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Light Kung Fu Can Be Made Out of Any Martial Art

Change Your Martial Art into Light Kung Fu

It’s true, Light Kung Fu can be made out of any art you study, and that includes Karate, Silat, Aikido, whatever! In fact, it is incredibly simple!

All you have to do is go get some cinderblocks, set them on end, and do your forms (kata) on them! Instant Light Kung Fu!

light kung fu

The author developing his Light Kung Fu.

Here are some hints to help you out in this search for light body kung fu.

You don’t need a lot of blocks. As little as four, but you can use as many as you want.

It is best to lay them on the side the first few times you do this. After you are comfortable (won’t take but a day or two), you stand them on end. After a week or two, you can lay two on the side. Then you can go to one on end on top of one on end, and then two on end, and so on.

You want to pick a good surface to eliminate wobble. And when you purchase the cinder blocks, set them on end and pick out the ones with the least wobble.

IMPORTANT: when you fall, learn to pick up your feet and search for a place to land. You don’t want to break an ankle by stepping on the falling cinderblock.

Now, this method of light kung fu has been around for years. It is called sunken post, or sunken pillar training. Usually you dig holes and ascend poles until you are six or eight feet off the ground, striking kung fu postures and dancing around like a kung fu crane.

But, that’s a lot of work, so my method is simpler and quicker, and saves a lot of digging and measuring and leveling and basic construction work.

Nothing wrong with the ancient sunken pole method, especially if you are an official kung fu school, but, my method of light kung fu is just easier.

Now, the main area where you grow is going to be in balance.

Everything I balance. From being able to stop yourself in a karate charge without falling forward, to the delicate hourlong meditation of holding the bowl. Everything is balance.

So standing on a couple of cinderblocks on end is going to give you tremendous balance.

First, you will feel awkward, the body will shift back and forth in attempts to keep your balance.

After a while your kung fu maneuvering will become second nature, and it will be as natural as walking, and you will likely feel a nice, little glow developing in your tan tien.

The muscles on both sides of the leg, you see, are going to fire up, work back and forth, and that will start up the body energy generator, which is what the tan tien is.

And that is how you create light kung fu out of Karate, or taekwondo, or pa kua, or…ANY…Martial Art.

Here’s a great article in which the author demonstrates light kung fu. And here’s a great piece on how to learn Shaolin Kung Fu.

Light Body Kung Fu and Walking on Water

Light Body Kung Fu is Here!

Light Body Kung Fu, sometimes called Light Kung Fu, is one of those legends that has a lot of substantiation. There are directions in old texts concerning the method, and every once in a while you see something really astounding that makes people think that such things are possible. This article is going to be concerned with offering directions for achieving that high Kung Fu ability.

light kung fu

Light Body Kung Fu Requires Mind over Matter!

Basic instructions for achieving light kung fu, and being able to do martial arts tricks like jumping six feet straight up, are usually childish, or esoteric. The childish are usually something like, ‘dig a hole and jump out of it one thousand times. Take one cup of dirt out of the hole every day, and in ten years you will be able to leap out of a twelve foot hole.

Let’s see: one inch a day, 365 days a year, ten years, 3650 inches divided by twelve…guy should be able to  jump 304 feet straight up. Maybe it was an inch of dirt every week? But that would still be over 25 feet straight up.

The more esoteric instructions involve things like breath to the tan tien while you do the dragon flies posture. The third chakra must be engaged on year four, and the fifth chakra will sleep on year nine. Pray to Buddha constantly while you do this.

Now, the childish and the esoteric out of the way, additional confusion is often offered by scientists. I came across the following analysis of light kung fu on a martial arts forum. Gigong is just the ability of transition of body weight between the two feet in such a way that the body weight never gets the chance or time long enough to accumulate and rest its fullness on to any of the legs in any giving period of time…and the paragraph goes on to describe shortening the cycle of stepping.

This last description is most interesting, a grand effort, but there is always a problem when somebody tries to describe something that is beyond physics with…physics. What I mean by this is that physics describes the universe, it doesn’t really tell you what it is and how it works. I know scientists will argue with this, and try to inflict their reasoning on what I say, but science can’t define the supernatural, such as light kung fu, changing wine into water, or, say, walking on water.

I had a student who could walk on water. Actually, what he did was run across the corner of a swimming pool. He would get a running start, do a couple of things with his mind, and run over the surface of the water without sinking.

What we are interested in, of course, is what he was doing with his mind. Gravity can be measured, of course; it can be described by physics, but it is still a notion that you must believe in for it to work. We are raised up to make physics work (trained by schools based in scientific thought), but the secret of light kung fu is to untrain your mind, to overcome the notion of gravity, and that takes a lot of kung fu discipline.

light kung fu

Because of Martial Arts the location of Planet Earth has been Verified

Shaolin Makes for Good Light Kung Fu!

In my martial arts we don’t teach the same old, same old after black belt. After one reaches Black Belt ranking they study a new art, and each rank of black belt is a new art.
Thus, I am currently teaching a fellow Shoalin Kung Fu. He learned Karate, he is ready for a little transformation, so we’re working on ‘Sil lum gung fu’ for his second black belt.
Now, that said, we had an interesting conversation the other day. He was doing some movement and I observed his feet were too loud.
He started looking at his feet, and was surprised to notice that he had been slapping his stances down. Ah, he had opened his eyes, time to insert some data.
‘Do you know,’ I asked, ‘Where planet earth is?’
He started thinking, ‘Like…between Mars and Venus?’
I laughed.
You see, every time you place your foot down too loudly, you are colliding with planet earth; you are running into it. This means that you don’t know where it is.
Think about it, many billions of people run into the earth thousands of times a day with their feet: they don’t know where planet earth is.
They run into planet earth so many times that, if they were on one side of the globe, they would knock it right out of orbit. Thank goodness they are all spread about and able to counter the effects of their indiscriminate ramming of the planet.
Hmmm, if we could get them all to step at the same time, and face the same way, we could either slow down or speed up planet earth. A good cure for global warming, you know, assuming we’re facing the right way.
Anyway, funny bone aside, if you are walking loudly, you damage the feet, you cause fatigue, and you won’t catch anything. The prey will hear you coming, you know.
The correct method for walking, or moving around in a karate kata,or to develop light kung fu, is to ascertain which way planet earth is moving, and then match your foot soundlessly to the earth, and go with it.
As silly as this might sound, it is the right way, and it will lead to better and better martial arts.
Obviously there will be a couple of exceptions, but think about it, and start doing your forms with sensitivity for the proper energy connection with mother earth. If you want tolearn more about the Shaolin method I use, and how to elevate your martial arts,click to Monster Martial Arts. I’ve got a free book offered on the main page.