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about Pa Kua Chang and Making It Easy to Learn

A Few Things I learned About Pa Kua Chang

I received a letter the other day, about pa kua chang, and that martial art is really as easy to learn it as I claim. I’ll probably write a newsletter on this, but I wanted to sort of frame my thoughts first, so let me just speak out.

People who think that mysterious hand movements are going to result in secret abilties and massive chi in twenty years are…sort of foolish. Yes, it can happen, but why take so long, and why lose students over the spreading of myteries, which the normal intelligent human being doesnt’ adhere to.

The normal, intelligent human being adheres to knowledge, he likes to understand, the mind likes to absorb that which is sensible and logical, and it likes to refuse arcane, esoteric bushwah. The proof is in that memorizing arcane, esoteric bushwah is very difficult…there is no frame of reference in the mind for it to adhere to.

I spent some time trying to memorize all the wild movements, but, in the end, the most worthwhile practice was just sticking to basic moves, and walking the circle for a couple of hours a day for two years. I became competent within a couple of months, and by the end of two years i was experiencing all the surges of power through my body, and I was able to use the ‘chi power’ in my movements.

But it worked because I kept it simple, and didn’t become one of these mystical finger boys with all there carefully crafted secrets that impress the heck out of everybody but don’t really work too well.

Honestly, what some people spread about Pa Kua Chang ends up taking the student longer to learn. Much longer.

So the basics are…walk the circle…breath deep…feel the energy going up and down the legs and across the tan tien…let the energy in the tan tien build, and relax and let it emit out the arms. It’s easy, and that’s the truth about Pa Kua chang.

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