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Creating Martial Arts Systems and Styles

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A Buddha Crane Matrixing Win!

Got a great win from Timothy G this week!

martial arts training manual

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Hello sir.
It’s going well. Really well. Once I was able to connect Buddha crane with shuri ryu, the pieces began to fall into place all by themselves.
The Buddha crane is the foundation of the kihon waza, ippons waza and came into their own flow drills(taezus naru waza).
Making changes to the Kata isn’t as easy, but I have done the first few Kata. Even crazier, I found someone who has already blended shuri ryu with something. So, it came rather easy.
Upon showing him how I’ve made changes opened his eyes and he’s asking me to give him pointers on how to make his karate be more ‘alive’.
My shuri ryu master is dead and I never got the chance to get my black belt. So, I’ve gone thru these people I’ve run into and just from what I showed them they are willing to bring me to the black belt in shuri ryu.
I’m not sure if that’s even important now, being that I matrixed the whole art, but I do hope to bring this understanding of shuri ryu to the table. Thus, starting a new (sub) ryu to the family.
I couldn’t have done it without you. Osu

Thank you, Timothy,
and well done!

And for everyone,
please take note of a few things here.

The classical is not suffering,
drills and exercises have more flow,
which comes from increased understanding.

Making changes isn’t always easy.
Aside from the fact of understanding
the potentials of the martial arts
enough so that you can make intelligent changes,
you have to force yourself to change something
that you have come to believe in.

Changing a belief system is often the hardest thing
a man can do.

He shows his changes to another fellow engaged in changes,
and he becomes the authority.
he isn’t just changing,
he has the knowledge,
and this is something that people really respect
and will adhere to.

Upon showing his changes to others
he is recognized as expert,
or having the ability to be expert.
Osu to you, Timothy.

here is a very interesting question:
how important is the black belt at this point?
People going through these changes,
are gaining knowledge
and that is senior to black belt.

Maybe one out of a thousand people
that start karate
get to black belt.

But how many have the knowledge
to put together their own system or subsystem?

I encourage everybody to get to black belt,
but I encourage knowledge more.
Understanding is the most important thing you can ever get.

Thanks, Timothy,
your win is fantastic,
and I hope people understand
the trials and tribulations here,
and the incredible passion you have for the arts.

Here’s how I analyze forms. I do this for every move. Check out video courses at MonsterMartialArts.com. This particular technique is from Temple Karate.

I know Timothy has other courses and books on Matrixing,
but he mentions the ‘Buddha Crane’ book.
So let me explain something about that book.

That was the last book I wrote,
I believe,
before starting on Matrixing proper,
before doing all the matrixing courses.
As such,
I was using matrixing concepts hard and fast,
and I was developing a whole art
out of what I knew.
You can see me reworking techniques,
reworking forms,
trying to bring everything into a new slant,
to be proper,
a ‘de-slanting.’
A truth.

Here’s the funny thing,
the book was actually just a ‘toss in,’
a bonus,
on the ‘Create Your Own Art’ course.
I wanted to show how I was creating an art,
give an example
to back up the theories I was pushing.
The book is PDF on the Create Your Own Art Course.

You can,
I believe,
get it on Amazon,
if you look around you can find it.
You can also get it here…


That’s my publishing company,
so I get a bigger royalty
if you get it there.

That page I just gave you
has a complete write up
on what is in the book.
the Createspace version is paperback,
which most people prefer,
because it’s easier to walk around with the book,
than carrying a computer around
while you practice.

a final word,
the illustrations are most interesting,
I wrote it on an old mac,
and the software was something called Appleworks.
What this means is that I drew the illustrations,
hundreds of them,
one line at a time.
I drew figures,
with lines.
I remember,
at the time,
not being frustrated by the slowness of it all,
but being excited,
because I felt like I was,
by doing the illustrations in this slow and laborious way,
learning something about the human form,
writing what I was doing
in a new way in my mind.
By the time I was done
I felt VERY changed inside.

that’s it.

thanks Timothy,
I hope people appreciate your win,
and I hope they take the time to look at the book,
and get their own wins,
take a stab at understanding,
and even changing,
their own carefully crafted belief systems.

