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Martial Arts Survival When the World Ends

The Simplicity of Survival.

Do you know how life works?

Life is a process of yes or no choices.


it becomes simplicity itself

to live life

and to survive

in a grand manner.

A guy confronts you,

is he going to punch you…yes or no?

If the answer is yes,

find the next yes or no question.

If the answer is no,

find the next yes or no question.

Let’s say he is going to punch you.

Right hand or left hand?

Figure out the answer,

and move to the next yes or no question.

Once the decisioin to punch has been made

no need for choices,

you simply become the fist to his fist,

or the glove to his fist.

In other words,

you either hit him

(preferably first)

or you accept his motion

and let it pass

in some manner.

Here’s one,

have you ever heard of


I don’t know how to pronounce it,

so I just say titwacky,


The End Of The World As We Know It

An atom bomb goes off in your city.

Do you stay or go?

If you elect to stay,

find the next yes or no question.

If you elect to go,

find the next yes or no question.

If you elect to stay,

the question might become

how do you protect yourself from fall out?

Do you sit in your front yard and enjoy the atomic rain?

Or do you gather supplies

and hide in your basement?

Do you see how simple life is?

In fact,

the only time it becomes confusing

is when you can’t break the problem down to yes or no.

An atom bomb goes off

everybody starts moaning and whining,

and you say

hide in the basement.

Four other people start saying things like:

hide in the attic,

bug out,

where’s the car,

I’m scared.

They don’t understand that you must break

every problem down

to two choices,

and only two choices.

I know,

you think there might be a situation

where there are legitimate three or more choices.


You are standing on the street

and four fellows come at your

each from a different direction,

but you don’t have four choices to make,

or four solutions (directions)

to choose from.

Your choice is move or don’t move.

which becomes

do you handle the person closest to you,

if yes do so,

if no then act upon why the closest person wasn’t the correct choice.


this entire universe is built upon twos,

not threes or fours,

and your ability to survive may well hinge upon your ability

to reduce the universe to simple and therefore easy choices.

Basic Neutronics says

a motor is tension (push/pull) between two terminals.

It is your duty to realize that your body is one terminal,

and whatever is coming towards you is the other terminal

and then to handle one or the other of the terminals.

Which means to move or don’t move,

destroy or don’t destroy,

right or left,

up or down,

and so on.


you bet I am going to try to sell you a Neutronics book now,

yes or no.


Neutronics is for people who are ready,

who have felt that intuitive call,



I am not using reverse psychology on you,

I mean it.

Don’t mess with Neutronics

until you have done some Matrixing.

As simple as it sounds,

without the discipline of the martial arts

Neutronics won’t be effective.

You need a matrixed,



Not just a discipline,

as of any martial art,

but a matrixed discipline.

A matrixed discipline is ten times better

than an illogical,

non-matrixed discipline.


I will recommend a matrixed discipline.


I recommend Blinding Steel,

and for a simple reason.

In the event of titwacky

you will encounter starving and desparate mobs,

home invasions by people you used to trust,

even police using their authority

to ransack your home,

and here is the point…

When titwacky happens

the desperate mobs will use weapons.

Desperate for food,

starving and sick,

the person who did not prepare

will use a weapon,

make a spear,

have a homemade knife,

use the kitchen cutlery

and they will come for you.

And you,

silly fool,

only know weaponless arts.

They are good,

they are excellent,

but the situation has escalated.

So I recommend Blinding Steel


It is simple,

it comes in interchangeable modules,

a person can learn how to handle a weapon,

any weapon

with a week of hard training

in Blinding Steel.



I don’t think the world is going to end,

but if we do have economic collapse,

a solar pulse,

a terrorist attack,

you should be prepared,

to the degree that you are prepared,

to that degree the world won’t end,

it will just change gears

and you might have to scamper a bit to catch up,

but you will make it.

First line of defense?

Blinding Steel.

And maybe we’ll talk about some titwacky things

in the coming weeks.

Things are getting wacky out there,

and the only solution

is for you to be solid and stable inside.

Okey dokey,

guys and gals,

I’ve given you a choice,

be prepared or not…

and the next question is

Blinding Steel or Not…

May you have a grinning week

and a laughing weekend.

zen martial arts

Five Knife Fighting Untruths And The Martial Arts

There is a lot of false information out there about knife fighting. Most of this can be figured out with a little smarts. Some of the stuff is going to take a bit of learning in a martial arts system that utilizes real life knife self defense techniques. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you more.

One concern is whether a person is going to be able to get his knife out in a fight. This one, like so many concerns, depends on the situation. Thus, there are several good answers.

Be aware, see the knife attack coming, and you’ll have time to get out a folder, especially if you have practiced a bit. A better solution would be to carry your knife on your waist in a holster, this can be pulled out fast. The key, however, is to avoid dark alleys, choose your terrain carefully, and just generally be aware of who and what is going on around you.

A big falsehood is that when you practice a knife defense your attacker will slow down after the first strike so that you can do your defense. This is so silly it is absurd. In a real fight everything is in a constant flow of motion, so you’d better practice in a martial arts system that, in addition to any beginning self defense moves, has drills in which motion is really happening.

One of the biggest concerns people have in this matter of fighting with sharpened steel is that you are going to get cut. Well, maybe, but then again…maybe not. Obviously, you can lessen the chance of getting sliced up if you practice, practice, practice–in any fight, in life itself, the first rule is to always be prepared.

One of the things you have to be careful of is these systems that show people grabbing the knife (or gun or whatever) away from the attacker. This is only after years of experience, and even then, the martial arts instructor involved will probably do something more damaging or careful to protect his body. Simply, you don’t have time to mess around when somebody tries to slice and dice you with a sharp edge.

