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How to Go Beyond Fighting in the Martial Arts

The Point of Martial Arts Fighting

The number one reason people get into the martial arts is fighting. Everybody has had that bully in their background. Everybody would like to feel bigger, stronger, free from the threat of violence.

karate bully

karate kata traditional

About the first and only science of the martial arts…matrixing.

Now, to be truthful, if you just want to fight, I recommend going to a boxing club for a few months. You’ll get in shape, you’ll learn what it feels like to get hit, and you’ll learn how to hit back.

If you think there is something more than fighting, however, then you must look to the martial arts. You must believe that the world isn’t just a struggle for survival, but that there is a point to it all. You must believe in yourself as a human being, and that you can actually ascend to higher levels of awareness.

First you must build a structure for containing the knowledge in the martial arts. This is why you do forms; this is something that boxing does not have. This is the mechanism which will elevate you.

Second, you must achieve discipline. I don’t mean the discipline where you get a belt on the bottom as punishment. I mean the discipline of doing something every day because you love doing it, and for no other reason.

Third, you must study a system that has logic. The reason for this is one of expedience. You don’t want to spend decades sorting through the bushwah. You want to get there while you are still young.

Fourth, you must not stop. Drill those basics patiently, open your eyes and look. You must not just work out, you must invest awareness into your art.

The Martial arts, you see, are a manifestation of the spirit. It is your awareness filtered through your own logic and spread across the heavens. Life is heaven, you know, but only if you can isolate the art of your soul and show it to the universe.

You can learn the truth about Martial Arts fighting.

Here’s an article about people who can’t confront martial arts violence.

How to know somebody in the martial arts

Newsletter 707
How to know somebody in the martial arts

All right!
Another perfect day!
Perfect for martial arts, that is.
Everything else is okay,
but martial arts are…THE BOMB!

To know when somebody else is going to do something,
that’s good martial arts.
Not to have reaction time,
but to be intuitive.

I was in a forum the other day,
and this fellow said you couldn’t know somebody,
that if you thought you did you were prideful.
He had lots of fights,
and based his opinion on that experience.

in a fight there is give and take.
It is a game,
somebody wins and somebody loses.
Martial arts are not about losing,
so you don’t want to train in something
that will teach you to lose some of the time.

What you want to do is train in a method
where you learn to win all the time.
Where you see the fight coming
and learn to avoid it.

So you take turns being the attacker,
you learn to analyze what is happening
so that you can know what is happening.
The key here is called awareness.

To train in forms Will make you aware of what your body can do.
To train in applications Will make you aware of what the other body Can do.
Then freestyle will make sense; then fighting can become a learning experience.
Without forms, Applications, drills,
And all the other tools of karate or any other martial art, freestyle is just fighting.
It is just fighting and there is only marginal increase in awareness.

So what this fellow was telling me,
When he said you couldn’t know anybody,
was that he could not become aware.

Is there anything other than awareness in this world?

Your time from birth to death,
and before birth and after death,
Is nothing more than the sequence of you being aware.
Every experience you have had or will ever have,
Is nothing more than the track of your awareness.
Right now, The whole universe is nothing more
Than what you are aware of.

There is nothing more than awareness.

So why not use the martial arts to train that awareness?
Will that not only enhance your existence?
If existence is only what you are aware of,
Shouldn’t you use whatever tool you can
To increase that awareness?

If you want perfect form,
If you want to be able to make any application work,
If you want to actually become aware in freestyle,
And not just A fellow who trades wins and losses,
Try the master instructor course.

Your awareness depends upon it.


So, great to be back,
Have a fantastic workout,
And I’ll talk to you later.


Karate is Best for Real Fighting Proven by Statistic!

Karate and Real Fighting

I came across these statistics somebody compiled about actual street fighting, and they are pretty interesting.

First, 80% of all fights had a clear winner. This is interesting because it means that four out of five real fights were taken to the point where one person was incapacitated. This means that people should be studying martial arts which are effective. Tournaments are fine, and one has to learn how to do kumite, but one also has to understand how real a confrontation can get.

10% were broken up and 5% were outright draws. This means that once a real fight starts, it’s not likely that somebody is going to come and save you.

Second, 10% ended up on the ground. Well, there goes the big hype for MMA and Jujitsu and the argument that combatants are likely to end up on the ground. This means that one would be better served by learning a stand up martial art like Karate or Kung Fu.

10% of real fighting started with a punch. But that means that 90% started with…a push? A weapon? something else? But not a kick, as we will see below. Again, the need for combat oriented karate or something that is specific to punching distance, yet adaptable to other types of attacks.

80% of first punches were with the right hand. And, follow this statistic up with the fact that 95% of the right hand punches were to the head. So you have to prepare for a right punch to the face.

And, finally, only 10% of the fights had a kick in them. This statistic deals out Taekwondo.

