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Karate Kiai and Discovering The Secret of Kotodama

Can Karate Kiai Be Used to Kill?

Karate Kiai translates as ‘spirit shout,’ and it is the deadly scream that karate practitioners emit when chopping somebody’s head off. Well, maybe I stated that a little strongly, grin, but there is a truth to the karate shout that is undeniable and leads to some rather arcane and mysterious knowledge. I am speaking, of course, of the practice of Kotodama, which translates as ‘Word spirit.’

karate yell

Martial Arts Chi Power!

The purpose of the Karate kiai is to focus all energies into one moment, one strike, and thus to increase the power of the strike. The idea of scaring an opponent is somewhat secondary, but still very important. Both of these concepts lead to rather interesting suppositions and mystical realities.

Kotodama is generally aimed at the idea of creating soothing sounds, which sounds can create an enhanced spiritual feeling. There is, of course, the flip side of this, the bad word side, in which people use a sound to harm somebody. Either way, the practice of kotodama leads one to the concept of kotomuke (soothing speech to bring peace), and kotoage, which is a method of invoking magick.

My first experience with the power of words comes directly from a decades long study of the martial arts. This gave direct contact with the power of shouting at an opponent and weakening him. In one case I used the power of the karate kiai to shout at an attacker…and he turned around stumbled down the street, shaking, hardly in control of his body.

Experiences like this, which were engendered by the eternal practice of karate kata with correct emphasis on Karate shouting, brought me to an appreciation of the subject, and a fascination for further research. Of interest in this is the speech tones of salesmen and hypnotists, and others of that ilk. Observing how such individuals worked, the tones they used, the pitch of voice they used, brought me to the realization that we are talking about the distinct understanding of vibration.

Vibration is the source of the universe. Between the concept of an Infinite Spirit and the rather short termed and solid life of objects (of which the universe is constructed), there is vibration. This concept is true on the atomic level of protons and electrons, and on the larger scale of entire universes.

Of course, what we are concerned with is the vibrations possible to us in our day to day living as human (meat body) beings. Can one speak in such a manner as to cause a vibration which can manipulate the universe? The answer to this is rather as sharp and distinct as the event of a trained opera singer pitching a note that shatters a glass.

The method for achieving this ability, while rather indistinct, is just as clear cut. First, one has to understand, through the simple living of virtues, that they are a spiritual being, and that they can create vibrations which not only shatter glass, but which can rattle objects on shelves, and, more easily, cause comfort or discomfort to the hearing of fellow human beings. Second, one has to find and follow rather exact disciplines to create this ability…but the result is that a simple Karate kiai can become Kotodama, can become a mystical spell or chant to kill or cure.

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