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Two and a Half Martial Arts Knock Outs

Newsletter 911

(In)Famous Knocks Outs in the Martial Arts

You’ve all seen clips of great knock outs.
Whether its Muhammad Ali,
Connor Gregor
Holly Hombs…
you can see great knock outs all over the net.
But here are some knock outs you haven’t seen,
never will.
They are from my own personal trove of experience.

The first one isn’t a knock out per se,
but it sure qualifies for this newsletter.

Back in the late sixties kicks were just coming in to their own.
You see,
we mostly practiced front kicks, side kicks, wheel kicks.
Then Chuck Norris came along and showed us the spinning kick.
this drove us crazy.
Students at dojos everywhere were trying to spin and kick.
Spin and hook heel.
Spin and wheel.
Spin and whatever.
Out imagination FAR outran our abilities.
So one day this fellow shows me the latest and greatest…
it was a jump spinning rear kick.
And the kick was done with the leg straight,
really snazzy,
I watched this dude jump up and spin and knock coke cans off a fence…
and I was hooked.
So I practiced,
and practiced,
and in my mind I was a kung fu movie,
knocking down legions of bad guys.
In reality…
I wasn’t so good.
But I was trying…darn it!
I was trying!

One day I was playing baseball with some fellows.
There was a dozen of us,
it was a beautiful day,
and I was playing second base.
The field was a little dusty,
the sun was shining down,
and I waited for some situation to resolve.
A couple of guys arguing about plays,
or rules,
or some such.
And standing there,
my mind wandering,
I began to do spinning kicks.
The guys all knew I did Karate,
I was always doing something like this,
so everybody just stood around
and watched me,
and waited for the game to resume.
I spun and I spun,
and in my mind
I felt I had it.
I could see myself jumping,
perfect arc of foot,
perfect balance.
possessed by my fantasy,
I leaped into the air,
and collided with the ground.
I mean,
on a scale of 1 to 10,
ten being the worst,
I was a ten.
To the guys standing around,
it looked like I had dove into the sky,
jerked into contortions,
and threw myself on the dirt,
as awkwardly as possible.
For a moment nobody said anything.
They just gawked,
then they laughed.
And everybody was laughing.
What i had done was so stupid looking…
even I laughed.
I mean,
I had gone beyond the bounds of embarrassment,
even I could appreciate the heights of my stupidity.
That’s one.

The second knock out was real,
it involved jump spinning kicks.
My instructor was not immune from the desire
to soar through the heavens,
and kick over a regiment of bad guys.
So one day he was practicing,
jumping and spinning,
and he was pretty good.
for that low hanging tree.
That’s right,
he leaped into the air,
spun beautifully,
and knocked his noggin on a branch,
and knocked himself out.
And he was really out.
He was unconscious for a half hour
before one of the guys found him.
Sprawled peacefully,
visions of spinning back kicks in his head.
That’s two.

first place in this menagerie of misadventures,
goes to me.
You know,
it seems almost sad,
that such strivings for perfection
result in such…imperfections.

One of the tricks my instructor could do
was push ups on two single fingers.
We are not talking about a bend of the fingers,
we are talking about totally stiff index fingers.
A complete push up.
there were things that were beyond me,
there were things that people could do
that I would never be able.
I knew I could do push ups on single index fingers.
I began practicing.
I practiced regular push ups,
I practiced push ups on fists,
on the backs of my hands.
I imagined a rod of iron going along my backbone.
My visualizations were perfect.
I began doing push ups on half fists.
I began reducing the number of digits.
I got to the point where I could do push ups on single index knuckles.
I began doing push ups on fingers.
Totally straight fingers.
Three fingers.
Two fingers.
It’s interesting,
it’s not strength,
it’s balance,
and it’s a frame of mind that pushes the world out,
and focuses awareness in the fingers.
Perfect balance.
I remember the night I got up on the single fingers.
what a charge.
I had made it.
I felt like I could do anything in the world.
feeling so good,
I decided to do a couple of more push ups.
But…I hadn’t reckoned on the amazing amount of fatigue.
Focusing the mind like that
really drains it.
If I had waited for the next day,
I would have been okay.
But I was just charged up and ready to go.
I got up on the fingers,
everything collapsed.
All that focus gave way…
as did all of the energy it required to do those push ups.
I felt right smack on my face.
And I actually knocked myself out.
I wasn’t out for long,
probably a couple of minutes.
No more than five.
But I was out.
Like a light.
Sleeping peacefully.
And that’s three.

three knock outs
(two knock outs and a knock down)
that you will never hear about.
you know,
that’s life.
That’s what happens when you go for something.
And the trick,
as we all know,
is not to accept it,
but to get back up,
keep going,
and really learn the martial arts.
That’s a life goal worth having.

