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Kenpo Karate Board Breaking with the Head…Yikes!

How One Man Almost Broke His Head with a Board in Kenpo Karate

I was studying Kenpo Karate back in 1967. I lived for Kumite (karate freestyle), and I thought that breaking was a subsection of martial arts reserved for the truly great.

I was excited, then, when I heard that a special board breaking seminar was going to be put on at my school.

survivalist martial art

Marine Corps Martial Arts Program from the Classical Point of View

On the appointed day we lined up and bowed in. There were about twenty of us, and we stared at the huge pile of boards that were waiting for our hardened fists and excited souls.

The head instructor, a slight fellow name of Rod, came to the head of the class and began telling us the things we needed to know. We learned the theory of how to tighten the fist, how to strike through the board, and how to have total and utter confidence!

One of the fellows, Jeff, raised his hand.

“Sir? Rod? Can you break a board with your head?”

Rod smiled, “Yes, but you need to practice hard, make sure you understand all the things you need to before you try such a thing.”

Shortly afterwards we adjourned to another room to continue the seminar.

Jeff, however, was not with us.

Rod was going over how you have to hold the board, how you have to protect your fingers and brace the arms, when, suddenly, there was a sharp and loud THONK! from the other room.

Nobody said anything, we just held our breath and waited, and, suddenly, Jeff appeared at the doorway.

He was standing slanted. He walked off kilter across the room and knelt at the end of the line. Even his zazen was off kilter.

He was giving his total attention to Rod, however, so the seminar went on.

We broke a lot of boards that day, made a lot of kindling for winter, and at the end, everybody bowing to Rod and talking excitedly, Jeff made his way to the front of the class.

“Sir? Rod? Can you break a board with your head?”

He had no idea that he had ever asked that question before.

Are you a Kenpo martial artist? Check out The Man Who Killed Kenpo.

A Scary Reason to Study Marine Corps Martial Arts

It couldn’t happen…could it?

Here’s a reason to study MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) that I never thought of.
I like to read conspiracy theories, I actually subscribe to ‘Before It’s News,’ check out people like Alex Jones, and veer my life towards a survivalist bent.

survivalist martial artA friend of mine said, ‘You know, when the bankers destroy the world, you’re going to be fighting the US Marines.’

I blinked.

First off, banksters don’t want to destroy the world, they want to control it. What’s the good in owning something that’s all broken?

But, that said, one of those banksters (I forget which one) actually said, ‘It’s cheaper to kill a million people than control them.’

Double yikes, because the country is owned by the banksters, and you know those guys wouldn’t hesitate to ‘Send in the Marines.’

So the military might actually, in the extreme, in spite of the constitution, be used to ‘put down rebellion,’ ‘control mobs,’ and so on.

And the marines are part of the military, and even if the marines aren’t used against the people other military branches study Marine Corps Martial Arts.

So my wacko friend actually had a point.

Would the marines break the constitution and come to your home town and kick some serious civilian ass? I really think that’s far fetched, but everybody thought Kent State could never happen, let alone Waco or Ruby Ridge.

So the point is, whether you get into the Marine Corps Martial Arts or not, it might be handy to know what they are, how they work, and so on.

Knowing the fighting style of people that are trained to kill would certsainly jack up your current martial art.

Anyway, you never can tell when that cop who’s got rhoid rage has been militarily trained, and maybe in MCMAP. That security ‘expert,’ fresh out of the USMC and highly excitable, pushing people around at the sports event, he might have been trained in MCMAP.

Mind you, I don’t think the marines are our enemy, else I never would have written the Fixing MCMAP book. But it behooves you, in this odd and changing world, to know all the fighting skills you can, and especially if they might be the discipline that is used against you in dire circumstances.

Check out ‘Fixing MCMAP’ at AlCaseBooks.com, or just go straight to Amazon.

Why I Chose MCMAP…

MCMAP is for People Who Want to Kill

The reason I chose the marines (MCMAP – Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) to pick on for my latest martial arts book is interesting.

survivalist martial artFirst, the Marine Corps isn’t a McDojo with trophies in their window, they are men dedicated to killing.

Second, on inspecting MCMAP I could see that they had fallen into some of the traps Martial Arts systems fall into.

The basic techniques are drawn from boxing, not Karate or kung Fu or some other martial art.

The grab art techniques were out of order, and selected for reasons that go against the grain of self-improvement.

