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The Power of the Kiai Used in Elementary School!

I was teaching in an elementary school. The bell rang, everybody crowded out of the class, and I was left looking over the heads of the thundering herd. Now how could I get out? I didn’t want to wait while they talked about Dick and Jane and wandered about. I had a lunch waiting for me!

So I summoned up the Kiai power (means ‘spirit shout’) and I thundered…’Man coming through!’

They scattered, shriveled up against the walls, stood back in awe and watched as I sauntered meaningfully past them.

A man.

A real live man.

In this day and age, a real man is sometimes an endangered species, or so it seems. And here was one, walking right through them–and it was like being in the jungle and watching as the biggest, fattest gorilla sauntered between them.

Now, I’m not making any kind of statement. I’m just saying that real men know how to Kiai, and they know how to use that Kiai. They don’t get in fights, they don’t whine and moan, they just get the job done.

How about it. Want to study some real martial arts and get the job done?

Try Evolution of an Art, get the job done. Be a man.