And everybody,
it’s summer,
have fantastic work outs!



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Matrixing Karate a Resounding Success!

Matrixing Karate Publication a Winner!

The Matrixing Karate series is causing a massive rethink as to how the martial arts are done.

The books, written by Al Case, present the art of Karate from white belt to master. What makes them unusual and highly original is the scientific approach.

martial arts course

Amazing new book! click on the cover!

Mr. Case points out that the martial  arts are done ‘monkey see monkey do’ fashion, with the student eschewing learning for the simple memorization of hundreds of random sequences.

The matrixing method establishes an ‘alphabet,’ which then causes a scientific process, and real learning.

The result is that the student doesn’t just learn the martial arts, he ‘absorbs’ them, and up to ten times faster.

Imagine studying for a few months and suddenly knowing the martialarts well enough to defend yourself. in this age of high crime that is a real blessing.

Slowly but surely, other artists are learning that the faster method for learning the martial arts is the only way to go. The marines, for instance, in their MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program), have reduced the number of belts to five, and students can master the material in as little as 30 hours per belt level, on the average.

So faster martial arts, and more effective martial arts, is the wave of the future. Mr. Case appears to be right on the cutting edge with his new science of Matrixing.

Interested readers can inspect his matrixing books on amazon. Simply go to Amazon and search for Al Case Matrix Karate.’

Were the Martial Arts Really Born this Way? (A Case History!)

How Martial Arts Really Got Started!

Joe Blow goes to war, rolls in the mud a lot, manages to survive, and he comes out of the wars with a couple of techniques that worked, that actually saved his life. Maybe pushing the butt of his spear for a horse impalement, maybe ducking when somebody sliced sideways at his head, maybe stepping to the side if they sliced down, and, oh, BTW, stick quick after the other guy misses.

So Joe Blow survives, gets a bunch or ribbons, which are a lot cheaper than a pension, and is pronounced a hero.

Unfortunately, when poor Joe goes home he doesn’t have any way of making money.

But the kids in his village are all impressed, and they keep asking him stupid questions like, “How did you survive the battle of Bloody Gap?”

Which battle he survived by being conked on the head and sleeping through it, then waking up in time for the general to come by and think he’s the last man standing. That was good for a really big, red ribbon.

But kids keep asking and asking, and, finally, in a moment of frustration, he throws a bozo kid on the ground, sticks his knife right to the kid’s throat, and says, “Like this!”

Now, the kid, being stupid, doesn’t realize that he’s pushed Joe to the breaking point, he is just aware that he has sampled all the violence and glory that he missed out on. And he gets up and says, “Wow! Can you teach me that?”

Disgusted, Joe walks away and throws back, “You don’t have enough money to buy that technique!”

“I got ten dollars!”

Joe stops.

He’s broke, he’s hungry all the time, and this stupid kid wants to pay him ten dollars because….because…


So he teaches the kid the technique. Stupid kid actually knicks him with a knife, so he grabs a stick, tells the kid everybody trains with sticks.

The kid asks why not real weapons, and Joe makes up some gobbledegook about sticks being wood, and wood is mystical, therefore the stick is mystical.

“Wow! Am I learning the Stick Mystical System?”

Moaning on the inside with grief, Joe says, “Sure. Call it ‘Stick-My-Sys-Do.’”

Kid goes away all excited, tells his friends, and the next day Joe has 14 brats squalling to learn Stick-My-Sys-Do.

Joe’s eyes light up like a cash register, and he teaches the kids. But when they complain about being thrown on their butt he sells them pillows to put in their pants. Protective gear, you know.

