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Release of ‘How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi’

Newsletter 924

About the New Karate to Tai Chi Book!

Hi Guys and Gals.

This is to announce the official release of
‘Chiang Nan’

Chiang Nan is the title I settled on, the working title is
‘How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi Chuan.’
So Chiang Nan,
or ‘How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi Chuan
was originally bundled into the course.
You can get it in PDF if you order the course.

I just published the official book
‘How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi Chuan,’
and it is available on Amazon.
The official title is…

‘Chiang Nan’

and here’s the link…


And for those who don’t know what it is about…
As the subtitle says,
it teaches one how to make karate into tai chi chuan.

If you have been studying karate,
this will expand your concepts of karate by ten times.
Different way of looking at form applications.
Different way of doing the form.
Really opens the mind.

If you have been studying Tai Chi Chuan,
you will learn a lot about techniques,
doing other arts tai chi style,
and so on.

it’s a different kind of strength,
different energy,
a whole and complete education.
If you know just the hard arts,
you need to know the soft.
or you only have half an art.

If you know just the soft arts,
you need to know the hard,
or you only have half an art.

This is a 270 page book
(three in one, actually)
that covers how to translate karate into tai chi,
what the lost form,
the original form that karate came from,
might look,
and the secret techniques of karate…
deliberately hidden by the secret pact
made by Okinawan karate masters.

So check it out on Amazon,
or just get the PDF by ordering the course through

Have a great work out!



It’s not Brutality…it’s Teaching Martial Arts

Newsletter 848

Monkey Boxing Workability

Here’s one of the Monkey Boxing newsletters,
there’s a video clip link half way down.

More vids up.

The thing one has to remember
is that the martial arts are founded on workability.
Not how pretty you look.
Not how many forms you can sail through.
how quickly and efficiently
you can take somebody out.

I remember doing Kenpo forms,
back in the 1960s,
and it was how graceful we could make the form look.
Then classical karate in the 1970s,
and how powerful we could look.
But it wasn’t ‘looks’ that were important.
It wasn’t looking graceful,
or looking powerful.

As time went on I kept trying to find
the shortest distance,
the least effort.

I needed to take people out before they took me out,
I needed to do it effortlessly.

I always remember telling a class
about fighting ten people.

If you fight ten people,
are you going to fight ten times as hard?
You’re going to run out of energy real quick.
the solution is to fight one tenth as hard.

I started working on effortless takedowns.

Mind you,
I had very violent and efficient takedowns from Karate.
I had amazing technical data on takedowns from Aikido.
So I was blending.
How do I put the technical into the violent?

If you look at the Head Catcher vid,
Monkey Boxing Video 37,
you will see a vast economy.
you will see an efficiency in the grab.

There is nothing wrong with a rear choke,
hands locked,
forearm under the chin,
like they do on TV.
these are pros,
and do you want to go to the street
and struggle looking for that perfect choke?

When I do it in the vid,
I just grab the whole body by the head,
and I tweak.

This is much more efficient.
You can look for the beautiful choke later,
nothing wrong with it.
But for Jihad’s sake,
close the distance,
grab the whole body,

Fast as you can.

What I run into,
the problem with teaching this technique,
is that you have to warn students,
drill students,
to be gentle,
it is that strong.

students are afraid to grab other students
in so impolite a manner.

It is that political correctness thing,
you know.
People have been trained to respect others.
You actually have to overcome that bull stuff,
that ‘be nice’ crap
that parents and teachers hand out.

So I grab a student,
throw him half to the floor,
let him feel the total loss of his body,
how helpless he is…
I tell him that his body is now mine…
then I lay him out.
I just grab him like a gorilla,
and lay him down like a baby.

And if he doesn’t grab his partner like a gorilla,
then I show him how again and again.

‘Your partner is here to learn
how to fight
how to survive,
and if you don’t show him the truth of brutality
you are cheating him.’

I grab him like a gorilla,
spin him down so he knows I could slap him on the floor
like a fly on a windshield…
than I lay him down gentle.

Again and again,
until he does it.

No more political correctness.
brutality with a gentle ending,
until the student understands.

