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The Method to My Martial Arts Madness!

When I was beginning my martial arts practice

my intent was to learn every single art I could.

These days I practice forgetting every martial art I can.

I can’t wait to see what people make of the above statement.

Without context, 

it sounds stupid, idiotic, and can be used against me.

But with context it is a different story.

Here is the context…

To understand the Martial Arts you need a large data base.

You need to understand how different arts do their kicks,

how combat strategies differ.

And so on.

But once the database is large enough

you have to focus on the techniques that work for you,

and the number of techniques that work

is surprisingly small.

So you go through a thousand techniques,

you become able to do them,

but some of them you are able to do better.

Some of them work better,

and work better in combat,

and work better with your body.

So you pare down the thousand techniques

into ten or twelve.

My ten or twelve techniques are based on specific concepts.

For instance

First concept = control the distance

Second concept = move left or right

Third concept = up or down

Fourth concept = open or close

Fifth concept = right weapon for right distance

Sixth concept = collapsing the distance

Here’s the breakdown:

control the distance so you can be the one attacking.

Move left or right so you can disrupt his analysis of distance.

Up or down refers to whether he will kick or punch, although it can be constructed differently.

Open or close refers to whether you can trap his limb or not.

(are you working on the outside of his arm, or the inside?)

Right weapon refers to if he is at punching distance

can you beat him at that distance,

or shift to a distance (weapon)

you can beat him at.

Collapsing the distance refers from going from 

kicking distance to punching distance

to knee distance to elbow distance

to grappling/takedown distance…

Ir shift to whatever distance is your strength and his weakness.

Pretty simple, eh?

So at first I practiced specific arts for specific concepts.

TKD for kicking

karate for punching

Wing chun for elbows,


for grappling.

And so on.

I distilled all this from the breaking down of thousands of techniques,

And I broke everything down using matrixing.

And i found that individual arts are nothing but smaller modules,

and if you can study a half a dozen modules

you’ll have your dozen techniques or so.


that’s the way I did it.

Obligatory ad here…

The Last Martial Arts Book’ has 11 ratings for 5 stars.

(There is a video version of this book with no stars yet)

My two yoga books have 9 ratings between them  for 5 stars.

The Book of Five Arts’ has 7 ratings for 5 stars.

The Science of Government’ has 6 ratings for 5 stars.

Chiang Nan’ has 5 ratings for 5 stars.

My novel, ‘Monkeyland,’ has 5 ratings for 5 stars

That’s a lot of good ratings

so hopefully you’

ll find that useful

find the book/course that is right for you,

and matrix your own martial arts.

Have a great work out!


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New Karate to Tai Chi Book Gives Immense Win!

Newsletter 925

A Super Win from the New Book/Video course

Thanks to everybody
who has purchased
How to Translate Karate to Tai Chi Chuan
Wins all over the place,
and here’s a really great one.

Hello Al, this is Jason W. I would like to express my deepest thanks for the link to the course you sent me that was very gracious of you. I have been working on it and I have to say that this is the very best course yet. I liked the Matrix Karate and although it is a complete fighting system, I felt that much of the bulk of really good and usable Kang Duk Won technique wasn’t included. Kang Duk Won really didn’t make sense and large parts of it I deemed unusable in a real fight. Your Tai chi/Karate course makes it all relevant and usable. From the very first move in Pinan 1 it’s awesome. I never really understood the downward block as a countermove to a front or round kick. Unless the guy kicking is a total putz you run the risk of damaging your forearm and no matter what training you put into it a trained Muay Thai fighter will break your arm in two. But the way you showed it as a downward strike into the groin/abdomen makes total sense and is so simple and natural I scold myself for not seeing it sooner. Of course I come from an internal martial arts background and I have always had a hard time reconciling the hard arts vs. the soft ones. It seemed like I was shifting from one to the other in a sparring session. Your way of putting these together makes it flow naturally and I feel I have made a tremendous leap forward in not only understanding internal power, but realizing the internal energy in external martial arts which is the end goal of all styles. I would really like to see you develop this further for example going forward and doing the post Pinan forms of KDW. Oh and I really like the backward steps in the forms. It allows me to practice the forms in a much smaller area (an item of great concern in bad weather). Keep up the great work Al, your martial genius never ceases to amaze me.

Thanks for those kind words, Jason.

for everybody,
I added a chapter to the book,
so download again,
there is a chapter on chi principles.

I added a modification after the form Channan one,
should really make better footwork out
certain sections of the forms.

one of the purposes of Tai Chi is to pump up the chi.
the art is not presented well for self defense.
It has self defense,
but it takes a long time
for people to understand it as self defense.
Karate has hard explosive energy,
and the chi pumps up differently,
isn’t even noticed for a couple of decades.
So we have a weird situation.
Tai Chi has chi but little self defense,
karate has self defense, but little chi.
Generally speaking.
So to put them together,
beef up the chi in karate,
make the self defense more obvious in tai chi,
was just what the doctor ordered.