Have a great work out!

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A Few Fixes for the Martial Arts this Year

Newsletter 791
Martial Arts Mastery the Right Way

Great morning to you!
A great work out to you.
A year full of great work outs to you!

Here’s a few martial arts thoughts to start off 2016

I asked this question last year, and I’m going to ask it again.
Where do you want to be at the end of 2016?
What martial arts do you want to be expert in?
How far do you want to go?

Mastery comes from two factors,
hard hard you work,
and how scientifically correct is your art.

To make yourself work hard,
put notes up around the house.
Make yourself do fifty punches before you open the frig.
Do two forms before you go outside.
And inside.
Practice your applications as you walk
to the bathroom.
And so on.

do your forms before you eat,
before you sleep,
and upon waking.

If you want to make it this year,
if you want mastery,
you need to be dedicated.

here’s something to think about.
I was talking to somebody about the difference between
fighting and the martial arts.

You can be a fighter but not a martial artist.
You can’t be a martial artist without being a fighter.
You can’t be a good martial artist without giving up fighting.
It’s true.

It’s also true that
in a sport you attempt to defeat the other person.
In a martial art you attempt to control yourself.

You should know a minimum of two martial arts.
One with lots of force,
one with lots of flow.
Do that and your mind won’t be trapped by
being compelled to move in only one direction.

To win a fight the first thing you must do is control the distance.
While there is an art to fighting,
the true art is in control.

When it comes to augmenting your studies…
Some people learn best from a video.
Some people learn best from a book.
The best people learn from both.

One thing you should do,
if you really want to make it to mastery this year,
is sit down and make a list of polite things you can do.
Fighting is easy,
being polite,
especially when somebody wants to fight,
is not always so easy.
But it is the way to the true martial art.

Okey dogley.
That’s enough for now,
but think about spending a whole year doing nothing
but accumulating wisdom.
That’s going to give your martial art real legs.

Have a great work out,
and don’t forget to check out
the video on this page


Happy New Year!


Martial Arts Training Gives a Great and Hard Body!

Martial Arts Training is the Way to Go!

The truth is that Martial Arts Training will put you in the best physical condition you’ll ever be in.

Doesn’t matter if it’s kung fu or karate or taekwondo, or whatever, the fact is that physical conditioning is part of the program.


I’m 61 in the above vid…and martial arts makes me young and fast!

So, do you want to grow old? Or are you ready to get good!

Now, here’s the key: when you do Karate kata, or Kung Fu forms, or whatever, you are doing physical conditioning. Take a look at the first Kata in Karate: Pinan One. When you do that form you are doing some twenty forward stances. That means you are doing twenty lunges! Furthermore, by doing the lunges on either side, and with the body balanced different ways for different punches and blocks, you are going to get different muscle groups working.

Now, beginners might repeat the form ten times. That’s 200 lunges!

And, when you figure in the different stances, a horse stance is a squat, a kneeling stance is a different type of lunge, and so on, then you end up with an amazingly well rounded and powerful set of legs!

Want to improve the upper body? Hold weights while you do the punches and blocks.

Now, here is the glory that traditional martial arts have, you can do them and do them and do them, and the risk of pulling muscles or otherwise injuring yourself is greatly reduced.

And, IT IS NOT BORING! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard guys complain about the long, boring work out. Well, it’s not boring in a martial arts training center! It’s exciting! Furthermore, in this day and age, you need the self defense training that comes along with this type of conditioning!

I tell you, this type of training will put you in the best shape of your life, and the competitive edge martial arts builds is absolutely cutting edge!

And, here is a great, little bonus! If you don’t feel like going to the gym, you can get yourself some martial arts training videos and really pump up the volume! You can not only work out and get in the best shape of your life, but you can experience all sorts of different martial arts training routines and patterns. Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido, or whatever.

