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Chance to Get Matrix Karate Virtually Free!

Master instructor

Zen Martial Arts!

Here’s a copy of my newsletter. I’m going away from paper and towards disks and downloads, and in converting one product (Matrixing: The Master Text) I am giving a real deal, almost free. Check it out, and here’s the newsletter and the offer.

Monster Newsletter #409~Here’s a Deal You Won’t Believe!

Good morning!
It’s raining and miserable,
which makes me so happy,
because I get to stay inside and work out!
go outside and work out!
Either way,
I get to work out!

a work out a day
puts the doctor out of pay,

why am I so darned happy?
Because I have a deal for you!
do I have a deal for you!
Let me give you a bit of background first.

It’s Fathers Day,
all you guys should get a present,
and all you gals too
because I don’t discriminate!

I’m trying to save the trees
(sob, boo hoo!)
People been wacking those durned trees down,
killing rain forests
and somebody told me
we’re about to run out of trees!
in the interest of saving the last tree
on this whole durned planet
I’m converting to less and less paper.
More instant downloads,
and more disks!

but most important,
my mighty mac is about to bite the dust,
it has been restarting indiscriminately,
turning off at whim,
and generally whining and moaning.
And I really can’t abide
whining and moaning,
you know?
So I need to influx the cash
upgrade the digitals
and join the next generation.

here’s the deal.
I haven’t even written a webpage on this,
and there is an awful good chance I won’t,
of course,
enough people take advantage of the deal.
That means
that only you guys,
the newsletter monsters,
can take advantage of this deal,
and whether the public gets this or not,
depends on you.

Mr. Powerful and In Charge of Everything,
here’s the deal.

On the Monkeyland site
I offer a book called
Matrixing: The Master Text.
This book is big,
It is 8 ½ by 11,
180 pages,
if you know your book sizes,
makes it probably over 400 regular size pages thick.
It has the overview of Matrixing.
It has the original research I did to create Matrixing,
that’s forty years of forms and graphs and charts and writing
and articles and applications and…and…

I mean,
this is the mother lode of Matrixing!

I sell this beast for $40 bucks.
Forty dollars for a single book,
but that book is the bible and the dictionary and
the whole darned shooting match of Matrixing.
it costs me a pretty penny
to print the pages,
to bind it
and mail it.
Of course forty years of original research,
a whole system,
is probably worth more like four hundred,
or even four thousand.
can you spell priceless?

since I am slowly converting
to downloads and disks,
here’s the deal.

Order that book,
press the paypal button on this page,
and I will send you not only
Matrixing: The Master Text (on CD),
but the whole Matrix Karate Course.

(If you’re not on my newsletter you’re going to have to write and tell me you want the deal (aganzul@gmail.com)

if you already have the Matrix Karate Course,
don’t dismay,
I’ve got another deal up my rather large and nose wiped sleeve.

if you don’t have the Matrix Karate Course,
this is the deal of the century.
You get the following
A CD with the Matrix Karate book on it
A DVD with the complete Matrix Karate system
A bonus DVD with the Power Kicks Course
a CD with Matrixing: The Master Text!

I don’t know how you want to look at this,
getting a whole course
an entire system,
for thirty dollars,
and then getting a forty dollar book thrown in
for only ten extra dollars.
Or getting a forty dollar book,
and getting a course for free,
but either way you look at it,
this is an incredible deal.

you guys who already have the Matrix Karate Course,
got to do something for you,

here’s the deal.
Order the Three Month Black Belt Course,
and I’ll toss in Matrixing: The Master Text,

Again, if you’re not on my newsletter you’re going to have to write and remind me. Aganzul@gmail.com

That’s 20 hours of video,
over 100 individual teaching segments,
all the way to Black Belt.
(The course is in Mpeg4,
it will work on computer,
but not on your TV!)

Nuff said.
Free is my favorite word,
and if it isn’t yours,
it should be.

why am I doing this?
Because it’s a holiday
and everybody should get a present.
Because I want to save the trees
(poor unlucky trees!)
most of all,
I’ve got to upgrade the computer.
you help me,
and I’ll help you.
Feed the Monster,
and the Monster feeds you.
Simple as that.

let me sum up the deal quickly.

Matrixing: The Master Text
is going to be put on CD.

If you don’t have the Matrix Karate Course,
go to
Hit the Paypay button, and then email me what you want,
and I will send you Matrixing: The Master Text (on CD)
plus the complete Matrix Karate Course.

If you already have the Matrix Karate Course,
order the Three Month Black Belt Course
and I will include Matrixing: The Master Text
FREE! Remember to email me and tell me what you want.

this is a short deal,
it’s gonna go away.
Right now
it’s only available to you,
the Newsletter reader.
That’s all.

So don’t put it off,
don’t forget about it and think you think about it later,
don’t suddenly remember this newsletter in three months.
This is a window of opportunity
that might not be open long.

Okey donkey.
I don’t have much else to say.
No tips or hints,
none of my hilarious and forever to be savored anecdotes,
just a sweet deal
that will make you
the best martial artist
you can be.

Cutting edge, baby.
That’s what the Monster is,
and that’s what I want you to be.
So you have a great week,
a funtastic work out,
and I’ll see you at the computer store.


“The time to strike is when the opportunity presents itself.”
— 6th Code of Isshinryu Karatedo