So Joe teaches his five techniques, and then realizes that he has no more! But those kids have been paying for his beans and brewski, so…so he remembers a guy in the wars who told him about how you roll under the charging horse and slash the belly with a knife. Guy was making it up, but what would a bunch of stupid kids know? Eh?

So he teaches them the mystical and sacred technique Rolling Horse Undies.

Then he figures, he got away with that one, he makes one up. ‘Punch Under the Horse’s Tale.’

Which are quickly followed up by Kicking the Cocos, One Finger Up the Nose, and all sorts of other things.

And if any of the kids get mouthy, or give him a rough time, he just uses one of his real techniques to throw the kid on his, uh, pillow, and stick his knife (he’s allowed to use a real one) in the kid’s throat.

And everybody cheers and yells and wants to learn more.

Now, I know, you think I am bitter and cynical, or even (choke) disrespectful. But, if you have a better idea, feel free to share.

This has been an official Case History. You can read more like this at Monster Martial Arts in the column menu. And if you want to learn some real martial arts, not just Rolling Horse Undies or Punch Under the Horse’s Tale, check out this sacred and mystical Martial Arts page that nobody has ever seen until you saw it.

Geomteric Analysis of the Whole Martial Arts

Here’s How you assemble the pieces!

All righty and happy work out to all!
A work out a day keeps the doctor away!
And the psychiatrist,
and the marriage counselor,
and the medication,
and the blues,
and…I hope you get the idea
that Martial Arts really works.
Now go work out!

I actually had a bunch of wins come in over the last week,
I try to give one a newsletter,
so be patient if you’ve got one coming,
and let me know if I miss you…
so here is the win from Brad Wyman.

Mr Case-
     I truly appreciate the KDW levels… 
     I started studying Shorin-Ryu again w/ an instructor from Okinawa in March, & have been using Matrix plot tables to work out the techniques & applications- new & old alike. After demonstrating some of my knowledge & experience to him, a Shodan Black Belt test was scheduled for early July. Nidan is on the calendar for December. I will embark on Sandan material in a few wks & plan to have it ready by then as well.
     When I have trained & studied Arts in the past, the ‘Monkey-See-Monkey-Do’ curriculum has truly taken a couple of yrs to gain proficiency. Using Matrix theory & applying mathematical analysis has not only gotten the multiple courses you’ve supplied “downloaded”, but I’ve also used it to learn other Arts, & other subjects.
     Matrix techniques have allowed me to shave yrs, possibly decades from my own Martial Art studies, & have illuminated some of the next steps I’d already been working through. Soon I may actually begin to accept the inquiries & compliments as to my ‘Mastery’ of Karate w/ out dissembling or denial. We’ll just have to see-
   I’d learned about Matrix tables YRS ago in Calculus. But it took your example & techniques to jump start my brain, to think ‘Outside the Box’ of how to apply/use them in everyday life.
     We’ve not met in person, but I wanted you to know that Matrixing has made an incredible impact in my life, these past 2+ yrs.
     I had still been working on my Master’s this past October, but I fully expect to complete my PhD by Year’s End. That is in part, due to utilizing Matrixing to break down the data into manageable, logical & more easily ‘digestable’ chunks.
     Although you figured this out yrs ago, these’re just a couple examples of how else Matrixing can be used.
Thanks again. Until Next Time- Brad W

Thanks Brad,
I am humbled by your accomplishments.

for all of you out there,
Brad has quite a few of my courses.
I know,
sounds like a sales pitch,
but the fact is this,
Matrixing is simple,
but you need to get a few viewpoints of it.
You could get
Matrixing: The Master Text,
at ChurchofMartialarts.com,
and that would give you the whole thing,
but that’s more of an easy reference
once you have done everything.
Really, you need to go through a few courses,
get the picture from several different angles.

Sometimes somebody can go through a single course,
he’s ready,
the lights go on,
and zowie!
his life is different.
like I said,
most people need a few courses.

it’s just that people start from different places,
come into this thing
with different experiences,
and they need a few different angles
to really get this Matrixing thing.