Read the win,
this book/course will do what i say,
and in spades.

And please remember
I started karate in 1967,
I started tai chi in 1974.
It took a lot of experience to put this all together,
and you’re welcome to it.
The book is on amazon,
the video course w bk is available at monstermartialarts.com


Have a great work out!



New Martial Arts Book/Complete Martial Arts System

Newsletter 825 ~ Subscribe now!

Tiger and Butterfly Martial Arts Book

The new Martial Arts book is called
‘Tiger and Butterfly,’
and it’s pretty darned good.

new martial arts book

click on the cover!

If you look at the title,
and you have done any matrixing,
then you can see that I have used
portions of the Matrix Karate course,
and portions of the Shaolin Butterfly.

This was interesting,
because I didn’t want to fall into the trap
of having systems disagree.
I wanted the concepts to build on each other,
not work against each other.

In a way,
there is a certain similarity
between Tiger and Butterfly
and the MCMAP books I wrote.

The similarity is in the arrangement of material.
This had to be,
because when you make a system,
certain things have to be done,
certain rules have to be followed,
certain principles have to be included,
and all the way up the belt levels.

One of the reasons I wrote this book
is because I visited a few schools,
and I saw how the modern schools
have let forms and techniques fall by the way.
They work on freestyle,
on fighting.
The students get better,
but they can’t do certain things.
For instance,
they don’t understand how to take a punch.
they have limited knowledge
concerning what happens
when you complete the circle (cycle) of a technique.

The system has eight belts,

There are no degrees.
Each belt is designed to be done
in about three months.
Brown belt might take longer,
but the material on the brown level
is pretty advanced.

When done,
the student will have those liquid kicks,
those floating kicks that look so light,
but knock down a elephant.
They should be able to take any kind of a punch.
They will be able to freestyle with authority,
and make a grab art out of any technique.
They will have knowledge.
Real knowledge.
Not just the fast reflexes of freestyle,
but a complete body knowledge,
how the body is constructed,
how to tweak it for more energy,
how to construct it for total effectiveness.

I want you to think about something.
When you study matrixing,
there are several courses,
and I recommend that you do them all,
that you get the complete picture,
from striking to locking
to guiding to manipulating
to predicting to taking down…
and more.

I can’t reach everybody,
and some people don’t understand
just how big the martial arts are,
and that you have to understand them as a science.
They are locked in ‘hit and punch,’
‘ground and pound,’
and don’t see or understand the bigger picture.

This book is for those people.
Hopefully it will get them excited for the big picture.
But even if it doesn’t,
it will afford a massive education,
and do a lot towards bringing these people
who are studying arts that have degraded over time
into the real art.
They will appreciate it as science.

even if they don’t,
if they do the book,
not just read it and say…
‘oh, I knew that,’
‘we have that in our system,’
but actually do the book,
all the drills and techniques,
all the forms and fighting drills,
then they will be doing the true art.
Whether they were stupid and didn’t even understand
what I am talking about,
if they do the drills and exercises,
they will end up doing the true art.

For instance,
at a certain point,
a certain belt,
I teach a type of kick.
It’s a floating kick,
then you turn the hips over and slam the energy
down into the ground
as you strike.
The point is…
you can’t do that kick
unless you use the tan tien
in a certain way.
You simply can’t.
So they will practice it,
get it,
and stumble over the concept,
whether they understand what is happening or not,
and they will end up with classical power
in a certain mode.
And the whole system is constructed
so that one mode leads to the next.

spoken enough.
Simply go to Amazon and enter
‘Tiger and Butterfly,’
‘Tiger and Butterfly martial arts’
‘Tiger and Butterfly Al Case,’
or something like that,
and watch it pop up.

it is unique,
matrixing brought one more step forward,
and it is REALLY potent!
It is a COMPLETE martial arts system.

have a great work out!



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From Scholar to Martial Artist…and the Roots of Motion

How to Get Smarter In and Out of the Martial Arts

All right!
A great day for a work out!
So stand up and throw a few punches,
stretch those legs,
do a few forms,
and welcome back!

A long workout is great,
but if you don’t have the time,
just shoot for that frame of mind
that results when you really dig into yourself.
After all,
there is no reason you can’t go through a day
without feeling your best!

Here’s a couple of things I’ve done
which made me a better martial artist,
or didn’t.