Survival doesn’t come with a pillow.
And neither does effortlessness.

I hope I have ranted and raved enough.
Be gentle with those guys,
but make sure they know what reality is.

Enjoy the vids.
We’re starting to get into
the real stuff now,
the basics are pretty much laid out,
make sure you practice them enough
so you can absorb the real meat.

Any questions or clarifications
send them to:



The Inertia of Ignorance and Learning Kung Fu

Learning Kung Fu is Hard When You Have to Overcome Yourself!

I should say the odd thing about teaching human beings, not just teaching kung fu or karate to some fellow. But the fact is…people refuse to accept information.

Let’s say you’re teaching some fellow Kung Fu. You can say something like ‘twisting the wrist on impact is dangerous. The joint is unstable upon impact.’

Now, this is a big deal, actually, can result in damage, but so many systems use the twisting wrist to teach beginning students…but, they don’t teach the white belts why, or how to transition the technique to a more stable punch.

You see, the wrist is unstable, but it teaches people how to focus their power. Once they learn how to focus their punches, they need to learn how to snap a vertical punch, what is called a ‘sun’ punch, or some other variation. But when you tell them that, the mind shutters.

They shake their head, and continue on their path, and it is as if you never spoke.

It’s not just karate or kung fu, it’s deeper, it goes to the person’s ability to listen, to actually process information.

That is, incidentally, why the martial arts are so vital to learn. Somebody disagrees, and you can show them on the dojo floor. You can make them open up their ears.

But, that doesn’t cure the person of his problem of not being able to listen. Even somebody who has studied the martial arts for decades has this problem. Here is the  thing they will actually think when you tell them something.

‘Oh, we have that in our kung fu style.’ Or Karate style, or whatever.

They don’t say it, they just get this smug look. But the truth is this: yes, they had it in their kung fu style, every system has everything, if you look far enough, BUT…they were not aware of it before you spoke of it.

This problem, incidentally, I have given a label…‘The Inertia of Ignorance.’

Simply, people won’t let go of their ignorance. They protect it; they are not willing to admit it because, darn it, they think it will make them look like they aren’t smart!

But holding on to your ignorance is what is not smart. If you don’t admit your were ignorant of something, then you can’t learn: your protection of your image as somebody who is wise and knowledgable stops you from learning .

Do you understand what I am saying?

Now, go ahead and peruse Monster Martial Arts. Hopefully, what you have read here has removed you from that attitude, and opened your cranium to the influx of new ideas. Because, I guarantee…the stuff you find on Monster, this Matrixing science, has never been seen before. It is brand new information, not written of by Bruce Lee, nor recorded in Ninja scrolls, not anything.

Brand spanking New, and that makes it very difficult for people who are more concerned with their image of themselves than their desire to learn kung fu, or any other martial art.

zen martial arts

I Learn Kung Fu to Kill People!

Why I Learn the Martial Arts!

Got a recent email, and in it, some fellow talked about what he should say when asked why he did the martial arts. Now, I find this most interesting, and even bizarre.

I mean, when somebody asks me why I do the martial arts, I say because I like doing them.

And, if pressed, I merely point out that my body gets stronger, lasts longer, and stays happier.

And, my mind tends to focus on tasks at hand, and avoid distractions.

And, I just feel better.

Well, shucks, martial arts, and I don’t care what your style of kung fu, karate, aikido, or whatever is, work the body, and make you solve real time problems at a fast rate, to say the least.

Can anybody mention a more pressing problem than a fist barreling in on your face? Then I go to work, and that flooded bathroom is sort of inconsequential.

Did you know that most people who study martial arts do better in life than non martial artists?

It’s true. Totally true.

I can’t tell you how often I have talked to people and found out that the boss I am talking to studied martial arts. Maybe in college, maybe still doesn’t do it, but he’s still got the kung fu uniform hanging in the closet and ready to go.

And, even if the person isn’t a boss, the guys who do the most work, who seem to treat the customers the friendliest…they have martial arts experience.