The thing is this:
it’s a field of knowledge,
never been explored before,
and it takes whatever it takes
to accumulate enough of this knowledge
to be able to start thinking in it.

Let me give you an analogy.

If you were going to learn mathematics
it actually breaks down something like this…

You learn basic math and you are learning positive numbers.
You learn algebra and you are learning negative numbers.
You learn calculus and you are learning about curves.
You learn trigonometry and you are learning triangles.

anybody who knows math
knows I have badly misstated this.
There is overlap from one field of math to the next,
my definitions aren’t that clear,
but…it does vaguely represent math.

that’s how it is in the martial arts.
Karate is a positive line
Shaolin is circles
Wing Chun is negative angulation
Aikido is negative circles
and so on and so on.
Every art has a geometric equivalent.
they are all mushed up.
And there is fantastic overlap of technique
from one art to the next.

And here’s the cruel thing…
I tell this to people
and they say,
‘Oh, we have that.’
And they are thinking that
in their kenpo or taekwondo or whatever,
they have elements of circular angularity,
or negative circles,
or whatever.
of course they do,
but it is all mushed together.
not to be brutal here,
it means their mind is all mushed together.

Until Matrixing,
you see,
there was no way to separate the arts,
make them pure,
put them in their assigned geometry,
and even if they know of this analogy I have just stated…
they are going to stay mushed up.
Thinking they are right,
and not understanding that
you have to go through enough arts to understand
how to straighten it all up,
and separate the mush.

Somebody does Matrix Karate.
They get it,
and I know who they are because
they suddenly start ordering everything I’ve got.
They are drinking the data,
guzzling it down wholesale,
straightening up the mess in their mind
as fast as they can.

somebody orders a course and goes away,
it is because he didn’t get a big enough chunk of info,
or he got the wrong course and information,
more likely,
he didn’t apply himself and actually DO the material.
except for insanity,
that’s it!
That’s about all the reasons there are
for somebody to not want their mind to function
about a 100 times better that it has been!

the message is this,
to learn how to matrix,
I suggest you start with the first course,
and just go down the courses
as they are listed
on the front page of Monster Martial Arts.
And actually DO them.

Not just peruse them and think you’ve got it,
but DO them.

That list of courses on the front page
approximates the order I discovered them in,
and it is the order I teach them in,
and it seems to work best.

it is arranged like math,
the simplest subject first,
and each subject a different viewpoint,
a different way of arranging the matrixing tables.

And take the time
to actually DO every course.
If it’s not your cup of tea,
that’s fine,
but at least go through everything a few dozen times,
search to make sure,
look for the subtle points and the nuances,
and make sure you understand
and see the connection
between the matrixing table
and the art taught.

You do that and you’ll end up with wins like Brad’s…

Oinkey dokely,
I’ve got to run,
I will be on the road starting next Wednesday.
I will have a computer with me,
and should be able to stay current,
except for a 3-4 day stretch when I am in the wilderness.
if I don’t answer an email,
be patient.

And thanks.
Thanks for being martial artists.
You are the finest,
most intelligent,
most important
people on earth.

Have a great work out!


Here’s the first course on the list…

Martial Arts Gets Rid of the Monkey Mind…Rejuvenates Mankind!

 Warrior Mind? Or Monkey Mind?

Everybody in the world is engaged in struggle.

everybody in the world is a warrior…
whether they know it or not.

Even if they don’t learn martial arts,
study martial arts or do martial arts…
they are still stuck with being a warrior.
a sadly inefficient warrior.

Joe Citizen struggles in the workplace
to bring bread home for the family.

Charlene Fatcells struggles in the gym
to get her weight down.

Even little Jimmy Nogood,
he struggles with teachers who should know better!

here is the problem,
the ability to fight is being bred out of us.

Did you know that sperm counts are going down
in the American male?
He’s been losing the struggle with GMO,
and his actual DNA may be changing!

