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The Sad Joke of Martial Arts Conditioning

Martial Arts Conditioning
“I need to be in better condition before I do the martial arts.”
I watched the fellow go out of the door and shook my head sadly. He was out of shape, over weight, his muscles were slack, he couldn’t run the fifty yard dash…and this was the way he liked his life.
Heck, he walked into a martial arts dojo, wanted to hear about the program, and then he walked out saying he needed to be in better shape!
Let me be a little stronger, and sorry if i step on a few toes out there, but he was being an idiot.
Look, people think they need to be able to do push ups and sit ups and all that sort of thing, and that is fine. But when you do one form, the first form, called pinan one, or heian one by some, you are doing sixteen leg squats on the front leg (entering the front stance 16 times), and six leg squats on the back leg (entering the back stance 6 times).
Let’s say you don’t know any other forms, so you do it ten times during class, that’s 160 front leg squats and 60 rear leg squats, and that’s only one form!
Heck, if you know five forms, do them five times each, you are doing maybe a five hundred squats with the front leg, with the rear leg, with twisted legs, and so on. And that doesn’t take into account your warm ups, and your basics, and the endless working with another partner, all of which require muscle, all of which build not just muscle, but lean density of muscle!
And the arms go right along with this, doing blocks, pushing on your partners, pulling on your partners.
Guaranteed, 6 months of karate class (or Kung Fu Class or Aikido class or taqekwondo class or whatever…) will put you in the best shape of your life!
SoI I get these fellows come into my dojo, look around, and then say they’ll be back when they are in shape. Man, they are missing the whole point. Maybe idiots is too strong a word, but…do you understand?
There are people that talk the talk…and then there are people that walk the walk.
“I’ve got to get in shape before I do Karate”…”I’ve got to get in shape so I can get in shape.” Sheeesh!
Ah, well. There are enough people who have their brains plugged in that I don’t have to worry, my dojo will survive. But don’t you wish that these others would figure it out?
Anyway, check out my sites, get some good martial arts going, and get in the best martial arts condition of your life. I’m at MonsterMartialArts, LearnKarateOnline.net, and freemartialartsonline. A few others, but those will get you started on martial arts conditioning.
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