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Matrixing Karate a Resounding Success!

Matrixing Karate Publication a Winner!

The Matrixing Karate series is causing a massive rethink as to how the martial arts are done.

The books, written by Al Case, present the art of Karate from white belt to master. What makes them unusual and highly original is the scientific approach.

martial arts course

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Mr. Case points out that the martial  arts are done ‘monkey see monkey do’ fashion, with the student eschewing learning for the simple memorization of hundreds of random sequences.

The matrixing method establishes an ‘alphabet,’ which then causes a scientific process, and real learning.

The result is that the student doesn’t just learn the martial arts, he ‘absorbs’ them, and up to ten times faster.

Imagine studying for a few months and suddenly knowing the martialarts well enough to defend yourself. in this age of high crime that is a real blessing.

Slowly but surely, other artists are learning that the faster method for learning the martial arts is the only way to go. The marines, for instance, in their MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program), have reduced the number of belts to five, and students can master the material in as little as 30 hours per belt level, on the average.

So faster martial arts, and more effective martial arts, is the wave of the future. Mr. Case appears to be right on the cutting edge with his new science of Matrixing.

Interested readers can inspect his matrixing books on amazon. Simply go to Amazon and search for Al Case Matrix Karate.’

Win #36–Can You Learn From a Martial Arts Book?

Of course you can learn from a Martial Arts Book, and there are incredible books on all martial arts out there. Of course, you have to watch out for the drek, but here’s a list I made and put on squido, it has to do with which books can be considered contenders when comes to being a Bible for the Martial Arts.


Check em out, and here’s a win from one of my internet friends.
Your books have helped me think with expanded clarity about my art
and what/how I teach. RV

This is the key, you know. Can the instructor get the data to you…do you understand what the instructor said, and does it work for you. Now just apply this to books and you are in like flin. uh. Flyne…you know.

You can pick up a free book on Matrixing at Monster Martial Arts.