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Mad Dog Knife Fighting!

Knife Attacks if You Don’t Know Anything!

Good Lord…
I am living in the Dojo in the Sky!
That’s what it is up here at Monkeyland,
and I wish you could all be here!
if you can’t,
make sure you work out!

karate kung fu pa kua chang martial arts book

Click on the Cover!

Your body is the temple,
so make sure it is pure
and deserving of you!

I’ve got the samurai sword book on hold.
It’s just too busy,
too many things happening,
so it will be a few months.

I’ve got an author signing
coming up end of May
down in Santa Maria.
Gonna be fun.

I’m trying to get my books in Barnes and Noble,
that is taking some work,
so I’m too busy to do the sword book.

you can’t just snap out a book on
how to handle a samurai sword.

that said,
let me at least talk about knife attacks.
I just wrote a guest blog
for SwordsoftheEast,
and I go into how to handle a knife attack
if you don’t know NUTTIN’

So here are the salient points.

if somebody comes at you with a knife,
back up!
Create some distance!
Throw stuff at him,
knock stuff over so he has to step around,
and YELL.

Especially if he says not to say anything.
if somebody tells you not to yell,
they are scared of yelling,

if you can,
wrap something around your arm.
Your jacket,
a shirt,
even just hold a pillow.
The idea is you want the guy to cut that,
not you.

there are many ways to hold a knife,
but the two basic ones are:
with the knife coming out of the ‘thumb end’ of your hand,
the sharp edge down.
Could be down or up,
but down is better for any
up and down motion of the hand.
with the knife coming out of the bottom of the fist,
the sharp edge facing away from your knuckles.

The idea here is to slash back and forth,
as you try to get away,
and if you need to use the knife,
you can just punch,
and the blade is projected as part of the punching motion.

I know,
there are a lot of holes here,
but the idea is to cut without being cut,
to get away,
and remember,
I am offering this
as if you are a novice.

here’s the important stuff.
If you can’t yell or avoid,
and if you see the knife fight is going to happen,
then you have to change your mental attitude.

DO NOT become a victim.
Spit in his eyes,
throw the change in your pocket at his face,
and when he flinches,
kick him.
And when he lowers his hands,
poke at the eyes.
And when he protects the eyes,
kick him,
and so on.
Go up and down,
do what he doesn’t expect,
set him up,
and get…MAD DOG!

You have to offset the idea
that he is more deadly
because he has a weapon.
You have to.
So mount some viciousness.
Go after him.
Bite him.

I knew a fellow once,
he was jumped by three fellows
while he was moving out of his apartment.
He grabbed a dish,
and he went after those suckers,
screaming and yelling,
chased them down three flights of stairs and down the street.
In his mind,
he was angry,
and his dish became larger than their knives!

And that’s what YOU have to do!

one fellow doing right in his life,
is worth ANY number of people
who are doing wrong.
That is ethical,
and it is right,
and you have to be willing.

Got it?


the last thing…
if you plan for something,
it probably won’t happen.

I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve taught,
who said they were scared,
were in situations,
and after they started,
those situations stopped happening.

So go learn something.
Educate yourself.
Take a class,
even a seminar,
on knife fighting,
or other weapons.

Educate yourself.
That will get you to the frame of mind you need,
to the techniques and body condition that you need
to survive.

take it from me,
a guy or girl like you deserves to survive.

if you want to check it out,
Blinding Steel is my course on knife fighting.


that all said,
you guys and gals have a great week.
It’s Easter,
you know,
so it is time to go ninja,
find all the eggs,
and do an extra week of spring break work outs!

Take care.


‘nuff said,
you guys and gals have a GREAT work out.


Five Knife Fighting Untruths And The Martial Arts

There is a lot of false information out there about knife fighting. Most of this can be figured out with a little smarts. Some of the stuff is going to take a bit of learning in a martial arts system that utilizes real life knife self defense techniques. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you more.

One concern is whether a person is going to be able to get his knife out in a fight. This one, like so many concerns, depends on the situation. Thus, there are several good answers.

Be aware, see the knife attack coming, and you’ll have time to get out a folder, especially if you have practiced a bit. A better solution would be to carry your knife on your waist in a holster, this can be pulled out fast. The key, however, is to avoid dark alleys, choose your terrain carefully, and just generally be aware of who and what is going on around you.

A big falsehood is that when you practice a knife defense your attacker will slow down after the first strike so that you can do your defense. This is so silly it is absurd. In a real fight everything is in a constant flow of motion, so you’d better practice in a martial arts system that, in addition to any beginning self defense moves, has drills in which motion is really happening.

One of the biggest concerns people have in this matter of fighting with sharpened steel is that you are going to get cut. Well, maybe, but then again…maybe not. Obviously, you can lessen the chance of getting sliced up if you practice, practice, practice–in any fight, in life itself, the first rule is to always be prepared.

One of the things you have to be careful of is these systems that show people grabbing the knife (or gun or whatever) away from the attacker. This is only after years of experience, and even then, the martial arts instructor involved will probably do something more damaging or careful to protect his body. Simply, you don’t have time to mess around when somebody tries to slice and dice you with a sharp edge.

Don’t think somebody is going to come at you in a particular way. Yes, he will probably attack you with the cutter in his mitt, but not necessarily. If he’s carrying a sharp edge in the first place, he’s probably got a sneaky mindset that will begin with a distraction, and then do something you don’t expect.

You know, one of the strangest things I do in teaching, if students want to learn how to handle knife attacks, is make them understand that using the knife must be as natural as picking up a spoon. I have them fasten a knife to the back of their hand, blade extended in front of the knuckles, and then I have them do common things like brushing their teeth, tying their shoes,and that sort of thing. It’s educational, they might actually poke their own flesh, but the awareness process will start up.

The Blinding Steel Program at Monster Martial Arts is on of the best knife fighting methods in the world. Head on over to the Monster and see if there is a FREE knife offer going on.