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Save Money in your Martial Arts Classes

I am constantly amazed by how much money you can save in your martial arts classes once you start matrixing.

Let’s say you spend 50 bucks a month, study for four years, and end up paying $2400.

With Matrix Martial Arts you can cut that time down to a year, and spend only $600.  That’s three years saved. $1800 saved. You become a quality martial artist now, instead of waiting.

That’s of course, if your instructor is open to the idea o you learning as  fast as you want, and not according to some arbitrary time line he has set up.

And the times are arbitrary. They have to be that way because the arts are arbitrary. They are put together checkerboards without scientific reason.

The point is that you can learn faster, save money, get to where you want to go quicker, become your own boss, drive a cadillac, and…well, maybe you won’t drive a cadillac. but you might…grin.

Hey, check out the Monster Martial Arts website, and see if what I am saying is right. What’s the worst you can lose…a couple of thousand bucks for martial arts classes? that’s a good thing. Think about it.


Who You Should Teach Martial Arts To and Why

Interesting question. Lot of nut cases out there, and you don’t want to waste your time, so who do you teach martial arts to?

I have one rule that I follow. I look for people who smile, who make jokes, who don’t take life too seriously.

I’ll teach anybody who has the desire, mind you, but I look for the happy people.

Life is up or down. And you take it up or down.

You are on your way to happy, or you are going in the other direction.

Martial Arts can reverse the downward direction, and make a happy person, and I don’t deny that to anybody.

But I look for happy people to teach. People who smile. They are the ones I concentrate on finding.

Life is a choice, and I made mine, and that’s how and why and who I teach martial arts to.

Check out the free ebook offered on the Monster Martial Arts home page.

Martial Arts Raises IQ–Are You Man Enough?

All those psychology tests that tell you you are getting stupider? You can now use them for paper airplanes, for the truth is out. The Martial Arts, as proven by Matrixing Technology, have proven to be the boon that reverses the path to stupid and elevates man to a smarter and more benevolent existence!

We aren’t going to bother our heads about the current crop of IQ tests, for they just plain don’t work. Psychology, after all, is a science with no rules or principles or laws, only opinion, and thus it isn’t a science at all.

The first thing to understand is that intelligence can be measured through accurate calibration of reaction time.

This can be taken too far, to the fight or flight mode, which is more of an survival instinct, and which can be termed animalistic.

If one can test reaction time, and not drive the subject down to survival instinct, then intelligence becomes apparent.

The key, however, is what do you want to prove intelligence in?

Ask a peasant an algebra question, and you get low intelligence. Ask a mathematician when to plant crops, and he will stutter off into arcane calculations that make no sense.

Ask a person to raise his hand when the green light winks, and measure the speed of his reaction, and you can find out how smart he is, and how that smartness relates to other people’s smartness.

As soon as you start qualifying the response, asking him to pick up a rake or hoe at the wink of light, you run into problems. The magnitude of problems in measurement relate to whether he knows what a rake or hoe is. Thus, you can measure intelligence in a field of choice, but only so far as you have educated a person in that subject.

What this tells us is that primary interest, in this field, should not be measuring intelligence, but measuring interest in a  subject. Interest breeds attention, breeds inquiry, breeds increased intelligence.

These factors became obvious and important because of research into Matrixing.

If there was interest in the martial arts, but not a specific martial art, one could be guided through the initial course with maximum benefit and enjoyment and results. The initial course is Matrix Karate.

However, people who were interested in a specific art progressed faster than people who weren’t interested in a specific art.

This is a no brainer, of course.

But, as people progressed in the matrixing courses (the various martial arts offered at Monster Martial Arts) a stark result was noted. People began to lose reaction time, and even reported ascending to the level of intuitive thought.

While this was hinted at through the study of martial arts general speaking, only when Matrixing occurred, and when the subject became properly cataloged as a distinct field worthy of study, did the vaster potentials of mankind become extremely obvious.

Intuitive thought, of course, is the highest level of intelligence, and cannot even be measured. Intuition occurring instantly, no matter the individual experiencing it, cannot be measured through any scientific method, except as to its real existence.

Thus, there are three levels of mankind.

