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Kung Fu Illegal! Anybody Caught Chopping Will Be Shot!

Don’t you love this headline: Kung Fu Illegal?

You say it couldn’t happen? Brother, you are deluded. It is already happening, and you just don’t know about it. I’ll tell you about it right after this video…

Your Karate sensei changed the rules for freestyle so nobody would get hurt, and he wouldn’t get sued. He wants people to stay healthy and remain on contract.

Your Kung Fu Sifu tossed out certain techniques because the mothers in the neighborhood didn’t want their little Johnnies to get cut lips or black eyes during training.

And that MMA ring? It has rules. No biting, no gouging, no small joint manipulation…none of the stuff that the guy on the street would do (if he knew how), and which you must know how to do if you’re going to survive.

What do we need the government for…we already have regulation from ‘well meaning’ parents!

Of course, at Monster Martial Arts we have a rule, too. The rule is…if it works, use it. Train it. Drill it. Sure, be careful, but when that mugger comes at you on the street, you chop him, kick him, gouge his eyeballs out, and trip him when he’s blind.

After all, if you don’t get this idea in training, then you’re going to pull in a ¬†fight, and your art won’t work. That’s the point where it all comes together. Simply, if you allow your techniques to be made ‘illegal,’ then you might just as well be shot, because your art isn’t going to work.

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