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How to Fix Karate is Published!

All right!

I know you are doing fine!

People who study the martial arts are ALWAYS fine!


‘The Book’ is published.

At least the first half is.

How to Fix Karate (Volume One)

The book is over 400 pages long. 

It comes in two volumes because

I can’t put that much material in a single volume.

The book presents eight forms,

the basic forms of karate.

Book one dissects Pinan One and throws it out.


All the way out.

And the reasons are delineated in detail.

I give you the ‘New Pinan One,’ 

which is Matrix One.

A MUCH more intelligent form.

And I give you all the reasons,

and show you how to make 16-20 techniques from that one form.

I then have sections for

what is wrong with pinan two and

how to fix it

what is wrong with pinan three and

how to fix it.

The remainder of the forms,

including advanced materials and

a whole video course

(Matrix Combat),

are in the second book.

I have included links at the beginning of certain chapters

which will lead to videos of me doing the forms.

Please keep receipts

in the event that links change.

This is NOT a book for dummies.

People will think that I have made it too simple,

they will think I have made it too complex,

that my logic is faulty,

they will argue over my reasons and conclusions.

This is good,

because I am going to tell you a secret…

Virtually EVERY martial arts book written

is merely a show and tell

of what they have been shown.

There is almost NO original thought,

certainly not analytical thought,

in the martial arts books on the market.

It is just what they have been shown

and accepted without question.

People have much pride in passing down martial arts

 EXACTLY as they have been shown them.

Nobody asks why.

Nobody looks at the material and says…that technique sucks,

Nobody questions the venerable old master

and asks themselves if the old guy is in his second childhood,

or suffering Alzheimer’s, 

or just had too much to drink.

They just take the art and pass it along,

and they make up reasons for forms that don’t make sense,

and teach the same old worthless techniques

that don’t work in reality..

The only real objection is in the form of people who quit karate.

And they have certainly NEVER looked at the art,

and questioned it,

or they wouldn’t have quit.

They just didn’t understand it and they quit.


Can’t really blame them.


They found karate to be unworkable,

and it is difficult to argue with their conclusions.

Hopefully we can rescue a few of these people

and bring them back into the fold.

Anyway, this book will cause consternation, argument,

and all the other things that a real artist must deal with

if he is to understand the art.

The glory of this book is that I’ll take the forms,

technique by technique,

and tell you not only what is wrong with it,

but how to fix it.

The techniques will suddenly make sense,

which will bring about a rejuvenation

in the belief in forms as a method.

I use logic, history, physics and matrixing to do this.


as you argue over my conclusions

and even think bad thoughts of me

I will have succeeded.

When I was in 6th grade

everybody was doing reports on South America.

Joe had 10 pages.

Barry had 15 pages.

Sue had 30 pages.

And that was about it.

I wrote over 200 pages.

Had to put it in two folders.

Teacher’s eyes popped out.

All the kids started whispering and

I thought I had done something wrong.

Turned out I had actually done something right,

for a change.

But that wasn’t the real story. 

The real story was that the next semester 

we did reports on Central America. 

I did 300 pages.


BUT… six kids had larger reports than me.

Now you’d think I would be disappointed. 

I wasn’t top dog. 

But I had an interesting thought: 

I made those kids do more than me. 

I inspired them.

And I realized that this was what I wanted to do. 

I wanted to inspire people. 

It was cool. 

It gave me such a sense of self worth I never got over it.

And that has been what has been driving me all these years. 

That and the idea that I wanted to write a letter 

to people who live a thousand years from now.

In writing this book I feel I have succeeded in my purpose.

Enjoy the book,

hate it,

argue over it,

and that is my success.

You won’t be able to stop analyzing 

and looking and figuring out 

how to make Karate

the powerhouse it originally was.

I will have made a whole art 

become a method for analytical thought.

Talk about changing the world.

Here is the link.

I do have to thank Ted VanderNoot for his editing.

No matter how hard I look,

the mistakes are still all mine.


If you want to see a real mistake,

glance at the back cover.

It’s a small mistake,

that is huge,

and glaring,

and you’ll laugh.

The second book is going through the publishing process.

I am publishing hard bound copies

in the near future for those interested.

Do me a favor and pass the word

on this book.

And give me five stars when you can.

Okay, everybody,



How to Fix Karate (Volume One)

And don’t forget to check out the interview


I’ve got nothing but five star reviews on 

The Science of Government.

It’s really nothing more than applying matrixing to politics.

Matrixing + Politics = Sanity

I told you matrixing works with anything.

Here’s the link…

Martial Arts Master Instructor Shares his Thoughts…

A New Martial Arts Master Instructor

Congrats to new Master Instructor
Everett Riggs!
Here’s just a portion of his win…

I recently ordered your Master Instructor Course have watched it multiple times. It is really ground breaking stuff. I am a wrestling coach and have been incorporating some of the material into my program … I am also studying your Matrix Karate and Blinding Steel materials. Great material!

Everett Riggs

Congrats and well done
I absolutely love it when people use my material.
And i love it more when they use it to help others.

It is called the Master Instructor course for a very good reason.
It holds the principles of teaching.
And not just teaching one art,
but all arts.
It is based on physics,
and you can’t argue with the physics of the universe.
I suppose you can,
but you won’t win.

The funny thing is when people think
their art is the only art,
the best art,
isn’t anything better.

But ANY art can be good
if you teach it with the principles outlined
in the Master Instructor course.
Let me explain it this way.

A boxer hits the bag,
he makes the hardest punch he can.
But is it the hardest punch he could have made…
if he understood the ‘why’ behind the punch?
Not even close.

A boxer hits the bag,
he gets the strong muscles,
he learns the correct pathway for the punch,
but he doesn’t learn WHY that pathway exists,
he doesn’t learn what is actually going down that pathway,
he doesn’t learn that a punch is NOT about muscles.
I’ll say it again,
a punch is NOT about muscles,
except in the smallest way.
It is about
how much weight you can deliver.

while you grok that,
let me say something else.
I’m an old guy now.
My muscle mass is diminished,
tell the truth,
I never had large muscles to begin with.
I had dense muscles,
but that is something else.
I get these big, muscly guys,
and I slap their punches aside like I am swatting a fly,
then I give them a LIGHT punch,
and they fall back,
fall down,
rub the spot I punched furiously,
and say…
Son of a…!
How did you do that?

I don’t wind up,
I don’t have big muscles,
I usually punch VERY lightly
(I don’t want to hurt them)
yet the effects are as stated.
They go OW
fall back and even down
and wonder how the heck some old guy can do that to them.
the answer is simple,
I understand that a punch is not muscle,
but weight.
And I understand not just the correct pathway for my body,
the right stance and angles
and dynamics and physics
and so on,
but the WHY behind it all.

Some young guys say I have ‘Chi power.’
But ‘Chi’ is just a grab bag
for things you don’t understand.
And what you don’t understand
is in the Master Instructor Course.

there is chi,
but it is merely understanding
the principles of the universe
and using them in your own body
until energy starts to flow.

Simplest thing in the universe.
If you have…
the Master Instructor Course.
Here is the link…


congrats to Everett,
and well done for understanding and using
the Master Instructor Course

Have a great work out!