And how about all those obese people?
Tons of them laying on the couches of America!
They lost the struggle with potato chips and ipads!
No real life,
just eat and tweet…eat and tweet!

if you want a real good example,
how about them politicians?
They lost the struggle with…their Monkey Minds!

That’s right,
you see,
the real struggle is not against DNA,
or some boss who has his own struggles,
or the politician or even against Lays Chips.
The real struggle is against your Monkey Mind.

The Monkey Mind is that chatter in your brain.
It is static…
meant to distract you from actually living!

there is one way to end the Monkey Mind,
to cease the endless static that says things like…
should I go to Mickey Ds today?
With things like…

The way to end the Monkey Mind,
and this is written in one of the oldest texts in the history of man,
is to learn how to concentrate your awareness.
To focus,
and eliminate the monkey chatter,
and replace it with accomplishments.

The easiest,
most fun way
to learn how to focus your awareness
is to do the martial arts.

That said,
the fastest way to do the martial arts
is to matrix them.

of course!
Everybody knows that!

How long can you think of one thing?
Go on,
try it.
Look at a table, or a pen, or something that is not a TV.
How long can you stay focused and have your attention
on only that one thing?

Chances are,
not long.
Within 30 seconds your mind is thinking of other things.
Bye bye awareness,
hello Monkey Mind.

some people can read this,
and just do it,
focus their attention,
bye bye monkey mind.

But 99.99 per cent of the people,
and this certainly included me when I first started out,
can’t do this.
Can’t focus their awareness
for more than 30 seconds.
If that.

you need to do something
that is more fun,
has more point to it
than just sitting and meditating your way
through the Monkey Mind.

Most people need an activity that focuses their attention
if they wish to increase their awareness.
A fun activity with a point.

you do your forms,
focusing your attention on each move.
You mock up villains,
and you mock up yourself as a warrior.

as you focus on your opponent,
your awareness grows.

Do you understand?
Do you understand why
people who do martial arts are smarter?
More aware?
More responsible?

Because they have put the Monkey Mind on hold,
and grown as Aware beings.

people with the Monkey Mind in full gear,
they are on endless welfare,
can’t get a good job,
are constantly crying in their beer.

People without the Monkey Mind
are relaxed,
have good friends,
and enjoy life.

here is the question of the day…
would you like to live half your life with a Monkey Mind?
Taking 3 decades to get rid of it
through traditional training?
Or do you want to get rid of it now!
Inside of a few months!
Then you matrix.

You matrix,
and that means you organize your mind,
by organizing your martial arts,
and getting rid of mental chatter,
becoming able to focus your awareness on anything you want!
For as long as you want!

I’ve said what I’ve said.
I’ve either convinced you to kick out your Monkey Mind
by having a ball
working out more,
doing the martial arts,
and enjoying life more,
you are paying attention to that clutching beast on your back…
the Monkey Mind.

So what’s it going to be?
Thirty years of work outs,
if you manage to stay in good health,
not get waylaid by bad marriages (the result of a Monkey Mind)
Changing one bad job for another (the result of a Monkey Mind)

Or get there quick.
The Matrixed Way.

For me,
it was never a choice.
I saw the martial arts and I ran towards them,
laughing and having the time of my life.
getting rid of my Monkey Mind
I am a warrior.
Good health,
good times,
making the world happen,
and I slew my Monkey Mind.

And that’s what I want for everybody…
especially you!

I want you to be a warrior
and slay your Monkey Mind.

All righty tighty…
I’ve done my work out,
my awareness is on
and yours will be too
of you look at this page…


Simply, you will learn about transforming your karate,
or any art you’ve got,
and making yourself more aware.

And when you see how simple it is,
head for this page.


This has all the data
so you can focus your awareness
the right way.
Not some mythical Bushwah way
that happens when your martial arts teacher
makes up stuff
for when he doesn’t know the real reasons.
(Bad case of Monkey Mind, you know?)

that said,
you guys have an AWESOME week!
LOTS of work outs!



zen martial arts

How People Can Learn Martial Arts in a Few Months!