Mind you,
they are from the scholars point of view,
so they might not be for everybody,
but maybe they will,
even if you’re not a bibliophile (book lover),
inspire you in some way.
I mean if something makes no sense,
tweak it around
until it makes sense.
Come up with something new in your work out.

before I start,
let me recommend book larnin’.
you can get a lot off the net,
but you can get more out of books.
Think of it this way.
How much will you get off a tweet?
You will get something like
140 characters. Maybe a hundred words.
How much are you going to learn from that?
So you go to a website,
chances are,
that website is dedicated to selling something.
if it isn’t,
what is the quality of information?
That’s a real loaded question!
I hate to say something crass,
but smart people try to get money,
to improve themselves,
and become better human beings.
That includes selling themselves,
selling products to improve their lifestyle,
and so on.

if you disagree,
then think about the fact
that every time you meet somebody,
every time you offer a grin and a handshake,
you are selling yourself.

if you buy a magazine,
the articles are short blurbs.
They are a brief look at something
a titillation to get you to buy the magazine
month after month.
The information in a magazine is concise,
but it is brief,
only presents the subject.

if you buy a book
(or, better, a course)
then you get the whole thing.
Not just a blurb or a sum up.
You get the real information.
All the information.
So that is why I believe in books.

the more information,
the more knowledge,
the better you are.
The better you can solve the world.

remember I was doing the things
I am about to tell you
not just as a martial artist,
but as a writer.
The two complemented each other wonderfully,
very yin and yang.

I wrote a book in two days.
It was terrible,
a piece of $%^&*(,
and I immediateluy threw it away.
I forced myself to do it because
the longer the work out,
the more exhausted you get,
the deeper you get into yourself.
I really came out of that experience
a harder, smarter person.

So why not get together with a couple of friends,
and make the agreement
that you are going to do forms for a solid day.
Maybe 9 to 6
with an hour for lunch.

It would be tough!
Your body will want to quit by 11.
you keep doing it,
even if you are moving slow.
You make sure you stretch constantly,
and drink water,
and dedicate yourself to being
the ultimate warrior you can be!

while you’re thinking about that…
I read the dictionary.
Took me two years.
I ended up with a two hundred page book
of words that I didn’t know.
Mind you,
I was selective,
I was only looking for
verbs or adjectives or nouns
that were directly related to me as a writer.

two things.
I ended up stupider when I was done.
I had a glut of information,
and I didn’t use it all,
and it clogged my mind.
I just couldn’t remember as efficiently
when I was done.

while a massive info glut overload isn’t good,
it is good to research and define
the history of your art.
You don’t have to speak a different language,
but I found it helpful to learn as many forms as I could,
and study how they morphed into one another
over the generations.

there are things to be careful of,
and things to learn.

I taught myself to speak Latin.
This was one of the smarter things I ever did.
I had tried to learn Spanish,
had a rough time,
I tried a few other languages,
for whatever reason
I picked up a course on Latin,
and I freakin’ loved it!
I studied that thing every night for several years,
going out and buying other books,
and…I was smarter.
I grew to understand languages.
Latin is at the heart of several languages,
and suddenly I realized
why I had failed to learn Spanish
and other languages!
Ii was missing the roots!

this was a bizarre turn around for me.
I mean,
I never expected!
one day I went to a museum,
and they had a bunch of Latin books on display,
from several hundred years ago,
and I was reading them!

the point,
I now understood language,
how it came about,
how it was structured,
and I was SO-O-O-O much smarter for it.
Really effected me.

when you study the martial arts,
if you try to figure out how it all developed,
you are going to be better at it.
Like I said,
you don’t have to study language,
my examples of language here
are more because I am a writer,
and those things helped me as a martial artist.

But the martial arts are motion.
So study the motions.
Analyze the techniques,
see how that kenpo might have come from
karate…or kung fu…or whatever.
Take a look at that Aikido
see which techniques are actually adapted
from sword holding techniques.
Examine whatever art you study,
or even come across,
and search for the roots of motion.

Okley Doggie,
time to wrap it up,
and encourage you to turn off the computer
and get to working out.
before you shut off this thing,
remember to slide over to Monster Martial Arts.
One of the most concise studies of motion
ever invented,
is the Blinding Steel Course.


If your martial art doesn’t have weapons,
or is weak in them,
this course will TOTALLY change that.
if you are an aficionado of weapons,
and know everything,
then maybe you should examine this course,
and go deep into yourself,
and discover the basics of motion
that are behind all weapons,
and even all martial arts.

you are going to be SO-O-O-O much smarter.

Have a great work out!



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Monster Martial Arts Releases 500 Martial Arts Articles!

500 Martial Arts Articles in One Volume!

Monster Martial Arts has announced the release of a single volume containing 500 martial arts articles.

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The courses cover a broad range of eastern disciplines, including karate, aikido, kung fu, pa kua chang, tai chi chuan, weapons, and more. The courses are designed to instruct one how to matrix the martial arts. Matrixing is a new form of logic which makes the martial arts easier and faster to learn.

