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Making a Punch Out of Nothing…

Newsletter 942

The Punch That is NOT a Punch!

I’ve probably thrown a few million punches in my life.
50 years times 365 days
(and yes, I do work out EVERY day!)
multiplied by as little as 100 punches
(and that is a little)
equals 1,825,000 punches
I usually throw hundreds, if not thousands,
of punches a day.
In that time I’ve learned some nifty things.
How to punch with ‘chi power.’
How to put out a candle from a couple of feet away.
How to break a bone
A complete method for being able to multiply
the power of your punch
by many, many times.
It’s all written in ‘The Punch,’
if you’re interested.
But I’m going to talk about the punch that isn’t a punch here,
the punch that steps outside all the theories and writing I’ve done.


When you punch it is a process of:
sinking weight in a stance,
breathing out at the same time,
and aligning your bones.
Aligning your bones efficiently would be called CBM
Coordinated Body Motion.

keep that all in mind when I say
you should do all this
and let the other person run into your punch.
That’s right,
you don’t punch him,
you assume the position of a punch,
with good stance and body alignment,
a nanosecond before impact,
and it is almost like the fellow runs into your punch.
But the key is this:
You have to construct your body so that it is ungiving.
You have to sink it into the ground,
and arrange the bones so that the structure does not give way
under impact.
This is all a matter of timing.
you can hit somebody,
see if you can power up them biceps
(it’s actually the triceps that is the punching muscle,
in conjunction with a lot of other muscles besides)
slam your body around,
see if you can collapse his structure
by overloading it with your mass and mayhemish thoughts,
but my way is easier.
If you can master the nanosecond timing,
of settling your body into stance and strike
just as he reaches you,
he runs into the punch.

To tell you the truth,
I usually don’t tighten my fist anymore,
I usually just stick the aligned bones of my fists
into the space my opponent is about to occupy.

to tell the truth,
it works better with blocks,
but you can make it work with punches,
if you are willing to
first, read ‘The Punch’
second, do 4 or 5 million punches
(which is probably more what I have done
than this measly million or two)
three, believe it is possible.
Without belief nothing is possible.

You just have to believe.

Have a great work out!

Tai Chi is great for developing intuition and abilities,
here’s the link, and below it a great win!



…the things you teach (keys to unlocking the arts) and then you encourage people to think for them self, for eg. In your book the punch you speak of two ways to punch, letting the force run back up the arm or making it pop in the opponent’s body.
I have seen a demo of a guy breaking blocks, a whole stack and he breaks the 5th one down. Then a light bulb went on
“Did sifu just teach me dim mak!”
If I can control where my punch pops, under some of those acu points are vital organs, nerve and vascular plexuses. Is this the secret to the death touch, hmm?
This is some REALLY DEEEP SHIT!!!
There more but this eg made me stop and think. Again my hat off to you sir

Louis R

Martial Arts Super Powers!

The Actual method for getting super powers from your Martial Art!

Hey, got a great win from Mylan B.

A few days ago, I was practicing my punches using a candle. It’s one of my favorite tools. Anyway, what I would do is practice a form or two, then go to the candle for a bit, do a couple more forms, back to the candle, etc. After awhile, putting the candle out became easier and easier as I began to relax more and sink into my stance. It became near effortless.

sanchin kata pan gai noonThen something very interesting happened; the candle (and a few things around it that were also sitting on the table) began to vibrate. I stepped away, and it stopped. Stepped back up to it, and it began again. I stepped up very softly so I didn’t cause the table to shake from my footsteps. When I was within two feet of the candle, it would vibrate. Very strange.

Have you ever experienced anything similar, or heard of anything like that before? Could I be starting to CBM?

Great win.
thanks Mylan.

a couple of points.
CBM is an ongoing thing,
a bottomless pit of more abilities.
You actually start CBMing
when you read the simple definition.

Start all parts of the body in motion at the same time.
End all parts of the body motion at the same time.

Every part should contribute to the whole.

Once you read this,
once you start looking at yourself,
seeing if the hands and feet start and stop at the same time,
the knees and elbow,
and so on,
then you are starting to CBM.

At Black Belt there is usually a big realization,
but it depends on what system you are doing.
People, systems, training methods,
they are different,
and realizations can happen at different times.
And the realizations can be quite different.
And the abilities that CBMing gives you
can be REALLY different.

