareness.

Long enough martial arts and one has the discipline, but there is still a vast confusion of motion in the mind because of the random nature of their studies. This has mixed effects.

Do Matrixing, however, and the confusion of the martial arts resolves, becomes logical. Intuition can set in, and the person can now understand the second set of physics.

Thus, Matixing first, then Neutronics.

Here is the exact phenomena that will happen if one tries to understand Neutronics without the proper backdrop of matrixed logic.

Oh, we have that in our system. Yet they didn’t, and they have merely latched on to ONE item so as to stay asleep. It is easier, safer, to keep going, keep teaching, through the monkey see monkey do method.

Or, I understand what you’re saying. But they don’t. They understand about, but they don’t understand. Again, they are trying to keep a barrier between the system they have latched on to give themselves purpose in life, and purpose for existence, and the truth of existence.

An odd thing: there is truth to the saying: The truth shall set you free.

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