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Committing the Real Martial Arts to Memory

One of the accepted datums is that the real martial arts take years to learn. It’s wrong. You can learn to get hit in the face in one second, and that means that you have one second to learn the martial arts. One second, and the lesson is learned, and you will be different next time.

You think about getting hit in the face, what it was like, the pain, the frustration afterward that borders on rage.

You think about ducking, putting up your hands, a weapon, kicking, jumping back, letting the arm pass, hitting the other guy first…and on and on.

I’m going to tell you a secret in a second, one of my never fail teaching secrets that makes instant martial artists, but first, read the win right after the video snippet of Pan Gai Noon.

“Already seen both DVDs and I think the material is excellent. Sure makes my martial arts training have more meaning. I am going to study in more detail (kind of like a second phase with me) the manual and DVDs this week, and thus send it to my “long term memory.”

Okay, here’s what I do when I get one of these idiot softies who wants world peace without paying the price (learning competence and self-reliance and all that sort of stuff)
I place my fist on their cheek and push through, and I tell them that is the path a punch will take.

I then tell them I’m going to hit them lightly, not hurt them, and I want them to look at what happens. I punch softly and lightly through their face. No real pain, just a grunt of surprise at the collision of flesh.

I then stand back, and tell them I am going to hit them and hurt them, unless they can slap my fist out of the air. I then punch, but I make sure I punch at a speed they can slap my fist.

If I get through, I pull the punch a little, but I still hit them. Then I tell them I’m going to do the same thing again, and that they must learn to slap the punch out of the air. Usually they don’t miss at all. But, if they do, they learn pretty quick.

Voila! Instant martial artist! HAH!

And then we get into angles and follow ups and what ifs and all the fun of real training.

Be careful with this technique, only use it with the people who need it, but can still assimilate it. Obviously, I don’t wish to go MMA, or abuse the art. I just want to open eyes to reality, and introduce certain kinds of people to the real martial arts.

If you want more hints, and some real die hard training concepts, drop by Monster Martial Arts.

Win #47

Using Matrix Martial Arts to Learn Real Martial Arts

Matrix Martial Arts to learn Real Martial Arts…sounds like a gimmick, doesn’t it? But if you told a Swahili tribesman, a couple of hundred years ago, that there were such things as wagons, well, he’d probably turn you over to the witch doctor for ‘treatment.’

Head getting too big…ideas all wrong…shrink head quick…squeeze out all ideas!

Here’s a truth that most people who study the fighting disciplines shudder at…if you study martial arts, you’re studying mysticism. You’re involved in trying to figure out what the witch doctors of Karate or kung fu or aikido, or whatever, are doing.

Now, I’m being confrontational so far, and that really isn’t what I’m about. So let me explain myself. I’d rather smooth talk you into jumping on my bandwagon…than bash you for being mystical

The combat disciplines are a language. Same as English, same as math, same as any set of ‘symbols’ that describe concepts. The language is a body language designed for handling incoming force and flow.

Here is how the language sets up.

basics letters
technique words
forms sentences
systems books
all systems encyclopedia

There’s more, of course, but that should illuminate you.

The problem is that somebody has mixed everything up. Basics from one technique are interjected into another technique, and the result is a word that is hard to pronounce, difficult to understand, and is…mystical.

No, it’s not mystical…it’s just a mish mash of opposing tongues. Or, conflicting languages.

Here’s the analogy, I’m going to give that Eskimo 100 verbs in the French language, and say that he knows French.

Huh! That’s not even mysticism, that’s bushwah.

The point of matrixing is to unmix the mish mash. To separate and isolate the different languages so that they make sense.
This has actually never been done before. There’s been a lot of ‘my art is best,’ or ‘my art is the only art,’ but nobody has ever taken the martial arts apart, and put them back so that they become a logical construction.

Sure, people have recognized that the arts are a language, but nobody has ever delved into that language and matrixed it. Never.

Some interesting things happen when you matrix a martial art.

The first thing is that the arts start making sense. Things that mystified previously no longer mystify. They are simply (and I do mean ‘simply’) logical and understandable.

The second thing is that people start learning faster.

Then start the other abilities. People start to think intuitively. They analyze and reach conclusion at a glance, and there is no longer any need to ‘figure things out.’

We are opening the door here, not just to fighting, or real martial arts, but to whole fields of knowledge. The joy is that people don’t have to give up what they are studying, they just have to learn a few simple tricks concerning how to study. They have to stop thinking they are learning everything, when they are studying but one simple art, and use matrix martial arts to logically understand their art, and then use their art to logically understand all the arts.

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