Simply, they handle the fierce encounter on the mat, so handling the upset customer behind the counter is nothing. I mean, the guy in the complaint department has a broken part, so you just hand him a new one and tell him you’re sorry…and he’s happy. That’s a lot easieer than trying to flip that guy who outweighs you by forty pounds and has a grip on your neck!

Heck, if bosses knew this, they would probably start demanding that martial artists be the first to be hired.

Ah, well.

zen martial arts

Disarm Yourself! Don’t Learn Martial Arts! Live in Fear!

A Good Excuse to Learn Martial Arts

I was watching the tube today, watching the aftermath of the school killing in Connecticut. They show smiling faces, grim cops shaking their heads, and then they show the bonebrain.

The bonebrain is that person they have selected to push the gun control agenda. It is usually a pretty girl, and she says something to the effect of…’I’m so scared. This is terrible. I’m just so frightened. I mean…everybody has these guns!’

And, we’re all supposed to give our guns to the police, and vote to disarm the NRA, and shake our heads at the violence in this world, and…bushwah.

Look, the killings were a tragedy, but that doesn’t change the fact that the states with the softest gun control laws have the lowest crime rates. And the states with the hardest gun control laws have the highest crime rates.

And the fact is that every repressive government in the history of the world has disarmed their citizens before attacking them.

The fact is that unless you know how to defend yourself you are a bonebrain. You are a potential victim.

That girl is frightened? Instead of whining about being helpless, she should head down to a martial arts class and learn something.

And parents, instead of telling their children to be well behaved, should send them to a martial arts class.

Yes, I am aware that the majority of victims int he COnnecticut shooting were children. But there were a few adults who couldn’t protect those children because they didn’t know martial arts.

And, here’s something to think about, if that idiot murderer had taken a few karate classes, he would have ended up with self esteem and competence in his toolbox, instead of a stolen gun and the miserable existence to excuse using it.

Well, I could go on talking forever, but bonebrains are bonebrains, and they are the marching idiots of pipsqueak dictators, and they are frightened sheep, and they really should go take martial arts. Heck, just find a few free classes on the net to start. Head over to LearnKarateOnline.net if you want a few good karate lessons.

It’s that or be a bonebrain.

This has been an article encouraging people to learn martial arts.

Learn Zombie Kung Fu or Get Your Face Eaten Off!

The ultimate argument for learning Zombie Kung Fu occurred in Miami when a naked fellow by the name of Rudy Eugene ate a homeless man’s face. Rudy, it appears, ingested a drug called ‘bath salts.’ This street concoction fried his brain, and he decided to go McDonalds on the face of Ronald Poppo.

martial arts work out

Do this to a Zombie’s face!

Ronald, unfortunately, didn’t know Zombie Kung Fu.

What is the self defense move for somebody trying to eat your face off?

Head butt? Eat back?

The fact is that drugs do make zombies; drugs kill brains, and the unbrained ones then do whatever they wish, which, in this case, involved making a happy meal out of some poor schmucks nose and cheeks and stuff.

It is estimated that more than 80% of America is on drugs. This includes prescription drugs, street drugs, but not alcohol, coffee, or the like.

The word drug comes from a french word, drogue, which refers to barrels used to hold medicinal herbs.

The purpose (one of the purposes) of drugs is to cause unawareness so that medical attention can be given.

Modern times drugs are referred to as dope, and the prime purpose is to give joy through stupidity.

Kung Fu, on the other hand, or any good martial art such as taekwondo, krav maga, jujitsu,a nd so on, imparts awareness. People actually get smarter. Their bodies tedox, their brains wake up, and they start actually thinking, and can even attain enlightenment, which is the highest expression of the thought process in a human being.

That one does become smarter is proven by the fact that people who study Kung Fu don’t eat other peoples faces off.

Thus, studying an art like Hung Gar or Preying Mantis or wing Chun will not only make a person smarter, better able to handle the world, and so on, it will give him recourse in the event that a zombie tries to eat his face.

While the self defense techniques for specific zombie attacks have not been categorized or explored in any detail, it is obvious that an aware person will have enough presence of mind to kick an unaware person in the nuts using zombie Kung Fu.

zombie kung fu



Learn How to Fight Kung Fu Style!

