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The Right and Scientific Way to do a Wheel Kick in Taekwondo

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One would think that the Wheel kicks in Taekwondo are beyond reproach. Unfortunately, it ain’t so. Most people do the Taekwondo Wheel Kick wrong.
Mind you, this is physics we are talking about here, and a physics honed over forty years, so try it before you argue.
The wheel kick should come in horizontal; it is a snap kick on the side. A great exercise is to kick over a chair.
Use the ball of the foot if possible;train to use the ball of the foot. To use the toes is to chancy,and to use the instep is to broad, it is like swinging a baseball bat instead of using a hammer. A hammer is a better tool for the kind of work you do in the martial arts…at least if you want what you practice to remain an art.
Do not go up on the toes or straighten the support leg. This breaks your connection with the ground, which is a sizable source of energy. Simply, you must bolt a machine down if you want it to work most efficiently.
inspect the bone structure so that all the bones are aligned. I find this is a killer. So many people make a fancy foot, but that foot would fall apart upon contact in a real situation.
Align your breathing, breath out when you kick out, and breath in when you retract your foot (deviate only to breath out if you are getting struck).
Now, here is the one that too many people really screw up on. Kick out, and don’t spin or lose balance, but retract the foot in one single motion (no stopping at the cocking position) all the way to the ground. This creates a wholebody whip motion which puts the whole body into the kick.
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My Favorite and Most Powerful Kick Always Works!

My Favorite and Most Powerful Kick I learned, oddly enough, in Chinese Kenpo Karate. I say oddly because the kenpo kicks, generally speaking, aren’t as powerful as say Shotokan, or Uechi. I suppose this is because Kenpo is a little more tournament oriented, they like the flashier kicks, and so on. All variables, I know.

But, the kick I speak of is a popping, jump spinning side kick.

I know, it sounds a little top heavy in the description, but the secret is that it is so easy.

Place one foot on a wall, then pop/jump to the rear and replace the first foot with your other foot. Told you it was easy.

But I like it because  you reach in with a leaning jab, maybe just a touch to the shoulder, then you pop the kick.

You don’t jump high, but both feet leave the ground as you spin in place.

The reason this works is because the jab sets up the block, and the spin foot then comes in around the block.  The block, you see, is designed for the other side fo the body, and is a sieve.

The true glory of this kick, however, is that to do it properly you have to explode energy from the tan tien. You just do. It’s the only way to make this kick work.

When I used to do lots of freestyle, many years ago, this kick became my bread and butter. Reach to his shoulder, pop the kick in the back door, and take your point.

Simple dimple.

And that’s my Favorite and Most Powerful Kick.

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