Reposted from MonsterMartialArts.com

How to Matrix the Martial Arts!

A lot of people read my site, or articles on the web, and they raise their eyes and say, ‘Oh, right. A guy can learn Martial Arts in a few months? Ha!’

Lot of cynicism out there, and I understand it. Some fellow studies for years to learn Taekwondo or learn Shaolin or whatever, and I come along and say, ‘You could have learned it ten times faster.’

little dragon

Don’t just look at the moon…BE the moon!

That guy is going to be upset! He’s going to think I’m full of it, just because if he doesn’t, then it invalidates all his years of training.

But, when somebody actually does matrix their martial art, and this works for Aikido and Kenpo and ALL other martial arts systems, then they find that I am not invalidating all they have done…I am making it count! I am organizing their data, making it more accessible, and that means their martial arts are sharper, quicker, more intuitive…and so much more!

So how do I convince the doubter?

Try these facts on for size.

Take two pigeons and put them together for 6 weeks and they will mate for life.

6 weeks, and you cam MAKE a pea brain MAKE a life altering decision. Doesn’t even matter if Mrs. Pigeon is ugly.

Now this is a stupid fact, but it tends to open the door to facts more pertinent to you and the Martial Arts.

The US army takes a common, garden variety man or woman…and MAKES them into a soldier in three months. Another three months and we’re talking about a high tech soldier, able to use a computer, or some other complicated device, right in the middle of a firefight!

That’s a good fact. It speaks highly of dedicated, factual training.

Here’s another one: there are ads on TV that claim you can MAKE your body into a lean, mean muscle machine in three months. Three months and you no longer have a beer barrel, but, instead, have a six pack!

So the point here is this: if you are smarter than a pigeon, then you can change your mind and change your body in three months.

Or, in other words,

You don’t even have to believe! You just have to get a martial arts course and do it!

So now we come down to choice.

Do you want to sit around and tweet one liners…or do you want to join a brotherhood that has lasted for thousands of years…the brotherhood of the Martial Artist!

Do you want to be sweet meat for that home invader? That mugger? That guy who wants to take your girlfriend?

Do you want to watch Bruce Lee movies and think, ‘How cool!’ Or do you want to BE like Bruce Lee?

Okay. Nuff said. I hope I’ve changed your mind, gotten you to get up off the coach, inspired you to do something that will give your life value forever!

So take a look at this http://monstermartialarts.com site, check out the courses, and decide what you want to do.

Remember, the only person stopping you from being more than you…is you.

This has been a page about how to learn martial arts in a matter of a few months.

zen martial arts

Reposted from Monster Martial Arts.

Disarm Yourself! Don’t Learn Martial Arts! Live in Fear!

A Good Excuse to Learn Martial Arts

I was watching the tube today, watching the aftermath of the school killing in Connecticut. They show smiling faces, grim cops shaking their heads, and then they show the bonebrain.

The bonebrain is that person they have selected to push the gun control agenda. It is usually a pretty girl, and she says something to the effect of…’I’m so scared. This is terrible. I’m just so frightened. I mean…everybody has these guns!’

And, we’re all supposed to give our guns to the police, and vote to disarm the NRA, and shake our heads at the violence in this world, and…bushwah.

Look, the killings were a tragedy, but that doesn’t change the fact that the states with the softest gun control laws have the lowest crime rates. And the states with the hardest gun control laws have the highest crime rates.

And the fact is that every repressive government in the history of the world has disarmed their citizens before attacking them.

The fact is that unless you know how to defend yourself you are a bonebrain. You are a potential victim.

That girl is frightened? Instead of whining about being helpless, she should head down to a martial arts class and learn something.

And parents, instead of telling their children to be well behaved, should send them to a martial arts class.

Yes, I am aware that the majority of victims int he COnnecticut shooting were children. But there were a few adults who couldn’t protect those children because they didn’t know martial arts.