Advanced  How to Fight Course!

There is a new course on How to Learn how to Fight.
This is actually an advanced course, taken from a second black shaolin course I was teaching. It is called Rolling Fists, and it is based on old Kung Fu drills, but taken to a whole new level. Guaranteed, you’ve never seen a martial arts fighting method like this.
learn how to fight

Nobody can Beat You if you know Rolling Fists!

The method used increases intuition ten times faster than any other martial arts freestyle method in the world.

There are twenty segments on the course (three hours), and they come on four disks.
Learning how to fight is crucial to your well being.
In a time when you don’t trust the government, when there are flash mobs and home invasions and perverts being released on the streets, every single person needs to know how to fight.
Heck, if Zimmerman had known how to fight, maybe he wouldn’t have shot Martin. You know?
At any rate, this course is cutting edge, it uses matrixing technology, which is a form of logic designed to fit the human brain.
Remember, if something is hard to learn (try memorizing five hundred kenpo techniques, or the 32oo martial arts techniques of Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu!) then it will be hard to use on the street. Just too much stuff in the mind.
This method doens’t pack the mind with junk, it clears out the mind and installs a simple concept based logic.
Really, it is a ‘no brainer’ way to learn how to fight, and in the best sense of the word.
Have a great work out, and be forever safe.
This has been a page to encourage you to learn how to fight.

How to Do Martial Arts the Quick and Simple Way

Learning How to Do Martial Arts the Fast Way

There are a lot of reasons why you should learn how to do the martial arts the fast way. You can’t take a long time to learn real self defense, martial arts contracts are so long that people end up getting married, going to school, the mugger won’t wait, and all sorts of other things. In this article, however, I want to look a little more in depth at this problem of how to do the martial arts fast.

how to do martial artsMind you, I am not talking about learning how to do martial arts moves, or how to do martial arts kicks, or something like that. I am talking about learning a complete and total system. I am talking about learning how to do taekwondo, or do kung fu, and all within a few months.

I know, common opinion is it takes four years to black belt, and a dozen or twenty years to master karate or kung fu, or any other single art. And the reason people thought it took a month to cross the country by stagecoach is because cars hadn’t been invented. Let alone planes.

But the United States army teaches a person how to be a soldier within a few months. That’s high tech weaponry, how to move as part of a unit, how to do all the things that a highly trained combat specialist must know to survive outright war. So why can’t somebody learn how to do the martial arts in a few months?

Or, if you really want to get into it, how long does it take for a child to learn how to work a computer? Heck, you give a kid a computer, an ipad or iphone, and they will have those things singing and dancing within a couple of minutes! So why can’t we learn martial arts the way kids learn how to do computers?

What we are talking about is intuition, and not the mindless, rote drilling of martial arts techniques you probably won’t see in a fight. Intuition is the grasping of a concept, and if you grasp the concept it takes very little karate drilling or taekwondo drilling, or whatever your martial art drilling, to make it work. Even things like Dim Mak and Golden Bell Kung Fu training, if you understand the concept it takes very little time to learn.

Heck, when you learn something, it’s always difficult, until you suddenly understand the concept, then it all becomes easy, so easy it is almost magical. So why not learn in the conceptual way, and bypass all the confusion and delusion that goes with not understanding what the heck you are doing? Why not just leap to the head of the class, get the Martial data, and then do it?

In this martial arts teachers experience people are able to learn in this fashion, the only problem is figuring out what the concepts are, and how to present them so the karate practitioner or the aikido student understands them. Heck, any martial art can be broken down to concepts, the only reason we haven’t done this thus far is that people have become enthralled and enchanted with the slower, classical martial arts methods. But we can break free from the ‘classical mess,’ we can learn concepts fast and intuitively, we can learn how to do martial arts the fast way, and make it look easy.

do martial arts

Seven Criminal Reasons to Learn Kung Fu in This Insane World!

Learn Kung Fu or Else!