Mylan talks about everything vibrating around him.
The universe is vibrating,
and something in him
nudged up against the universe,
and all heaven broke loose.
That’s cool.
So he reached a high point of CBM.
He’ll go up and down a bit,
but generally up.
That’s what happens when you apply yourself.

I’m big on candles,
you’ve seen the video of me
putting out the candle form over a foot away.
And there’s even more impressive stuff
if you look around on the web.

So one day I was working with a few guys,
and one of them was doing the candle trick,
and getting frustrated.
I happened to be walking by,
he turned and said something like,
‘I just can’t make this work,’
and I, from six feet away, flicked a finger.
The candle went out.

His eyes got big.
I kept my eyes from getting big.
And he said,
‘How’d you do that?’
I said,
‘Just keep practicing.’
And I walked quickly away.
at that time I had NO idea what I had done.
And later, having figured it out,
I could only do over a foot.
I couldn’t do six feet if my life depended on it.
I did it.
And I know that sometime,
I’ll be able to do it all will.
It’s just a matter of thinking things through,
getting the discipline,
and dedicating myself to making it happen.

with that in mind,
did Mylan CBM?
You bet your boots.
but how much?
Well, it doesn’t matter.
He’s doing it,
and there’s no end to it,
and it’s just a matter of how far he wants to go.
it makes a great goal.
Flicking that candle out at six feet
drove me on to being able to do it
consistently at over a foot,
and I am looking forward to more feet.
So it drives me.

And I know that Mylan is driving himself now.
He couldn’t not drive himself.

And what about you?
i have one student who,
when he was a kid,
would walk down the street at night,
and the lamp posts would flicker.
Man, shades of a horror flick.
But it drives him.
He’s not sure how he did it,
but if he did it once
then he can do it again.

So what have you done
that will drive you?

what have you seen others do?

what have you even seen in the movies?

Look, anything is possible,
it’s just a matter of letting your imagination grab hold,
and then backing it up with good, hard work.

that said,
check out The Master Instructor Course.
It’s got the basic definition of CBM inside it,
but it also has other things,
for instance,
how to CBM to make internal power happen.
And this is interesting,
for it is CBM,
based on hard core science.
It is not a whim,
or crossing tea leaves and meditating,
or wishing your chi power
through the macrocosmic orbit
while sitting in a lotus stance
for ten years.

It is science.

Check it out.


Okley donkey,
have yourself a funominal work out!

And don’t forget to send your wins to me.



Acquiring Sixth Sense Ability In the Martial Arts

Sixth Sense Martial Arts

Sixth Sense Ability, in martial arts like Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, or whatever else, seem to have become not much more than rumors from the past. People learn how to fight like demons, but they don’t learn how to perceive the world without the use of the five physical senses. That’s the truth of the matter, you know, sixth sense ability includes all the things that don’t depend on see, hear, smell, and so on.

sixth sense pictureSimply, if it is a real world sensation, it is not a sixth sense ability. In martial arts like kung fu and aikido and so on, it is being able to ‘feel’ when an attack is coming before it is comes. It is knowing what an opponent is going to do before he does it.

The best method for gaining sixth sense abilities is to learn how to practice without the use of the five physical senses. For instance, the surest technique is simply to do your moves without the use of the eyes. Simply close your eyes, or blindfold yourself, and do your kata, and get somebody who is willing to risk a few light punches, and do your martial arts techniques.

The point here is to understand that you are not trying to see or smell, or that sort of thing, but ‘know.’ So let me pose a question: have you ever walked up to a door and placed the key exactly in the keyhole while your awareness is on a conversation, or watching what somebody is doing? Most people have, and that is the easiest example of ‘knowing’ that I can give you, you knew where to place the key without eyes.

So set up some training devices so that you can practice without using the five physical senses. Do sticky hands, out of Wing Chun, blindfolded, and learn to ‘know’ what your opponent is going to do. Or, how about closing your eyes and practicing push hands from Tai Chi Chuan, or some other similar exercise.

My favorite practice is to hang a small ring, and poke a six foot (or longer) staff through the center of it. After I’ve got the ring fairly well centered in my mind, I close my eyes and turn out the lights. Once I’m adept at that I take a few steps away from the target, move forward and thrust the staff through the ring.

The thing that you should understand is that the sixth sense depends on imagination. If you close your eyes and imagine where the hanging ring is, then you can thrust a pole through it. Or a spear or a sword or even throw a shuriken through it.

