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Congrats to New Master Instructor!

Newsletter 917

Congratulations to New Master Instructor!

Congrats to Michael Marcello
Here is his win…

The Master Instructor Course has inspired me and given me the tools I needed to finally start teaching. I’ve been in and around martial arts all of my life and I’ve been in over a thousand skirmishes while working in corrections and as a night club bouncer. Now at 56 years old, with the help of your MI Course I finally have the confidence to start teaching. Thanks Al.

Thank you Michael!
very impressed by your resume.
There are people who actually have to survive,
they have to know that their art is correct.
by the way,
is all of us.

I often think about
how a dozen years of learning
might boil down to a handful of seconds of life or death use,
and how valuable those dozen years were.

you never have to use the art,
and can live your life,
just appreciating your good health,
how you stay young while others grow old,
how you have more patience,
how easy it is to guide people towards the better things.
let’s not forget,
how darn much fun it is
to get out on the mat,
to sweat,
to play freestyle with others,
to learn nifty tricks that render an attacker silly.

thanks Michael,
and congrats.
for everybody else,
here’s the link…


Have a great work out!




Congrats to A New Martial Arts Master Instructor!


Martial Arts Master Instructor Course

my apologies,
I should have announced Jim a few weeks ago,
but this durned Al’sheimers really gets me.

Congrats to Master Instructor Jim McElroy!

Dear Mr. Case
Something I want to say:
I’ve studied martial arts for many years (1977-) and never had them explained as clearly as your courses do. I cannot thank you enough for these courses. Sincerely Jim Elroy
Now with that said here I go:
Some Wins and realizations that i have gotten from your (Master Instructor) course:

sorry to say,
I can’t tell you the rest of Jim’s wins.
The reason is that he goes through the material,
point by point,
explaining exactly how it works,
and how he understands it.

This tells me that he really understood the material,
which means that he will be able to use it,
if I tell you the win then I will be giving you
the contents of the course.

we don’t want to do that!

But here’s the thing,
this is the only course in the world
that people read,
and understand the material
well enough to transform their martial art.
Just by reading!

it is simple stuff,
but it is not talked about commonly in the martial arts,
if it is spoken of,
then only in mystical terms
that reveal a fascination for what is being said,
but no understanding.

This is important,
this thing of mysticism vs understanding.

Three blind men came across an elephant.
One said, ‘it is like a wall!’
The second said, ‘it is like a little snake,’
the third said, ‘it like a fire hose with two big teeth!’

Each has a different viewpoint,
and they pass these viewpoints down
until everybody argues what the elephant is like.

Then you come across one yourself,
and you are not blind,
and you see how each blind man misunderstood,
and you are the only one that truly understands.

This is what matrixing does.
And it does it not by passing down my viewpoint,
but by giving you the actual physics of the martial arts.
Not the western world version of physics,
but the physics that takes into account
things like chi energy,
how the body is constructed for the martial arts,
and so on.

Things that people have rarely heard,
and then only in mystical terms.

my thanks to Master Instructor Jim Elroy.
Well done for that great win.
And my apologies for being so late in announcing you.

now the news,
the next book,
‘How to Matrix the Martial Arts
(and the universe and life and everything else),’
is almost ready to go.
I am actually working on the physical version,
just a couple of things to do,
and then it will be here.

for everybody…
it is fall.
Fall has fallen,
so have you picked an art to dedicate yourself to this winter?
Are you going to know a new art by Summer?

Think about it,
do it,
and let me know how it goes.

Have a great work out!



Congrats to a New Martial Arts Master Instructor!

New Master Instructor!

Congrats to Master Instructor Doug Adkins!

Doug is a long time martial artist,

and he has experience in a variety of arts such as…

Shotokan, Kyokushinkaikan,

White Crane, JKD, Wing Chun, and so on,

and he has done much research in combatives.

Here is his win…

Dear Master Founder,

Thank you so much for sharing this great course, I consider it to be an excellent continuing education course for anyone involved in the arts.

Your course has brought back many memories of experiences I have had throughout the years, it has reminded me of things I had long forgotten, and has given me many new tools which I can use right now.

Many of us seek answers to questions we have by training in various arts but by utilizing the 4 principles, 4 powers, 6 secrets, the physics and mechanics you have shared we can look deeper into our own art and answer many of those questions. These points along with the listen and learn approach can be used in our daily lives as well as ‘be polite, be polite, and be polite’.