And, here’s something you might like…the best martial arts training videos are available at MonsterMartialArts.com.

zen martial arts

Iron Body Kung Fu Training

Iron Body training, sometimes called Golden Bell, is one of the Shaolin Kung Fu training specialties.
I actually learned it in Kang Duk Won Korean Karate. I didn’t learn any special techniques, we just beat on each other, did the techniques, and practiced breathing correctly when hit, and suddenly I had it.
When somebody hit me I could make up my mind that it wouldn’t hurt, and it wouldn’t. I would feel energy charge through my body and collect at the impact point.
Correct breathing. Breath out when you strike, breath out when you get struck, always breath as if from the tan tien.
As if, because you actually can’t breath from the tan tien. You can, however, breath to the diaphragm, and this will cause a sensation of energy to continue downwards to the tan tien.
With this method we could withstand strikes to the body or limbs. Some of the guys got so good they could take full kicks to the groin. I didn’t go that far. Grin.
But, when people ask me for specialized training, I sort of groan. Martial Arts aren’t a fantasy, they are a science, and one must do them, complete and thorough, and not get sidetracked by neat things they heard about. Anyway, that’s the scoop on Iron Body Kung Fu Training. Drop by my site, Monster Martial Arts, and pick up a free book.

Karate Kid Hits TV! Flawed Movie with Some Real Kung Fu!

Interesting how the Karate Kid gets changed for a new generation, but the strength of the movie lies in Jackie Chan, and some truly remarkable real Kung Fu training and fighting.

The weakness in the movie is in Jaden Smith. The original Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio, wasn’t very good, but you sort of liked him. you could empathize with him.

Jaden is a bit spoiled, and the movie, when it shifts away from the incredible Jackie, becomes a sequence of ‘Ain’t I cool.’ Sort of like watching Fresh Prince regurgitated.

The strengths lie in watching Jackie Chan impart priceless wisdom, and some nifty Kung Fu moves. The wax on wax off has been replaced with a jacket, and the trip up to the snake lady is absolutely marvelous.

Interestingly, I would like to see a stronger actor go somewhere with the Snake Lady concept. Now that wouldbe a movie!

Anyway, in spite of the weaknesses, if you haven’t seen the Karate Kid, do so. Make up your own mind, and get a fill of Jackie Chan and some real Kung Fu ah ha thoughts.

Check out Monster Martial Arts if you want to learn some Real Kung Fu real fast.


Ip Man 2 Great! Though a Few Problems

Braved the subway and saw Ip Man 2 yesterday…what a great movie. Full of action, Kung Fu training, and top notch martial arts. My quick review is right below the video snippet.

Now, Ip Man was better in certain ways. It was more cohesive. Ip 2 lacked cohesiveness. However, for the true at heart, the first half of the movie was one long kung fu smackeroonie! Can’t go wrong with that!

The second half, however, dealt with the obligatory Chinese v Western Boxer duel.

The Westerner (Twisty Miller?)  was appropriately muscled and over the top. And the fight scenes were handled well, and Sammo Hung delivered like only Sammo Hung Can.

My only real criticism is that some of the fight scenes were filmed too close up. It hid action that was deserving of another foot of camera space. That’s all, just another foot.

Anyway, it’s great kung fu, a real slice of Wing Chun, including great dummy and great Sticky Hands type training. Martial Arts purists will, of course, forgive flaws and plot, and enjoy this one immensely.

Oh, and there are a few ‘ah hah!” moments in the movie. It’s nice to see the spirit of Kung Fu presented.


And drop by Monster MartialArts if you want some great Kung Fu training. Here’s a page on the Shaolin Butterfly, and make sure you get the free book offered at the top left of the home page.


Mad Monkey Kung Fu and the Hardest Fist in the World!

There was this movie called Mad Monkey Kung Fu, and it was a hoot. Ninjas trampolining out of trees, the hero gets his fists busted up and then conditions them so he can save the day, beats the villain, and the horse rides off into the sunset.

But, there was a training method in that movie that got to me. You strike a wall with your spear hand, then, without retracting the hand, just going forward, you strike it with your second set of knuckles, then, without retracting, just going forward, you strike the wall with your fist.

Bang! Bang! Bang! And the theory is that somebody might be able to toughen up for the first strike, maybe even the second strike, but by the third strike…his macrocosmic orbit is going to give way and you gots yourself a case of serious dead meat!


Now, I started practicing this stupid movie move. I hit the walls and started denting them, so I set up makiwara, or used a bag, and kept going. And, the odd thing…it worked!

No. I didn’t do the triple strike and kill a baddie, but my fists started getting tougher without all the knuckle juice that dim mak people try to sell you.

And, I used to tell my kids that they could go to the movies, or out with their friends, if they could ‘knuckle bust’ me. I extended a fist, and they would hit it with theirs, and if I didn’t want the kids to go out…grin. My fists just kept getting tougher and tougher. Man, it was fun.

So, try this little gem, have your ownself some fun, and if you like this Mad Monkey Kung Fu Training Tool, check out my Shaolin Kung Fu page.

Win #51