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Fantasy Martial Arts!

Newsletter 789
Fantasy Martial Arts!

Happy Sunday morning!
It is perfect,
is it not?
For a Sunday workout.
A time in which to make yourself stronger.
More enlightened.

Okay dokay…
I was thinking about fantasies and the real world.
A fantasy is when you think,
‘I’m going to do this!’
and it bears no reality to the real world.

You practice the martial arts,
you mock up defenses for everything
from rape to atomic wars
and you think you are prepared.

But that’s not what it is all about.

The average person will get in three fights in his life.
That’s the actual statistic.

some people have more than that.
A lot more.
A guy who trains in boxing might have a dozen fights,
A cop might have a dozen fights.
The guy who trains in a dojo
usually doesn’t have any fights.

It’s true!
People who train,
and especially in the classic martial arts,
almost never get in fights.
The fights happen around them,
but somehow they walk the walk…
right out of the confrontation.

You can’t believe how many people have verified this for me.

‘I started the martial arts
and now nobody bugs me.’

And the truth is that they have learned to face their fellow man,
and themselves,
and they don’t have that certain set of fears
that results in fighting


And it lasts their whole life.


And this is what happens when you go through
the fantasy of the martial arts.
Your fears fade
and you are left
with the reality of you.

let me change pace,
if you think about it,
what I have just said is the truth,
and there is nothing more to be said.

Let me bounce around a bit.

Hanakwanmass to you.
Whether you believe in Happy Hanukah,
Krazy Kwanza,
or Merry Christmas,
let everybody around you
feel the joy you have found in the martial arts.

Give yourself a present,
or give somebody else a present,
this year,
of martial arts.

Let everybody know,
just by your calm attitude
and peace of mind,
what you have
by giving it to them.

If we had a planet full of black belts
we wouldn’t have any wars.


That is such a totally inescapable conclusion.

get ready,
next newsletter will be
my yearly rendition of
The Night Before Xmas.

And here’s something I have never mentioned,
every time I recite that Xmas poem,
every year,
I get people jumping the newsletter.
It’s true.
I send out my rendition of
The Night Before Xmas
and people cancel subscriptions at a mad rate.

Makes me laugh.

See there are two responses to the thought
behind this Martial Arts Xmas poem.

You can laugh,
and embrace the insanity.

You can get mad,
and struggle against the insanity.

But the insanity will be there
until you do enough work outs.
Do enough work outs
and the fantasy leaves,
and you are left with the truth of the martial arts.
All I’m doing is showing the way.

The Way.

Have yourself an incredible HanakwanMass.

and a fantastic work out!


After 50 years in the martial arts,
these are the forms I study…


My gift to you.


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Here’s The Truth About Tai Chi Power

One of the more delightful Karate books is a martial arts biography by C W Nicol entitled ‘Moving Zen.’ Amongst the incisive anecdotes is one of my favorites, which concerns the authors experience with Tai Chi Power. Following is that anecdote, and then a short explanation of the energy involved.

Mister Nicol, when he was a lower ranking Shotokan student, was sleeping in a rather large Japanese house. A virtual castle, it had a central pillar running up the center of the structure. On that night he was awakened by a booming that actually shook the whole structure.

At first panicked, thinking it was some kind of earthquake or other disaster, he quickly realized that it wasn’t, and that something out of the ordinary was happening. He went searching through the house, and found the source of the booming in the basement. A Tai Chi Master was striking the central pillar.

This was more power than CW had ever seen, and it was different than the power he had been training in Shotokan. The Karate master (Kanazawa, I believe) present merely observed that there is power, and then thereis superhuman power. The Tai Chi Master continued shaking the massive structure with his fah jing strikes.

To create Fah Jing one needs to thrust from a backwards stance to a forward stance. In the movement he must use awareness to focus on the sensation of power going through his legs. The power goes up the lower limbs and into the Tan Tien, which is located about an inch below the navel.

The Tan Tien is the source of energy for a person’s body. One must take the energy coming from the tan tien and push it through the body to the limbs. Again, the key ingredient is to use ones awareness.

Finally, using that same awareness to create a pulsing motion, one concentrates on moving the power through the arms. These three notions, lower limbs to energy generator to arms, must be tied together by using the body as a single unit. I know it sounds contradictory, to think of the body into three pieces, and then use it as one unit, but that is the way it works.

The real truth here, of course, is understanding the worth of awareness. Awareness is the one thing that can’t be seen in this universe, and yet controls the universe. Anyway, that is how it works, and I recommend the book Moving Zen for further conclusions concerning such things as Fah Jing Power.

If you want the whole story on Tai Chi Power you might want to check out Matrixing Chi by Al Case.

Ancient Ways of Giving Your Body Kung Fu Chi Power!

All right, I’ve had enough of the pretty boy weight lifting and the body calisthenics…I want an exercise that will give me the ultimate Kung Fu Chi Power! I want to be a Gung Fu Superman! I want to rip up oak trees by their roots and knock over outhouses with my little toe! I’m going to start doing the following exercises until I make it!

First, for kung fu jump kicks, I’m going to do the following exercise. I’m going to dig a hole, one shovelful a day, and practice jumping into and out of the hole a thousand times a day. By the time I’m down to ten feet, I should be able to do jumping kicks that’ll knock over skyscrapers!

Okay, and then, for brute force and body slamming that would make king kong envious, I’ve got a real he man kung exercise! I’m going to live on a farm and lift a calf on my shoulders every day. By the time the calf is a bull, I’ll be able to lift anybody in the world, and throw him or her at the ground so hard they come out in China!

Of course brute force isn’t all there is, not when it comes to Kung Fu power, so I’ve got a gung fu training exercise that will sharpen the eyes and make nimble the fingers. I’m going to go up to a beehive and practice grabbing bees out of the air with my chopsticks! Ha!

Taking punches is pretty important, too, and I’ve got the right idea for that. I’m going to practice running into walls and trees and things. A thousand days of running full tilt through orchards with a blindfold on should prepare me.

And the head, how could I forget head conditioning! I saw a guy in the movies who could ring a giant bell just by slamming his head into it! Hey, if I practice ringing bells with my head long enough, nobody will be able to ever ring my bell, if you know what I mean.

Let’s see, what’s left…oh yeah, ‘that!’ I figure a little makiwara training with ’that’ will strengthen ‘that’ up. Of course it may look a little ugly when callouses start growing, but that’s a small price to pay. After all, if even ‘that’ is a weapon, I will have achieved my goals!

I will be the strongest Kung Fu warrior in the world! Every body part will be thick, immense, dense, rippling with muscle, and able to be used in combat to the death! All hail to me…the possessor of the ultimate Kung Fu Chi Power!

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