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Matrixing and Army Martial Arts

spinning energy

Martial Arts Awareness Turns on the Body!

All right!
I get to work out!
Actually, I already worked out.
Went up to Mulholland Dr,
went through Karate, Pa Kua and Tai Chi
and I was done an hour before the sun came up!

I could feel the energy warming my body,
shoving through my veins.
I felt like an elephant on Chi!
maybe that isn’t the best analogy,
but I did feel
like I had an elephant’s worth of Chi
swimming through my corpuscles!

I was reading about the army the other day.
One article described their martial arts program.
Very interesting.
You practice for forty hours
(One week)
and you know enough to kill
and not be killed.
if you practice another eighty hours
that’s two weeks,
you become a trainer.
If you do another eighty hours,
you get put in charge of the trainers.

do the math.
Five weeks
to becoming some sort of expert of experts.

Mind you,
I was just scanning,
don’t know if this is a new or old program,
but their premise of training
is no nonsense,
get it done,
don’t waste time,
here are the requirements,
just do them.

Do you get it?

I googled the marines.

Their training,
while I’m sure it is hard core,
is a bit mixed up.
They have some four or five belts to black belt.
And it takes about 140 hours.
And that includes striking,
handling weapons from knives to bayonets to whatever.
This is cool.
The mixed up bit,
is that at a certain point
the belts go along with rank.
So you have to be a whatever sergeant or officer
to qualify for the next training.
that sucks.
For at that point
they have deviated from the concept of
rank for ability
and gone to a political structure.

up to that point
I like it.

compare the hours to matrixing.
I keep telling people
a couple of months of training,
six months at most,
and you should be expert
in any art.
It all depends upon experience,
and ability.

I am not saying you should join the army.
That’s individual choice.
But to join the army to learn martial arts,
it’s not cost effective.
You’re in for three or four years,
you’re paying for those cheap lessons
(if you rank high enough to take them)
with a lot of time.

on the other hand
is a lot more cost effective.
Start off with one course,
thirty bucks,
see if it works.
When it does,
zingo bingo,
you are in martial arts paradise.

A whole system
with all the forms and techniques,
two man drills and methods of freestyle,
for thirty bucks.

instead of paying six or eight hundred
for lessons at the dojo,
and having to go and suit up
and use gas and find parking
and pay extra fees for gear and testing and whatever,
you simply pay thirty bucks,
save $570 or $770,
get a few friends
have a ball in your backyard or garage or whatever,
a few months passes,
and you are there.

Mind you,
I’m not actually telling you not to go to a dojo,
there’s good stuff happens at some of those places,
what I am telling you is to maximize your time.
Learn faster,
save money.
And for those who think it can’t be done,
look at the army programs,
see how fast they do it,
and they don’t even have matrixing!

its a matter of
making up your mind,
being a martial artist,
picking your program,
and doing it.

You want to be expert in a martial art?
Get the course
and do it.
Stop wasting your time,
start making yourself better.

Want to know more arts?
Want to fix the arts you’ve got,
and make them more efficient,
easier to use?
Then spend thirty bucks,
and do it.

enough rant,
I’ve made my point.

So what is happening in the world of the Monster?
I’m crafting a new website.
I’m actually not doing any kind of advertising for it,
I’m just putting all my articles there.
That’s around five hundred articles.
I’ve got a hundred up so far,
and I just put up a couple a day,
work on it,
tweak it,
just like matrixing,
a few months,
and I’ll have it.

there is going to be other stuff on it.
I’ve got free books,
free lessons,
and I’m just going to go crazy on it.
There will still be the option to buy,
to support the movement,
to contribute to
the Great Matrixing Tour,
and whatever follows,
the main thrust
is to revamp all my articles,
especially those out of print,
get all my books,
all the neutronic books,
in one location.

since I’ve written near two million words on the martial arts
it’s going to be big.

the website is
Free Martial Arts Online.
Google that,
let me know if it was hard to find,
make any suggestions you wish,
let me know of any mistakes,
and remember that
as I grow this thing
there will be mistakes.
Forgive and enjoy.
That’s all I can say about that.

what else is happening.
Not much.
Still working with EW on the Three Month Shaolin course.
He keeps having to earn a living,
what a dog, eh?
Why can’t he be rich and famous,
like all us other guys.

it’s coming,
be patient,
it’s going to be good.

I think that is about it.
Here’s the obligatory
and demanding your attention link…


And have some great and awesome work outs this weekend.

“When you see a worthy person, endeavor to emulate him.

When you see an unworthy person, examine your inner self.”