And, here’s something to think about, if that idiot murderer had taken a few karate classes, he would have ended up with self esteem and competence in his toolbox, instead of a stolen gun and the miserable existence to excuse using it.

Well, I could go on talking forever, but bonebrains are bonebrains, and they are the marching idiots of pipsqueak dictators, and they are frightened sheep, and they really should go take martial arts. Heck, just find a few free classes on the net to start. Head over to LearnKarateOnline.net if you want a few good karate lessons.

It’s that or be a bonebrain.

This has been an article encouraging people to learn martial arts.

How to Do Martial Arts the Quick and Simple Way

Learning How to Do Martial Arts the Fast Way

There are a lot of reasons why you should learn how to do the martial arts the fast way. You can’t take a long time to learn real self defense, martial arts contracts are so long that people end up getting married, going to school, the mugger won’t wait, and all sorts of other things. In this article, however, I want to look a little more in depth at this problem of how to do the martial arts fast.

how to do martial artsMind you, I am not talking about learning how to do martial arts moves, or how to do martial arts kicks, or something like that. I am talking about learning a complete and total system. I am talking about learning how to do taekwondo, or do kung fu, and all within a few months.

I know, common opinion is it takes four years to black belt, and a dozen or twenty years to master karate or kung fu, or any other single art. And the reason people thought it took a month to cross the country by stagecoach is because cars hadn’t been invented. Let alone planes.

But the United States army teaches a person how to be a soldier within a few months. That’s high tech weaponry, how to move as part of a unit, how to do all the things that a highly trained combat specialist must know to survive outright war. So why can’t somebody learn how to do the martial arts in a few months?

Or, if you really want to get into it, how long does it take for a child to learn how to work a computer? Heck, you give a kid a computer, an ipad or iphone, and they will have those things singing and dancing within a couple of minutes! So why can’t we learn martial arts the way kids learn how to do computers?

What we are talking about is intuition, and not the mindless, rote drilling of martial arts techniques you probably won’t see in a fight. Intuition is the grasping of a concept, and if you grasp the concept it takes very little karate drilling or taekwondo drilling, or whatever your martial art drilling, to make it work. Even things like Dim Mak and Golden Bell Kung Fu training, if you understand the concept it takes very little time to learn.

Heck, when you learn something, it’s always difficult, until you suddenly understand the concept, then it all becomes easy, so easy it is almost magical. So why not learn in the conceptual way, and bypass all the confusion and delusion that goes with not understanding what the heck you are doing? Why not just leap to the head of the class, get the Martial data, and then do it?

In this martial arts teachers experience people are able to learn in this fashion, the only problem is figuring out what the concepts are, and how to present them so the karate practitioner or the aikido student understands them. Heck, any martial art can be broken down to concepts, the only reason we haven’t done this thus far is that people have become enthralled and enchanted with the slower, classical martial arts methods. But we can break free from the ‘classical mess,’ we can learn concepts fast and intuitively, we can learn how to do martial arts the fast way, and make it look easy.

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Do you Know About the Martial Arts? Or Do You Know Martial Arts?

Martial Arts are not something you can dabble in.

We’ll get to the martial arts, but first I want you to imagine meeting somebody who has lived in the Sahara desert. He has never seen water except to drink. He has not bathed, he has not jumped in a pool, and he has never seen a lake or an ocean. Now describe the experience of going swimming.

martial arts strong

There are those that don't...and there are those that do!

Now, compare that to the martial arts.

You see, people can watch movies, and they can visit youtube, and they can see unlimited amounts of martial arts, but that doesn’t mean they know martial arts. They only know ‘about’ them.

This is a huge thing, actually, with all the youtubing going on. And it’s important to me because I sell martial arts courses, and I want people not to just know about, but to know. I want to make sure they take what I sell, and do them.