The 500 articles also cover a broad range of interests. Consider the following list of titles.

4 Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li: Who‘s the Better Martial Artist?

60 How to Fight in the Dark

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369 Tony Jaa Threatens to Kill Himself, then Becomes a Monk!

402 Karate Kick Harder with These Seven Simple Tips

418 Take a Punch and Walk Away Smiling with One Simple Exercise

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488 Is This the Most Powerful Punch in the Whole World?

The release of the 500 articles coincides with the upcoming ‘Great Matrixing Tour.’ The purpose of the tour is to bring Matrixing to the Martial Artists across the United States.

People who buy the book will be contributing directly to the tour.

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Secret of the Square,the Triangle, and the Circle!

Merry June Fool’s Day!
Summer has officially started,
and you should make a goal…
a whole summer with one or more work outs
every single day!
I mean,
dedicate yourself!

I’m shooting the Shaolin Butterfly with EW,
and it is a blast.
We work on the karate a little every day,
smooth out his form,
make him not just intuitive and efficient and powerful,
but pretty.
Ooh la la!

The real fun though,
is when we get into the Butterfly.
You see Karate is a hard art,
establishes power,
makes a person solid.
But there is a lot more.
What do you do with power?
How do you refine it,
use it in different ways?
How do you roll it into your belly
and send out a little zap
that will knock a guy down?
You know?
So we’re having fun.

the interesting concept came up today,
the square, the triangle, and the circle.
These are the three shapes
which define the entire universe.
So how are they used in the martial arts?

The square is karate.
You make a solid base,
create a foundation.

The triangle is Kung Fu,
you learn to angulate,
to slip and slide
to create small and subtle changes
which small changes
create big changes,
it is a total strategy
that opens the world.

The circle is obviously going to be Pa Kua.
Though it could be Aikido.
Not much to be said about that.
the use fo the circle in those arts
is pretty obvious.

if you study the circle without the square,
you are missing a fundamental piece of it all.
And most kung fu’s don’t really delve into the triangle
to the degree thy should.
This is a matter of arts being corrupted.
And this hold true for all geometries.
You must learn them all,
and how they fit together,
or you only have a piece of the art.

let’s say a guy learns Karate,
is well based,
he needs to learn how to shade that karate,
which can be done with triangles,
and then translate it into circles.

to say it a different way,
the body is flesh and bone,
the triangle is energy
and the circle is awareness.

You use Karate to create the energy,
thus moving from body to energy.
Then you use energy to create awareness.

I know,
it sounds a little weird,
but consider it this way.

The body uses muscles.
The body likes to bash against other bodies.
karate properly done,
changes that,
it makes you aware of energy.
The body is not aware of energy,
only you are aware of energy.
so we must use energy
but the body doesn’t use energy,
you use energy,
so in figuring out what to do with energy
we make more you.

I know,
simple as mud.
And it is.
Now the trick is to go through the martial arts
and figure out how to apply what I have said,
to learn the systems,
and go through the experiences,
to realize awareness.

Where I started was
by drawing simple geometric figures
over photos of myself.
I would do a side kick,
and draw a triangle using the feet and the tan tien as the major points.
I would do a stance,
and draw a box and fit myself into it.
I would examine a punch,
and figure out how the circle became a spiral
with the forward motion.
And so on.
This was incredible valuable to me.
Here’s an example.
You can see my mistakes,
and learn from them.

You can establish
or fix your karate
by using this method.
if you are ready for energy,
the Shaolin Butterfly is the way to go,
and the course should be ready in a couple of months.
that all said,
take care and have a great work out.

To get great kung Fu click on Shaolin Butterfly

Have a gr-r-r-reat Day!


Life, Craps Tables, and Kung Fu Systems

This is what a fellow wrote to me…

“After $2,000 and 1 1/2 year of weekend lessons I have learned some Kung Fu exercises and a few forms but…”

Yeah, but.

Look, there are a lot of fantastic kung fu systems out there. But some of them are nothing but money suckers. You learn a form, it is nifty and neat, doesn’t have much to do with combat except in the most esoteric sense, but if you study it for twenty years your thousand dollar investment is going to pay off with increased awareness and superhuman abilities.

Hmmm. Maybe. But, I don’t see a lot of old supermen walking around these days. A few, but not too many. But I do see a few old kung fu experts, they taught secret kung fu martial arts that nobody really knew, who can afford to go throw money on the craps table at Vegas.

Well, you takes your choices.

Personally, I believe in giving a whole kung fu system, complete with drills, techniques, and all the data to make it work. I believe in doing it for ten bucks a disk. I believe in a science that works now, and in twenty years. And I don’t believe in going to the craps table.

Want to beef up your Kung Fu System? Click on Shaolin Kung Fu.

Win #62