Now, I have made a few remarks about the statistics here, and I should probably offer some sort of explanation so that there is no misunderstanding. So here’s the conclusion:

Fights can start with anything, but they don’t usually go to the ground, and they don’t contain much in the way of kicks. Thus, you need some knowledge of grappling and kicking, but not a lot. There is grappling and kicking in Karate, but not to the exclusion of other distances or ranges.

These are the statistics of real fighting, not the rare atmosphere of cage fighting, or tournament fighting, or any other organized sort of match, and since the average person will get in three fights in his life, it behooves Joe Average to start a study of Karate. I say Karate because it deals with kicks, does have some ground work, but is heavy on fists and blocking punches. Makes it perfect for a street altercation.

Probably the fastest and most efficient way to become competent enough to survive real fighting, be it on the street or anywhere, is at Learn Karate Online. You can get some Free Karate Lessons starting here.

Probably the fastest and most efficient way to become competent enough to survive real fighting, be it on the street or anywhere, is at Learn Karate Online. You can get some Free Karate Lessons starting here.

A New Way of Fighting with Martial Arts!

There are many modes of freestyle,

and I want to tell you about one,

 it’s one of my favorites,

and I use it when I want to make a point,

make a student think,

or just to end the contest

in a way that is so unspectacular

that it is spectacular

and everybody goes  ‘ooh!’

It is simply so short and sweet,

so quick,

so concept oriented.


there are only four blocks.

The back of the wrist horizontal.

The palm horizontal.

The back of the wrist vertical.

The palm vertical.

I’ll leave it to you

and a little practice

as to how to use these blocks.


the strike is a simple vertical punch.

You start it with the hand held open

 in front of the body

fingers pointed towards your opponent.

you simply block,

then punch.

That’s it.

A little practice,

and you would be shocked

at how well this works.


it works in freestyle.


there is more to it.

I figured this out

from doing Pan Gai Noon.

That’s one of the three complete arts

offered on

Evolution of an Art.

I did Pan Gai Noon,

analyzed the blocks and figured how the matrix of the art,

and saw what was possible.


in doing the Pan Gai Noon,

I learned how to drop my weight

fix myself to the ground

without appreciable change in stance.

The most I do is point the feet in,

sink an inch,

and that’s it.


I learned different things about

the tightness of the fist.

I had been doing the finger touching close the fist punch thing

for a long time.

Now i had to do it out of palm blocks and back wrists.

Most of all,

I learned different things about timing.

See, here’s the thing,

every art has different modes of timing

you have to figure out what each mode is,


you do enough modes,

you enter mushin no shin.

Cool, eh?

never thought it would be so simple.

But it makes sense.

Mushin no shin means mind of no mind.

But the mind is memory,

memory is time.

And that’s why I frequently refer to mushin no shin

as ‘Time of no time.’

Do without the memotyr,

and you are doing without time

and pereceiving things directly

as awareness

as they are happening

with no memory filters.


here is the kicker.

It takes time to accumulate enough techniques,

enough arts,

especially if they are going to have

different modes of timing.

So you matrix.

you pick up karate.

You pick up kung fu and blinding steel,

whatever you happen to like,

the timing modes are different

so mushin no shin happens faster.

The courses are logical,

easier to do,

faster to make intuitive,

faster to know.

So somewhere in there,

sooner than later,

you’re going to mushin no shin.

These guys with LOTS of experience,

all they have to do

is read the data,

they already have the arts.

The arts get made logical,

everything makes sense,


zingo bingo,

they are there.

New guys have to start from the beginning.


the terrible misfortune with new guys,

they don’t have the platform of experience

to understand what I am saying,

so they read about

instead of do.

Old guys have already done.

New guys tie into the old ways,

but that’s okay,

I’ll see them in twenty years,

and we’ll make sense of their arts then.

Too bad.

They could have done it in a year or two.

Instead…twenty years.


what you gonna do, eh?


that’s about it.

I’m not really pushing mushin no shin this week,

that just sort of snuck in there,

popped out while I wasn’t looking.

I was more interested

in people accumulating more arts.

Evolution of an Art


It’s a massive amount of work,

three arts,

books and videos,

gives you a tremendous amount of data.

And it’s fun.

It is just a blast

to work through these forms,

get some friends and play with the techniques,

and get better.


hope I see you on that page,

and you guys and gals have a great week,

and a great work out,

and I’ll talk to you later.


BTW, if you want to learn the fastest, mot efficient method for learning how to freestyle in literally DAYS, check out How to Fight!

zen martial arts

The Kumite Technique I Never Expected and Which Blew Me Away

I was learning how to freestyle at the Kang Duk Won in San Jose some forty years ago, and I was having a  ball. Hit and kick, takedown, wowzer dowzer! And that was when I learned a nasty, little Kumite Technique that really floored me. Check out the video, and then I’ll tell you about it.

Suddenly, the instructor, Bob Babich, stepped in and faced me. The class gathered around to watch the instruction.

