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The Premium Martial Arts Work Out

Martial Arts Work Outs to Put You in the Best Shape!

I always chuckle when I see people spending big bucks for a martial arts work out. As if spending money is going to change the texture of your sweat. Well, perhaps it will, but not in the way one thinks.

martial arts work out

This guy worked out at home!

I bought my first kicking bag for $2. It was a duffle bag from the war surplus store packed with free sawdust. I kicked it until it fell apart, then had the cobbler sew it back together for a buck and a half, and repacked it.

What is it? $50 or $60 bucks for a monthly membership at your local gym?

Instead of riding on an exercise bike, I had a real bike, put ten or twenty miles a day on it. You can pick up a bike cheap these days, and do without the monthly dues, or the payments for  an exerbike.

Instead of running on a treadmill, I just go out and run. On the rolling belt thing I use the same muscles, on the street, I use a variety of muscles, and I have to stay alert and watch where I am going.

I guess the message here is that the martial arts should be as natural as possible. I have nothing against looking good, or getting a bag, but I think it’s silly to pay money so you can go hang out in a place with people in leotards, obsessed with their bodies, instead of being obsessed with the martial arts.

Heck, save that money and use it for DVD Martial Arts Courses, or karate books, or kung fu books, or something like that.

My first punching board was a pair of rug samples tacked to a tree. I beat the holy heck out of that thing, and it was free. The samples were free, the tacks were free, the tree was free…and my sweat was freely given.

My first home made martial arts dojo was a rug I picked up for free on the street, the martial arts equipment I have described here, and I filled it amazing amounts of sweat and fun.

You don’t need to pay big amounts of money to get in shape, or to learn the martial arts. All you need is the desire. And maybe a few martial arts DVDs from, ahem, me. They are inexpensive, just like a martial arts work out should be.martial arts exercise

Karate Work Out Enlightens Workers!

When I was a kid I hated work. I didn’t want to mow the lawn, I didn’t want to do the dishes, I was just a lazy bum.

When did I change? When I started Karate.

Karate, and the martial arts, just gives you a sense of self worth.

You start working out, and the next thing you know you’re carryingin the groceries, doing a little vaccuuming for your mom, even asking your pop if he wants help digging that fencepost.

Truth, I got fired from the first job I ever tried. Guy came out, looked at what I had done, and paid me off on the spot. I decided that would never happen again, and it hasn’t.

I work out, I help people, and when it comes time to leave a job, the boss is always asking me to come back, even offering a little extra money to stay.

That’s the value of a work out.

Sure, Martial Arts are for fighting, but that’s just the icing on the cake.

You got to scratch the skin if you’re going to draw blood.

Monster Martial Arts is the site if you’re a worker type.

See ya.