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Go Backwards to Learn Real Karate is a Neutronic Theory

free martial artsBackwards to Learn Real Karate? I’m sure a few of you out there are scratching their heads.

I first figured this out when students developed backwarditis.

Backwarditis is when the student steps back with the wrong side of his body, tries to do the technique on the right instead of the left, and that type of thing.

So usually you take the time to slow down and drill the student through. But that’s the slow way.

Instead, when a student does things backwards, I have him do them on the backward side. I don’t resist his mistakes, I let them look at them. Then, once he has done the technique on the wrong side, he has no trouble doing them on the right side.

I developed this type of training method further when I developed Neutronic theory. After all, if doing things wrong deliberately fixes things, why not try it elsewhere, right?

Now, there are a ton of drills and exercises and teaching tips and hints that I could give you. Hey, subscribe to this blog and you’ll have a direct link to it all. But the thing I actually want to share in this particular blog is that you must relax to get the true art.

If you are tense, you set up energy shields, stop your perception from going out (seeing what is coming in).

If you are relaxed you have no barriers to stop your energyflx, your energetical creations, your perceptions and awarenesses.

Most karate, taekwondo, kenpo, and so on and so on train by making you work hard, flexing your muscles, yelling, and making you erect energy barriers.

So, go the other way. Do it tai chi style, and take down the barriers. You can find me doing this on my courses, teaching people how to relax into their art, instead of using force. The result is quick teaching, an accurate art, and a better lifestyle.

So check out the following video, see if I’m relaxed, see if i make it work, see if I look like I have ridges of energy all around me…and remember that I’m doing what I’m doing and I’m over sixty. Also remember that I can teach you how to go backwards, and that you will learn real Karate, or even real taekwondo or kenpo or aikido or whatever art you wish to make real. My website is Monster Martial Arts.