“You’ve been forgetting something,” Bob said. Then he leaped in, grabbed my belt and pulled, and punched me in the face.

What?  You can grab the belt? But, that’s…that’s not…”

He grinned.

We’re trained to see the belt as sacred, the ultimate goal. He thought of it as a tool to order the class, and something to use when beating people up.

Well, that’s the way it goes, you learn something new every day, and…he grabbed my belt! Waa!

And that was the Kumite Technique which really floored me. Broke my belief system, it did. Try it, and it works for you, then check out the old Kang Duk Won at Monster Martial Arts. It’s on the Evolution of an Art page.

How to Get Hurt in Kumite Class…and Make Money.

Would Chuck Norris Use Gloves?

I walked into the Kumite Class and everybody was putting on pads. Shin pads, arm pads, one guy was even figuring out how to wear a pad around his whole torso?

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Latest thing,” the instructor told me. “Wear these and you won’t get hurt.”

Now, this was weird, because we didn’t have any problem with getting hurt. We took a few bruises, split a lip,but nobody was getting hurt. So this was going to stop us from something that wasn’t happening. Curiouser and curiouser.

So, I put them on, and used them, and I found out that people got hurt. In fact, they got hurt more. Because people had pads on their fists they figured they had to hit harder to make effect. We actually had a lot more injuries with pads than without. Simply, we weren’t as careful, and we weren’t trying to cultivate control because, doggone it, loss of control meant you could get hurt.
And here’s something interesting to think about. Boxers use big old gloves, and people get brain damaged and killed. I think over a 100 boxers were killed in the ring last century, and it is continuing.
But, MMA, which uses skinny, little gloves, has no deaths.
So less padding causes greater control. And greater control causes more art.
Double Hmmm.
But, forget that, and just remember something my instructor told me after class. You see, I talked to him, told him how I felt, and he told me, “We can sell these to every kid. The parents, you see, they don’t want their kids to get hurt.”
Money. Profit. Death of Art.
Well, disagree or not…I know there will be a lot of opinions out there…but I think the art died a little in Kumite class that day. Drop by Monster Martial Arts for some grest articles, and the best (and most economical) martial arts method in the world.


Most Fun Cheapest Freestyle Training Device!

I wanted to freestyle, try out moves, work on techniques, but I had no one to play with. Wah!
So I asked my wife to beat me up. She said she’d love to, but she didn’t know Karate.
That’s cool. I had a great and cheap freestyle training device. I’ll tell you about it right below this video.

I took a towel and wrapped it around the end of a pole used for push brooms. I duc taped it tight. I then had her whap me.

Man, did I have fun. I blocked to my hearts content, tried to close with the evil B**** having such a good time. Snapped kicks and punches, and pulled them with a few inches to spare.
She finally got tired of hitting me, she wasn’t getting through.

What? I was supposed to let her hit me? Ha!

Anyway, I got a great work out, and all the freestyle my heart could handle, all with the cheapest and greatest freestyle training device you can make in two minutes.

Got a free book on the home page at Monster Martial Arts. Come and get it.

Five Things That Will Insure You Win At Karate Freestyle

Doing Karate Freestyle is actually one of the most efficient ways of learning to fight in the martial arts. The frantic action can be translated into street combat, it sharpens all the senses, and it tunes the mind and body to a fine pitch. This article is going to tell you five things to work on that will make your karate kumite top notch and hard to beat.

First, watch your opponent’s eyes. Watch everything, but watch where he is looking, how he is looking, whether he blinks, when he blinks, and so on. The rule is simple here…you can’t fight what you can’t face.

Second, use your stances to load the legs with power. This means the closer your opponent gets, the lower you get to the mat, and the more energy you build between the front leg and the back leg. When it is time to fight, lift a leg, release the spring, and let that power propel you faster than a rocket on steroids.

Three, don’t ever bother to think about your emotions. Emotions are weird things that happen inside your skull, they run around inside your mind. Simply, if you let yourself pay attention to emotions, then you aren’t using your senses and intention to pay attention to combat.

Four, have a good and well planned strategy for anything that might happen. If he is moving in a certain manner, then analyze that motion and move with him. If he is motionless, figure out how to angle yourself to best benefit and greatest advantage.

Five, realize that making mistakes are the secret of learning. Don’t get angry because you messed up and got tagged, figure out what you did to get hit, and what you need to do in the future to not get hit. This is probably the most important of the five things listed here, because it is the key to all learning, and not just in the martial arts.

These five things are simple concepts, but they must be adhered to, refined, and made to make sense. My first lesson in freestyle consisted of the instructor telling me to raise my hands, letting me know that he was going to beat me up, and then doing so. It was a terrible teaching device, except that I watched him, and I learned.

The next time I freestyled I did so against a student who hadn’t had that lesson. So I did the things that the instructor did to me, and I came out on top. So the five things are eyes, legs, emotions, strategy, and always learn when you make a mistake, and these are the key points that will help you become a full time winner at Karate Freestyle.

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