So the way you train is this: train with martial arts forms and precise martial arts techniques so that you build a structure, a frame of reference, a scientific way of imagining the world. Second, practice closing your eyes and train without using your physical senses. Last, in this matter of gaining sixth sense abilities in martial arts like karate or taekwondo, is to develop your imagination; that is your true strength, you know: the use of imagination.

You can develop loads of Chi by getting Matrixing Chi at MonsterMartialArts.com.

This has been a page about developing sixth sense martial arts.

Resistance Training in Kung Fu Forms Makes for More Speed and Power

Best Kung Fu Forms

Resistance training is an interesting concept that has been around for a long time, and especially in the martial arts. There are good sides to it, and bad. In this article I’m going to take this concept apart for better understanding.

The earliest example of resistance training I have seen was in the comic book ads. Charles Atlas, or one of those fellows, claimed that in 15 minutes a day you could build bulging muscles. The bulging muscles, of course, were necessary when you went to beat up that lout who kicked sand in your face and stole your girlfriend.

I remember a couple of the muscle building exercises from those long ago courses. One was to place your hands palm to palm and push one palm across the body, and then reverse the resistance and push the other way. Do it right and you could end up with a sweat, and even improvement on your muscular situation.

The only problem with this approach was more in the advertising than in the resistance exercises themselves. Muscles aren’t necessary to good self defense. In fact, in the extreme an improperly built or trained muscle can actual impede progress and function.

The second and more martial example of resistance training came from a kung fu form I learned. In the form the wrists were placed against one another on the centerline, and tension was built. When the tension reached a peak, you released the pressure and the punch shot out.

This exercise was dynamite, and increased speed and power GREATLY. I used to practice this form a lot, and even developed a few other techniques in which I could use this type of resistance training. In the end, I rubbed all the hairs off my wrists, and my punches got so they could go through anybody’s block.

Let me say one last thing on this subject of building big muscles for the martial arts. Big muscles are fine, but I prefer dense muscles. I prefer muscles that are thick, quick, unassuming, and can do the job ALL day long.

I want my punching muscles to be more like a marathoners legs, than Charles Atlas’s guns…I want muscles that don’t wear out, yet shoot the juice like Clint Eastwood’s big .45.

The martial arts are not about the image of big muscles, they are about how fast you can move. They are not about how good you look, they are about how efficiently you function. So, whether you do resistance training in your kung fu forms is up to you, just make sure that you are improving the speed and power of your punches, and not just trying to look good.

zen martial arts

Ancient Ways of Giving Your Body Kung Fu Chi Power!

All right, I’ve had enough of the pretty boy weight lifting and the body calisthenics…I want an exercise that will give me the ultimate Kung Fu Chi Power! I want to be a Gung Fu Superman! I want to rip up oak trees by their roots and knock over outhouses with my little toe! I’m going to start doing the following exercises until I make it!

First, for kung fu jump kicks, I’m going to do the following exercise. I’m going to dig a hole, one shovelful a day, and practice jumping into and out of the hole a thousand times a day. By the time I’m down to ten feet, I should be able to do jumping kicks that’ll knock over skyscrapers!

Okay, and then, for brute force and body slamming that would make king kong envious, I’ve got a real he man kung exercise! I’m going to live on a farm and lift a calf on my shoulders every day. By the time the calf is a bull, I’ll be able to lift anybody in the world, and throw him or her at the ground so hard they come out in China!

Of course brute force isn’t all there is, not when it comes to Kung Fu power, so I’ve got a gung fu training exercise that will sharpen the eyes and make nimble the fingers. I’m going to go up to a beehive and practice grabbing bees out of the air with my chopsticks! Ha!

Taking punches is pretty important, too, and I’ve got the right idea for that. I’m going to practice running into walls and trees and things. A thousand days of running full tilt through orchards with a blindfold on should prepare me.

And the head, how could I forget head conditioning! I saw a guy in the movies who could ring a giant bell just by slamming his head into it! Hey, if I practice ringing bells with my head long enough, nobody will be able to ever ring my bell, if you know what I mean.

Let’s see, what’s left…oh yeah, ‘that!’ I figure a little makiwara training with ’that’ will strengthen ‘that’ up. Of course it may look a little ugly when callouses start growing, but that’s a small price to pay. After all, if even ‘that’ is a weapon, I will have achieved my goals!

I will be the strongest Kung Fu warrior in the world! Every body part will be thick, immense, dense, rippling with muscle, and able to be used in combat to the death! All hail to me…the possessor of the ultimate Kung Fu Chi Power!

Stop grinning like an idiot at this fool and go to Monster Martial Arts.