Now, what drove me to this rant is something that happened a while ago. I was talkign to some fellow on the net, and he had his ideas, and he was smart, but he was also goofy. And suddenly I had inspiration. So I told him what a matrix was. I told him where I came up with the idea and how to use it.

I didn’t give him any art. He had his own art, so all he had to do was apply the matrix. Right?

So a week later he is denouncing me. He said something to the effect of ‘I drew a matrix, and I put my art on it, but honestly, I don’t see the point. I don’t see how that would have the great effect that he (Al-myself) is talking about.

Well, of course. He made a matrix and looked at it, and then he didn’t do it.

That’s like the guy from the Sahara going to the ocean, and then not jumping in. He still doesn’t know what it is like to swim.

That, incidentally, is why on almost every single course I give complete arts.

You want Karate to be logical and make sense? I don’t just give you the matrix, I give you a complete art, fully matrixed. Once you have done it, then you can matrix your own art.

You want Kung Fu to be logical and make sense? And to be ten times easier to learn? I’ve got several courses that present different arts of Kung Fu. They give complete arts, sometimes more than a single art, so that you can do the art, compare the art, and then matrix your own art.

The worst thing in the world is somebody who buys one of my courses and then doesn’t do it. Who reads it like a book, and then doesn’t get up and actually do it.

Let me explain it like this.

People who do my courses usually buy another one. They went to the ocean and jumped in.

People who buy and don’t do, usually don’t order again. They went to the ocean and just looked at it.

People who don’t buy and have an opinion…well, they aren’t too smart. They’ve heard about the ocean, but they won’t even go look at it.

I hope this all makes sense, and even converts a few of the lookers but not doers.

Look, all I want to do is make the martial arts better. Period. Finish. That’s it. That’s the martial arts.

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At a Martial Arts School I Learned to Fart on Your Food!

Martial Arts School and the Things You Learn!

As time went on, I realized that having gone to a Martial Arts School, I was different. I don’t think I knew how much martial arts had made me different until the day I conducted a social experiment wherein we farted on food. BTW, no food was harmed in the making of this social experiment…grin.

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Are you a socially acclimated, politically correct slave? Or do you study Martial Arts?

First, I knew I was different because I don’t follow the rules of society. I was always getting in trouble, saying the wrong thing, and being the only one laughing and having a good time. Turns out breaking the rules and having a good time are actually pretty hand in glove.

And, I noticed that everybody around me was getting older, especially in attitude. They got serious about politicians and other fools and liars, and they got grim lines on their faces. Me, I just kept practicing martial arts.

So one day I got this fart machine on the internet. You press a button and it makes an obscene sound, and most people are fooled. Then I put it in the back pocket of one of my martial arts students, and had him back up to a table at a restaurant.

Now, I expected to have to go to his rescue, to save him when somebody got upset, but I was wrong. It was a sidewalk arrangement, and he would back up and put his fanny right over the table, and press the button. People stopped talking, looked down at their plates, and kept eating.

At first, I was in shock, farts are airborne fecal matter, and every single person we did this to just looked down and kept eating. I would have gotten violent if somebody did that to me. So why wasn’t anybody reacting? 

Well, I would have reacted because I study martial arts, and I am trained to stand up to people. Simply, I am not afraid, and not afraid of somebody who lets one rip. And all those people whose bacon and eggs we were farting over had not studied the martial arts.

The people of this country, you see, have gone to school, been given tickets, watched too much TV, and had the gumption socially acclimated right out of them. Political correctness has now replaced the instinct to survive in most people, and they just sit around and take it…be victims…are afraid to stand up and say: that’s not right and don’t you ever do that again! So go ahead and continue the way you are going, encourage your kids to go to school and be politically correct, vote Repub or Demo, don’t go to a martial arts school, and the next time you sit down and hear a strange sound ripping out the back of somebodys pants…just look down at your plate and keep eating.

Toss out political correctness, click to Monster Martial Arts, learn real martial arts…right off the net…and start undoing what has been done to you.

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