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Making a Strong Punch in the Martial Arts Out of Nothing

A Strong Punch is Filled with Spirit and Conviction!

Much to do about nothing, eh? That’s the key to a really strong punch in the martial arts. Of course, it’s not like what it appears to be. Nothing ever is.
You see, a punch is a decision. Nothing less, nothing more. You watch a couple of fellows in boxing or MMA, and they punch and they punch, but there is never a knock out. So was a punch ever really thrown?
In the martial arts, the classical, unmixed variety, you practice the form, you drill and you drill, and you concentrate on putting energy and intention into the punch. Eventually, you realize what a punch is, and at that point you believe in it, and, at that point you can start making other people believe in it.
Sadly, most people are obsessed with images, big muscles, what they are wearing, and they don’t really examine the nuts and bolts of a punch and find out what makes it tick.
Not much you can say to that, because the human being has to evolve to see it, and he won’t evolve unless he starts doing those classical forms, examining his structure, aligning his motions, and finding out the precise thought that is behind a punch.
If you really want a strong punch, pop on over to Monster Martial Arts and take a look at ‘The Punch.’ It’s a veritable doctoral thesis on what a punch really is. Nobody has ever looked at a punch like this, and it should give you the idea behind a punch. And pick up the free book on the home page while you’re there.