There is the animalistic level, which depends on fight or flight for survival. Animals can be used in brute force occupations requiring little problem solving ability. Simply get yourself a whip and build a pyramid.

There is the human level, which depends upon reaction time. These critters are wonderful for working in factories, herded into McDonalds, and made into beasts of consumption.

Then there is the highest level, one occupied by Martial Artists of the highest caliber, and a few other lucky individuals..

In the past, those individuals lucky enough to experience any degree of intuition usually used their abilities to rule mankind, andmankind usually just sat around and wondered why they had to pay taxes, or to build large and wonderful tombstones.

Martial Artists, however, being of a more benevolent stripe, are not interested in paying taxes, nor in constructing mammoth tombs. ‘Learn, and learn some more,’ might be considered to be the motto of the martial artist. He increases his intelligence, gains love and respect for his fellow man, and then applies his abilities to the world around him, thus raising the level of all mankind.

Individuals tired of working just to pay unusual and unreal taxes, and tired of the odious task of constructing meaningless mausoleums to corrupt and dead rulers, are advised to consider Monster Martial Arts, where, through the study of Matrixing Technology, beasts and humans can aspire to higher levels of existence. There is an eook offered for free at the top left of the Home Page.

Win #26–I’m Giving Away a Free Martial Arts Book!

Yup, a Free Martial Arts Book. Here’s the link.

Free Martial Arts Book

It’s not a huge one, about 46 pages. And you’ll even see some ads. What’s worse is that the ads are funky. I was playing around with a writing style when I did them. The real joy, however, is that the artwork is beautiful, and the instruction is done in verse, and that makes it comparable to The Tao, but Karate specific.
Just think, a thousand years from now people will be pouring over this little book, maybe the two companion books (only five bucks each), wondering what the verses mean. But the only reason the verses will be confusing then is because people won’t speak the same ‘English’ as we do today.
That’s okay, they’ll figure it out. I have faith in them. Here’s a win you might like.

“Problem solving. Really, you can apply Al’s breakdown of the martial arts which in turn is applied to problem solving in every day life! Can you handle the fist? Can you handle that person? Can you handle that intention? Can you handle life? Well, you will teach yourself how. Again, YOU will teach yourself how.”

Isn’t that interesting? That a win like that, about that subject, will happen in a martial arts class? Well, I teach a little differently than everybody else, and I’m sure you’ll figure that out once you’ve read my Free Martial Arts Book.

Three Steps To Making Deadly Martial Arts Moves

Everybody buys into the concept of Deadly Martial Arts Techniques, but most schools don’t deliver. Teaching Little Johnny, training for tournaments, these concepts take from the fighting arts. Interestingly, one need only understand the three stages of technique, or bunkai, and it doesn’t matter whether you do karate or kenpo or taekwondo or whatever, and your art is going to become deadly.

You must come to grips with the basic idea and principle of what you are doing. Often there are a bunch of little tricks that need to be figured out, but they will come together in a single idea. This idea is presented in the kata, and it is why things like Karate kata or taekwondo poomse are actually incredibly vital to learning martial arts.

The form, you see, is a concept that strives to be as perfect as possible. You practice it without distractions and you attempt to make each technique you do as perfect as is possible. You try to do without things as reaction times, and you train your body to move as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The second thing you need to do is apply the individual parts of the forms in bunkai, or applications. You need to make the technique work through controlled distraction, you need to experience resistance. Most important, you need to understand the reality of what happens when bodies collide with bodies.

The idea here is that you need to have somebody try to stop you from achieving perfection. This enables you to deal with problems, and go through the doors that will enable you to make a technique work, and to find all the ‘what ifs’ that will get in the way. This is perfection on a new level; this is learning how to make the art work in spite of anything that might get in the way.

The third thing is to take your skills and make them work in freestyle, or sparring. Here your kenpo techniques may not be so smooth and liquid, in spite of anything Mr. Parker might say, and you are going to have to push through all resistance and make them functional. Ultimately, as you test these applications and find the working parts, you are going to find the perfection of art that can be found in such forms as wankin and seisan and even lowly sanchin.