If you decided not to learn kung fu, too sweaty, too much time, maybe you should reconsider. This world is going absolutely bonkers, and I mean in our own safe, little communities. Here are seven examples of people who have gone crazy, and they are the total argument for learning self defense techniques in this world.

learn martial arts

Learning Martial Arts is Actually Easy!

Two girls didn’t like the way some guy was taking their McNuggets order at their local McDonalds, so they jumped over the counter and chased him. His response was to pick up an iron bar and beat both of them bloody. Gee, maybe the insane should learn Karate or Kung?

Young kids don’t have the only edge on insanity, because a sixty year old woman repeatedly stabbed her boyfriend. Her reason was that she was just sure that he was cheating at the Monopoly game they were playing! Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to jail…and it’s too bad her boyfriend didn’t learn Krav Maga or Jujitsu!

Some people say Americans have too much protein in their diet, and maybe that is true. Consider the case of the fellow in Georgia who actually firebombed a Taco Bell because they didn’t put enough meat in his Chalupa. Maybe if he had taken some judo or karate lessons when he was young he would have had a little more self control.

And have you ever had  gotten a little angry about all the bureaucracy? Don’t get mad because, as happened in Cleveland, a 49 year old man had to go to the hospital because a poll monitor for the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections tried to actually bite his nose off! I’m sure that 49 year old guy wished he could learn Kung Fu or Taekwondo or one of those martial arts.

I don’t know how much Kenpo Karate or Aikido would have helped this pair of oldsters in Washington state. A 31 year old man who was living in the woods decided to attack the oldsters with a bow and arrow and a hatchet. He killed the man, left the woman for dead, and went on his merry way.

Of course, one could argue that more medication, not martial arts lessons is the answer…and they’d be wrong. One out of every twelve Americans is now on meds, and the society is not getting any more peaceful. Actually, when a violent crime is committed, often the first question the cops will ask is whether the criminal was taking Prozac!

Last in this bizarre hit parade is the case of the 18 year old man who met a girl online and traveled from Arizona to Wisconsin to meet her. Once in Wisconsin a pair of girls held him captive in their apartment for two days and slashed and stabbed him more than 300 times as part of a Satanic sex ritual. Guess that kid should have decided to learn kung fu.

learn kung fu

Gangs Learn Martial Arts by Joining the Military!

Join a Gang and Learn Martial Arts?

This is an awful notion, that a gang member could learn martial arts by joining the army. The sad truth, however, is that gang recruitment is up, severely, and these gangs are actually using the military for training in martial arts, combat weapons, and all manner of skills. This could be utterly terrifying, if you think about it, a gang member being trained as a soldier and then turned loose on the streets of America.

learn martial arts

Don't let people pick on you! Click on the Bully!

That the number of these criminals enlisting in the military is up is without a doubt. According to the FBI there has been a sizable 40 per cent rise in gang membership since 2009. These are people reared in the gang society, don’t have work, and the military presents a viable option for earning a living.

To be truthful, many gang members join the military with the desire to get out of the gang life. Once in the military, however, they find a culture of gangsters in the armed services. These gangsters go about enlisting new gang members, and picking up any ‘strays’ that are attempting to leave the gang life.

The FBI further says that they have evidence that over fifty different gangs, representing all the major gangs, have presence in the armed forces. These gangsters come from 100 different areas of the country. This is a rather large segment of the population.

The FBI also claims that that only are gang members joining the military, but other undesirable types are finding a home there. Members of Outlaw Motorcycle gangs have been joining the army. There have even been instances of prison gangs signing up.

That this criminal element is becoming a serious threat to homeland harmony is obvious. These budding felon types can get military hardware, such as machine guns, and even explosive devices. All too often these criminal types join the army reserve, then go home on leave and share the training.

One thing these gangsters can do, once they have joined the military, is use military resources to enhance their criminal activity. Apparently gang members have been able to use military computers to search for potential areas to expand their criminal activities. Gang members have actually searched military database and communication systems to deal in drugs.

To summarize, it is hard to know what to do about this situation. The military needs intelligent men, and a clever gang member fits the need. At any rate, that bad people could learn martial arts, and actually use other facets of military training is something the federal government may have to meet.

This has been a page about learn martial arts