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Building Ki Energy with the Body in Martial Arts

Builds Lotsa Ki Energy!

Ki Energy in the Martial Arts is always considered one of those mysterious magician’s gimmicks. Nobody knows how to do it, let alone explain it, yet ki Energy, or chi power or qigong or whatever you want to call it, has grabbed the public imagination.

What is fascinating is that using the body martial arts style, there is an automatic input of energy. Unfortunately, most people never understand it, and thus the effects are unappreciated.

ki energy

Martial Arts Ki Energy!


In this piece of writing I’m going to set forth a couple of rules which should help you generate more ki energy. You’ll find that understanding what you are doing is going to really help your martial arts practice.

When you sink into a martial arts stance you are attaching your body to the earth. To hold the ground or to launch the body through space matters not, there is an attachment of the body to the planet, and from this you build your martial arts power.

When you sink into stance you need to analyze the geometry of the body. The geometry should be based upon a simple triangle. The tan tien (the ‘one point’ located a couple of inches below the belly button) is the top of the triangle, the line between the feet provide the base.

Doesn’t matter what martial arts stance you take – horse stance, back stance, whatever – just examine the triangle and make sure the angles of the triangle are functioning.

Functioning means that you are doing two things.

First, breath to the tan tien.

Second, lower the stance, so that you feel more weight, and thus create more energy.

Do these two things for a while, breathing and grounding, and you will find the function in your stance, and ki energy will start to build in your body and manifest in your martial art.

Karate vs Kung Fu vs Aikido…or whatever the fighting discipline…it doesn’t matter. The stance is the item. The art is a stylistic build upon the stance…and the techniques you do will all be mounted upon the stances.

Now, a couple of things to be wary of.

Don’t turn the feet too far to the sides, or turn them too far inwards, seek an alignment of the feet that supports the intention (direction) of the stance, and therefore the technique. This can be confusing until you realize the simplicity of how everything works.

Keep the tan then inside the base of the feet, lest your triangle topple.


Breath rhythmically with your motion. Breath in when the body contracts, breath out when the body expands.

Do you see how basic these martial arts instructions for generating ki energy are? The difficulty lies only in thinking that the stances, which is to say the various postures, are complex, and then having to resolve them by inspection until they are simple and make sense.

Read that last sentence again, it is important, it tells you one of the reasons people make the martial arts such a lo-o-ong subject to study.

The truth of the matter is that the body can be rebuilt in as little as three months, and this includes making real and usable ki power. Watch the US army boot camp, or even one of the PX 90 infomercial ads on late night television.

Whether you change the body, and start manufacturing ki power depends not on years of rare exercises  and drills that you don’t understand, but simply resolving the simple stances and techniques and martial arts kata to the principles explained here.

For more data, check out this bit of writing on Martial Arts Chi Power. Or, if you want, all the principles that I’ve hinted at in this article on ki power are actually given in the Master Instructor Online Course at Monster Martial Arts.

Chi Power Permeates Martial Artists Whether They Know It or Not!

Chi Power Has You!

Chi power is a quite real thing. The problem is that it is undefined. I mean…REALLY undefined.

There’s a lot of mysticism out there, so let’s define it perfectly right here.

chi power

Your body is a motor

Chi Power is when you shovel food into the body. It starts the chemical transformation into mechanical energy. You don’t see it, except that your body is warm. It is giving off heat. That is the lowest, grossest form of chi power.

Chi Power, on the second level, is when you become aware of the energy in your body. This includes things like reaiki healing, and other forms of spiritual healing, acupuncture, meditation healing, chakras, and so on. A lot of people experience this, but because they are experiencing this from different arenas, they describe it differently, and so people get confused. These are definitions specialized according to the various fields they are in.

The third level of chi power, and the most important, is when you manifest it outside your body. This includes such things as personal charm and charisma, moving objects, telepathy, and so on.

This third level of chi power is the big bugaboo, as it is so wildly differing in causes and effects hardly anybody can nail it down. But, it can be nailed down.

The ultimate definition for Chi Power is that it is intention. This can be seen on each of the levels of existence that we are discussing here.

You decide to have a better body, so you start eating proper, non-GMO foods, and you get healthier.

You decide to become a more aware human being, so you take classes in yoga, healing, martial arts…ah, Martial Arts. Be it Karate or Kung Fu, Shaolin or Tai Chi Chuan, this is the best field for becoming aware of the chi power energy flow inside your body. This is because it deals not just with the imagination necessary to become aware of and manipulate chi power energy, but because it has the added reality of dealing with the actions of the universe. Mind you, this is only if you find a martial arts instructor who truly understands this.

You decide to be a magnanimous personality, and you back it up with charitable acts, and the next thing you know, you have charisma. And, you decide to give energy to others, to think and have that thought picked up by another, to move something without touching it.

It is all in the decision…and the intention to make that decision work, that we come to the final and ultimate proof, a proof which IS the definition, of chi power.

If you liked this article on Chi Energy, there is a larger, more detailed chi power description at MonsterMartialArts.com. There is also a book on how to develop Chi Power.

Static Stances Increase Inner Energy Tenfold!

I have received good comments on a recent newsletter concerning static stances and generating energy, here’s one that goes to the heart of it all. It’s right after the snippet where I put out a candle from over a foot away.

Here’s the win…

Al, I really liked the article on static postures you wrote.

I got involved in Chi kung about 8 years ago after some health issues arose. The methods resolved my issue (and still do!) and got the chi flowing to a great degree. Mental alertness, strength, vitality, all of it came with practice. Then about 3 years ago, I found a book on yichuan and began doing the standing postures.

WOW! Instant energy! Even 10 minutes in the beginning was challenging. Now standard practice is 30-45 minutes depending on time allotment and desire. This single practice of ‘standing still’, taught me more about movement than moving ever did! The energy builds up to such a degree that the body begins to move by itself.

When I first felt this I finally had an understanding of what was meant by “from wuji comes tai chi”. Form NO Thing, Comes Some thing. I did nothing, and got something…something great!!

Another eye opener was that this could be applied to any style. All styles have some forms of sorts, so why not hold them for long periods? I see a lot of karate guys do forms fast and thats it. They miss a piece of the puzzle… They could make their good art great. Chi kung (moving chi kung) increased my energy significantly, but standing still built a gyroscope in my dan tien. It spins crazy! Movements come from every direction.

When the body is aligned as in tai chi, the dan tien moves everything! Its simple and AWESOME! I know a lot of martial artists and fighters who I give this to freely, but they just laugh mostly. Their fault. Thanks for the great newsletters Al.

Take care.

Lee Bracey

Too often I sit on wins, and I should be handing them out like candy. So thanks to Lee, and thanks to you guys who get it.

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