Don’t think somebody is going to come at you in a particular way. Yes, he will probably attack you with the cutter in his mitt, but not necessarily. If he’s carrying a sharp edge in the first place, he’s probably got a sneaky mindset that will begin with a distraction, and then do something you don’t expect.

You know, one of the strangest things I do in teaching, if students want to learn how to handle knife attacks, is make them understand that using the knife must be as natural as picking up a spoon. I have them fasten a knife to the back of their hand, blade extended in front of the knuckles, and then I have them do common things like brushing their teeth, tying their shoes,and that sort of thing. It’s educational, they might actually poke their own flesh, but the awareness process will start up.

The Blinding Steel Program at Monster Martial Arts is on of the best knife fighting methods in the world. Head on over to the Monster and see if there is a FREE knife offer going on.

Free EMS Knife with the Blinding Steel

I came across a good deal, so I’m offering a free EMS knife with the Blinding Steel Course. This is the fastest, most efficient way to learn knife fighting in the world. You learn interchangeable patterns that always end in knife disarms. The speed drill is the only one of its kind in the world! You can use this with any weapon, not just knives. Look, the mugger isn’t going to bring just his fists to a fight, so you need the latest and best when it comes to how to take a knife away from somebody.
The free Knife is weighty, has clip, glass buster, belt cutter, spring loaded, fits the hand, and is just plain cool!
The site is Monster Martial Arts, and you want to click through to the Blinding Steel page.

Knife Fighting Course Bonus!

As everybody knows, I have the best knife fighting course in the world. It is called Blinding Steel.
Oh, you didn’t know?

Well, to help those who didn’t know figure it out, I sometimes offer a little freebie. Check out the Blinding Steel Page on Monster Martial Arts. Great freebie on an EMS folder. Good quality, weight, four out of five stars.
That’s a knife fighting course bonus at Monster Martial arts.

Urban Survival Depends on a Rite of Passage

I had a thought this morning, and was a little surprised to find it true. Most Urban Survival Books do not mention, in any real depth, martial arts. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about this thought…

Martial arts are the core of survival, urban or not!

And people go out and buy nifty knives for big bucks and think they are prepared. Whacha gonna do when those three home invaders are throwing furniture at you?

Now, the point I want to make is that Martial Arts provide a rite of passage. They grow people up. You face enough foes, even on the mat, and you are going to be changed. you are going to be able to stare down the violence and make it whimper out the front door.

There is no real rite of passage in America these days. Soccer moms trundle their kids to the soccer field so the little darlings don’t have to walk, their are no apprenticeships to teach kids how to work, and, if you think about it, school has almost become a conspiracy to separate kids from the idea of working.

Martial Arts, on the other hand, push one into the arena, force the child to confront foes, and realize that foes are only temporary, that we are all people on the inside. This is a change of mindset that is not available anywhere else in society.

Well, the idea here is that if you are a kid, there is a way to grow up that works, and is not full of bushwah. Or if, you are of the prepper mindset, ready for a little urban survival, then you need a tool that is going to ensure your survival.

The martial arts are all about survival, and you are going to need to know how to use that knife, or machete, or whatever, if you are going to survive.

I am not talking internet gimmick here…you need a real martial art, not something that is going to jack you up and maybe get you in the kind of trouble that a little disciplined quick talking is going to avoid.

If you are a martial artist then you can choose through my courses and find the one that is right for you. If you want to be a martial artist, then I recommend Matrix Karate. If you want to know the martial arts, but only for the urban survival situation, I recommend Blinding Steel. It’s knife fighting without the frills, it is fast and efficient, and it the best priced full bodied (it is not knife fighting lite) course available anywhere.

If You Can’t Take a Gun to a Knife Fight, Monkey Boxing Will Work Just Fine!

The mugger is two hundred pounds, and he moves like a cat. He has a knife, and you wish you had a gun, but you don’t. It’s survival time, but fortunately, you just brought some Monkey boxing to a Knife Fight.
Answer these questions…
What’s the weapon you’re most likely to encounter on the street?
What’s the weapon you can legally carry without getting hassled?
What’s the weapon that is in your kitchen and you can grab real quick.
And…do you really know how to use that weapon?
Now, take a gander at this video, and then I’ll tell you a couple of interesting things.

Okey dokey, I’m old, I ain’t the quickest fellow any more, but I can handle those young tigers no prob. I simply know more than they do. And, here comes the meat of this here meal…I know knives, I know how to fight with a knife, and, most important, I can get you to fight with a knife in a week or two.
Now, let’s be honest, a few months if you want to be polished.
But, for hard core data quick, for no nonsense, save your life and the lives of your loved ones…Monkey Boxing is the course.
If you’re a hard core martial artist, I usually recommend other courses. They are designed for martial artists, they take you somewhere, they enlighten you, and so on.
But, for urban survival in these tough times, the fastest, most efficient method I’ve got is Monkey boxing.
Monkey Boxing deals with speed, it trains in all ranges (kick, punch, knive, fist, pole, whatever), and it is incredibly simple to do.
Let me ask you a question: if somebody comes at you, do want to choose a single technique from three or four hundred techniques? And hope it fits the situation? No. That’s only if you’re a gung ho pro martial artist, and then only if you understand Matrixing.
What you want is a simple et of drills that fit into any situation intuitively.
Whatever motion you instinctively start to protect yourself, it will develop intuitively and naturally into one of the Monkey Boxing drills.
So, if you can’t bring a gun to a knife fight, make sure you bring Monkey Boxing. It’s the best, most efficient, most economical (grin) way to learn how to knife fight in the world. The Monkey Boxing program is at Monster Martial Arts, and it is called Blinding Steel.