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Karate ‘punch’ lines, and a hard truth about the Martial Arts

Newsletter 888

Martial Arts Punch Lines (get it?)

Happy Labor Day!
I think I’ll labor at the martial arts today.

A quick word,
I had inadvertently taken my list of courses off the site.
This is the full list,
so examine the left sidebar on the Monster,
everything is there.

came across these little gems,
thought I would share…

You’re not outnumbered,
you’re target rich.

When people ask me what I do for a living:
‘I teach people how to maim and kill.’

Bruises are really just temporary tattoos.

Kung Fu has been curing ADHD
since 500 AD

For my birthday
I want pound cake and punch.

violence isn’t always the answer,
but it sure is an option

the best part of a joke is the punch line.

Nuff frivolity.
Let’s get serious.

It is true,
a picture is worth a thousand words.
that being true,
a video is worth a thousand thousand words.
here’s the cruel truth…
you still have to understand what the words mean.

I remember when Karate first hit the shores,
the Japanese said:
‘it will take an American three lifetimes to understand the martial arts.’
that’s true,
if you don’t understand the words.

For me,
chi was the big mysterious.
Thought about it,
tried to figure it out,
made no sense.
Then I started looking up words like:
will power,
and so on.
it all made sense.


Tell me I don’t understand chi.
I can project it outside my body.
You know the funny thing?
I wish somebody had told me
the power of understanding words
back when I was 19.
I would be moving cars,
not just putting out candles.
All my training would have changed,
gone in a different direction.

The power of words.

here’s the whole story…


How I came up with matrixing,
the evolution,
arts studied,
and so on.
All you have to do is understand the words.
But don’t worry,
I’ve included a few pictures to help you out.

have a great bunch of work outs this labor day.

To the degree that people rally round,
to the degree that government sits on the sidelines,
to that degree Texas comes back.

have a GREAT work out!




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He Killed a Horse by Hitting Its Back With a Kung Fu Fist

Is it possible to kill a horse with a kung fu fist to its back? Back a hundred years ago a fellow is said to have done just that.
Now, we know that anything is possible. Heck, in Karate Mas Oyama killed several bulls by delivering a Karate chop to them.
kung fu fistKarate chop or Kung Fu punch, PETA ain’t gonna like it.
You know who PETA is…People Eating Tasty Animals. Uh, maybe that was People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Well, whatever. We’re more concerned with good kung fu than we are with people who want to put McDonalds out of business.
The key to a hefty fist, be it in Karate, Kung Fu, or whatever, is to use it, day in, day out, until it picks up steam (chi power) and becomes a real back breaker.
The fellow who broke the horse’s back, I believe he studied Pa Kua Chang or Hsing i, practiced the method of dropping the open palm on a brick for an hour a day. This would indicate that there is a certain amount of relaxation needed in the strike.
The real key, however, is to focus on the brick, to extend your senses into the brick, and just keep dropping the hand.
Eventually, the hand is supposed to become filled with chi energy. I would suspect, however, that in this matter of chi, while a certain amount of energy fills the hand, the real key is in the person’s sense of the brick.
By this I mean that solid objects, once you have bashed them a few thousand times, don’t feel quite as solid.
Consider, steel is supposed to be solid, yet scientists tell us that there is a lot of space between the molecules, let alone the atoms.
If a person hit that steel consistently, wouldn’t he start to sense the space within the material he is striking?
Of course, this is a hard one to fathom, unless one has sat around and struck solid objects for a while, and with the method of relaxing the hand while doing it. I’ve been hitting things for over forty-five years. Trees, bricks, walls, whatever came in reach of my wanting to be dangerous hand.
And, after all that time, I do think there is a degree of importance not just in toughening the kung fu fist, but in sensing the degree of solidity in the object being struck.