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Why Martial Arts Students Drop Out

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I’ve written about this, specifically about how martial arts students are given long strings of random data to memorize, instead of really being given knowledge, but let me take this a step further.

A martial arts student, be it kenpo or karate or kung fu or whatever, is given data, then he is told to work on it for six montths. For some drills I totally understand. We must scratch the surface until we reach the center. ┬áBut, some schools are pretty mindless at this. They stick a ┬ástudent on a ‘plateau,’ and grind him.

This was really true in the Chinese Kenpo school I was at. Six months of trying to remember the techniques, all kept alive by the excitement of the weekly kumite class.

But,plateaus are not good teaching methods.

You don’t have to have a plateau if you have a good teacher, and a good system.

A good martial arts teacher, or sensei, will see when you have the material, and he will nudge you up at exactly the right time. A good system is set up so that you don’t have too big of chunks of material. It’ll be broken down into quick bite size pieces.

Mind you, this is no excuse for a quicky McDojo approach. One must never lower martial quality in this approach, in any approach.

But, you need to seek out a method, and a teacher, who is more than growls and macho posturing. You need real information, poured into you gently and consistently, and that’s how you learn the martial arts the correct way, and, if you aren’t learning in that manner, then you will quickly come to understand, and experience, why martial arts students drop out.

Matrixing the martial arts is my method, and you can get a free book on how to learn quickly, and in bite sized pieces, that will bring you faster and to higher levels in the martial arts. Check it out at Monster Martial Arts…specifically, look for the Master Instructor page.