This course has been a great win for me as it has reminded me that we are all students and that it is important to keep an open mind, ask questions and analyze the things we don’t understand and even the things that we think we understand.

I have hit many different plateaus on my journey since I first stepped onto the mat in 1973 and I have needed a boost (or kick in the pants) now and then in order to keep going. This course was definitely the boost that I needed to enable me to climb that next mountain.

 Thank you,

Doug Adkins

Thank you Doug,

and well done!


for all you fellers and gals out there,

the Master Instructor Course

It is the simple truth about the body and how we use it.

It is how to matrix the body,

and the simple things you learn

can be applied to anything.

It will change the way you lift weights,

the way you run,

every physical thing you do.


It’s true.


that all said.

Let me explain one, little thing

about the Master instructor Course

One of the first things I started doing

back in the sixth grade,

when I saw my first anatomy chart,

after I got over the shock of genitals,

was to start going over the muscles.

I would look at a muscle on the chart

look at my own real muscle,

and consider what the potentials of motion were.

This muscle moves this limb this way,

and that muscle moves that limb that way.

This muscle pulls on that bone,

which counterbalances that muscle

pulling from the other direction.

And so on,

through all the muscles.

This actually helped me out

in physical education

once I got over my initial confusion.

My confusion resulted from

trying to focus on each muscle

while doing a complex movement.

I found out that understanding the muscles


but I still had to coordinate them all


And it was sort of weird

to learn all this stuff

and then shove it into the background.

It was a great lesson,

and I wish I had known some martial arts or yoga

back then.


in the Master Instructor Course

I don’t talk about that.

I delve into energy potential,

and outline how you discover the energy potential for your body

and the only way you can use your body,

and it is the truth.

I know,

it sounds almost mystical,

but when you see how I define motion

and the trick I use for discovering the energy potentials

for the body,

you’ll sort of slap your head

and go…


Maybe you’ll even wonder

why nobody ever thought of that before.


I don’t know.

But they didn’t,

and I did,

and the fact of the matter is this…

once you understand what I am doing

the things I am saying

about how to figure out the energy potentials of your body,

how to use your body

in an energetical sense,

it will change the way you move your body.

I mean,

you can’t go back to the silly old

pull the muscle move the bone

kind of thing.

It’s just so…



time to go.

You have to work out,

and they have to lock me in a closet

until the next newsletter.


don’t worry,

it’s not lonely in there,

I’ve got me,


Happy grin.


have yourselves a most wondrous week.

Drive fast

get lotsa money,





Master Instructor Adkins is the owner of


So feel free to go there and look around.


a word to you guys out there.

If you have a website and want to link,

let me know.

Links build traffic,

and I have a couple of websites that are getting good traffic,

so if you need the links…

send me an email at aganzul@gmail.com

Congrats to Another Master Instructor!

John Landry Promoted to Master Instructor!

Good morning!
of course…
Work Out!

A great work out means a great you!
So get started now…
and don’t stop till you happen!

A new Master Instructor!
Congrats to John M. Landry.

Here are some of the things he mentioned in his win…

This course is fantastic! I am a Ph.D. in Education and have practiced the martial arts since 1974. I have been teaching martial arts since 1989. I have been a law enforcement trainer and instructor since 1995.

The concepts of why students leave a school were very informative. Although I have never ran a commercial school, I have taught privately and pro bono at churches and the Salvation Army for many years and have wondered why so many students quit. Your course is causing me to think back and analyze.

The concept of Coordinated Body Movement (CBM) is awesome! I had never heard of that before this course but will use that practice in my own teaching and instruction of the martial arts from this point forward.

John then mentions several specifics of the course,
and continues with…

Overall, I am very impressed with this course and have learned a lot. I will utilize many of the concepts, principals, and methods of teaching that are presented in this master instructor course. I will also be purchasing additional courses to expand my knowledge of these principals.

Thank you Master Founder Case for the amount of work that you have done to put this course together and for your efforts in improving martial arts practice and instruction.

Thank you John,
and well done!

One thing I want to mention
is that John doesn’t waste time,
he got the course
went over it,
and wrote his win.

You don’t have to study for decades to become a real instructor,
you just have to know the right material.

