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How to Teach Martial Arts to People Who Don’t Want to Learn!

Here’s a helpful hint on how to teach martial arts…

One of the most interesting things I encounter
is the student who can’t learn.

to be honest,
I don’t have any.
I wish I could say something cool,
like if they don’t learn,
I beat it into them,
but…it ain’t so.

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How to teach martial arts to anybody!

But I use a couple of tricks,
not just my fists,
to make students learn.
So let’s consider how you can get somebody
to actually listen to you
and to actually learn.

As a person on the street,
if you tell somebody a thousand times,
he might get what you are talking about.
and that’s a lot of talk.

As a martial arts instructor,
you might hit somebody a hundred times,
and they might get it.

The problem here is getting the idea out of your head
and putting it into their head.
So what is the problem…exactly?

if you don’t have good powers of mental focus,
you can’t generate an idea.
The solution is simple,
practice your forms,
but practice them correctly.

There is a difference between working out,
and learning.

Working out may instill the art in your bones,
but if you are doing your art incorrectly,
the bones are getting a poor lesson,
and you are not learning to focus your awareness,
and this will hurt your ability to create an idea.

So you have to not just practice,
but practice correctly.
You have to see your mistakes,
and you have to learn from your mistakes,
and as your body becomes more polished and efficient,
that shows that your mental powers are becoming
more polished and efficient.

you’ve done martial arts long enough,
and you have raised your powers of awareness,
learned to focus,
and you reach into your mind,
generate a thought,
and you send it to Joe Blow
with a simple sentence.

“Hey, Joe, it’s raining.”

His jaw drops,
he drools,
and he says,
and he doesn’t get out the umbrella.

You got the thought,
you sent the thought,
so why didn’t he get it?
And here is where you get the real lesson
in how to teach actual data in the martial arts.

Joe Blow didn’t listen,
couldn’t listen,
because his head is full of crap.

He’s not a bad guy.
He got through school (sort of),
but his head is so full of stuff packed in
by teachers
by parents
by friends
by enemies
by the man in the moon…
that he just doesn’t want any more in there,
so he goes blank.
Refuses to accept your thought.

So how do you get Joe Blow,
who looks like he is functioning but is actually unconscious,
but who, in spite of being unconscious,
actually walked into your school and said,
“Teach me…”
in reality means,
he is seeking to be Aware.)
To accept a thought.
To actually listen to your instructions.

Some people tell Joe to watch the class,
to just try to figure things out,
and then they explain later,
and it only takes three or four years,
but…it works.

I walk up to Joe,
ask him how he’s doing,
and when he starts to talk I let him talk for a minute.
somewhere in there I cock my head,
give a surprised blink,
and Joe suddenly says,
“Oh, nothing,” I respond.
“No, no, what…you just blinked…what?”

Joe is actually curious.
First time since first grade when the teacher told him
to shut up and sit down.
He is,
in fact,
actually listening to another human being.
Hasn’t heard his parents in ten years.
Barely listens to his friends,
who are as unconscious as him.
he is now listening to you.
So you MUST choose your words wisely.
I say something like,

“You have a really nice silence in your mind.”
A compliment which puts him at ease.
A statement which elicits more listening,
and he grins.
And you say,
“I like the way you pick up on things.”

I have just whammied the crap out of the fellow.

people like people who say nice things about them.

he is unconscious and I have told him…
to have silence in his mind.
that he learns well.
And I have done it in a manner
that is almost like a hypnotic command,
which makes him have silence in his mind
and learn well.

Two incredibly important things.
Amazing things, really.

And thing is this.
It is POSITIVE reinforcement.
Not the slap to the back of the head
that everybody usually gives
when they want somebody to shut up and listen,

I have told him the truth.
He DOES have nice silence in his mind.
Everybody does.
That’s a truth of people.
he does have the ability to learn quickly and easily.
everybody does.
Every last one of you mofos out there
who struggle and do your best
but sometimes it seems so slow,
you just have to get over that thing stuffed into you
called education.

Get over the slap on the back of the head,
get over the kid who made fun of you,
get rid of the bone brained parent who told you..
“Do what you’re told!”

In short,
get rid of everything that stopped you
from wanting to be Aware
to listen,
to learn,
to be yourself…

In short,
let yourself wake up.

I don’t mean to rant at you,
just to tell you how to get people who are less than awake
to wake up and listen
and to love life the way they are meant to.

Simply tell them how great they are,
and when they realize that you are telling the truth,
and they want to hear more,
tell them more truth…
and it is perfectly okay if you use the martial arts to do so.

if what I say makes sense,
then you should hear what I have to say
on the Master Instructor Course.


All right,
time for you to finish up a few things,
maybe shave the cat,
paint the lawn red,
and get ready for the weekend
and for your work outs.

And I tell you this,
not only do you have a wonderful silence in your mind,
very appealing and genuine,
you are going to have a truly fantastic work out.


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