The relationship of techniques was not well addressed.

Don’t get me wrong, the thing works, and well, and especially in view of the fact that they are training a bunch of fellows that are often short a clue.

But it could be better.

It could be a real martial art where people actually suffer enlightenment.

And one of the questions I entertained, as I tweaked and rearranged MCMAP, was whether the marine corps would want enlightened troops.

On one hand, the soldier would be smarter, he would be prone to analyze, and intuitively, any situation.

But would he follow orders and go into the guns of the enemy?

Man, that was the $64,000 question.

And I think the answer would depend on the quality of leadership, and the information passed down to the grunt.

If a fellow went through MCMAP, and did become enlightened, he would have to be educated as to the value of the mission before charging forth. It would take smart leaders to do that, and the mission would have to make sense.

An enlightened man is as willing to put his life on the line as an unenlightened man. Maybe more so.

But he’s not stupid.

The fellows at the Alamo likely knew they would die, and just to buy a little time for their fellow Texicans to make up an army. They made an educated and enlightened decision.

And, should MCMAP take hold and begin transforming today’s modern marines, they would have to make the same enlightened decisions.

And I think the fellows in charge are going to have to be smarter, and communicate in a complete and thorough manner, their mission goals.

Anyway, it is a conjecture, but it is backed up by the fact that armies of the east have engaged in this type of martial arts training for millennium.

You can pick up ‘Fixing MCMAP’ on Amazon, or here… http://marinecorpsmartialarts.wordpress.com/marine-humor/

Guaranteed, whether you are a martial artist or a marine, or a marine to be or whatever, you will find the work scholarly and effective. After all, it is based on the martial arts of a very unique group of killers.

Publication of ‘Fixing MCMAP!’

Publication of ‘Fixing MCMAP!’

Announcing the release of FIXING MCMAP!
I just finished the two volume set called
Fixing MCMAP
And…since you guys are the newsletter,
I’ll be making a special offer to you
at the bottom of this newsletter.

MCMAP stands for
Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.
It is actually a good program in a lot of ways,
as with any new martial art,
it fell into a lot of the traps
that new martial arts make.
In Fixing MCMAP I fix those problems.

I take out the boxing and put in martial arts drills,
I rearrange the grab arts,
I fix a lot of misconceptions,
present the house forms,
set up a VERY comprehensive format
of freestyle drills,
and a lot more.

here’s the thing,
when I finished the books,
I realized that if I was to be taught the martial arts
from the ground up,
in these modern times,
this is what I would want.
This is the arrangement of drills and techniques
that make the most sense for me.

It’s combat oriented,
it’s got the best and simplest forms,
the techniques are arranged precisely and in order,
it leads to other martial arts,
the freestyle arrangement REALLY makes sense.
that said,
I am curious what the military will think about it.
On one hand,
I have improved things.
On the other hand,
i’ve made hints and statements
that might be taken in opposition to the military interests,
things about the mental attitude of a warrior,
and so on.

I am happy with this work,
very happy,
and I know that even if people disagree with me,
they will be thinking about what I have said.
Who knows,
maybe they will come up with something more effective.

That is matrixing, you know,
understanding the art so that you can create it on the moment.
It doesn’t mean everything will be the same.
I’m very curious as to what kind of variations on my work
people will come up with.
In my ignorant pride I think I’m the best,
you know,
Bruce is just waiting to be born again,
some guy is working on a system that will change the way people think,
and so on.

So…we’ll see.

that said,
right now Fixing MCMAP is the latest and the greatest.
It is cutting martial arts,
and cutting edge military martial arts.

Heck, it is GOOD!

it is a complete system,
but I always tell people that they should get
the original MCMAP,
they can find it on the net for free,
and download it.
then lay that course next to my Fixing MCMAP
and see what shakes loose.

you want a deal.
The deal is that the books will be published paperback
within a couple of days.
They will be $15 a piece,
a total of $30.

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you guys know that i make these deals,
leave them up for a week or two,
and then have to take them down.

And I do have to take them down.
When I finish the KINDLE version,
which takes a couple of weeks,
the Kindle people insist that 
I not sell the books in download fashion on the net.
It’s in their rules.

So you have a week or two
to take advantage of this deal.

BTW, the site you are going to is still under construction,
so I am open to any suggestions as to how to better it.

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So go there,
let me know if anything doesn’t work,
and have yourself a GREAT WORKOUT!