Let’s say you want to drive a car
but you have never driven a car.
The gear shift is going to be a mystery,
what do those durn pedals do?
Why does the window go up and down when I press this button?

Then somebody gets in the car and
tells you to stop fiddling with that durned window.
press that peddle,
move the gear shift.
Let the pedal up slowly,
and slowly press on that other pedal.

In a short time you are driving.
Not a mystery.
How long did that take?
Five minutes.

if you have any degree of time spent as a martial artist,
you have probably seen people teaching,
have taught people yourself,
and all you need is somebody to get in the car with you,
and tell you to stop fiddling with the window,
and tell you what the pedals are for.

Teaching can be that simple.
You just have to have the right information.

And what’s the alternative?
Do the same old same old teaching method
that has been done for thousands of years,
and watch your students leave in droves.

It’s been estimated that as many as 90% of the new students
leave within three months.
That means you have to spend ALL sorts of time
recruiting new students,


You can keep the students you have for longer periods of time,
you can teach your students more martial arts!

Think about this one thing…
wouldn’t you like to keep students long enough
that you can teach them more than basics?
Wouldn’t you like to keep students long enough
that you can start teaching them the juicy stuff?

once you make this breakthrough,
once you start teaching the advanced stuff,
your world is going to open up!

do the Master Instructor Course.
Get the correct information now!
Here’s the URL


you may not have noticed,
but I’ve got a couple of courses offered for instant download.
Matrix Combat
Matrix Karate
are available,
Matrix Kung Fu should be done today or tomorrow,
and I will get the rest of the Matrix courses done
hopefully before I leave on
The Great Matrixing Tour.

here’s something juicy…
for a while,
I am offering the courses at a discount.
Check out those pages,
and save a few bucks,
before they go back up to $30.

I probably won’t get to the other courses,
the non-matrixing courses,
at least not for a while.
So take advantage now.

just to mention it again…
you don’t have to say that generic ‘happy holidays,’
and you don’t have to worry about offending some fool by saying ‘merry Xmas,’
now you can offend everybody equally and all at the same time!
Just say HanaKwanMass!

And don’t forget to get yourself
a Monster Martial Art course.
It’s the gift that you can use for years
and will change your life.

Start with the Master Instructor Course,

HanaKwanMass to you,
and have a great work out



Kung Fu Instructor Beats up Old Man!

How cruel, eh? A Kung Fu Instructor beating up an old man! Guy ought to be taken out and shot! Unless, of course, the Kung fu teacher happens to be me.
I was pumping gas at a station and this old guy comes along. He’s got a cane, he’s overweight, but he is thick, like he actually has muscle under the fat. what was worse, he was wearing camo! I mean, should old people wear camo? I don’t think so!
Except for that observation, I didn’t think too much on the guy. Went ahead and pumped my gas, and I was thinking back over the years.
I remember a guy who I saw on the street, challenged me with a look. That was some thirty years ago.
And, I remembered being a student, thinking about this new thing I was learning called Kenpo. And then, for some reason, I started thinking about how, when I was first learning martial arts, I would fantasize what I would do if I had to fight somebody.
I wouldthink about their shape, whether they wrestled or had a weapon, what my opening move would be.
And, thinking of those long ago times, I walked into the gas station to pay.
Old guy in camo wasin front of me.
I studied his body carefully. Large, probably ex-military, probably knew some stuff, but the way he was coughing–as he ordered cigarettes–told me that his prime was past.
And, grinning inside, I started that old exercise of evaluating an opponent.
I would kick his cane to the side and slam a foot in his groin. When he started to bend I would throw a haymaker to the side of his head, then I would move in with a knee, make that big gut of his explode in pain!
Then, the old guy finished paying for his cigs and left.
And I was left with my fantasy. Grinning like a fool. The kid behind the counter probably though I was daffy. And he probably wouldn’t have understood even if I told him what I had been thinking.
Anyway, it wouldn’t have been much of a fight. Even though the camo guy was younger than me (did I forget to mention that? Grin) he had let his life slid into the crapper. Wheezing, coughing, struggling along on a cane. All that good old muscle of his was worth nothing, it was just a backpack full of rocks, and he was walking uphill.
And me? I sauntered out of the gas station, hopped in the truck, and went home…to work out and stay young. Cause that’s what a kung fu instructor does! Yeehaw!free martial arts online