The thing you have to watch out for, in this process of smoothing out distractions, is getting sold on violence as a solution. You must not come to love the Joy of Combat that is so alluring. You must, in spite of the chaotic nature of the subject, hold to cold, calm logic; you must control yourself until you find yourself.

The martial arts are a project of finding yourself through hard work, and through the seeking and isolating of the perfect concept of each movement you do. Perfection is there, you know, but it comes at a price. Deadly Martial Arts Techniques, you see, are achieved at the price of inner peace.

Half a dozen arts, dozens of forms, THOUSANDS OF TECHNIQUES, are available at 25 martial arts books.com

5 Reasons Why a Martial Arts Training DVD is the Best Way to Learn Self Defense

Martial Arts Training DVDs are the the absolute best when it comes to learning to defend yourself, and there are several reasons why. I will go into these reasons one at a time, and, at the end of the article, let you know a couple of things you should definitely be wary of when looking for martial arts courses. Here’s the initial list.

1) Help you pick and choose the right art for you.
2) Know what is going on before you start.
3) Know what is going on without being confused.
4) Remembering what the instructor says.
5) Be able to go over the lessons as many times as you want.

Maybe you’ve been bullied, maybe it’s your son that is being picked on, maybe you just live in a rough section of town, but the fact remains that it is time to learn some serious self defense. The first thing to do is pick an art to study. But there are so many arts to choose from…how do you know what art is right for you?

Martial arts training videos are an inexpensive way to search for the art that is right for you.
First, look around on the internet, get an idea of what the various arts are, then simply order courses in the arts that interest you. You will find that prices are low right now, and you can sample through the arts and get some real in depth instruction before you even step into a martial arts dojo.

Eventually, you are going to want to work with an experienced instructor and make sure that what you are learning on video works for real. So once you have studied martial arts videos you will have an idea of how the various arts work and why, and you can walk into martial arts school and know what you should be looking for, and what questions you should be asking. Whether it is a karate dojo, a taekwondo training dojang, or a kenpo training hall, you’re going to walk in with a degree of confidence and surprise the instructor with some intelligent questions.

As you start lessons you are going to find another blessing–you know what is going on in class.
How many times have you walked into a class and been confused, unsure of yourself. Having studied martial arts prior to even starting a class will eliminate confusions and enable you to get the most out of your training right from the get go.

Knowing what is going on right from the start will enable you to learn faster and retain information better. While others are trying to figure out a front kick, you’ll be in the stance and pumping them out like a champ, and know exactly what you are doing!

And, if there is something you don’t understand, likely you will find it on the instructional DVD. You can go home, pop the martial arts courses into the DVD player and go over your lessons time and again. There will be literally nothing you don’t understand or can’t figure out when you can go over the lessons in this manner.

The most important thing to be aware of is not to fall for gimmicks. Even though the courses on the net don’t cost much, be careful of the guy who offers you something like ‘Ten Killer Techniques that will enable you to beat up anybody on the street!’
Look, even if the guy has something that works there is still nothing better than learning a whole art. An the sad truth is that these gimmicks don’t work, you need to dedicate yourself to some training if you are going to really improve your reaction time and make self defense moves second nature.
Learning a few tricks is like eating dessert, it tastes sweet, but it won’t get you to the next meal.
Simply, you want something that is going to not just going to put you good condition, but change your body on deep levels.
You don’t want a ‘beat ‘em up’ quick course, you want a long term commitment that is going to change the way you think.
You want the real thing.
You want something that is going to last a lifetime.

That said, I always recommend that you get a course with a good and comprehensive martial arts training manual that is written by somebody with credentials…maybe somebody who has written for the magazines.
It’s easy to pop in front of a video camera, you see, and rattle off a bunch of techniques, but if the guy has written an actual martial arts book then you can be sure he has not just set up a camera and gone to town, but has actually thought about what he is going to teach you, and has the actually ability to teach, and it is a proven fact that writers make good teachers.

That’s about it. Consider the points I have listed in this article and you should be able to learn martial arts online by finding a good martial arts training DVD.

Al Case has over forty years experience. He offers a wide variety of Martial Arts DVDs and books at Monster Martial Arts.